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Hello.  I updated the new site with a new story called Shards of Shattered Glass.  The entire nine chapter story is now posted.   I also posted through Chapter 012 of Answering the Prayers of Vampires so I just wanted to post a link to the new site one more time just to make sure everyone on here knows about it… so here’s the link…

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

Happy reading.


– Lilly

Hello, I hope you are all having an excellent weekend.  Lauren and I created a new WordPress page for all of my Non-Taboo/Non-BDSM/Non-Dubious-Consent stories.  Currently the only stories posted are the first three chapters of Answering the Prayers of Vampires and a Harry Potter One-shot I wrote back in August 0f 2004…  Two more fics will be posted there as Lauren and I finish editing them…  One is another The Vampire Diaries Fic which is outlined and partially written as of today and the other is the Vampire Diaries/Twilight Cross-Over I may have mentioned here before… the last one is completely written so it will be posted after Lauren and I have a chance to edit it and make it pretty for all of you…

so without further ado here is the new site

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

I hope to see you all over there.


Hello, Happy New Year.  I meant to post Chapter Three when I got up today but I totally forgot so everyone say thank you to my awesome Beta Lauren for reminding me a few minutes ago.  You Rock Lauren! Thank you for all you have done for me.  I look forward to all that we can accomplish together in the future.

As I believe I said in the last post this story is completely written so it’s just a matter of Lauren and I going over the chapters and sprucing them up for you all so here is chapter 003 for your reading enjoyment.

Chapter 003 – Make Your Own Conclusions

I hope to post a new chapter every weekend until the whole story is posted so I’ll see you all next weekend.

Oh and by the way, thank you to Lauren for Beta-ing this chapter.  All remaining mistakes belong to me.

Hello all, so I have a new story for all of you in the Vampire Diaries Fandom.  It’s one of two completely finished fics I wrote in the last quarter of this year, so it’s just a matter of my Betas and I going over it and sprucing it up before I post it.  It’s got 19 chapters and an Epilogue and comes in at just over 106,000 words.

Special thanks to Robin who was willing to read it over and to Lauren who actually helped edit it.

I have not abandoned my other stories and Lauren and I actually have plans to finish at least two of my WIPs in the coming year since the two TVD stories I wrote and completed this year prove that I am in fact capable of finishing a story…lol.  So be on the look out for updates to old stories too.

For now here’s the story page for the new story called Answering the Prayers of Vampires

Answering the Prayers of Vampires Story Page