It’s Elemental 001 – You Will Never Be Alone Again

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A/N: the quote about Royalty Blended is from chapter one of ‘From Dead To Worse’ Page 19 in the paperback version.

This story has been beta’d by Robin, however all remaining mistakes are mine.

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It’s Elemental

By Lilly Gray & Robin McAllister

© 2011-2015 Sarah A. Higgins & Robin McAllister

Chapter 001

You Will Never Be Alone Again


Thursday, October 16, 2008 at around 9 am

“Why are we standing in a hallway staring at a door?  Are we going to knock?”  Seraphina’s youngest companion asked.  Sera had known the other woman for many Millennia, but the woman still did not get it, did not get Sera.

“We are not here to knock on the door.  We are here to be in front of the door at the precise moment it opens.  Really by now you should know that everything in our world is ‘hurry up and wait’, even the stuff of Prophecies.  We must wait for our young charge to open the door on her own.”

Sera watched as her three other companions gave into the urge to roll their eyes…  Sera did not understand their attitude as she had stood outside each of their doors once upon a time.  Sera thought with their eidetic memories and perfect recalls they would remember everything but they seemed to pick and choose what to remember.  Sera found their selective memory to be really rather annoying.  She thought to herself that her young charge would be a breath of fresh air.  Sera found herself hoping her charge would understand her, because in Sera’s opinion if Sookie did not understand Sera then no one ever would.

Sera heard Sookie moving around on the other side of the door, softly speaking to herself.  The Vampire, though old enough to stay awake well past dawn, had had a rough evening and Sera could sense that he was already dead for the day.  Sera strained to hear Sookie’s words even though she already knew what Sookie was saying.

Unable to resist the urge to see it all happen Sera sent her spirit into the room and gave herself a bird’s eye view of the room in time to hear Sookie proclaim, “God you sure are heavy Eric.  Well duh the guy is like a foot taller than you and way heavier.”  Sera could see from her vantage point by the ceiling corner as Sookie tried to lift Eirik’s legs and turned him so that he was laying down on the couch instead of dead while sitting up right.  His own blood, from his tears of grief over the loss of his Maker, still covered his face and chest.

Sera thought, ‘When we are done here I must call Leifr, I know he felt his Childe leave this plane and I wish to comfort him.  He and Eirik should be together so they can help each other through this horrible time.  Eirik will need Leifr’s help to come to terms with Godric’s unfortunate passing.’

Sera really wished she could have changed Godric’s mind, but he had already made it up so there was no changing it.  If Eirik’s tears had not changed his mind, there was no way her or Leifr’s words would have.

Sera watched young Sookie take off Eirik’s shoes and place them just so on the floor at the foot of the couch and then leave the living room of Eirik’s suite, then Sera heard water running before Sookie’s footfalls led her back to the room.  Sookie wiped the blood from Eirik’s face and chest with the washcloth she retrieved from the bathroom.

“Now what do I do?”  Sookie asked of the empty room as she folded the washcloth and placed it on the coffee table.  She almost sounded as though she expected the dead vampire to wake and answer her.  “I should go back to my room I guess.  Bill will be there and even though he’s asleep for the day, he wouldn’t want me staying with Eric any longer than necessary.  Although, after he hit Eric with that sucker punch tonight I’m not sure I really care about his opinion on the matter.”  Sera both heard Sookie’s voice getting closer and watched as she neared the door so Sera called her spirit back to her body as they waited those final seconds.

’5, 4, 3, 2, 1…  Showtime Ladies,’ Sera thought to her companions as the doorknob turned.

Sookie stopped with her hand on the door handle to look at Eirik one more time before opening the door.  ‘He looks so broken, even after I washed the blood from his skin.  Even though I know he’ll be dead until dark I still don’t want to leave him alone but I know I don’t know him well enough to be here when he wakes up.’

With her decision made, Sookie turned back to the door and opened it while she was looking through her purse for her room key.  When she found it, she took a step into the hallway and looked up only to gasp and stop at the sight of five otherworldly looking women, who seemed to be glowing slightly, just standing in the hallway staring at Sookie.  Sookie thought they looked otherworldly because they seemed too perfect.  Their facial structures were too beautiful.  They glowed a little from the inside out like whatever was beneath their skin was glowing and the skin was not thick enough to hide the glow.

Sookie could not place the look on any of their faces, except the one in the middle looked excited.  Sookie tried to dip inside their minds to see if they were friend or foe but she ran up against five solid steel walls, or at least that is what it felt like, it almost hurt trying to look into their minds, but one thing was certain to Sookie; not one of them was Human.

Sera, the one in the middle, was Sookie’s height and her hair was the same color as Sookie’s or at least Sookie thought so.  It was hard to tell what with the pink, blue and purple hair dye whether Sera’s hair was once the same shade of Blonde.  Sera’s blue eyes did remind Sookie of her own eyes, though.

The other women were much different.  The one on the left had a dark complexion and she looked to be 5’11″ or so.  Her hair was long, straight, and black as coal.  Her companions had Blonde, Auburn and Pure White hair respectively and they all look to be either just slightly taller than the one on the left or just shorter.  Sera was definitely the shortest of the bunch.

“Um, Hi!  Can I help you?  Eric is asleep.”  Sookie stumbled over her words.  Her gran never told her what to do when met in the hallway by five women who were so very ‘Other.’

Sera spoke, her voice sounded almost like wind chimes to Sookie.  “We are not here for the Vampire today, though his destiny will be upon him before he knows it.  Today we are here to speak with you.  May we join you in your room?  This conversation would be best had in private.”

“Umm I’m not in the habit of inviting total strangers into my hotel room, especially when I’m not the only one staying in the room.”

“Ah yes, the young vampire… he will not bother us, nor will we bother him.  We wish only to speak with you and offer you options for the coming future.”  Sera held her hand out to Sookie who took hold of it without thinking.  Sookie was immediately flooded with calm and she could almost feel Sera’s sincerity.

Sookie thought, ‘These women, or at least the one in the middle, mean me no harm.  So…’  “This way, I’m two doors down on the left.”  After letting go of Sera’s hand Sookie walked past them to lead them to the door.  She stopped before she slid the keycard into the lock and turned back to the women.  Sera spoke again.

“We mean you no harm, but others do and we wish to prevent the havoc they seek to reap over your small town and your life.”

“Do you know what attacked me in the woods the other day?”  Sookie asked cautiously.  ‘If they know then I want to know but… maybe they’re working with the creature.’  She thought worriedly.

“We are not working for, or with, that vile creature; she is beneath us and seeks to undo all I have worked so hard to achieve.  If we are not careful, she and others will be the end of you and me both.  Please just hear us out.  I give you my word that we will not harm you.”

Sookie felt compelled to do as Sera said and then she snapped out of it.  “Don’t do that.  Glamour doesn’t work on me.”  Then Sookie remembered that Sera answered something Sookie never spoke aloud…  ‘She can hear my thoughts…’  “You’re a Telepath?”

“Among other things, and please forgive me, what I was doing is not a glamour but it was unintentional.  I have not been in such close proximity to one such as us in so long I forget what I am capable of in your presence.  Your presence increases my powers tenfold, I will be more mindful not to use them on you.”

Sera genuinely seemed sorry for what she did and Sookie thought that if they were going to kill her they would have done it already so finally Sookie decided to get them all out of the hallway.  She put the card in the lock and opened the door.  Holding the door open for the women Sookie motioned them in.  As they crossed the threshold Sookie was relieved to know that they did not require a verbal invitation, ‘so definitely not Vampires, though all good vampires are resting right now so I have no idea what they are.  Then again this hotel room is registered under Eric’s name so Vampire’s don’t need an invitation, Shit!’

“Forgive me, but what are you?”  Sookie blushed scarlet after the words left her mouth.  “I’m sorry that was very rude of me I…”

“Nonsense, you have the right to know what you have invited into your room.  We are Elementals.”  Sera motioned to each woman, pausing to point at a different woman as she said each word.  “Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and I, of course, am Spirit.”

Sookie wondered what exactly she should say to that!  “Umm, so what do Elementals want from me?”  She asked nervously as she looked at each woman standing just inside the room.  Sookie closed the door and led them to the couches in the middle of the room.  “Please sit.”  Sookie’s gran raised her to be polite.

“We want you to survive what is coming.  Without our help, you will not survive the next week.  Someone you have not met yet will kill you and your Mate as well when he tries to save you.”

Sookie gasped.  ‘I’ll die and so will Bill…’  “What do I need to do to avoid our deaths?”

“You, child, have a choice to make.  Do as we suggest and you will have everything you have ever wished for and so much more, or do nothing and die eight days hence.  You will either have everything or nothing at all.”  Sera looked sad as she said, “You are not going to grow old, but if you do as we suggest you will see the future and raise a family with your Mate.”

“So what exactly should I do to avoid death?”  Sookie asked apprehensively.

Sera smiled, “Death will happen either way…  Immortality cannot happen without a little death, but it will not be your Final Death if you agree to our terms.”  She paused as if remembering something.  “I am sorry; I forgot to introduce myself I am Seraphina the Elder.”  Sera did not give the other women’s names.

“As I was saying death will happen either way, but you have the opportunity to avoid Final Death…  If you become an Elemental, like us, or more specifically like me…  You would be the Spirit Elemental.”

Sookie interrupted her, “‘The’ as in there’s only one?”

“No, you and I will both be Spirit Elementals; we are one and the same.  The time for us to be in separate places and times is growing nearer, but it will not be today.  My companions on the other hand will be leaving this existence today if you agree to become an Elemental.  Do not be sad for them, however, they have waited for this day for tens of millennia.  This is not the end for them either; they will just be embarking on a new path.”

Sera paused as if waiting for Sookie to speak, so Sookie rushed to fill the silence.  “Umm, what are the pros and cons of being an Elemental?”

Earth laughed, it sounded full and hearty.  “She is just like you Sera.”  Seraphina just smiled for a moment and then answered Sookie’s question.

“The pros are that you will not die your Final Death, you will live a long life and have the family you have always wanted.  When all is said and done you and your Mate will be inseparable and undefeated.  You will have much happiness, there will be sadness and loss as well, but that is the case no matter what kind of creature you are.  Life would not be worth living without the dichotomy that is happiness and sadness, joy and tragedy, good and evil, black and white always makes gray, the beauty is in the different shades of gray they make…

If you become an Elemental, you will see all the colors and shades the world has to offer and you will revel in them.  Furthermore, at the end of the day, be it a good day or a bad day, full of hope or tragedy you will have your Mate by your side and with him your family…  You will never be alone again.”

Sera paused for a moment, “The Cons are that you will live a long life…  I myself am older than the Human race… which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the day.  Some days the years pile up on you but your Mate will help you through that, I dare say that is why he was made to be so much older than you are.  You will love and feel the loss of death many times over, but that pain will generally be overshadowed by the joy of living and loving.”

Sera stopped with a serene smile on her face as if she could hear Sookie’s surprise, which led Sookie to think, ‘she can hear my thoughts, so…’

Wow, umm, the sun…?”  Sookie did not know how to phrase what she wanted to ask.

Sera seemed to know what Sookie meant though.  “You will not lose the Sun; you will walk beneath the Sun and the Moon equally.  In fact, most of the Human things you do now will be the same for you after the transformation… except the aging and dying parts anyway.  You will find nourishment from food, though it will not be strictly necessary as you will be able to live off the energy around you, which will, I am sure, come in handy from time to time, I know it has for me.

Money will not be an issue since you will be inheriting everything these women have and they have many, many lifetimes worth of fortunes, but then again so does your Mate, so that would not have mattered in the long run.

You will not have to work if you do not wish to.  For now, you probably will continue to work but there will come a time when your family will need you to be with them and care for them but that has been the case for women for millennia.  You will be able to sleep, though that also will not be strictly necessary, and you will be better able to control your telepathy with far less effort.”  Sera stopped as if searching her mind to see if she forgot anything.

Sookie sat back and thought on all that Sera said…  ‘Ultimately I trust this woman, I’m not sure why, but my instincts which have always taken good care of me are telling me to trust this strange woman before me.  I know in my bones that what she says is true; especially the part about my Final Death coming within the next week… the way my life has been lately it fits within my reality.’

Decision made Sookie asked Sera, “How exactly would it work, I mean what would I have to do…?”

“You will sit here on the couch with us and drink the blood of each of us until we disappear from the room, except for me, I will remain to guide you for a time.  You will not be able to go home for three days.  The transition takes about 72 hours, and you will be at your most vulnerable during this time.  If someone wants to end you those 72 hours will be the only chance they have, but I know once I explain to the Viking what is going on he will see to your safety until it is safe for you to return to your home.”

“Umm are you sure you can trust Eric, I mean are you sure I can trust Eric?”  Sookie wanted to believe she could trust Eirik but she had such mixed emotions when it came to him.

Seraphina giggled, she actually giggled.  “Oh yes, I have known the Viking for his entire existence including his human one.  He is honorable.  He keeps his word and he always repays a debt.  I know you will disagree but Eirik will feel that he owes you for what you did for Godric.

I do not know if you know this or not, but Eirik stayed just inside the door while you and Godric spoke.  He did not return to his room until after Godric left this plane.  Not only did your words bring comfort and hope to Godric in his time of need but they also brought some measure of comfort to Eirik.

That you gave freely of your tears for the loss of his Maker moved him greatly, though it will be sometime before he feels comfortable discussing Godric or your role in his passing with anyone, including you.

I dare say you confuse Eirik greatly, much as he confuses you.  In all his years, he has only ever met one woman like you and you make him feel things I never made him feel.  In general you make him feel and that makes Eirik uncomfortable which is probably why he has always been an ass to you.”

At that, Sookie giggled.  “He does tend to be an ass.”  She agreed wholeheartedly.

Sera got serious after a minute of giggling together.  “It will not always be that way.  I know you do not believe it right now but one day you will see the real Eirik, I dare say you saw bits of him tonight but you will see all of him one day soon, and I promise you he will take your breath away.

Right now, the different bloods inside you are competing with each other.  The young one’s blood is fighting with your blood inside you, which is holding you back from giving all of yourself to the one you are meant to.  Furthermore, while your blood has accepted Eirik’s blood the young one’s blood within you is also fighting Eirik’s blood for control, which is ultimately causing great confusion inside you.  But worry not, the battle between the bloods within you will be over soon and the rightful one will build you up and make you more powerful and clearheaded instead of tearing you down and creating a mass of confusion and doubt inside you.”

Sera paused again, and then continued more somberly.  “Have you decided child?”

Sookie sat and thought on it for a moment or two more.  The bit Sera said about the blood confused Sookie and raised more questions but ultimately Sookie trusted Sera and Sera thought becoming an Elemental was the best bet so, “Yes, I accept your offer.”  Sookie hoped she sounded surer of herself than what she felt.

Earth moved over to sit beside Sookie.  She had not paid attention to Earth’s clothing earlier but she was in a beautiful green and brown gown.  It looked like something from the renaissance period.  It felt soft and flowing as it brushed against Sookie’s hand.  She watched as fangs seemed to form in Earth’s mouth and then Earth moved behind Sookie just before she heard that awful crunching noise that happened when someone tore away their own flesh and the next thing Sookie knew she was drinking from the wound in Earth’s wrist.

The blood did not taste like Sookie would imagine blood to taste and it did not even taste like Bill’s blood, which tasted good, but salty.  When Sookie tasted Bill’s blood, she thought it was the stuff of life, but that then, that was something else entirely.

Sookie could feel the world pulsing around her; she could feel the ground under the hotel and the life springing from it.  It was not overwhelming and Sookie knew it would be more awe-inspiring if they were not in a city.

Sookie wondered if Earth always felt like that and she answered Sookie’s thoughts “It feels better away from the city, but it feels good no matter where I am.  In the spring time I can literally feel the flowers blooming, the grass budding, Mother Nature rebuilding after a long winter.”

Sookie continued to drink for quite some time and then she started to feel as though she was slipping off the couch and then suddenly Earth’s arm was gone and Sookie felt Earth inside her just as her back hit the couch.  “Wow,” Sookie whispered as Water moved to where Earth had been mere moments before, and again Sookie heard that crunch and then she was drinking and awed all over again.

As Bill came back to life, he reached over to Sookie’s side of the bed.  He sat up when he felt nothing but cold sheets; in fact once again her side of the bed did not even look slept in and her scent in the room was at least a day old.  Bill heard Sookie in the living room and he assumed she fell asleep on the couch yet again so he got up and grabbed his robe and keycard before he headed for the door.

Sookie knew she must have drifted to sleep at some point because she woke to the feel of fingers stroking through her hair.  When she opened her eyes, Sookie saw Seraphina staring down at her lovingly.  Sookie tried to move but her body felt heavy.  She felt weird and she said as much.

Sera laughed lightly, “It has been some time since my transition but yes I think the word ‘weird’ describes the feeling perfectly.  You will feel weird for a while yet.”

Sookie went to reply but she heard someone moving around in the bedroom, then she heard her name.  ‘Oh God I forgot all about Bill.’

“Sookie, I had hoped to wake with you beside me?”  Before she could reply to him Bill growled out “Who the Hell are you?”

Seraphina smiled tightly and said, “Hello, Mr.  Compton, my name is Seraphina the Elder; I am a friend of Sookie’s and am currently her guardian.  You would do well to calm yourself before I throw you out of the room.  Sookie cannot be upset right now; she needs calm heads to prevail.  I think…”

“I don’t care what you think.  Sookie is Mine, get away from her before I…” he did not get to finish his sentence before a swift wind literally blew him across the room, as the door opened he was pushed out into the hallway, and the door slammed closed behind him.  In a moment Sera and Sookie heard Bill try to open the door with a keycard, when that did not work he banged loudly on the door screaming about all the things he was going to do to Sera when he got in there.  Their trip to Dallas was showing Sookie a different side of Bill… one she was not sure she liked very much.

Sookie looked up at Sera sleepily.  “I’m sorry, I don’t know why he…”

Sera did not let her finish, “Do not worry about it; he is of no concern to us.”

Eirik felt the sun set as he came to wakefulness suddenly, and he wondered that he slept the whole day away, but then he remembered the events of the morning.


Eirik squeezed his eyes closed to prevent more blood tears from running down his face.  That was when Eirik realized he never lay down on the couch and yet there he was waking up laid out on the couch.  His shirt was still in his hand but his shoes were resting on the floor by the other end of the couch.  ‘That smell, I would know that smell anywhere; Sookie has been in my room.’

As Eirik looked at his shoes he noticed that his chest was not the bloody mess it was that morning, and he saw the folded washcloth sitting on the table.  ‘My sweet Sookie’; he smiled through the urge to cry.  Her words to Godric that morning rang in his head.  ‘She believes he is in Heaven with God and that God forgives My Maker for his ‘Sins’.’

Eirik felt a chill go down his spine then he heard Bill growl and ask who someone was…  The distance and walls between them and Eirik muffled the reply, but the voice sounded familiar to Eirik.  He heard a door slam a moment later and the next thing Eirik knew Bill was yelling, “Open this door or I’ll skin you alive when I get in there.  I mean it, let me in, I…”

Eirik thought, ‘Hmm, that sounds more like something I would say, I wonder what has got him so riled up… only one way to find out.’  He got up, put his shoes back on, and headed for the door without bothering to put his shirt back on.  Bill was standing outside his door in his robe banging on the door.  Eirik smirked and asked, “Lover’s quarrel?”

Bill could hear the smirk from where he was standing so he spun around to face Eirik.  Eirik noted that Bill’s eyes looked a little wild.  Bill paused before opening his mouth to tell Eirik to go to Hell but he stopped himself as he realized Eirik was going to bother him regardless.  He figured that if Eirik was going to bother him, Eirik could at least be useful.

“Eric, there’s some strange woman holding Sookie captive in our room.”

‘A ‘strange woman’ is holding Sookie captive?’  Eirik could hear Sookie’s heart beating calmly, though a little slower than usual, through the door and the little bit of a tie he had with her from the blood he tricked her into drinking told Eirik that she was calm and relaxed, and she was definitely not scared.  Therefore, without much alarm Eirik asked, “A strange woman?  What does she look like?”

Bill scowled at Eirik as he was still wearing that damnable smirk that drove Bill nuts.  “I don’t know, Sookie’s height; pink, purple, blue and blonde hair down to her rear end.  Blue eyes, she actually looks a lot like Sookie…”

Bill did not get to continue as he was obviously describing a woman that Eirik knew well.

Eirik barked out a laugh then casually rapped his knuckles on the door.  “Sera, it is Eric can you open the door and let me in?”

The door swung open and Sera was standing there with a smile on her face.  “Young Eirik, it has been too long.  I would ask you how you are but I cannot imagine so…  I suppose I should let you in… he can come back in if he promises to be calm and preferably quiet.  Sookie needs her rest… the next 62 hours are critical.”

“My Lady, what is going on?”  Eirik asked as he entered Bill’s hotel room.  Bill quickly followed behind Eirik before the door could close in his face again.

Bill wondered, ‘Young Eric?  How old is this woman if she thinks a thousand year old Vampire is young?  And why is she pronouncing his name funny saying ‘AY-ri hk’ instead of ‘Eric’?  That is equally odd.’

Though Bill was being cautious as he followed Eirik into the room he was also listening to every word Eirik and Sera said.  ‘That blasted woman isn’t talking sense, what’s so big about the next almost three days and why does Sookie look so pale, she can’t be well looking like she does.’

Eirik wondered why 62 hours being critical was slightly familiar to him.  His memory said it was actually 72 hours, which he knew meant whatever Sera and Sookie had done started around 9 AM that morning.

Eirik thought they had obviously done something if that knowing smile on Sera’s face was any indication and her next words confirmed it.  “The Lady Sookie is going through a transformation tonight.  The next 62 hours are very important.  Her safety during these hours is crucial… if anything happens to her while the transformation is still happening she will likely meet her Final Death.”

Bill worriedly thought, Shit!  If she dies, the Queen will kill me, slowly.  Of course, that’s if Russell doesn’t get to me first.  He already made a down payment for the delivery of Sookie to his Kingdom.’  Russell agreed Bill should follow the Queen’s plan right up until the part where Bill would deliver her to the Queen; instead, he would deliver her to Russell.  ‘But this woman is bad news for those plans, I can feel it.  And what’s that about a transformation?  If she loses her telepathy, I’ll have to give back the money and the Queen will probably torture me for years for not taking better care of her pet.  I need to get Sookie away from Eric and this woman!’

Eirik’s fangs snapped down as he practically growled, “Transformation?  Is she becoming… like you?”

Bill thought, ‘Like her?  What the hell is she anyway?  I’ve never felt so much power in one person before, she’s actually pretty scary in terms of the raw power I can feel simmering just beneath her surface.’

Eirik worded his sentence carefully as he did not know why but he did not want Bill to know what Sera was; something told Eirik that it was imperative that Bill not know what she was.

Eirik heard Sera in his head.  ‘You are still so wise for one so young.  You are correct, Mr.  Compton must know as little about me and Sookie as possible.  I am glad you are here since I have something to discuss with Compton and Sookie will need your strength throughout the conversation.’

Bill thought Sera was not answering Eirik as they just stared at each other for a moment.  While they were caught up with each other Bill slid his way, closer to the couch Sookie was laying on.  He thought, ‘If I can just grab her maybe I can get away with her before the woman can catch me, and Eric is so distracted by this woman that he should be easy to get past.’  Bill reached out his hand to grab hold of Sookie when suddenly he felt power rippling up his arm, ‘God it hurts!’  His thoughts mirrored his words as he screamed “Fuck that hurts!”  The power dissipated as Bill pulled his hand away from Sookie but his arm still hurt, so he looked down at his hand and saw the tips of his fingers turning to ash.  ‘I’m on fire!

“Compton you are on fire.”  Eirik said while trying not to laugh his ass off.  He could easily see the force field surrounding the couch that Sookie was peacefully laying on.  ‘Surely Compton can see it too.  If not then he is even weaker than I thought.’

Bill tossed some flowers out of a vase sitting on the coffee table and poured the water in it over his hand to stop the fire from spreading.  Eirik continued to chuckle despite his best attempts to behave.

“Mr. Compton, you will not be going anywhere near Lady Sookie,” Sera said in all seriousness.

‘What the fuck was that?  That woman wasn’t even looking at me, so it couldn’t have been her.  It must have been Sookie but she trusts me so why would she set me on fire?’  Bill could hear Eirik snickering to himself so Bill thought contemptuously, ‘Laugh it up buddy; let’s see you try to get near her.  She doesn’t even like you, never mind trust you.’

Sookie moaned and without thinking, Eirik moved closer to her, not noticing when he walked right through the force field.  He crouched in front of the couch near her head and softly brushed her hair from her face.

Bill noticed though and silently screamed, Wait, what?  He wasn’t zapped or set on fire!  What the fuck is going on here!’  Bill tuned out their conversation while he tried to figure out what was going on; ‘maybe it was that woman after all because Sookie would never trust the Viking over me!’

Sookie looked slightly uncomfortable, but Eirik sensed no pain through their fledgling link, but he thought it was still best to ask, “Is she in pain Sera?”

“No.  She feels ‘weird’, her word not mine, but she is not in any pain, she will likely feel slightly uncomfortable for a few more hours.”  Eirik could feel Sera’s calmness creeping over him.  That used to annoy him when she did that but right then he was grateful for it.  Sookie was calm; if he got upset, the only effects it would have would be to cause Sookie alarm and upset her peaceful rest.

Sookie’s eyes fluttered open and she looked right into Eirik’s eyes.  “Eric?”  she asked, not even noticing Bill’s growl to himself when Eirik’s name fell from her lips and not his.  “Are you feeling better?  I’m sorry I couldn’t…”

Eirik shushed her quickly, “I am fine.  I do not want you to worry about any of that…  Godric made his choice and we all have to live with that, but I do not want you to think for a single moment that what he did is in any way your fault.  He was over 2,500 years old; he never did anything he did not want to do.  I am not angry with you; in fact I am grateful he was not alone in the end.”  Eirik cleared his throat, “But uh, I will talk to you about that later,” He said as he noticed Bill trying to inch closer to the couch.  Eirik always forgot himself when he was with Sookie; he thought it was a bit off-putting.  ‘I should not have practically forgotten that Compton is in the room and we are definitely not alone!’

Eirik’s words as Bill moved closer to them confirmed Bill’s suspicion that Godric really did meet the Sun after all; he thought it was too bad Eirik did not join his Maker.

Sera smiled down at Sookie and Eirik and then asked, “Eirik will you help me watch over her until the transformation is complete.  We can take turns guarding her while the other goes to eat and when you finally die for the day I will watch over her until you wake and then I can get some sleep.”

“Since when do you sleep?  I do not think you have slept more than a couple of hours the whole time I have known you.”  Eirik asked curiously.  Sera once told him that she did not need to sleep, so he wondered why she was planning to sleep the next day.

“I do not usually have to sleep, but I did give a large quantity of my blood to Sookie today.”  Eirik’s fangs popped out again at the thought of Sookie drinking anyone’s blood other than his, even if it was Sera’s blood.

Bill thought contemptuously, ‘That Bitch fed My Sookie her blood?  She had no right!  And Sookie agreed?’  Bill decided immediately that he would kill Sera for the slight the first opportunity he got!  He also decided to think of some painful way to make Sookie regret betraying him.  Focusing back on Eirik and Sera, he found them staring at each other.

Something occurred to Eirik, but he did not want to say it in front of Bill, so he thought it at Sera, ‘The Elemental usually leaves this plane after donating her blood does she not?’

‘Yes, but even if this were a normal case the Spirit Elemental is capable of giving its gift over and over without leaving this plane, in fact I will have to physically let go of this plane when I choose to leave it.’  Sera thought back to him.

Their seeming silence angered Bill the longer it lasted so he began asking questions, “What the Hell is going on?  Eric who is this woman and what the fuck is wrong with Sookie?  Sookie drank her blood freely?  She had no right!  And what Fucking transformation is she talking about anyway?  Sookie’s awake and not dead so she’s not turning into a Vampire, so what the Hell is…”

Eirik stood up and interrupted Bill before he could continue, “…Going on?  Well, there are many hundreds, if not thousands, of types of Supernatural Creatures in existence and apparently Sookie is turning into one of them, though I am unsure what kind,” Eirik paused then continued his lie, “Sera is not open to discussing the finer details of her existence with anyone, not even me.  Therefore, I am afraid I do not know the details but I do know that yelling will do three things.  1.) It will disturb Sookie, and I do not think you really want that any more than I do.  2.) It will anger Sera; again, this is something you do not want to do And 3.) It will deeply anger me if you do either of the first two, which will be even worse for you.  Perhaps you should go find someone to eat.”  Eirik looked down his nose at Bill and gave Bill his best sneer.

“I’m not leaving her with either of…”

Sera interrupted him, “Actually before he leaves for his dinner I think he should explain to me why I should not let you kill him for taking Sookie’s virginity under false pretenses?”  It is her turn to sneer at Bill.  “I know all about Sophie-Anne and her plans, she is crazy, but you do not have that excuse and what is this I have heard that you are talking to Russell about giving Sookie to him for the right price?  Have you no shame?”

Bill panics, ShitHow the fuck does she know?  She even knows about Russell!’

Sookie vaguely heard Sera talking to Eirik and Bill.  Her stomach dropped to her feet, so to speak, as Sera said Bill took Sookie’s virginity under false pretenses.  Sookie wondered, ‘What false pretenses?  And who is Sophie-Anne and what does she have to do with me sleeping with Bill.’ 

The name Russell was familiar to Sookie though as she had heard Bill talking to someone named Russell on the phone.  So then, she wondered if Bill always walked away after saying ‘Hello Russell’ because he was trying to sell her to Russell.

Sookie did not want to believe any of Sera’s words but her gut was still telling her that Sera only wanted what was best for Sookie so she reluctantly began accepting that perhaps everything she had with Bill was based on lies.  Sookie hastened to pay closer attention to their conversation to fill in some of the blanks she still had.

Eirik’s fangs popped out and he quietly roared as he interrupted Sera.  “Sera what the Hell are you talking about now?  What does Sophie-Anne have to do with Sookie and what do you mean he took…”  Eirik paused and Bill could see the wheels turning in his head as Eirik pieced it all together.

Eirik growled again as he turned towards Bill and took a menacing step forward.  Bill quickly took two steps back as he thought, ‘This is bad…  Eric will kill me!’  

Eirik intentionally made his voice low, calm, and even as he told Bill, “Compton, did Sophie-Anne send you to acquire Sookie for her Court?  Did you sleep with Sookie as part of your plan to bring her to Sophie-Anne’s Court?  Are you planning to betray Sookie to Sophie or Russell?”  Eirik took another step closer to Bill and he backed up again, only this time Bill backed up into the end table and it fell over with a decent crash.

The noise roused Sookie from her thoughts and then she softly called Eirik’s name.  “Eric?”  Bill sneered at them as Eirik quickly stepped back to Sookie and crouched down beside her again.  “I am here Sookie, go back to sleep.  We will talk when you are more awake.”

“But you’re angry I can feel it… why do I feel it?”

Bill nearly choked as she spoke; Bill thought she should not be able to feel Eirik yet…  ‘They never mutually exchanged, he hasn’t even had her blood and yet she can feel him, I know, know without a doubt that she cannot feel me yet!’

Bill was lost in thought about the why’s of that when Sookie spoke again.  “Did I do something?”

She looked ready to burst into tears so Eirik rushed to reassure Sookie.  “No Princess, you have not done anything to make me angry, quite the contrary, you never cease to please me.”  He smiled at her, trying to calm her down.  Eirik knew from hearing Sera’s experiences with making Elementals that strong emotions could cause power fluxes, especially during the transformation, so as Sera had said numerous times throughout the years, ‘calmer heads needed to prevail’.

Bill thought, ‘I really hate this guy!’  Eirik smiled at Sookie, trying to calm her down, as he gently stroked her bangs out of her face.  ‘He really needs to stop touching My property, and then Bill recognized that opportunity for what it was… a chance to slip out of the room unnoticed while Eirik dealt with Sookie so Bill slid closer and closer to the hallway door.

Eirik continued to stroke Sookie’s forehead and the side of her face lightly as he noticed Bill sliding closer and closer to the hallway door.  Eirik made the quick decision that he would kill Bill later after Sookie was safe, after she finished changing and could not hurt herself.  Decision made, Eirik let Bill slither out of the suite like the snake he was…  ‘I will get more information from Sera and then we can plan our next move in regards to Compton and Sophie-Anne and Russell, cannot forget Russell, Goddess just thinking about it makes me want to rip Compton’s head from his shoulders.’

“Where’s Bill going?”  Sookie softly asked as the door closed.

“He is just going to get something to eat, probably a ‘True Blood’ since he is mainstreaming and all.”  Eirik tried, but he could not keep the sneer off his face.  “I mean he does not even drink the good bottled stuff.  If I have to drink it bottled I drink ‘Royalty’ or even ‘Royalty Blended’, but definitely not that fake crap ‘True Blood’ is made of!  I mean any Vampire worth his weight in gold would not be caught…”  Eirik wondered if it was childish to cross his fingers and pray for the diversion to work.

“What’s ‘Royalty Blended’?”  Sookie softly interrupted him.

‘Ah Success.’  Eirik smiled and replied.  ‘“It is a premium blend of synthetic blood and the real blood of actual European Royalty.’  The only thing better than ‘Royalty Blended’ is ‘Royalty’; it has the bare minimum of preservatives and is absolutely delicious, though probably not as good as you taste.”  He flashed his most panty-dropping smile as he commented on how good Sookie would taste and his smile broadened as he watched a luscious blush slowly rise up from her chest to her cheeks while he realized she was still wearing her fetching red and white checkered dress from the previous night.

Eirik was lost in thought about where else that beautiful blush might be and how easily he could get Sookie out of that dress when Sera interrupted his musings.  “I know you just met me Sookie, but I have a suggestion that you may not like, but I think it will protect you.  Moreover, I want you to hear me out, but try to remain calm because extreme emotions can cause power fluxes during the transformation.  Okay?”

Sookie just nodded her head with her eyes looking trustfully up at Sera.  Eirik wondered if Elemental Blood caused the same sense of trust that Vampire Blood did.

Sera continued slowly, “Sookie I need to talk to you about Bill.”

Eirik thought with some exasperation, ‘Well shit, so much for changing the subject.’

Sera continued undaunted by Eirik’s scowl or his thoughts, “Sookie, has Bill ever told you what drinking Vampire blood will do to a Human?”  Sookie shook her head slowly, but Eirik and Sera could both see that Sookie was waking up and paying closer attention.

Eirik wondered, ‘I wonder how many times Sookie has had Bill’s blood.’

“I’ve had Bill’s blood three times or four if you count before Doctor Ludwig treated me and after as two separate events.”  Sookie answered Eirik’s unspoken question.

Eirik’s mind shouted, ‘Shit!’ before he thought at her hard ‘Can you hear me Sookie?’

“Of course I can hear you you’re talkin…” she stopped as she realized that he was in fact not talking.  “Shit!”  Her eyes got huge and she started to shake violently, “I’m sorry I won’t do it again, Please don’t kill me!”  Eirik could see that she was getting more upset by the moment, so he rushed to calm her, unfortunately, he did not do it fast enough and a rainstorm broke out in the living room.

As everything in the room became soaked through Eirik whispered to Sookie, “Shh, Princess, I am not going to kill you…  I would not, believe it or not, hurt you for anything in the world.  Shh, it is ok, calm down Sookie.”  She was hyperventilating now and Eirik was not sure how to help her, so he did the one thing he knew would grab her attention.  He kissed her.  It started out soft and sweet, but then she responded to his tongue sliding across her lower lip and Eirik silently cheered as she opened her mouth and let him into her warm cavern.  He slipped his tongue along hers, then ghosted over the roof of her mouth, along her teeth, and then back to her tongue where they fought for dominance.  Finally, he pulled his tongue out of her mouth to give her a chance to breathe but her face followed his as he pulled away and her tongue was now tracing his lips.  ‘Praise Freyja!’  He opened his mouth to Sookie’s insistent tongue and she traced the same path Eirik did in her mouth, only her tongue got caught on one of his fangs as they snapped down giving him his first taste of Sookie’s magnificent blood.  ‘Hmm, Faery, no wonder she smells so delightful…  I wonder if Compton has any idea the treasure he had.’

This time Sookie was the one to pull back and her teeth popped over her lower lip as she worried it between her teeth as if she was worried about Eirik’s reaction.  He thought, ‘Maybe she is.’  Therefore, he smiled the most reassuring smile he had and as he was smiling at her, the indoor rain trickled to a drizzle and then stopped completely.  He thought she was awfully cute sitting there soaking wet from head to toe.  The obvious shape of her hard nipples standing at attention through the wet material of her dress was incredibly enticing.

Mesmerized by Sookie’s blue eyes Eirik saw nothing but their blue depths until Sera cleared her throat and giggled.  “I realize the passion between you two is hard to control, believe me I know.”  She said that last part as though wistfully remembering good times, and Eirik glared at her until she said, “But I need you both to focus, we only have a few hours at most to figure out what we are going to do.  The wolves are circling, so to speak.”

That broke Eirik out of his reverie.  ‘Sookie is in danger, I might be as well if Bill was really sent to acquire Sookie for the Queen then she purposely went behind my back which cannot bode well for me or mine.’

“Okay, so Sera, start at the beginning and go from there… and try to remember that Sookie is not used to the callousness of the Supernatural World, okay?”

He looked at Sera meaningfully as he thought to her.  ‘If this is what I think it is you need to tread carefully, she thinks she loves him, even if it is because of all his blood inside her.  She does not know what his blood has done to her.’

Sookie spoke up, “Uh can we get back to what Bill’s blood has done to me.  He was never very clear on what it does and the first time I drank it I didn’t really have a choice and he never wants to talk about it now.

He said your blood will cause me to have dreams, sexy dreams, about you, but I had dreams of Bill before I drank his blood.”  She blushed as she paused and scrunched up her nose as though she was thinking about something hard, then she grimaced and continued, “granted in the earlier dreams that first night he just wanted to drink my blood.  The sex part came after the blood exchange, oh GOD, I never even thought of that when he said what your blood would do… why didn’t he tell me that his blood would do that?”

She looked to be on the verge of tears, so Eirik stood up, picked her up and then sat down with her in his lap as he shifted her slightly and slipped his arms more firmly around her.  She did not protest so that told him how upset she truly was.  “Shh, Sookie, It is alright, I have you, but there is more that our blood does and you have a right to know.”

He paused as he waited for her to settle a bit then he continued, “It also breeds attraction and promotes positive feelings towards the vampire whose blood you have drunk.  The amount of my blood you have had is so small that it would at most give you sexy dreams and make you feel a little less negatively about me.  However, with the amount of blood you had the two times I actually know about you drinking Bill’s blood, well, it would not necessarily give you false feelings of love but it would be more likely to amplify the least significant feelings in you towards him.  You could possibly misinterpret the tiniest bits of curiosity and lust amplified greatly as the beginnings of love.  Also if he had an ulterior motive as we believe and the amplification did not get him the results he wanted he could use his blood inside you to try to control you and mislead you into believing you had genuine feelings for him.”

Sookie gasped and grabbed hold of Eirik’s arms around her chest.  “Is none of what I feel for him real?  Why wouldn’t he tell me what his blood would do after the first time I drank it?”

“It is not so much what the blood does but how much control he has over his blood and how susceptible you are to his influence.  I believe he did in fact have ulterior motives and that is why he purposely chose not to inform you about what his blood could truly do.”

Eirik interrupted himself with two questions he had had floating around in his head for a while, “Sookie what were the circumstances of your drinking his blood the first time and have you ever Mutually Exchanged?”  He held his breath even though he did not need to breathe waiting for her answer.  He dreaded her answer.

“I was supposed to meet Bill in the parking lot at Merlotte’s after work the night after I met him.  He was late and the drainers I saved him from the night before tried to kill me.  They would have succeeded if Bill hadn’t shown up when he did and, well, he killed them and then took me into the woods and offered me his blood so I wouldn’t die.

I didn’t want to drink it at first but he forced it on me and then once I really got a taste of it I couldn’t get enough.  I wasn’t ready to die so I’ve overlooked him sort of forcing it on me without giving it much thought other than that I didn’t want to die and it definitely saved my life.”  She paused and thought over everything that happened that night then finished the story, “While I was healing he licked the blood off my forehead, does that count as a Mutual Blood Exchange?”

Sookie looked worried, and Eirik thought she should be.  He had known Bill Compton since shortly after Bill became a Vampire, being late would personally offend Bill’s anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive ways.  The younger Vampire was always early even when it was not to his advantage.  Eirik was not sure he should tell Sookie that though.

Across from the couple Sera scoffed and huffed, “That Vampire is never late… he is too OCD to ever allow himself to show up late somewhere, Eirik do you remember that time he showed up early and nearly…”

Eirik abruptly cut her off, “Now is really not the time for that story, Sera.”

She blushed, “Right, sorry… anyways, have you had any other Mutual Exchanges Sookie?  This is important so think about it before you answer.”

Sookie had tears in her eyes again as she realized Bill had possibly, probably, set her up to be attacked or at the very least did nothing to stop it.  She dragged her thoughts to the matter at hand, promising herself a good cry over it all later, before she took several deep breaths and then grew still as her mind wandered over every encounter, she had with Bill during which he drank her blood.  Eirik could almost hear her thinking over all the times Bill had drunk her blood, trying to see if she had any of his at the same time.  Finally, she turned her face to look into Eirik’s eyes and said, “No I think that’s the only time we both had blood.

What’s a Mutual Blood Exchange do that’s different than just me drinking his blood or him drinking mine separately?”

Eirik thought ‘She is intelligent beyond what those stupid vermin in her town think of her.  I can see why Sera chose to give her Immortality; Sookie deserves it more than most.’

“Well, three Mutual Blood Exchanges forms a Blood Bond, which is permanent.  He should have told you even if he was lost in the moment when he licked your blood off you; afterwards he should have told you that it had started a Blood Bond.

Goddess, I know he is slime, but this is underhanded even for him.  Also, if what Sera told me earlier is true then he was purposefully trying to trick you, especially if you take into account what Sera said about his OCD tendencies.  I am fairly certain you will not believe me, but I really am sorry you got dragged into this, you deserve better.”

“I believe you; I can feel your sorrow over it.  You never did answer me when I asked why I could feel you.  That shouldn’t happen right?”  Eirik could feel her shoulders tense more and more as she spoke.

He tightened his hold on her fractionally and whispered to her, “Relax Sookie, I have you, I will do everything I can to help you.  You are not alone, not anymore.”

She stiffened even more at that, which was the exact opposite of what he was aiming for.  Then she spoke and Eirik was confused, “Oh My God Sera!  That’s what you said… you said I wouldn’t be alone ever again, because I’d have my Mate and our family, I…  Is… what…  I…”

Eirik started to rock her hoping to calm her a bit.  Then Sera started to speak and he felt Sookie start to tremble in his arms.  “Yes, Sookie, that is what I was talking about and yes, Eirik is who I was talking about.”

Sookie grew suddenly still at those words and then stuttered quite loudly “B-but I’m with Bill!”

Sera shrugged and gently pointed out, “I think we have established that you got involved with him under false pretenses so you should not feel beholden to him.  Also, I want you to think about the first time you saw Eirik; what was the first thing that popped into your head?”

“You mean besides wondering who the Sex God was.”  Eirik chuckled at that and could feel her blood rush to the surface of her skin as a full out blush broke out across her face and chest.  He could even feel it in her back, ‘Goddess I wonder where else that blush goes?’  Then he heard what she said next and smiled, “I thought he looked like home.  But that’s just silly little girl romantic blabber.”  Sookie paused, and then started again, “Isn’t it?”

Sera smiled lovingly at both of them, “That my Child is Fate at work.  Now to answer your earlier questions about feeling Eirik’s emotions, if you had Mutually Exchanged Blood three times then I would expect both of you to be able to feel the other.  However, with you only having one little bit of his blood and him having none of yours, well, honestly I have only ever known of that happening once a very long time ago.”

Sookie sounded impatient as she abruptly asked, “Well who was it that had that happen and are they still around and what did it mean?”

Eirik watched as Sera smiled a smile that he only ever saw her smile at or because of Leifr, her Mate.  Sookie thought the smile was similar to how her grandparents or parents looked at each other back when Sookie was a child.  Eirik interrupted Sookie’s thoughts and interjected before Sera could answer, “I know that smile; it was you and your mate, Leifr.”  Sera did not respond verbally but she nodded her head slowly.

“So,” Sookie started to say something and stopped for a moment as though she was processing everything, “What you’re implying is that the fact that I can feel Eric after just a little of his blood only confirms your belief that he’s my Mate?”

Eirik did not think Sookie realized it but she was pulling him progressively closer to her, almost burrowing into his chest the further into the discussion they got.  Honestly, he was pulling her closer to himself as well.  He was shocked to hear Sera basically declare without actually saying the words that he and Sookie were Mates.  He had pretty much given up on ever finding his Mate.  Sera always told him she had visions of his Mate and that he would meet her when the time was right but Eirik had actually started to give up hope of ever finding her after more than 1,200 years and now there he sat with his Mate in his arms.  He could not name all the feelings he was having in that moment, but he needed to focus; there was a very real threat to his Mate.  He thought, ‘maybe more than one, so I need to deal with that now and revel in having found my Mate later, after the dust settles.’


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  1. bwtawny says:

    I’m happy that you started posting again. I really enjoyed this story quite a bit and will enjoy seeing it develop. I always like stories that allow Sookie to be “more”. It always seems like the right way for her tale to go. Too bad CH didn’t see it that way. 🙂

    • LilGray says:

      Hi bwtawny… First, thank you for leaving a comment… you made my morning! Second, I’m happy I’m posting again too… I tried rereading LHSP a few weeks ago but wasn’t feeling inspired enough to add to it so I just randomly decided to see if that spark would start with It’s Elemental… so I reread it and next thing I knew I had gotten rid of some problem areas and written a whole new chapter… so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys all think of the revised stuff but I’m really excited about the new stuff and kinda bummed that I have to wait eleven (11) weeks to get to the new stuff… lol… but I’m hoping by giving myself such a big buffer that I’ll be able to actually consistently keep posting beyond the fourteen chapters I currently have written so I’m holding myself in check…lol… but it’s hard work…lol.

      I like stories where she’s ‘more’ too… and I won’t comment on Ms. Harris’ vision for her characters other than to say she seemed to be heading to places I personally didn’t want to see the characters go. Since I’m always telling the readers who flame me that they should be responsible enough to stop reading if they don’t like what the author is doing I chose to stop reading after the ninth book because I could tell that I wasn’t going to like what she writing… same goes for True Blood… I watched the first episode of the fourth season and could just tell I wasn’t gonna be happy with the direction of the show so I stopped watching… I’m curious about what I’m missing out on but not enough to piss myself off by reading or watching beyond what I already have…

      Anyways keep your eyes open on Friday because I’ll be posting the first chapter of the original novel Robin and I are working on… I know it’s not Sookie and Eric but it is Vampires and Supes so we’re hoping folks will read it anyways (hey free book, so why not right?) and next Tuesday will bring the second chapter of It’s Elemental.

      Thank you again for commenting you really did make my morning!

  2. eaaustin85 says:

    so glad that you started posting again, if the new Vikings pet doesn’t stray too far from the old I will definitely like it

    • LilGray says:

      Thank you I’m glad too… as for the Vampire’s Pet… we added to things but we haven’t really deleted much except the SVM and TB stuff so you should hopefully be pleased with it. Thank you for commenting.

  3. dragonfey57 says:

    Glad you are at work again and love the story.

    I almost hate to and I know how hard it is to write in first person, but just a few paragraphs switched speakers and it was hard to tell with just pronouns. Maybe when say Bill is thinking instead of him referencing Eric as he you use Eric. That way you still have first person and let the reader know who is speaking.

    I did see this changed later. I really love the story and haven’t seen it. Or my brain forgot. Either way great new fiction!!

    • LilGray says:

      Thank you. I/we have been trying to fix the ‘hims’ to names whenever we notice them to make it easier so we will try to stay mindful about that as we continue… it’s mostly the old stuff I think where I’m getting rid of repeated stuff that I think has that problem the most… as I work on Chapter 2 today I’ll be on the look out for such instances. As for you not having seen the story before it was originally posted in 2011 so it’s entirely possible you read it when it was first posted and don’t remember because it’s been so long… plus we changed a bunch of stuff… either way we’re glad you’re enjoying it. Thank you for commenting!

  4. duckbutt60 says:

    I’d forgotten about this story and I’m having such a great time re-reading it –seems newer and fresher! Love when there is an “otherness” to a Sookie in a story.

    Hmmm….man or may not read the Vampire’s Pet –it was a bit too “intense” the first time around –but I do enjoy this story immensely……..

    • LilGray says:

      Pat, I’m so happy you’re having such a great time rereading it! I think my writing ability has gotten better since 2011 when I first wrote the first chapter so I think the new and improved version just reads better and Robin has breathed new life into all of my fics so there have been changes and additions to the story (including in the older chapters) that I think jsut make it a better read all around.

      As for The Vampire’s Pet… yeah… it’s still really “intense” and probably even more so now though I have added a lot of new stuff story wise but the sex scenes and BDSM are for the most part the same or more intense than before… I’ve added to them and improved them but the general gist is still the same and you might not be into it… I won’t be offended if you choose not to read it! In fact if you read a little and then decide it’s not for you then I’ll be really impressed… all too often folks keep reading even when it’s not for them and they end up upset so do what’s best for you. But rest assured that It’s Elemental will be far more ‘tame’ in terms of the BDSM than The Vampire’s Pet so you should be able to continue reading it.

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