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Added a Klaus-Caroline One-Shot

Posted: December 30, 2017 by lillygray1326 in One-Shots, Updates

Hello.  I’ve been a busy writer lately and I just finished another one-shot that’s over 13,600 words long.  It’s a Niklaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes Future Fic One-Shot.  Obviously, because I’m posting it on this site and not the other it’s a naughty little ditty.  It’s got BDSM in it, nothing too extreme but it is there and Caroline spends the majority of this story naked, so…

Oh, and a special thank you to Samantha for her help with the timeline and Kat Luner Marie for her help with the banner… the concept was all her idea and I love how it came out.  Thank you to both of you.

Anyway, Happy Reading… The image is linked to the story.

Now and Forevermore_005_72dpi

Hello.  I updated the new site with a new story called Shards of Shattered Glass.  The entire nine chapter story is now posted.   I also posted through Chapter 012 of Answering the Prayers of Vampires so I just wanted to post a link to the new site one more time just to make sure everyone on here knows about it… so here’s the link…

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

Happy reading.


– Lilly

Hello, I hope you are all having an excellent weekend.  Lauren and I created a new WordPress page for all of my Non-Taboo/Non-BDSM/Non-Dubious-Consent stories.  Currently the only stories posted are the first three chapters of Answering the Prayers of Vampires and a Harry Potter One-shot I wrote back in August 0f 2004…  Two more fics will be posted there as Lauren and I finish editing them…  One is another The Vampire Diaries Fic which is outlined and partially written as of today and the other is the Vampire Diaries/Twilight Cross-Over I may have mentioned here before… the last one is completely written so it will be posted after Lauren and I have a chance to edit it and make it pretty for all of you…

so without further ado here is the new site

The Voices Inside My Head Fan Fiction

I hope to see you all over there.


Hello, Happy New Year.  I meant to post Chapter Three when I got up today but I totally forgot so everyone say thank you to my awesome Beta Lauren for reminding me a few minutes ago.  You Rock Lauren! Thank you for all you have done for me.  I look forward to all that we can accomplish together in the future.

As I believe I said in the last post this story is completely written so it’s just a matter of Lauren and I going over the chapters and sprucing them up for you all so here is chapter 003 for your reading enjoyment.

Chapter 003 – Make Your Own Conclusions

I hope to post a new chapter every weekend until the whole story is posted so I’ll see you all next weekend.

Oh and by the way, thank you to Lauren for Beta-ing this chapter.  All remaining mistakes belong to me.

Hello all, so I have a new story for all of you in the Vampire Diaries Fandom.  It’s one of two completely finished fics I wrote in the last quarter of this year, so it’s just a matter of my Betas and I going over it and sprucing it up before I post it.  It’s got 19 chapters and an Epilogue and comes in at just over 106,000 words.

Special thanks to Robin who was willing to read it over and to Lauren who actually helped edit it.

I have not abandoned my other stories and Lauren and I actually have plans to finish at least two of my WIPs in the coming year since the two TVD stories I wrote and completed this year prove that I am in fact capable of finishing a story…lol.  So be on the look out for updates to old stories too.

For now here’s the story page for the new story called Answering the Prayers of Vampires

Answering the Prayers of Vampires Story Page

Hello.  ‘Chapter 006 – Why Can’t I Kill A Couple?’ is now posted and ready for reading.  Chapter 007 is being worked on currently but it is the beginning of the chapters that require additional editing due to discrepancies.  Therefore Chapter 007 will likely take a little longer to edit and then post.  It looks to be a long one though, so I hope it will be worth the wait… in the meantime head on over and read chapter 006.

Happy Reading!

Chapter 006 – Why Can’t I Kill A Couple?

Hi… wow I’m on a roll…  Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain is now uploaded and ready to be read.  You may need tissues for a couple parts of it.  I actually caught myself wiping away tears at one point, but then again I cry at the drop of a hat, so who knows…  I am unsure when the next chapter will be ready to post.  I haven’t started chapter 006 and I noticed the other day when I read through the whole story from start to finish that there were more and more discrepancies the farther I got into the story so I have the feeling the time between chapters is going to increase the farther along we get.  Plus I only have 14 and part of 15 written so far so once we get done with 14 I’ll be writing them before I get to the editing part…. duh…lol… okay that was silly anyway, the point is it is going to take more and more work to make the chapters presentable the farther into we get just so you know.


Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to leave comments.  I get so excited when I get the email telling me I have a comment, so thank you.


Oh and I wanted to post part of my response to one of those comments because I’m not sure Robin or I told anyone our plans when we came up with them, so here’s the quote:

“Also I wanted to mention that this story is the first in a series partially inspired by EricIzMine’s Multi-Verse… Angela’s initial idea was so awesome (not to mention her execution was flawless) and we are so sad that Angela was taken from the world so unexpectedly that Robin and I are hoping to do something similar as our version of a tribute to a truly brilliant woman and prolific storyteller. However, instead of calling them ‘skips’ we are going to call them ‘weaves’ (The series is tentatively titled ‘The Weaves of the Moiré’.) So regardless of what choice Jason makes in ‘It’s Elemental’ we will likely explore his other options in later stories…. so even if he doesn’t choose the way you want or you want to see what would happen if he chose differently you will eventually get to read the version you are hoping for as we currently have plans for versions where Jason becomes a spirit, becomes a Vampire,  one (or more) where he stays human for the time being…” and at least one where he becomes something else.

So yeah, I had the beginnings of the idea for years, long before I ever read a single word of any of Angela’s stories but reading her stories and then finding out she had passed away solidified the ideas in my mind… Robin had a similar idea and then when we shared with each other we realized the ideas meshed perfectly.  Our story will be different… the nature of the weaves will be slightly different as will the back story, which I have been working on since before I ever read a single word of Charlaine Harris’ works… so back in 1996 or 1995.

The point is this is just the beginning and if any of you have any requests for versions of Sookie and Eric or any of the other characters feel free to leave them in the comments and we will see what we can do.  Oh and just to mention The Viking’s Pet is one of the Weaves… I get a lot of requests for it to be reposted..  I took it down to fix up with the intention of reposting it when we were done with it.  Robin and I did a lot of work on it before we got the idea to turn it into an original story but I just want you all to know that it will be fixed up further and then reposted as well…  I might read it over when my muse gets tired of It’s Elemental and see what Robin and I are working with since it’s been so long since I read it.

Thank you for reading this far if you reached this point….

So, without further ado,

Chapter 005 – Waiting For The Pain

Hello, so I am a week later than I anticipated… I got caught up in this awesome fan fic with 127+ chapters about Alexander Skarsgard and Luke Evans based in the world of the Citadel RPG which is a fictitious Exclusive BDSM, D/s, kink club with locations all over the globe…  I highly recommend the story and now I started another story set in the same world about Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten…  for those of you who like Real People Slash I will post the links below but be prepared to fall behind on other things because the two stories are addictive and they sucked me in without my even realizing it… so the links are…

Citadel: Luke Evans and Alex Skarsgard

Citadel: Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten

Citadel’s Journal

Citadel’s Old Journal

Character List for Citadel Stories (has links to the characters’ pages which list all the posts in that character’s story)

Anyhow Chapter 004 of the Vampire and His Pet is now posted.  Part of the reason it took so long is that my good friend Nora (Hi Nora! *Waves*  thanks for the help) pointed out that my sentence structure was a mess so I went back and tried to fix it in chapter 004 and I will go back at some point down the line and fix it in the first three chapters…  I am unsure when chapter 005 will be posted as I need to focus on designing my Yule and Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I hope to have them done by the first week of December so Goddess willing I will be able to post chapter 005 shortly after that.  Until then here’s the link for the Notes and Glossary which has the link to chapter 004 at the bottom of it.

Notes and Glossary




Edit 2014-11-03 @ 12:12PM: edited the links for the Askars and Sam Worthington stories with links that have all the chapters and in order.  Also added the character list for the Citadel Game which has links to each character’s page of posts

The Vampire and His Pet Update

Posted: October 23, 2014 by LilGray in Author's Notes, The Vampire's Pet, Updates

Hi, long time no speak…  Long story short my computer died…  I am currently borrowing someone else’s to work on the story so future updates may be sporadic.  First I changed the title of the story from The Vampire’s Pet to The Vampire and His Pet…  Secondly, some of you may remember me mentioning that Robin and I decided I needed to unfuck the POVs… well I also decided that I needed to change the tense from present to past… so I am slowly working on fixing those two things in all the currently written chapters (35 of them at last count).  I have updated the first two chapters of the story (with some pretty major changes) and added a prologue to chapter one (1) and have posted chapter three (3)…. now none of these have been proofed by Robin as we are currently having scheduling conflicts…  But since it looks like our schedules won’t match until at least thanksgiving but possibly as late as the two weeks surrounding Christmas I decided to post the updates and perhaps a few new chapters without her looking them over… When she gets a chance to edit them I will do what I did yesterday and update the previously posted chapters as we get to them but I didn’t like the idea of the old versions being posted and I feel like sharing some new stuff… so I hope you all like it….    I hope to get through chapter four (4) this weekend (Friday being the 24th of October 2014).  I am shooting for a Saturday posting but no promises it won’t be Sunday or possibly even later… but I got chapter three (3) done just today (as in woke up at 6am and worked on it all day) so I should be able to get chapter four (4) done soon unless I come across anything major that needs revising.


As for It’s Elemental… no word on when I will be returning to that story as I am currently really in the groove with The Vampire and His Pet.


So without further ado go reread the first two chapters as I’ve made major changes and then go meet asya in chapter three (3)…

Notes, Glossary and Chapter listing Page

Delays happening

Posted: March 24, 2014 by LilGray in Author's Notes, It's Elemental, Updates

Okay I had been trying to post this on Wednesday March 12 and now it’s Monday March 24 and I discover this never got posted… sorry…  here’s Wednesday’s post…

Okay so Chapter 003 of It’s Elemental is now posted…  I had computer issues yesterday that prevented me from reading the chapter at all yesterday so I only got to read through it today… and I’m super tired so I’m posting it as is and I will read through it one final time tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and fix any spelling or grammatical issues that are still there… I shouldn’t need to change anything major tomorrow just grammar and spelling so feel free to read it tonight if you like just know there might be a random misspelled word or a misplaced comma or two…lol.

Next Chapter of It’s Elemental will be posted on Sunday March 30, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM EDT

Chapter Three – Say A Prayer Of Thanks


Now for today’s (2014-03-24) post…  I have been experiencing computer issues that have been preventing me from working on my stories…  some days it (my computer) works and other days… not so much…  so I’m working on Chapter 003 of The Vampire’s Pet but I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it to you as my Co-Author and I think we need to unfuck our POVs… We think it will get very confusing to the reader if we leave it jumping around which means I need to rework all the chapters… I’ll leave chapters 1 & 2 the way they are for now and just work on future chapters but there will be a delay… since my computer seems fond of blue screening as I try to save which often means lost data… I promise to let you all know when I get the chapter sorted out…  and I will work on it as much as possible and try to get it to you all ASAP!!!!


Very sorry for the delay and any inconvenience!