Hello all.  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you all know that I participated in the KittyinAZ 2017 December Writing Challenge and it is live.  The stories are posted, and voting is open.  You have until Monday, February 05, 2018 to read all NINE stories and vote.  So go on over and read all the stories and vote for your favorite.  The image is linked.


I Participated 2017 Christmas Writing Challenge

Searching for a Beta (or Two)

Posted: January 8, 2018 by lillygray1326 in Author's Notes, Beta Search

Hello, I’m in need of a Beta (or two) who is familiar with both Moonlight and True Blood. I’m pretty sure my two usual betas, Lauren and Robin, are only familiar with True Blood so I need someone who has seen Moonlight and feels they can contribute to a story that while mostly set in the True Blood Universe has mostly moonlight characters and plot lines for the moment. The story will have at least two sequels, one short and the other possibly long-ish…. if you know me at all, then you are aware that ridiculously long is the more likely prediction…lol. The two sequels will take place in Louisiana, but the first story takes place in Los Angeles. Anyhow, I figured I’d ask and see if anyone is interested in Betaing for me. Eric is not a main character in the first story, but he’ll be one of two male protagonists in the second and third stories. Also, Sookie will probably be in the third story (maybe the second but most likely not.) Anyhow, I hope someone can help me.

Currently, the story has no BDSM.  I am considering the possibility for the sequels but that will be decided later.

P.S. I mostly need help with the story and the plot and ideas not so much with grammar and such because I have Grammarly that takes care of that aspect of storytelling for the most part.

Also, I have other moonlight stories in the works too so there may be the opportunity for the Beta to beta more than one story in the future if they want to (no pressure.)

If you’re interested, then please email me at thevoicesinsidemyheadfanfic @ gmail . com (remove the spaces first)

Thank you.

Added a Klaus-Caroline One-Shot

Posted: December 30, 2017 by lillygray1326 in One-Shots, Updates

Hello.  I’ve been a busy writer lately and I just finished another one-shot that’s over 13,600 words long.  It’s a Niklaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes Future Fic One-Shot.  Obviously, because I’m posting it on this site and not the other it’s a naughty little ditty.  It’s got BDSM in it, nothing too extreme but it is there and Caroline spends the majority of this story naked, so…

Oh, and a special thank you to Samantha for her help with the timeline and Kat Luner Marie for her help with the banner… the concept was all her idea and I love how it came out.  Thank you to both of you.

Anyway, Happy Reading… The image is linked to the story.

Now and Forevermore_005_72dpi

Added another one-shot

Posted: December 23, 2017 by lillygray1326 in Uncategorized

Hello, I meant to post this last night but I was so sleepy I forgot.  I posted another one-shot.  Twilight again, but this time it’s a Caius Volturi/Bella Swan pairing.

Click the image to be taken to the story…

His Every Pleasure_007_72dpi


Happy reading!


Added new one-shot

Posted: December 21, 2017 by lillygray1326 in Uncategorized

Hi… loooong time no speak…  I have been working on some one-shots for my other site and one of them wound up being a little more taboo than I was comfortable posting on that site so I figured I’d post it here.  It’s a twilight story inspired by the song ‘I Want You’ by Delain.

Click the banner to be taken to the story.

His Eternal Pet_001_72dpi


Happy Reading


Hello.  I updated the new site with a new story called Shards of Shattered Glass.  The entire nine chapter story is now posted.   I also posted through Chapter 012 of Answering the Prayers of Vampires so I just wanted to post a link to the new site one more time just to make sure everyone on here knows about it… so here’s the link…

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

Happy reading.


– Lilly

Hello, I hope you are all having an excellent weekend.  Lauren and I created a new WordPress page for all of my Non-Taboo/Non-BDSM/Non-Dubious-Consent stories.  Currently the only stories posted are the first three chapters of Answering the Prayers of Vampires and a Harry Potter One-shot I wrote back in August 0f 2004…  Two more fics will be posted there as Lauren and I finish editing them…  One is another The Vampire Diaries Fic which is outlined and partially written as of today and the other is the Vampire Diaries/Twilight Cross-Over I may have mentioned here before… the last one is completely written so it will be posted after Lauren and I have a chance to edit it and make it pretty for all of you…

so without further ado here is the new site

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

I hope to see you all over there.


Hello, Happy New Year.  I meant to post Chapter Three when I got up today but I totally forgot so everyone say thank you to my awesome Beta Lauren for reminding me a few minutes ago.  You Rock Lauren! Thank you for all you have done for me.  I look forward to all that we can accomplish together in the future.

As I believe I said in the last post this story is completely written so it’s just a matter of Lauren and I going over the chapters and sprucing them up for you all so here is chapter 003 for your reading enjoyment.

Chapter 003 – Make Your Own Conclusions

I hope to post a new chapter every weekend until the whole story is posted so I’ll see you all next weekend.

Oh and by the way, thank you to Lauren for Beta-ing this chapter.  All remaining mistakes belong to me.

Hello all, so I have a new story for all of you in the Vampire Diaries Fandom.  It’s one of two completely finished fics I wrote in the last quarter of this year, so it’s just a matter of my Betas and I going over it and sprucing it up before I post it.  It’s got 19 chapters and an Epilogue and comes in at just over 106,000 words.

Special thanks to Robin who was willing to read it over and to Lauren who actually helped edit it.

I have not abandoned my other stories and Lauren and I actually have plans to finish at least two of my WIPs in the coming year since the two TVD stories I wrote and completed this year prove that I am in fact capable of finishing a story…lol.  So be on the look out for updates to old stories too.

For now here’s the story page for the new story called Answering the Prayers of Vampires

Answering the Prayers of Vampires Story Page

Hi everyone, so I wrote and finished two fan fictions this fall.  Unfortunately they’re in new to me fandoms, which Robin is not a part of so I am in need of a new Beta or two…

The first story is a Vampire Diaries (TV show) story that is more Adventure/Friendship than anything else.  I’ve finished the first draft of this story (and a few additional drafts), so mostly I just need help sprucing it up and making it pretty for public consumption.  It is just over 106,160 words and 190 pages long with 20 Chapters including the Epilogue.  Here is the synopsis and the author’s note that I’ve written thus far…

Synopsis:  Some 455,000 years ago, the first human did a spell that created the first vampires.  1,234 years ago a witch placed a spell on them that turned them human in the hopes of teaching them the meanings of love, loyalty, and honor.  This is the story of what they became and how they’ll learn the lessons they need to learn and become a true family.

Author’s notes:  The story begins during Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two ‘As I Lay Dying’, and it’s mostly AU after the first few paragraphs though I take things from Season Three and twist them to suit my purposes.  Some of the dialogue in the beginning (approximately the first 24 lines of dialogue) of the story is directly quoted from the show.  Also, I bend the vampire mythos a bit in this story though the Originals are still the Originals.  Also, every creature, even the Originals (and Klaus), can be killed by ripping his or her heart out.

In my story, the 100 dead witches are actually a few hundred (as in at least 316) dead witches and they never abandoned Bonnie as Sheriff Forbes never accidentally shot and killed Jeremy (though she almost did, but Damon prevented tragedy despite being so sick), so Bonnie didn’t need to bring him back from the dead.  Therefore, Jeremy also doesn’t see ghosts either.

Oh and Damon didn’t let/cause Emily to die at the location the few hundred dead witches died.  She told him about their deaths and where it happened but he had nothing to do with her actual death and would have prevented it if he could have.

Furthermore, for those of you who are touchy about major character death, there is non-permanent major character death in the very beginning… all you Damon fans don’t be scared off by the first chapter… it totally doesn’t mean what you think it means since the whole story is told in his perspective.

I’m aware that certain characters are Out Of Character (OOC), and I’m okay with that, so I hope you are too.

I’ve only seen through half of the fourth season so not much from beyond Season Three is used in my story and only a few things I read on the internet that I know were introduced later are used.

Fair warning, there are some Original Characters (OC) in this story… sort of, you’ll understand after the second chapter.

This story is more action adventure than romance but the end game relationships in the story are as follows:  Delena, Steroline, Beremy, Kalijah, Rebekah/Ric, Lexi/Matt, and Tyler, Kol, and Finn with OC’s because I ran out of female characters to pair them with.

There will be deep friendships between Damon and Bonnie; Damon and Elijah; Damon and Caroline; Damon and Tyler; Damon and Matt eventually; Elijah, Kol, Finn, and Rebekah with everyone; Bonnie with all the aforementioned characters; and all the canon friendships.

The second fan fiction, which I literally just finished the Epilogue for a few minutes ago is a TVD/Twilight cross-over…  this one has a guy-guy pairing and has one and a half lemons towards the end…  The pairings are Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert; Bella Swan/Kol Mikaelson; Elijah Mikaelson/Leah Clearwater; Alaric Saltzman/Rebekah Mikaelson; Jacob Black/Bree Tanner; Jasper Whitlock/Caroline Forbes; Angela Webber/Ben Cheney; with mentions of Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore.  You should also be warned that Elena (and Stefan and Bonnie) in this story are pretty much mean and while not evil per say they aren’t really the good guys in my story.  Edward and Alice on the other hand are totally evil in this story.  The story mostly takes place in Forks though there is a bit of La Push and Mystic Falls as well.

I don’t have a synopsis written for this one yet but basically it starts when Damon compels Jeremy to leave town only instead of going to Colorado he goes to Forks to stay with his mom’s childhood best friend Charlie Swan.  The twist is that Damon doesn’t actually compel him to leave he gives him a choice and offers to help him find a way to kill Klaus.  A bit of a road trip follows though that only takes up about a chapter… then they make friends in Forks and build a life there… let’s see if I can write a proper synopsis right now…

Story Synopsis:

What if Damon didn’t compel Jeremy to leave town but rather gave him the choice either to be compelled to forget and leave or go to Forks voluntarily.  What if there was a Prophecy that foretold of the Chosen Ones, including a man called Savior, The Last Elemental, The Husband of the Savior’s Progeny, The Son of a Descendant of a Founding Family, The Original’s Black Sheep, The Wolves’ True Alpha, The She-Wolf, The Honorable and Honor Bound Brother, and the man called Major who would, with others, band together to save the Petrova Doppelgängers and the Ripper of Monterrey and defeat the Original Hybrid as well as prevent the downfall of the Three Kings.  This is what could have happened.

Author’s Notes:

First of all this story has a male-male relationship in it so if you don’t like slash stories you should probably go read some other story such as my TVD story ‘Answering the Prayers of Vampires.’

Also, if you’re a big fan of Edward, Alice, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, or Niklaus as the good guys then this probably isn’t the story for you.  While not all of the above mentioned characters are portrayed as actually evil they still aren’t portrayed in a positive light.  You have been warned.

The story starts in Episode 10 of Season 03, ‘The New Deal’, of the Vampire Diaries.  I don’t know what the date is in that episode other than it’s a Sunday after school has started for the Fall but before Caroline’s birthday on October 10, so for our purposes that episode happens on Monday, September 13, 2010 (Bella’s Birthday).  The story starts at around 11 pm EDT Monday night.

For our purposes Bella was born in 1992 not 1987 making September 13, 2010 her 18th birthday.

I’m also going with Damon being born in June of 1841 not 1839 since when the show started it was ‘41 and now in Season 07 (which I haven’t watched) it’s apparently been changed to ‘39 so I’m sticking with ‘41.  Therefore, I am also going with him having told people he was 23 in 2009 when the show started so when our story starts in 2010 everyone would believe him to now be 24.

As for Jasper, he is in the same grade as Bella not a year ahead of her, and he was turned in March 1865 not 1863.

Also, for my story Elena and Ric aren’t in the room when Damon goes to compel Jeremy to leave town but they and Bonnie are downstairs.

Jake has already come into his Wolf form by Bella’s birthday too and she knows about the Wolves by then too.

And yes I know Klaus didn’t get the coffins back and the Mikaelson Ball didn’t happen until after October 10th in the show but in my story they happen within a week of the start of the story.

In addition, any Human whom the Human legal homeowner considers a legitimate resident of the home can invite Vampires into a home.  So for instance, Bella can invite Vampires into her and Charlie’s house because although Charlie owns the house she and Charlie both consider it her home.

Also, I know the show calls male Witches ‘Warlocks’ but the word is, I believe, derived from an Old English word that has at various times meant ‘traitor, scoundrel, monster, or the Devil’.  Therefore, it is my belief that Warlocks are actually by definition evil, so I will be calling all Witches, including the men, ‘Witches,’ and completely avoid the word ‘Warlock’ in reference to good Witches.


Anyway, the cross-over has 17 chapters and an Epilogue and currently comes in at 136,297 words and 248 pages.

So are you interested in helping me out with either or both stories?  If you only want to work on one and not the other don’t worry I won’t be offended.

Anyway both fics are finished for the most part, but I need someone to read through them and help me edit them and then pretty them up and I am finding the search for new Betas to be very difficult since I’m new to these fandoms and know no one in them.  So if anyone on here is into the Vampire Diaries and/or Twilight and you want to Beta for me I would be super appreciative for the help.  Also if you know of anyone who might be interested feel free to send them my way.

I’m hoping to work on my WIPs after the new year and try to finish them now that I seem able to finish a fic or two so everyone keep your eyes peeled for the new fics as well as some old favorites in the new year.

I hope everyone who celebrates a Holiday this month has a great one and I hope everyone has a fantastic new year.