Chapter 004 of It’s Elemental Posted

Posted: January 7, 2015 by LilGray in Uncategorized

Hi y’all, I posted Chapter 004 of It’s Elemental.  I also went back and updated chapters 001 through 003.  The story is no longer in the first person present tense.  It is now in the third person past tense as I was having issues telling who was speaking/thinking.  You know you have problems when the actual author cannot tell who is doing what.  I hope this new format will eradicate those issues and ultimately make the story significantly easier to read and understand.

I also added some more dialogue to a number of the scenes in chapters 001 through 003 so if you have the time and inclination you might want to go ahead and reread those chapters.  I do not think you will be horribly lost if you do not reread them, but I think the additions, well, add to the story…lol.

I am working on chapter 005 right now and The Vampire and His Pet is being edited by Robin so I hope updates will be coming for both stories in the near future.  Until then, happy reading.

Chapter 004 – Come Quick!

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