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Hello.  ‘Chapter 006 – Why Can’t I Kill A Couple?’ is now posted and ready for reading.  Chapter 007 is being worked on currently but it is the beginning of the chapters that require additional editing due to discrepancies.  Therefore Chapter 007 will likely take a little longer to edit and then post.  It looks to be a long one though, so I hope it will be worth the wait… in the meantime head on over and read chapter 006.

Happy Reading!

Chapter 006 – Why Can’t I Kill A Couple?

Hi… wow I’m on a roll…  Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain is now uploaded and ready to be read.  You may need tissues for a couple parts of it.  I actually caught myself wiping away tears at one point, but then again I cry at the drop of a hat, so who knows…  I am unsure when the next chapter will be ready to post.  I haven’t started chapter 006 and I noticed the other day when I read through the whole story from start to finish that there were more and more discrepancies the farther I got into the story so I have the feeling the time between chapters is going to increase the farther along we get.  Plus I only have 14 and part of 15 written so far so once we get done with 14 I’ll be writing them before I get to the editing part…. duh…lol… okay that was silly anyway, the point is it is going to take more and more work to make the chapters presentable the farther into we get just so you know.


Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to leave comments.  I get so excited when I get the email telling me I have a comment, so thank you.


Oh and I wanted to post part of my response to one of those comments because I’m not sure Robin or I told anyone our plans when we came up with them, so here’s the quote:

“Also I wanted to mention that this story is the first in a series partially inspired by EricIzMine’s Multi-Verse… Angela’s initial idea was so awesome (not to mention her execution was flawless) and we are so sad that Angela was taken from the world so unexpectedly that Robin and I are hoping to do something similar as our version of a tribute to a truly brilliant woman and prolific storyteller. However, instead of calling them ‘skips’ we are going to call them ‘weaves’ (The series is tentatively titled ‘The Weaves of the Moiré’.) So regardless of what choice Jason makes in ‘It’s Elemental’ we will likely explore his other options in later stories…. so even if he doesn’t choose the way you want or you want to see what would happen if he chose differently you will eventually get to read the version you are hoping for as we currently have plans for versions where Jason becomes a spirit, becomes a Vampire,  one (or more) where he stays human for the time being…” and at least one where he becomes something else.

So yeah, I had the beginnings of the idea for years, long before I ever read a single word of any of Angela’s stories but reading her stories and then finding out she had passed away solidified the ideas in my mind… Robin had a similar idea and then when we shared with each other we realized the ideas meshed perfectly.  Our story will be different… the nature of the weaves will be slightly different as will the back story, which I have been working on since before I ever read a single word of Charlaine Harris’ works… so back in 1996 or 1995.

The point is this is just the beginning and if any of you have any requests for versions of Sookie and Eric or any of the other characters feel free to leave them in the comments and we will see what we can do.  Oh and just to mention The Viking’s Pet is one of the Weaves… I get a lot of requests for it to be reposted..  I took it down to fix up with the intention of reposting it when we were done with it.  Robin and I did a lot of work on it before we got the idea to turn it into an original story but I just want you all to know that it will be fixed up further and then reposted as well…  I might read it over when my muse gets tired of It’s Elemental and see what Robin and I are working with since it’s been so long since I read it.

Thank you for reading this far if you reached this point….

So, without further ado,

Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain

Delays happening

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Okay I had been trying to post this on Wednesday March 12 and now it’s Monday March 24 and I discover this never got posted… sorry…  here’s Wednesday’s post…

Okay so Chapter 003 of It’s Elemental is now posted…  I had computer issues yesterday that prevented me from reading the chapter at all yesterday so I only got to read through it today… and I’m super tired so I’m posting it as is and I will read through it one final time tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and fix any spelling or grammatical issues that are still there… I shouldn’t need to change anything major tomorrow just grammar and spelling so feel free to read it tonight if you like just know there might be a random misspelled word or a misplaced comma or two…lol.

Next Chapter of It’s Elemental will be posted on Sunday March 30, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM EDT

Chapter Three – Say A Prayer Of Thanks


Now for today’s (2014-03-24) post…  I have been experiencing computer issues that have been preventing me from working on my stories…  some days it (my computer) works and other days… not so much…  so I’m working on Chapter 003 of The Vampire’s Pet but I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it to you as my Co-Author and I think we need to unfuck our POVs… We think it will get very confusing to the reader if we leave it jumping around which means I need to rework all the chapters… I’ll leave chapters 1 & 2 the way they are for now and just work on future chapters but there will be a delay… since my computer seems fond of blue screening as I try to save which often means lost data… I promise to let you all know when I get the chapter sorted out…  and I will work on it as much as possible and try to get it to you all ASAP!!!!


Very sorry for the delay and any inconvenience!


So after a few delays, including one because I literally fell asleep sitting at my computer, I am happy to announce that chapter two of the Vampire’s Pet is now posted…  I also updated the glossary to better explain how Koschei is pronounced…

Glossary and Story Notes

Please note that future chapters will be posted every other Sunday so the next chapter to this story will be posted on March 23rd 2014 between 8 and 11 pm…  It’s Elemental will now (after this Wednesday) also be posted on the opposite Sundays… this change is because I have found myself unable to write anything new since starting to post the chapters simply because of time constraints so this way I’ll be posting a single chapter each week and I’ll be able to write new material as well…

Happy Reading!

Chapter Two – Bad To the Bone

Hi! I’m a little early tonight but I’m starting to get sleepy so I wanted to post the chapter now so I don’t fall asleep and end up having to post it tomorrow…   So yeah the second chapter of It’s Elemental is now posted…  you can find it here

So since I’m so tired I’m just gonna leave it at that…  enjoy!

EDIT as of 2014-03-05: I forgot to mention last night that the next chapter should be up on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM EST

So… anyone remember me?  lol.   Sorry it’s been so long… I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  I’m still working on my stories…  Currently I’m working on my Straw Dogs Rewrite, which has a title now… The Pursuit of Atonement…  I got me a fabulous new Beta (Robin) who is an expert in all things BDSM and it turns out we work really well together so we decided to co-write The Pursuit of Atonement (PoA)…  My little story that was gonna be 10 to 12 chapters long (though about 900 pages long) will probably have more like 40+ chapters…  though I’m breaking the long chapters up so each chapter is around 20 pages long and approximately 10,000 to 15,000 words long…  Robin’s chapters are much shorter than mine since I seem to be rather long winded…  I decided when I started writing this story that I wasn’t gonna post any of it until it was complete and that is still true…  and then once me and Robin are done with PoA we’ll work on fixing up and finishing my other stories… It’s Elemental (IE) and Love-Hate-Sex-Pain (LHSP) will probably get worked on before The Viking’s Pet (TVP) since TVP will require much more work…  Robin and I are working hard to make all my stories believable and realistic and I’m trying to only portray safe BDSM practices so IE and LHSP will likely get worked on first since they are far more realistic than TVP…  I haven’t decided if I’m gonna completely rewrite TVP or just post a big warning on it that says it’s not realistic and that everything in it is unsafe to try at home…  if any of you have opinions on that please let me know.  Anyhow that’s all I wanted to let you all know that I’m still writing and that hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something for all of you to read.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on chapter 3 of TVP and chapter 4 of LHSP… I have limited internet access at the moment so I’m not sure when I’ll finish the chapters but I’m working on them.

Also, my lovely Beta Sephrenia1 made me a banner for It’s Elemental

isn’t it cool!? I absolutely love it, so thank you T you ROCK!

I’m off to work more on the chapters….

Ok, so I was originally working on the next chapter of LHSP when this came to me.  It’s an out-take that applies to both of my stories.  So the out take can be found here.

Let me know if you think it’s totally out there or horrible cuz I’m really curious if Sephrenia1 and I are the only ones who think this story is cool.  Thanks.

New Chapter

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It’s Elemental Chapter 004 – The Beauty Of Being Numb is officially posted… please be sure to read the warnings… there are two scenes… one of torture and rape and then there’s mention of bloody self inflicted cuts, tho you don’t actually see the self mutilation.

here’s the chapter

Anyways, Enjoy!

*Goes to hide*

Making some changes…

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Ok… so I am currently working on Chapter 4 of It’s Elemental but I realized that some things in chapter 3 weren’t going to fit in with where the story is going so I made some changes, pretty significant changes, to the descriptions of Leifr’s Nest so y’all should go reread chapter 3 so that you’ll be up to date when I post chapter 4 (hopefully later this week) the link for chapter 3 is here.

Also… I have made a Facebook page for my stories… the name of that is LilGray26’s Stories… I think you might have to friend me since I made it a closed group because of the NC-17 rating of some of the stuff discussed in these stories… so my name is Lilly Gray so friend me and I’ll add you to the group.