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Added another one-shot

Posted: December 23, 2017 by lillygray1326 in Uncategorized

Hello, I meant to post this last night but I was so sleepy I forgot.  I posted another one-shot.  Twilight again, but this time it’s a Caius Volturi/Bella Swan pairing.

Click the image to be taken to the story…

His Every Pleasure_007_72dpi


Happy reading!


Added new one-shot

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Hi… loooong time no speak…  I have been working on some one-shots for my other site and one of them wound up being a little more taboo than I was comfortable posting on that site so I figured I’d post it here.  It’s a twilight story inspired by the song ‘I Want You’ by Delain.

Click the banner to be taken to the story.

His Eternal Pet_001_72dpi


Happy Reading


Hi everyone, so I wrote and finished two fan fictions this fall.  Unfortunately they’re in new to me fandoms, which Robin is not a part of so I am in need of a new Beta or two…

The first story is a Vampire Diaries (TV show) story that is more Adventure/Friendship than anything else.  I’ve finished the first draft of this story (and a few additional drafts), so mostly I just need help sprucing it up and making it pretty for public consumption.  It is just over 106,160 words and 190 pages long with 20 Chapters including the Epilogue.  Here is the synopsis and the author’s note that I’ve written thus far…

Synopsis:  Some 455,000 years ago, the first human did a spell that created the first vampires.  1,234 years ago a witch placed a spell on them that turned them human in the hopes of teaching them the meanings of love, loyalty, and honor.  This is the story of what they became and how they’ll learn the lessons they need to learn and become a true family.

Author’s notes:  The story begins during Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two ‘As I Lay Dying’, and it’s mostly AU after the first few paragraphs though I take things from Season Three and twist them to suit my purposes.  Some of the dialogue in the beginning (approximately the first 24 lines of dialogue) of the story is directly quoted from the show.  Also, I bend the vampire mythos a bit in this story though the Originals are still the Originals.  Also, every creature, even the Originals (and Klaus), can be killed by ripping his or her heart out.

In my story, the 100 dead witches are actually a few hundred (as in at least 316) dead witches and they never abandoned Bonnie as Sheriff Forbes never accidentally shot and killed Jeremy (though she almost did, but Damon prevented tragedy despite being so sick), so Bonnie didn’t need to bring him back from the dead.  Therefore, Jeremy also doesn’t see ghosts either.

Oh and Damon didn’t let/cause Emily to die at the location the few hundred dead witches died.  She told him about their deaths and where it happened but he had nothing to do with her actual death and would have prevented it if he could have.

Furthermore, for those of you who are touchy about major character death, there is non-permanent major character death in the very beginning… all you Damon fans don’t be scared off by the first chapter… it totally doesn’t mean what you think it means since the whole story is told in his perspective.

I’m aware that certain characters are Out Of Character (OOC), and I’m okay with that, so I hope you are too.

I’ve only seen through half of the fourth season so not much from beyond Season Three is used in my story and only a few things I read on the internet that I know were introduced later are used.

Fair warning, there are some Original Characters (OC) in this story… sort of, you’ll understand after the second chapter.

This story is more action adventure than romance but the end game relationships in the story are as follows:  Delena, Steroline, Beremy, Kalijah, Rebekah/Ric, Lexi/Matt, and Tyler, Kol, and Finn with OC’s because I ran out of female characters to pair them with.

There will be deep friendships between Damon and Bonnie; Damon and Elijah; Damon and Caroline; Damon and Tyler; Damon and Matt eventually; Elijah, Kol, Finn, and Rebekah with everyone; Bonnie with all the aforementioned characters; and all the canon friendships.

The second fan fiction, which I literally just finished the Epilogue for a few minutes ago is a TVD/Twilight cross-over…  this one has a guy-guy pairing and has one and a half lemons towards the end…  The pairings are Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert; Bella Swan/Kol Mikaelson; Elijah Mikaelson/Leah Clearwater; Alaric Saltzman/Rebekah Mikaelson; Jacob Black/Bree Tanner; Jasper Whitlock/Caroline Forbes; Angela Webber/Ben Cheney; with mentions of Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore.  You should also be warned that Elena (and Stefan and Bonnie) in this story are pretty much mean and while not evil per say they aren’t really the good guys in my story.  Edward and Alice on the other hand are totally evil in this story.  The story mostly takes place in Forks though there is a bit of La Push and Mystic Falls as well.

I don’t have a synopsis written for this one yet but basically it starts when Damon compels Jeremy to leave town only instead of going to Colorado he goes to Forks to stay with his mom’s childhood best friend Charlie Swan.  The twist is that Damon doesn’t actually compel him to leave he gives him a choice and offers to help him find a way to kill Klaus.  A bit of a road trip follows though that only takes up about a chapter… then they make friends in Forks and build a life there… let’s see if I can write a proper synopsis right now…

Story Synopsis:

What if Damon didn’t compel Jeremy to leave town but rather gave him the choice either to be compelled to forget and leave or go to Forks voluntarily.  What if there was a Prophecy that foretold of the Chosen Ones, including a man called Savior, The Last Elemental, The Husband of the Savior’s Progeny, The Son of a Descendant of a Founding Family, The Original’s Black Sheep, The Wolves’ True Alpha, The She-Wolf, The Honorable and Honor Bound Brother, and the man called Major who would, with others, band together to save the Petrova Doppelgängers and the Ripper of Monterrey and defeat the Original Hybrid as well as prevent the downfall of the Three Kings.  This is what could have happened.

Author’s Notes:

First of all this story has a male-male relationship in it so if you don’t like slash stories you should probably go read some other story such as my TVD story ‘Answering the Prayers of Vampires.’

Also, if you’re a big fan of Edward, Alice, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, or Niklaus as the good guys then this probably isn’t the story for you.  While not all of the above mentioned characters are portrayed as actually evil they still aren’t portrayed in a positive light.  You have been warned.

The story starts in Episode 10 of Season 03, ‘The New Deal’, of the Vampire Diaries.  I don’t know what the date is in that episode other than it’s a Sunday after school has started for the Fall but before Caroline’s birthday on October 10, so for our purposes that episode happens on Monday, September 13, 2010 (Bella’s Birthday).  The story starts at around 11 pm EDT Monday night.

For our purposes Bella was born in 1992 not 1987 making September 13, 2010 her 18th birthday.

I’m also going with Damon being born in June of 1841 not 1839 since when the show started it was ‘41 and now in Season 07 (which I haven’t watched) it’s apparently been changed to ‘39 so I’m sticking with ‘41.  Therefore, I am also going with him having told people he was 23 in 2009 when the show started so when our story starts in 2010 everyone would believe him to now be 24.

As for Jasper, he is in the same grade as Bella not a year ahead of her, and he was turned in March 1865 not 1863.

Also, for my story Elena and Ric aren’t in the room when Damon goes to compel Jeremy to leave town but they and Bonnie are downstairs.

Jake has already come into his Wolf form by Bella’s birthday too and she knows about the Wolves by then too.

And yes I know Klaus didn’t get the coffins back and the Mikaelson Ball didn’t happen until after October 10th in the show but in my story they happen within a week of the start of the story.

In addition, any Human whom the Human legal homeowner considers a legitimate resident of the home can invite Vampires into a home.  So for instance, Bella can invite Vampires into her and Charlie’s house because although Charlie owns the house she and Charlie both consider it her home.

Also, I know the show calls male Witches ‘Warlocks’ but the word is, I believe, derived from an Old English word that has at various times meant ‘traitor, scoundrel, monster, or the Devil’.  Therefore, it is my belief that Warlocks are actually by definition evil, so I will be calling all Witches, including the men, ‘Witches,’ and completely avoid the word ‘Warlock’ in reference to good Witches.


Anyway, the cross-over has 17 chapters and an Epilogue and currently comes in at 136,297 words and 248 pages.

So are you interested in helping me out with either or both stories?  If you only want to work on one and not the other don’t worry I won’t be offended.

Anyway both fics are finished for the most part, but I need someone to read through them and help me edit them and then pretty them up and I am finding the search for new Betas to be very difficult since I’m new to these fandoms and know no one in them.  So if anyone on here is into the Vampire Diaries and/or Twilight and you want to Beta for me I would be super appreciative for the help.  Also if you know of anyone who might be interested feel free to send them my way.

I’m hoping to work on my WIPs after the new year and try to finish them now that I seem able to finish a fic or two so everyone keep your eyes peeled for the new fics as well as some old favorites in the new year.

I hope everyone who celebrates a Holiday this month has a great one and I hope everyone has a fantastic new year.


Hi…. I don’t usually post this sort of thing but I’m pretty sure some of you are fans of Neil Gaiman so I’m gonna post this…  Here’s a chance to win an autographed first edition copy of his book the Graveyard Book…  just answer a question and then give them your email address…  I have a friend who has entered contests there before and she says she hasn’t gotten any spam from them so it should be safe.

Good Luck!

Hi, so I had heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which happens in November, but I had never participated in it or anything like it.  As those of you who follow my blog know, I recently discovered that there is also such a thing as June Novel Writing Month (JuNoWriMo).  I had planned to try to finish The Vampire and His Pet (TV&HP) by participating in the event.


However, on Friday I woke from a dream about an FBI Agent named Charlie and his best friend Lucy.  Charlie was in love with her but he watched heartsick at a dinner party as she told her boyfriend she would marry him.  That night an envelope of pictures of Lucy appeared on Charlie’s doorstep revealing that they had a stalker.  That’s when I woke.

The idea pestered me for a bit so I wrote it down intending to go back to it at a later date, but my muse didn’t like that idea, so every two seconds it seemed I’d think of something else for this story.  So finally, I decided to see where it would go and taking the advice of Becca, the woman facilitating JuNoWriMo, I decided to try my hand at writing out an outline, which I had never done for a work of fiction.

I worked on the outline from about 5pm Friday until about 9pm and finished 14 chapters worth of outlines.  Then on Saturday, I went to the movies with my mom, which if any of you like period pieces I highly recommend Far From the Madding Crowd, especially if you’re a fan of Michael Sheen… the man nailed his role… absolutely phenomenal performances all around but his was the best by far.

Anyway, Saturday after I got home I worked on the outline and at 10 pm finished the outline for the final chapter (28 at the time).  I was pretty stoked so when I woke on Sunday I worked on the timeline going through the outline and fixing things so that if a chapter started on a Wednesday and four days later I said Charlie went to work that wouldn’t work since he worked Monday through Friday…so I made those changes even making calendars in Photoshop.

Monday was the first and I’m not sure why but I woke up at 5am and wrote from 5:30am to 8:30pm only stopping long enough to eat and use the bathroom.  I wrote 29,878 words that day.  The next day (Day 02) I wrote 11,636 and then yesterday (Day 03) I wrote 13,803 for a grand total of 55,317.  The goal of JuNoWriMo was 50,000 words.



So what that means is I finished my first draft with 26 chapters and an epilogue…  It took 6 days from the start of the idea to a complete first draft…  I was shocked, I still am in fact, but I’m so very excited.  Other than two very short fan fic one-shots I’ve never finished a work of fiction before.  And I have ideas for a sequel, so I’m working on an outline for the second book and I think this is going to become a whole series.  I’m hoping the second outline will come as smoothly as the first and I can try to write the second novel for the rest of the month.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how I did and that TV&HP is temporarily on hold while I work on the second book in this new series.  I’m even planning to join a local writing group at the town library to see if anyone local can help me edit the first book, which is tentatively titled “A Twisted Sort of Cupid.”

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress moving forward.





I’m joining JuNoWriMo

Posted: May 25, 2015 by LilGray in Uncategorized

Hi, long time to see…  I just wanted to let you all know that I’m joining JuNoWriMo in the hopes of finally finishing The Vampire and His Pet…  the 50,000 word goal should put me just about at the end of the book (I hope! lol.)  anyway for those of you also interested in joining or just learning more here’s the link to their site… I hope to have good news (that I’m done writing The Vampire and His Pet) come July first.  Happy writing to those who join in.

Chapter 005 of The Vampire And His Pet is Posted

Posted: February 27, 2015 by LilGray in Uncategorized

Hello.  I finally have Chapter 005 of the Vampire and His Pet posted for all of you to enjoy!

I’m not sure when Chapter 006 will be posted but I’m currently working on fixing it up while I take a break from a massive project my mom has me working on so I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

So without further ado here is Chapter 005 – Best Not To Argue

Chapter 005 – Best Not To Argue

A Little Note About Spoilers for It’s Elemental

Posted: January 11, 2015 by LilGray in Uncategorized

My story, It’s Elemental has always had this warning:

this is an AU, which may include spoilers from True Blood through S04E01 ‘She’s Not There’ and Southern Vampire Mysteries up through book 9, ‘Dead and Gone’.
I am editing the spoiler warning as of 2015-01-11:  I am changing the spoiler warning to include the entire True Blood series and all of the books…  Although I have not watched beyond the very beginning of the second episode in Season 4 I have watched clips and read articles about the subsequent episodes, so to be safe I am changing the warning… there will at the very least be a spoiler up to S05E07 and I am guessing there will be others the further I go in my story so please keep that in mind as you decide whether or not to begin reading (or continue) my story.

The spoiler warning for the books is, as noted above, also changing to include all of the books.  While I have not read them all there is one element from the later books that I may choose to use so to be safe I am expanding the books’ spoiler warning as well.

Therefore the new warning is this:  This is an AU, which may include spoilers from True Blood through S07E10 ‘Thank You’ and Southern Vampire Mysteries up through book 13.5, ‘After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse’.

Sorry for the late notice but I was reading something about Sookie on line, and I decided I want to do the opposite of what the True Blood writers did on that issue.  Therefore, I figured I better change the spoiler warnings before I post chapter 007, which I am currently working on.   I am still not finished changing the chapter to third person past tense so I am still unsure when the chapter will be posted.

Anyways, that’s all for now, I am going to head back to Word and work on the chapter some more.

Chapter 004 of It’s Elemental Posted

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Hi y’all, I posted Chapter 004 of It’s Elemental.  I also went back and updated chapters 001 through 003.  The story is no longer in the first person present tense.  It is now in the third person past tense as I was having issues telling who was speaking/thinking.  You know you have problems when the actual author cannot tell who is doing what.  I hope this new format will eradicate those issues and ultimately make the story significantly easier to read and understand.

I also added some more dialogue to a number of the scenes in chapters 001 through 003 so if you have the time and inclination you might want to go ahead and reread those chapters.  I do not think you will be horribly lost if you do not reread them, but I think the additions, well, add to the story…lol.

I am working on chapter 005 right now and The Vampire and His Pet is being edited by Robin so I hope updates will be coming for both stories in the near future.  Until then, happy reading.

Chapter 004 – Come Quick!

Posting New Chapters

Posted: February 26, 2014 by LilGray in Uncategorized

Hello Readers!  Robin and I have been hard at work on our novel, The Vampire’s Pet, and It’s Elemental.  The novel has thirty-one (31) chapters written and It’s Elemental has fourteen (14) written.

As such I have decided to start posting them…  I will post the first chapter of The Vampire’s Pet on Friday and then on every Friday (in the evening probably between 8 and 10 pm) I’ll post the next chapter… I’ll shoot to post them around the same time on Fridays.  I figure thirty-one (31) chapters are enough of a buffer that we should not have any long periods without new chapters (crosses fingers.)

It’s Elemental has fourteen (14) chapters written so I’m going to give you the first chapter today and then on Tuesdays (also around 8 to 10 pm) I’ll post the subsequent chapters one at a time…  I’m taking down the old stuff since new chapters will be posted each week.

I should warn you that there were previously four chapters posted for It’s Elemental and I split up the old chapters into shorter chapters and then fleshed them out to keep them from getting too long… so I think the last new chapter that was already posted in some form is chapter ten (10).  The completely new stuff starts with chapter eleven (11)…

Robin and I have endeavored to remove most of the repeating stuff… so the same scene isn’t written twice or three times in different perspectives since that’s been driving me nuts… not sure why I wrote it that way in the first place…but oh well… it’s fixed now…lol.

Now for The Vampire’s Pet we need a favor from all of you…  As I’m sure some of you will notice the novel started out as The Viking’s Pet, a Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood fan fiction… so we went in and tried to remove everything that is the intellectual property of other people (Ms. Harris or Mr. Ball for example) so what we need from all of you is for you to keep an eye out for anything we missed.

We changed ‘glamour’ to ‘enhance’ but left the ability since according to our research Vampires are able to control their victims’ minds in some fashion in several fandoms so we don’t feel our version is encroaching on anyone else’s intellectual property… if you disagree and/or have suggestions to make it better and different please let us know (We’ll even give you a shout out in the Authors’ Notes).

Now I had to manually go in and switch all the ‘glamour’ and ‘glamouring’ to ‘enhance’, ‘enhanced’, or ‘enhancement’ since the suffixes for ‘enhance’ didn’t match up with the ones for glamour in some cases so I couldn’t do a replace all and have the program change them for me… so if you notice the word ‘glamour’ used in that context please drop us a comment and let us know about it so we can fix it… I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten them all by this point but better safe than sorry…

Also, we have Vampire Blood as a drug, we call it Dracula’s Blood and Dracula’s Blood – Amplified or DB and DB-amp for short…  DB-amp is straight up Vampire’s Blood and makes the person feel more alive and have better senses as well as feel more sensual.  DB on the other hand is the ashes created when a Vampire is killed.  The ashes can be snorted or cooked like Meth and either smoked in a meth pipe or injected… It cannot be smoked like weed; when flame touches the ashes they immediately disintegrate as Vampires’ and fires do not mix.…  DB is a hallucinogen… we included the drugs since Ms. Harris is not the only one to use Vampire Blood as a drug (Moonlight is probably one of the more recent examples only they called it ‘Black Crystal’).  If you have any ideas to make this more original feel free to share but we’re fairly confident that we’re not encroaching on anyone else’s intellectual property by including the drugs.  If you disagree let us know and we’ll see if we can change it more to make it more ours than we already have.

If you see anything else you feel belongs to someone not Lilly Gray or Robin then please let us know.  We in no way shape or form wish to plagiarize anyone so any help in making sure we don’t accidentally do that would be most appreciated…

Other than that we hope you enjoy our stories… the first chapter of It’s Elemental is posted now and the link to the main story page is below (to be clear, subsequent chapters will be posted on Tuesdays not Wednesdays).

Look for the first chapter of The Vampire’s Pet to be posted on Friday.

Happy Reading!

-Lilly and Robin

It’s Elemental Story Page and Chapter Listing