The Vampire and His Pet Update

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Hi, long time no speak…  Long story short my computer died…  I am currently borrowing someone else’s to work on the story so future updates may be sporadic.  First I changed the title of the story from The Vampire’s Pet to The Vampire and His Pet…  Secondly, some of you may remember me mentioning that Robin and I decided I needed to unfuck the POVs… well I also decided that I needed to change the tense from present to past… so I am slowly working on fixing those two things in all the currently written chapters (35 of them at last count).  I have updated the first two chapters of the story (with some pretty major changes) and added a prologue to chapter one (1) and have posted chapter three (3)…. now none of these have been proofed by Robin as we are currently having scheduling conflicts…  But since it looks like our schedules won’t match until at least thanksgiving but possibly as late as the two weeks surrounding Christmas I decided to post the updates and perhaps a few new chapters without her looking them over… When she gets a chance to edit them I will do what I did yesterday and update the previously posted chapters as we get to them but I didn’t like the idea of the old versions being posted and I feel like sharing some new stuff… so I hope you all like it….    I hope to get through chapter four (4) this weekend (Friday being the 24th of October 2014).  I am shooting for a Saturday posting but no promises it won’t be Sunday or possibly even later… but I got chapter three (3) done just today (as in woke up at 6am and worked on it all day) so I should be able to get chapter four (4) done soon unless I come across anything major that needs revising.


As for It’s Elemental… no word on when I will be returning to that story as I am currently really in the groove with The Vampire and His Pet.


So without further ado go reread the first two chapters as I’ve made major changes and then go meet asya in chapter three (3)…

Notes, Glossary and Chapter listing Page

Delays happening

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Okay I had been trying to post this on Wednesday March 12 and now it’s Monday March 24 and I discover this never got posted… sorry…  here’s Wednesday’s post…

Okay so Chapter 003 of It’s Elemental is now posted…  I had computer issues yesterday that prevented me from reading the chapter at all yesterday so I only got to read through it today… and I’m super tired so I’m posting it as is and I will read through it one final time tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and fix any spelling or grammatical issues that are still there… I shouldn’t need to change anything major tomorrow just grammar and spelling so feel free to read it tonight if you like just know there might be a random misspelled word or a misplaced comma or two…lol.

Next Chapter of It’s Elemental will be posted on Sunday March 30, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM EDT

Chapter Three – Say A Prayer Of Thanks


Now for today’s (2014-03-24) post…  I have been experiencing computer issues that have been preventing me from working on my stories…  some days it (my computer) works and other days… not so much…  so I’m working on Chapter 003 of The Vampire’s Pet but I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it to you as my Co-Author and I think we need to unfuck our POVs… We think it will get very confusing to the reader if we leave it jumping around which means I need to rework all the chapters… I’ll leave chapters 1 & 2 the way they are for now and just work on future chapters but there will be a delay… since my computer seems fond of blue screening as I try to save which often means lost data… I promise to let you all know when I get the chapter sorted out…  and I will work on it as much as possible and try to get it to you all ASAP!!!!


Very sorry for the delay and any inconvenience!


So after a few delays, including one because I literally fell asleep sitting at my computer, I am happy to announce that chapter two of the Vampire’s Pet is now posted…  I also updated the glossary to better explain how Koschei is pronounced…

Glossary and Story Notes

Please note that future chapters will be posted every other Sunday so the next chapter to this story will be posted on March 23rd 2014 between 8 and 11 pm…  It’s Elemental will now (after this Wednesday) also be posted on the opposite Sundays… this change is because I have found myself unable to write anything new since starting to post the chapters simply because of time constraints so this way I’ll be posting a single chapter each week and I’ll be able to write new material as well…

Happy Reading!

Chapter Two – Bad To the Bone

So sorry!  Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck from sleeping while sitting up on my couch still in front of my computer screen with no recollection of going to sleep…lol…  I must have been tired…  The second chapter of The Vampire’s Pet was still on my screen…  So I’m gonna finish this last read through and then I will post it….  Once again, sorry for saying one timeline and doing another…


Hi!  Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m working on the chapter but I haven’t been able to get a single read through done all week… so I’ll post it Sunday Night probably after my Co-author gets a chance to look over my changes (she’s working tomorrow so she can’t do it tomorrow)  In the future I think I’m gonna be posting It’s Elemental on Wednesday Nights and The Vampire’s Pet on Sunday Nights since I generally go to bed early on Tuesday Nights for an early wake up on Wednesdays and then I cook dinner for my mom on Fridays and it’s making it difficult to get the chapters done on time…. so Chapter two of the Vampire’s Pet will be posted by Sunday Night (Goddess willing) and then Chapter three of It’s Elemental will be posted on Wednesday… and then Chapter three of The Vampire’s Pet will be posted a week from this Sunday by 11PM EST.  Sorry for the delay and any confusion this may cause…  sadly it is completely unavoidable at this time.  I hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll talk to you Sunday when I post the Chapter!

Hi! I’m a little early tonight but I’m starting to get sleepy so I wanted to post the chapter now so I don’t fall asleep and end up having to post it tomorrow…   So yeah the second chapter of It’s Elemental is now posted…  you can find it here

So since I’m so tired I’m just gonna leave it at that…  enjoy!

EDIT as of 2014-03-05: I forgot to mention last night that the next chapter should be up on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM EST

Sorry I’m late… real life conspired against me to make me run behind schedule…  fortunately it was all pleasant stuff that held me up but I apologize for being an hour late….

Some of you may have noticed I posted the notes and warnings as well as a Glossary yesterday for The Vampire’s Pet…  I updated it quite a bit today and added a ton of words to the Glossary so be sure and check it out even if you have already read it as there is new information now posted.

You can find the Notes, Warnings and Glossary here

I plan to add a bunch of appendixes in the coming weeks that have some fun stuff I think you’ll all enjoy reading over so keep an eye open for those…  It’s gonna be almost twenty (20) separate pages of the Government Hierarchy, Quality/Ability/Powers Lists for all the different Species as well as a Master list of all the Species we’re including in our story and anything else I think you might be interested in and adds to the story experience… I might also move the Glossary to the Appendixes but I’ll let you know if I do that…  anyway I’ll add one or two pages a week as time permits.

The link to Chapter One – Paulson’s Fuckery is at the bottom of the Notes, Warnings and Glossary Page

I hope to get the next chapter of The Vampire’s Pet posted on Friday, March 07th, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM.

Also I’m still on schedule for the next chapter of It’s Elemental to be posted on Tuesday, March 03rd, 2014 between 8 and 11 PM.



Posting New Chapters

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Hello Readers!  Robin and I have been hard at work on our novel, The Vampire’s Pet, and It’s Elemental.  The novel has thirty-one (31) chapters written and It’s Elemental has fourteen (14) written.

As such I have decided to start posting them…  I will post the first chapter of The Vampire’s Pet on Friday and then on every Friday (in the evening probably between 8 and 10 pm) I’ll post the next chapter… I’ll shoot to post them around the same time on Fridays.  I figure thirty-one (31) chapters are enough of a buffer that we should not have any long periods without new chapters (crosses fingers.)

It’s Elemental has fourteen (14) chapters written so I’m going to give you the first chapter today and then on Tuesdays (also around 8 to 10 pm) I’ll post the subsequent chapters one at a time…  I’m taking down the old stuff since new chapters will be posted each week.

I should warn you that there were previously four chapters posted for It’s Elemental and I split up the old chapters into shorter chapters and then fleshed them out to keep them from getting too long… so I think the last new chapter that was already posted in some form is chapter ten (10).  The completely new stuff starts with chapter eleven (11)…

Robin and I have endeavored to remove most of the repeating stuff… so the same scene isn’t written twice or three times in different perspectives since that’s been driving me nuts… not sure why I wrote it that way in the first place…but oh well… it’s fixed now…lol.

Now for The Vampire’s Pet we need a favor from all of you…  As I’m sure some of you will notice the novel started out as The Viking’s Pet, a Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood fan fiction… so we went in and tried to remove everything that is the intellectual property of other people (Ms. Harris or Mr. Ball for example) so what we need from all of you is for you to keep an eye out for anything we missed.

We changed ‘glamour’ to ‘enhance’ but left the ability since according to our research Vampires are able to control their victims’ minds in some fashion in several fandoms so we don’t feel our version is encroaching on anyone else’s intellectual property… if you disagree and/or have suggestions to make it better and different please let us know (We’ll even give you a shout out in the Authors’ Notes).

Now I had to manually go in and switch all the ‘glamour’ and ‘glamouring’ to ‘enhance’, ‘enhanced’, or ‘enhancement’ since the suffixes for ‘enhance’ didn’t match up with the ones for glamour in some cases so I couldn’t do a replace all and have the program change them for me… so if you notice the word ‘glamour’ used in that context please drop us a comment and let us know about it so we can fix it… I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten them all by this point but better safe than sorry…

Also, we have Vampire Blood as a drug, we call it Dracula’s Blood and Dracula’s Blood – Amplified or DB and DB-amp for short…  DB-amp is straight up Vampire’s Blood and makes the person feel more alive and have better senses as well as feel more sensual.  DB on the other hand is the ashes created when a Vampire is killed.  The ashes can be snorted or cooked like Meth and either smoked in a meth pipe or injected… It cannot be smoked like weed; when flame touches the ashes they immediately disintegrate as Vampires’ and fires do not mix.…  DB is a hallucinogen… we included the drugs since Ms. Harris is not the only one to use Vampire Blood as a drug (Moonlight is probably one of the more recent examples only they called it ‘Black Crystal’).  If you have any ideas to make this more original feel free to share but we’re fairly confident that we’re not encroaching on anyone else’s intellectual property by including the drugs.  If you disagree let us know and we’ll see if we can change it more to make it more ours than we already have.

If you see anything else you feel belongs to someone not Lilly Gray or Robin then please let us know.  We in no way shape or form wish to plagiarize anyone so any help in making sure we don’t accidentally do that would be most appreciated…

Other than that we hope you enjoy our stories… the first chapter of It’s Elemental is posted now and the link to the main story page is below (to be clear, subsequent chapters will be posted on Tuesdays not Wednesdays).

Look for the first chapter of The Vampire’s Pet to be posted on Friday.

Happy Reading!

-Lilly and Robin

It’s Elemental Story Page and Chapter Listing

So… anyone remember me?  lol.   Sorry it’s been so long… I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  I’m still working on my stories…  Currently I’m working on my Straw Dogs Rewrite, which has a title now… The Pursuit of Atonement…  I got me a fabulous new Beta (Robin) who is an expert in all things BDSM and it turns out we work really well together so we decided to co-write The Pursuit of Atonement (PoA)…  My little story that was gonna be 10 to 12 chapters long (though about 900 pages long) will probably have more like 40+ chapters…  though I’m breaking the long chapters up so each chapter is around 20 pages long and approximately 10,000 to 15,000 words long…  Robin’s chapters are much shorter than mine since I seem to be rather long winded…  I decided when I started writing this story that I wasn’t gonna post any of it until it was complete and that is still true…  and then once me and Robin are done with PoA we’ll work on fixing up and finishing my other stories… It’s Elemental (IE) and Love-Hate-Sex-Pain (LHSP) will probably get worked on before The Viking’s Pet (TVP) since TVP will require much more work…  Robin and I are working hard to make all my stories believable and realistic and I’m trying to only portray safe BDSM practices so IE and LHSP will likely get worked on first since they are far more realistic than TVP…  I haven’t decided if I’m gonna completely rewrite TVP or just post a big warning on it that says it’s not realistic and that everything in it is unsafe to try at home…  if any of you have opinions on that please let me know.  Anyhow that’s all I wanted to let you all know that I’m still writing and that hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something for all of you to read.

Hello!  I’m afraid this isn’t an update for The Viking’s Pet… I’m still working on chapter seven, but I had another idea (for a hopefully shorter story) come and start bugging me so I’m trying to get it out of my system so I can get back to TVP…

The new story is a Straw Dogs Rewrite and Continuation…  I finally talked myself into ignoring my intense dislike for Kate Bosworth and watched the Straw Dogs remake…  Kate Bosworth did a much better job than I had anticipated and Alexander Skarsgård ROCKED the part of Charlie… he did a phenomenal job playing the somewhat likeable villain… without spoiling the end of the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it yet (I highly suggest you check it out asap) I began to wonder after watching the movie what would have happened if the guy who won actually lost and vice versa…  so I’m writing a little rewrite of the end… and a little continuation… I don’t plan for this story to be very long… hopefully only a couple of chapters long.  I really did try to ignore the idea but it just wouldn’t leave me alone… so finally I sat down an wrote out just under 18,400 words…

Anyway the reason I’m writing to all of you is that I’m having some regional slang issues… I live in the northeast, always have… but I’m writing about Mississippi… and I discovered that the Mississippi State Troopers are actually part of the Highway Patrol… so I’m curious what nicknames locals use for the State Troopers or the Highway Patrol…  I have the winner in my story call for the state troopers to come figure out the clusterfuck… Where I’m from we call State Troopers ‘Staties’… do y’all call them that too?  or do you call them something different?  Any help on this issue would be much appreciated!

I hope to get this new story out of my system as soon as possible so I can continue chapter seven of the Viking’s pet asap…  Thank you for your patience while I try to exorcise this new story from my mind.