Chapter 004 of the Vampire and His Pet Posted

Posted: November 3, 2014 by LilGray in Author's Notes, Story Recs, The Vampire's Pet, Updates

Hello, so I am a week later than I anticipated… I got caught up in this awesome fan fic with 127+ chapters about Alexander Skarsgard and Luke Evans based in the world of the Citadel RPG which is a fictitious Exclusive BDSM, D/s, kink club with locations all over the globe…  I highly recommend the story and now I started another story set in the same world about Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten…  for those of you who like Real People Slash I will post the links below but be prepared to fall behind on other things because the two stories are addictive and they sucked me in without my even realizing it… so the links are…

Citadel: Luke Evans and Alex Skarsgard

Citadel: Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten

Citadel’s Journal

Citadel’s Old Journal

Character List for Citadel Stories (has links to the characters’ pages which list all the posts in that character’s story)

Anyhow Chapter 004 of the Vampire and His Pet is now posted.  Part of the reason it took so long is that my good friend Nora (Hi Nora! *Waves*  thanks for the help) pointed out that my sentence structure was a mess so I went back and tried to fix it in chapter 004 and I will go back at some point down the line and fix it in the first three chapters…  I am unsure when chapter 005 will be posted as I need to focus on designing my Yule and Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I hope to have them done by the first week of December so Goddess willing I will be able to post chapter 005 shortly after that.  Until then here’s the link for the Notes and Glossary which has the link to chapter 004 at the bottom of it.

Notes and Glossary




Edit 2014-11-03 @ 12:12PM: edited the links for the Askars and Sam Worthington stories with links that have all the chapters and in order.  Also added the character list for the Citadel Game which has links to each character’s page of posts

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