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Hi… wow I’m on a roll…  Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain is now uploaded and ready to be read.  You may need tissues for a couple parts of it.  I actually caught myself wiping away tears at one point, but then again I cry at the drop of a hat, so who knows…  I am unsure when the next chapter will be ready to post.  I haven’t started chapter 006 and I noticed the other day when I read through the whole story from start to finish that there were more and more discrepancies the farther I got into the story so I have the feeling the time between chapters is going to increase the farther along we get.  Plus I only have 14 and part of 15 written so far so once we get done with 14 I’ll be writing them before I get to the editing part…. duh…lol… okay that was silly anyway, the point is it is going to take more and more work to make the chapters presentable the farther into we get just so you know.


Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to leave comments.  I get so excited when I get the email telling me I have a comment, so thank you.


Oh and I wanted to post part of my response to one of those comments because I’m not sure Robin or I told anyone our plans when we came up with them, so here’s the quote:

“Also I wanted to mention that this story is the first in a series partially inspired by EricIzMine’s Multi-Verse… Angela’s initial idea was so awesome (not to mention her execution was flawless) and we are so sad that Angela was taken from the world so unexpectedly that Robin and I are hoping to do something similar as our version of a tribute to a truly brilliant woman and prolific storyteller. However, instead of calling them ‘skips’ we are going to call them ‘weaves’ (The series is tentatively titled ‘The Weaves of the Moiré’.) So regardless of what choice Jason makes in ‘It’s Elemental’ we will likely explore his other options in later stories…. so even if he doesn’t choose the way you want or you want to see what would happen if he chose differently you will eventually get to read the version you are hoping for as we currently have plans for versions where Jason becomes a spirit, becomes a Vampire,  one (or more) where he stays human for the time being…” and at least one where he becomes something else.

So yeah, I had the beginnings of the idea for years, long before I ever read a single word of any of Angela’s stories but reading her stories and then finding out she had passed away solidified the ideas in my mind… Robin had a similar idea and then when we shared with each other we realized the ideas meshed perfectly.  Our story will be different… the nature of the weaves will be slightly different as will the back story, which I have been working on since before I ever read a single word of Charlaine Harris’ works… so back in 1996 or 1995.

The point is this is just the beginning and if any of you have any requests for versions of Sookie and Eric or any of the other characters feel free to leave them in the comments and we will see what we can do.  Oh and just to mention The Viking’s Pet is one of the Weaves… I get a lot of requests for it to be reposted..  I took it down to fix up with the intention of reposting it when we were done with it.  Robin and I did a lot of work on it before we got the idea to turn it into an original story but I just want you all to know that it will be fixed up further and then reposted as well…  I might read it over when my muse gets tired of It’s Elemental and see what Robin and I are working with since it’s been so long since I read it.

Thank you for reading this far if you reached this point….

So, without further ado,

Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain

So… anyone remember me?  lol.   Sorry it’s been so long… I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  I’m still working on my stories…  Currently I’m working on my Straw Dogs Rewrite, which has a title now… The Pursuit of Atonement…  I got me a fabulous new Beta (Robin) who is an expert in all things BDSM and it turns out we work really well together so we decided to co-write The Pursuit of Atonement (PoA)…  My little story that was gonna be 10 to 12 chapters long (though about 900 pages long) will probably have more like 40+ chapters…  though I’m breaking the long chapters up so each chapter is around 20 pages long and approximately 10,000 to 15,000 words long…  Robin’s chapters are much shorter than mine since I seem to be rather long winded…  I decided when I started writing this story that I wasn’t gonna post any of it until it was complete and that is still true…  and then once me and Robin are done with PoA we’ll work on fixing up and finishing my other stories… It’s Elemental (IE) and Love-Hate-Sex-Pain (LHSP) will probably get worked on before The Viking’s Pet (TVP) since TVP will require much more work…  Robin and I are working hard to make all my stories believable and realistic and I’m trying to only portray safe BDSM practices so IE and LHSP will likely get worked on first since they are far more realistic than TVP…  I haven’t decided if I’m gonna completely rewrite TVP or just post a big warning on it that says it’s not realistic and that everything in it is unsafe to try at home…  if any of you have opinions on that please let me know.  Anyhow that’s all I wanted to let you all know that I’m still writing and that hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something for all of you to read.

Hello.  Sandra posted a comment on Chapter 006 – part 003 asking what the status of chapter seven is… the status is… I have over fifty pages written, but I just got back from vacation so I need to go through all my pix (2025+ pix total) and make a scrapbook of it for my mom… plus I’ve got to start making my Christmas/Yule presents so it’s gonna be a little while before I get a chance to get back to writing chapter seven…

However, in my response to Sandra I came up with an excellent idea but I doubt too many people have seen the comment so I thought I’d share it in an actual post so everyone will know about it…

I’m holding a little contest to hold you all over until I can get the new chapter written and posted… so here it is…

I am introducing new characters from another Fandom into the story in chapter seven… so I want all of you to make your best guesses as to what Fandom and/or what characters they are (at present there are five of them being introduced)… any one who guesses correctly will get a little snippet from chapter seven to hold you over…

so start guessing…

you can guess as many times as you like.  To enter just leave a comment on this post with your guess and don’t be afraid to repeat someone else’s guess if you think the same thing they do… anyone who guesses correctly gets a preview of chapter seven… so if twenty people guess the same thing and they’re all correct then I will send those twenty people a scene or part of a scene from chapter seven (I haven’t decided yet on which part will be the prize.)  And if someone guesses the Fandom and then a character correctly then I will give them two snippets…

I can’t wait to see if anyone guesses correctly… (if you all go too long with out getting any right I’ll post a hint, but only if nobody gets it after a while.)

Happy guessing.


Finally I get to share chapter six with all of you.  I broke it up into parts since I actually froze my computer trying to upload it as one whole page… Each page should have a link going to the next part.

The final tally came in at eighty-two pages and 43,565 words… a nice and long chapter… I hope you all enjoy it…

so without further ado…

The Viking’s Pet – Chapter 006 – Part 001

I just want to give you all an update… my beta Funsize has finished reading through the chapter so I’m gonna read through it one more time then send it to my grammar guru…  I hope to have it to you all by the end of the weekend depending on when DaenerysSedai gets a chance to look at it… I haven’t talked to her since she got back from vacation so I don’t know what her schedule this weekend looks like, but I’m hoping she’ll have some time to read through it.  If DaenerysSedai has plans this weekend that prevent her from reading through the chapter I’ll post it raw for all of you and she can fix it up after the fact like she did with all the back chapters when her schedule permits, since I’ve been promising this chapter for what seems like forever.

We haven’t been messing about either… it’s just that the chapter is 81 pages and 43,085+ words long so it takes a while to read through it and each of us usually reads through it a minimum of 3 times before we post it (I’ve probably read through it over 15 times by now)…

To give you an idea of just how long this chapter is…  the BDSM books I buy on are on average no more than 36,000 words long… that’s the whole book… and my chapter is longer than that by 7,000 words… so that is why it is taking so long to get it out to you all.  I know most of you are like me, you prefer longer chapters, but longer chapters means it takes longer to produce and then edit… anyways…  We haven’t forgotten all of you and hope to have it ready for public consumption this weekend…

Also, I haven’t been sitting idly by while my betas have been reading the chapter I’ve also been writing chapter seven… which is over 50 pages long itself and no where near done….

So that’s my update on the status of the chapter…

Talk to you all later during the weekend.


Ok, so the long awaited new material is finally here… but first a few very important things… if you have triggers please read this post in full before reading the chapter.

First and foremost this chapter talks about child molestation (including some details regarding the acts forced upon the victim(s)) as well as the long lasting effects being molested has on a victim.  If this sort of talk bothers you or is a trigger for you then I strongly encourage you not to read this chapter.  If you want I can try to edit those conversations out of the chapter so you can read the rest, but it does take up a good chunk of the chapter.  Leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you want me to try and I will see what I can do.

Also, please remember that this is a Very Dark Fic so Eric is a sadistic Vampire not a fluffy bunny.  If this sort of thing bothers you then really you should have stopped reading by now because it’s not going to change… Eric will remain a sadistic mother fucker throughout this story… that doesn’t mean he won’t come to care for sookie, but he will always enjoy hurting her.

This chapter has been beta corrected by my beta team…which has recently gotten a new member, so I would like to once again welcome DaenerysSedai to our team; a big thank you to her as well as Funsize and Cath for all their hard work on this chapter.

Now I feel a special thank you needs to go out to Funsize as she pretty much co-wrote parts of this chapter… whole pages of this chapter exist because she thought to add it.  Her additions to the chapter only make it better and stronger, so… Thank you, Funsize, for all your help with the storyline and plot.

Now for the Disclaimer: The Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood characters and places are the property of Charlaine Harris, Allan Ball, and HBO.  The Idea of the Island Training Facility is one I have read about in many stories by several authors…The Klitzman Stories and the later series that I think is called Klitzman’s Pawn are my primary inspiration for this, both series are written by Paul Blades… I make no money from this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

Now for the The Viking’s Pet – Chapter 005 – Punishment and Rewards


Ps… The first complete draft of chapter six is written and with the first of my betas so it shouldn’t be too long before you get another chapter.

Hello. Here is the last of the revised chapters. This chapter includes the old chapters five and six, as well as chapter seven which was never posted. So parts of this have never been read by my faithful readers. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

This is still a dark fic… Eric likes hurting sookie and will continue to do so. If this bothers you then you should stop reading this story. ‘Nuff said.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood characters and places belong to Charlaine Harris, Allan Ball, and HBO. The Island Training Facility is inspired by Paul Blades’ two series The Klitzman Stories and The Klitzman Chronicles. No Copyright infringement is intended and I make no money from this story.

My beta team has a new member… DaenerysSedai has joined our motley crew, so this chapter was beta corrected by DaenerysSedai, Funsize and Cath. Thank you ladies for all your invaluable help! Also, this is the last chapter of this story that includes previously posted parts of this story, so I’d like to mention that the original content was beta corrected by Sephrenia1.

Now without further ado, here is the chapter…

Chapter 004 – Vampires, Handmaidens, and Faeries, Oh My!

So here is the Revised version of Chapter Three… the original version was just 31 pages and 16,590 words long… the new and improved version is 58 pages and 31,615 words long, so I nearly doubled the length of this chapter… now a lot of it is previously posted… now that’s not to say I didn’t add new stuff to this chapter… there are several improved punishment scenes and and I took out the lovey dovey stuff. Originally chapters three, four, and five were all chapter three and I cut them up. Well I’ve put them back together since I can’t stand short chapters… so I hope you all enjoy the new and improved chapter three.

Chapter Three – The Hook

Hello. I have the second chapter ready for your reading pleasure.  Be sure and read the author’s notes because I want everyone prepared for what they’re about to read and also I explain my use (or lack of use) of capital letters in names.

Chapter three is with funsize and will be sent to Cath soon so it’ll be a day or two before I can post it.

Many thanks to Sephrenia1 who edited the original version of this chapter and a Huge thank you to my two new Betas, Funsize and Cath. You both rock my world. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

so without further ado here’s chapter two…

Chapter Two – little pet and little limp dick

So here is the revised chapter one… the original was 48 pages  and 24,711 words long… the revised chapter is 55 pages and 28,953 words long, so there is quite a bit added for your reading pleasure…

The rest of the revised chapters should be up within the week… I have the next two chapters with my betas already and chapter four is almost ready for my betas, so it shouldn’t be long before I’m all caught up…

incidentally for those of you who read the original… the original had six posted chapters… the revised covers everything of those six chapters but is contained in only four chapters…

also the revised first four chapters have stuff in them that were not in the original… that is to say in addition to sprucing up and adding to the chapters, chapter four also contains parts of the unposted chapter seven that I wrote but never posted.

Anyways I’m already 30+ pages into chapter five so hopefully by the time I post all the revised chapters my betas will already be looking at chapter five.

So anyways without further ado here is the revised chapter one…

Chapter One – Big Man With A Gun