It’s Elemental 002 – I Will Stand By You

Revised 2015-01-06


It’s Elemental

By Lilly Gray & Robin McAllister

© 2011-2015 Sarah A. Higgins & Robin McAllister

Chapter 002

I Will Stand By You


“So,” Sookie started to say but stopped for a moment as she realized what exactly Sera was saying, “What you’re implying is that the fact that I can feel Eric after just a little of his blood only confirms your belief that he’s my Mate?”

Sera smiled again, Sookie loathed admitting it but she was starting to hate Sera’s smiles.  Sookie thought it was as if Sera knew all the answers but was only willing to share bits and pieces.  It was somewhat annoying in Sookie’s opinion and Sera’s verbal response was just as annoying, “Yes, that is pretty much what I am saying, which brings us to the solution I have for your problems with Bill, which are far greater than you think.  What I am about to tell you will undoubtedly hurt you, but you must know the truth.

First things first, are you aware of the Vampire power structure?”

Sookie took a deep breath to steady herself and leaned her body more firmly against Eirik’s bare chest before she nodded as she told Sera, “I know about sheriffs and areas.”

Sera nodded back at Sookie, “Ok then.  You need to know that there are territories; the Supernatural Government divides these territories into Areas.  As you know sheriffs rule those areas.  However, what you might not realize is that kings and queens rule over the sheriffs and those larger territories.

Each country that your government acknowledges is usually a Vampire kingdom except for the larger countries like the United States, Russia, China, India, etc.  Those are broken up into smaller kingdoms.  A country can either be one kingdom or have as many as 50 or more kingdoms within it… the US has a about 35 or 40; I have not sat down recently to count them because there have been some major shifts in power lately so some smaller kingdoms have been absorbed into larger ones.

The New England States, for example, were once individual kingdoms, now they are one big kingdom, minus Connecticut, known as the New England Territories.  The Gotham Territories also includes several states, including Connecticut, which will probably start a war with New England’s Queen since she has been slowly consolidating her power and growing her territory.

The point of this brief lesson is that many monarchs are trying to find any advantage they can to avoid another overzealous monarch from taking them over.  The New England states were part of six kingdoms and now they only belong to two and four of those other kings and queens have met their Final Deaths.”

Sera paused to let Sookie absorb what she had said thus far then continued her tale.  “Now, your kingdom, Louisiana, is ruled by Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq.  Before Katrina, Louisiana was one of the strongest kingdoms in the country, but the hurricane significantly weakened Sophie-Anne’s powerbase and finances so she is trying to find any advantage she can to keep stronger kings or queens from trying to overthrow her.  Nevada, Arkansas, and Mississippi are just a few who have all been making some noise about Sophie-Anne not handling the rebuilding of New Orleans properly, so it is a safe bet that they are all a threat to the queen.

The sorts of advantages the queen is looking for are Faeries to feed from to allow her to walk in the sunlight, Psychics and Clairvoyants to tell her the future, Empaths and Telepaths to tell her what the people around her are truly thinking and feeling, and powerful Witches to wield their magicks against Sophie-Anne’s foes.

Word has it Sophie-Anne has even enlisted the help of the most powerful Witch in the country, a woman by the name of Hallow.  Now a Telepath of your caliber would be a pretty feather in Sophie-Anne’s cap.”

Sookie interrupted Sera to ask, “But I can’t hear Vampires, how am I going to be an advantage towards fending off a Vampire king if I can’t hear him?”

Eirik was the one who answered Sookie, “He undoubtedly has humans, Shifters and Weres that work for him and are part of his retinue.  Those creatures might think something helpful for the queen to know, plus, the few Telepaths I have known of through the years have either had their Telepathy increase with age or they have been illegally turned and…”

Sookie froze at that statement and she felt Eirik shift her so he could look into her eyes, “Sookie you are already on your way to being Immortal without becoming a Vampire.  Your appeal to Sophie-Anne and others and their likely inclination to turn you regardless of the legalities of such an act are probably part of the reason Sera chose now to come to you with her offer.  Once the 72 hours are done, it will be impossible to turn you into a Vampire… and Sookie, I promise you I will keep you safe for those 72 hours.  I will keep you safe after that too, but for the next 72 hours I am not letting you out of my sight until I have no other choice whether you want me to or not…

I have known Sera for more than 1,225 years; I trust her to know what she is doing.  If she thinks this is what needs to happen then I will do everything in my power to see it happen.  Even if I did not have, well even if you were not you, I would help her see her goal to completion.

However, I do know you and that just makes me even more determined to see you to safety, but you have to remember that the queen does not know that you are transitioning into an Elemental, which is why Sera and I have not been mentioning it in front of Bill.  Sera has intel that says the queen ordered Bill to acquire you for her.  I do not know the details, but I know Sophie-Anne well enough to know she would up her game, so to speak, if she knew her window of opportunity to Turn you was quickly closing.  I know you do not trust me fully but I need you to trust me when I tell you that you cannot trust Bill with any information about what you are becoming.  It is too dangerous for you until the transformation is over.  If you still want to tell him when you are fully immortal then I will not stand in your way but until your transformation is complete you must not tell him or anyone really.”

Eirik paused and Sera picked up where he left off, “Eirik I doubt she will want to tell him a thing.  Sookie, I am so sorry but I know beyond a reasonable doubt that Sophie-Anne ordered Bill to find you and assess your abilities.  After he informed the queen that the rumors of your abilities were true she ordered him to seduce you and marry you.  Then he was bring you to her Court where she would Blood Bond you to her and then illegally Turn you.  Since the Supernatural Government and the Council, which I will tell you about later, have forbidden the Turning of a Telepath, Sophie-Anne plans to claim she did not know what you were until after you were Turned.  I heard the queen herself speak of these plans, Sookie, so I know it is true.”

Sookie still felt in her gut that Sera was trustworthy and only wanted Sookie to remain safe, and Sookie also realized that despite everything he had done that angered or scared her Eirik had never made a move to harm her.  In fact, when the bomb went off in Godric’s nest Eirik’s first instinct had been to cover Sookie with his body and shield her from the blast as much as he could.  His underhandedness only came into play after he knew she was safe.  Ultimately, all of that led Sookie to trust both Sera and Eirik so she took their words as truth and sadly and a bit exasperatedly asked, “How does the queen of Louisiana even know I exist?”  She asked the question to no one in particular.

“Sookie, do you know a woman named Hadley Delahoussaye?”  Sera asked her softly.  It seemed to Sookie as though Sera feared speaking Hadley’s name too loudly lest she upset Sookie again.

Sookie nodded to the older woman but said nothing, waiting for Sera to continue, “Hadley is a favorite pet of the queen’s.  The queen plans to Turn Hadley as a reward for her information about you though that will likely only happen when Sophie-Anne successfully has possession of you.”

Sookie felt her tears break the surface of her eyes and begin trailing down her cheeks as she thought, ‘Okay that hurts… my own cousin, my flesh and blood, sold me out for the flimsy promise of immortality.’  Sookie was having trouble drawing in breath but then she heard Eirik’s voice in her ear again throwing her a lifeline.  “I got you Sookie, they cannot hurt you.  I am definitely older and more powerful than the queen’s pet and I am a little more than twice the queen’s age.

The only reason I am not a king is because I would really rather not have to deal with the politics.  As it is, I am a sheriff merely to avoid having to answer to most Vampires.  I answer only to the queen, but she knows I am stronger than she is.  If I link you to me with a Blood Bond, she will not risk going after you but that would require three Mutual Blood Exchanges.  Other Vampires, no matter their age or standing within our hierarchy, cannot interfere with a Blood Bonded couple.

I can stop her before she gets started but I need your permission.  I am not Bill; I will not force a bond on you.”  Sookie looked at him and started to mention that he did just that, but he stopped her with a too brief kiss to her lips then he continued his explanation.  “I know I tricked you into taking my blood and creating a slight tie between us but it is not a Bond and I honestly thought you knew what it would do to you.  I was not above helping myself out a little where you are concerned.

However, the tie I tricked you into forming with me is tenuous and it is not permanent or even long lasting, it will fade.  Mutual Blood Exchanges fade slowly, over time, much slower than what I did, but the quantity of the blood you have had from Bill will make it take much longer to fade.  The only way to get rid of the link it caused before it naturally fades is to Blood Bond to someone else and that only works if you have not had the full three Mutual Exchanges.  I would not force your hand into doing something permanent or even long lasting.

My blood will be out of your system in about a month’s time.  Bill’s on the other hand will take at least three months but probably the better part of a year.  If you have had, even more of his blood than I think it could take even longer.

I figured a little temporary help would not hurt, but it would quickly fade if you did not have my blood again.  I was, and am, fairly certain that I will not be able to trick you into drinking my blood a second time.”  He smiled at Sookie as he said those words.

“Damn straight Buster!  She replied firmly.

“Buster?  Buster?  My name is Eirik or Eric, you may call me whichever of these pleases you, and while there are many other things you can call me; Lover, Sex God, Yours, buster is not one of them.”  He said it completely straight faced, which of course caused Sookie to burst out laughing immediately.  Eirik smiled that sexy smile at her again and she just laughed harder.  It felt good to laugh for a moment but then Sookie remembered that she had very real problems that she needed to deal with in a timely fashion.

‘God, how did life get so fucked up so fast?  Does Eric really want to Blood Bond to me or does he feel obligated?’  As Sookie went to voice her concerns she saw Sera smile that annoying smile again, ‘damn nosey Telepath’.

“Eric, do you… do you want to Blood Bond to me or are you just offering out of obligation?”

Eirik narrowed his eyes at her and, after taking a deep breath to settle himself, very firmly stated, “I absolutely want to Blood Bond to you, I thought I had been clear that I want you.”  He lightly poked his finger at her heart as he said ‘you’ then cupped her cheek in his huge hand as he continued, “Why else would I come up with over 20 reasons to need your Telepathic Services in the last three months?  Do you think a Vampire my age cannot figure out what the humans in his employ are up to without a Telepath?  My relationship with Sera notwithstanding, I have survived and thrived for over a millennium without having a Telepath on call.  I have been making up reasons to spend time with you simply because I like you and want you to be Mine.  Not for a distraction either, I want you permanently.  I want that to be very clear right now.

I have fantasized about Blood Bonding to you but I was not sure the opportunity would ever present itself because of your feelings for Bill.”  Whenever Eirik mentioned Bill’s name he sounded somewhat sad and maybe a little angry too.  Sookie wondered why that was.

Eirik paused and took another deep breath as he closed his eyes.  A moment later his eyes popped open and met Sookie’s eyes as he told her, “That is part of why I tricked you into drinking my blood; I wanted you to like me too; as much as I like you.  As I said earlier, the time for tricking is past and now it is your decision to make, but please never doubt that I want you, I…  I feel for you.  I do not know what exactly those feelings are as I have been, well, wary of examining them if I was never going to win your heart, but I do have very strong feelings for you…”

He paused again, taking another deep breath Sookie knew he did not actually need, before he somewhat slightly nodded his head to himself and continued his thought.  “I am going to be very frank and far more honest than I am used to being with any one not part of my immediate family because I respect you and I realize brutal honesty is what you both want and need from me.  So…  I think, strange as this may sound coming from me, I think…  I could love you… someday, someday soon.”

That declaration caused Sookie’s recently dry tears to start spilling down her cheeks again.  Eirik’s eyes widened at the sight of her tears and he leaned in to lick one tear trail then the other, “Please do not cry, I did not mean to upset you.  I…”

Sookie closed the distance between their faces and kissed him quickly, “I’m not upset, I’m happy.  They are tears of joy.  No one but Bill has ever said those kinds of things to me.

Given what I now know about our involvement I must say I’m rather upset that he professed his love for me when it’s becoming glaringly obvious he was lying through his teeth.  I can physically feel your sincerity though so I know you’re not lying to me but I’m scared.  Forever is a long time, especially when I might be permanently attached to someone who is usually an ass around me.”

She smiled slightly to soften the blow of her words, “I don’t really know you, the real you, I only know the Eric that’s the big bad sheriff and the you that loves your Maker, but I don’t know anything else about you.  I…”

Sera cleared her throat, “not to interrupt but would it be possible to take Sookie’s things and bring her to another room; one that Compton does not have access to and you can continue this conversation there?  I fear he may return soon and I do not think it is in our best interest to have a scene with him.

Especially you Sookie, I know we keep saying this, but extreme emotions can cause fluxes in power, which could accidently hurt you or someone else.  Nobody got hurt the last time.  However, what would happen if a fireball erupted in the room next time?  You are turning into a creature that can control all five elements with just a whim so caution is necessary.

There is no guarantee the next time will be like what happened when you were upset earlier and a harmless rainstorm sprung from the ceiling, complete with wind.  It could be much worse and far more dangerous.”  Sera laughed softly at the mention of the indoor storm and so did Sookie, despite the seriousness of Sera’s warning what happened last time was funny in Sookie’s opinion, well except for the part of her that was now cold and wet, but overall it was pretty funny.  Sookie did take Sera’s warning to heart though and promised herself she would do her best to stay calm for the foreseeable future.

The door to Jessica’s room opened, and Sookie realized they had forgotten all about the girl.  Jessica poked her head out and cautiously said, “Uh I heard yelling.  I waited so y’all could sort it out without me butting in, but is it okay if Hoyt and I come out now?”

Sookie looked at Eirik who looked at Sera.  Sera tilted her head and then walked up to Jessica, “If I may touch you to determine just what you know and how involved you are in Compton’s schemes I will be better able to answer that question.”

Jessica stepped completely into the room followed closely by Hoyt who smiled at Sookie as Jessica placed her hand in Sera’s hand.  Sera stood there, presumably sorting through all of Jessica’s memories.  A few minutes later Sera stepped back and, smiled as, she let go of Jessica.

“Child none of this is your fault, you are a newborn and you unfortunately had no say in who your Maker was.  According to your memories any slight you think you committed against Sookie is a direct result of the fact that you are a newborn with quickly fluctuating emotions and urges for which your previous life left you wholly unprepared.  I promise the neglect you have been suffering at Compton’s hands will end soon and the universe will right itself and give you what you so richly need.  Furthermore, at the risk of speaking for Sookie, she in no way blames you for any of this.”  Sookie was nodding emphatically as Sera turned her smile on Eirik and Sookie before telling them, “Jessica is deeply loyal to Sookie and knows nothing of any of Compton’s plans, or the queen’s either.  She heard enough of our conversation that I know from her personal thoughts that if she had known what Bill was up to she would have warned Sookie as quickly as possible since in her words, ‘Sookie’s been way nicer to her than Bill has.’”

Jessica nodded just as emphatically as Sookie had and said, “I totally woulda told you.  He’s mean to me in private but I never saw him be that way with you so I just figured he was different with you, and his behavior towards me was a result of his resentment of having had to Turn me in the first place.”

Sookie saw Sera tap her watch so Eirik shifted and smiled at Sookie and Jessica as he asked, “Sookie, will you, Jessica, her friend, and Sera do me the honor of coming to stay in my suite for the remainder of your 72 hours, I promise to behave myself.”  Sookie gave him a doubtful look and he chuckled before he continued, “well mostly anyway.”

Everyone chuckled at that, and Sookie marveled at the easy feelings between herself and Eirik after so much strife and with that thought came her decision.  “I can’t speak for Sera, or Jessica and Hoyt but I would love to move out of this room and as far away from Bill Compton as I can and I must say my current company’s not so bad, now that you’ve mellowed out some.”  She giggled at the look on his face when she told him he had mellowed out.

Sera interrupted Sookie’s giggle fest.  “Not to be a drag, but we should get moving, my instincts are screaming that we need to be out of this room sooner rather than later.”

Once Sera finished speaking, Eirik stood up while taking Sookie with him, which caused her to giggle more.  He placed her on her feet and tapped her bottom as he said, “How many bags do you have with you?  Get your things repacked and I will carry your stuff to my room.  Sera can stay with you while I go back and forth.”  Sookie just stood there giggling.  “What is so funny?”  He huffed.

“How many bags do you think I have, Buster?”  Eirik narrowed his eyes at the name as she answered him in between giggles.  “I only have the one regular bag, a garment bag and my toiletry bag.  I can carry the garment and toiletry bags while you carry the other one.”

She was still giggling when Eirik thought, ‘I shall have to endeavor to make her giggle more often as it makes her eyes sparkle and her whole face light up.’

“The only women I have ever traveled with have been Pam, Sera and Godric’s sister Irina, and they all bring everything they might need, just in case.”

Sookie and Jessica both giggled again.  Eirik decided he really liked that sound from Sookie; it was, in his opinion, almost like little bells tinkling.  Sookie asked, “They would even bring a hair dryer camping?”

He playfully glared at them all as they laughed and told them rather honestly, “Pam would not be caught dead sleeping outside or in the ground unless it was a last resort.  Sera?  Hmmm, she might.  She does like to look her best after all, and Irina is worse than Pam; she would be deeply offended even by the mere suggestion that she spend time resting anywhere that is not a five star hotel or a mansion.”

They laughed a minute more as Sookie said, “So I shouldn’t invite any of them camping then?  Good to know.”  Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Eirik on the cheek before running into the bedroom to get her things ready.  As she went into the other room, he noticed that the protective shield around her had expanded to include Sera and himself.

Eirik turned to Jessica and told her, “I will allow you to come with us, but if your Maker orders you to harm Sookie, which is entirely possible, I will do whatever is necessary to protect her.”

“I wouldn’t hurt Sookie, I swear!”

Eirik sighed and quickly added, “I know you would not want to hurt her but if your Maker gives you a command it would be impossible to disobey, at least not without being debilitated by pain.  Has he not taught you this?”

She shook her head no, so as Eirik cursed Bill Compton’s severe incompetence as a Maker he told her, “He should have and I will have words with him about his not teaching you even the most basic things regarding being a Vampire.  However, for the time being if you are okay with the possibility that I might have to harm or end you to keep Sookie safe then I will allow you to come with us.

Your other option is to stay here and hope Bill continues to ignore you, but if you stay here know that I will be wary of you if you change your mind as I will wonder if Bill did in fact give you a command.”

Jessica’s eyes were wide as he spoke but she was quick to respond, “I wanna stay with Sookie.  I think Bill is more likely to forget I exist so he might not think to try to have me harm her for him, but I’m willing to risk being hurt myself if it means sticking with her.  She stuck with me when I needed her so it’s only fair I do the same now that she might need me.

Real friends stick around even when it gets tough and I want to return Sookie’s friendship fully.  As I said, she stuck by my side when the going got tough so I can’t in good conscience do any less for her.  Besides, I like Sookie as a person and I can’t stand Bill so if I have to risk my safety to be with one of them it’s gonna be Sookie every time, she deserves no less.”

The Childe’s words deeply pleased Eirik, and he began trying to think of ways to trick Bill into releasing his Childe.  If Bill released Jessica, she would be a good and loyal friend to Sookie.  The only reason Eirik was cautious was just as he told her, Bill could command her to either try to take Eirik and/or Sera out when they least expected it or he could order her to try to take Sookie.  Jessica was obviously loyal to Sookie though and Eirik knew deep within his soul that Sookie would be displeased if he tried to force her to abandon the girl.  As Jessica said, ‘friends stick around even when the going gets tough’ and Sookie was nothing if not a good and loyal friend.  Therefore, after saying a quick prayer, that Bill would either forget Jessica existed or release her so Eirik might take control of her; he nodded and said, “Very well, go pack as quickly as possible.”

“We already packed.”  She goes back into her room and carries out two bags, both of which seemed small to Eirik so he asked, “Those are all of your things?”

“I don’t have much in general.  Bill only bought me the very basics, so this is almost everything I own; fortunately, it was enough for a week.  The other bag is Hoyt’s and he barely packed anything either.”

Sera’s eyes closed and she swayed then her eyes popped open.  As Eirik heard Sookie moving around in the other room he asked, “What have you seen?”  He whispered so Sookie would not hear him.  He thought in a day or two she would probably be able to hear him no matter how softly he might speak but for right then a soft whisper would keep her from over hearing.

Sera sighed and whispered back, “In about twenty minutes he is going to come storming back in here and he is going to start making demands and will likely stake Jessica for betraying him to you and Sookie will understandably get upset.  One possible outcome is her setting him on fire and while neither you nor I will shed a tear over the loss of Compton, Sookie will never forgive herself if she kills him, especially if it is by accident and out of anger.”  Eirik thought Sera was right, that particular outcome would be completely unacceptable to Sookie.

“It keeps shifting between that outcome and one where you kill him for trying to strike Sookie, though her shield also sets him on fire about the same time you tear his head from his shoulders.

As much as you would enjoy killing him, I do not think it wise to have Sookie watch as you do it… wait until later and do it in private when no one, especially the queen, can link it to you.  I will even help you make a plan and execute it if you want, but we have to be vigilant on all fronts since Bill is an immediate problem, but the queen is a bigger, more pressing problem and Russell is a loose cannon; I still do not know how he found out about Sookie.

Did Bill approach him with the idea or did Sophie-Anne brag to him about her soon-to-be new asset?  Alternatively, did he approach Bill after learning of Sookie’s existence from someone else?  There are entirely too many unknowns where Russell is concerned for me to be comfortable.  I would not put it past him to have spies in Sophie-Anne’s Court; actually I am surprised that you do not!”

Eirik scowled as he replied, “I thought I did but apparently they have changed sides without informing me, because this is the first mention I have heard about Sookie being known to Sophie-Anne.  I would have put a stop to Bill’s charade if I had known sooner…  I would not have let him continue.

I am not sure how I would have convinced her of the truth but I would have found a way to protect Sookie from him as soon as I knew what was going on.”  Without realizing it, he had raised his voice.  When he saw Sera, Jessica, and Hoyt staring past him, he turned to see Sookie standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes again.

He vaguely recognized that she changed her dress before he heard her words, “Thank you Eric, that means the world to me; that you would have tried to help me even if I wouldn’t have believed you,” the tears spilled over and were running down her cheeks.

In three strides, Eirik was standing directly in front of her and wiping her tears away before cupping her cheeks with his strong hands.  “Sookie, I may be willing to do a lot of terrible things but I am an honorable man.  I would never disrespect the Goddess so blatantly by misleading one of her daughters so viciously or by allowing anyone else to do it.  Men have to respect a woman’s body; it is hard in this day and age when so many women do not respect themselves but you had kept yourself pure and that should have been a gift freely given, not dishonestly taken.  I could kill him for that alone.”

“Is it wrong to wish I gave it to you instead?”  She asked as she shyly looked at her feet.

He tipped her chin up so he could look into her eyes.  “I wish it had been me too but if you do give your body to me I will cherish it as though no one else has ever touched you or known the pleasures of your body because when you give yourself over to me you will freely give it and know all the facts before you make that choice.”  Eirik leaned down and softly kissed her lips as he caressed her still damp cheek.

“Um, sorry to interrupt, but Eirik we have like 5 minutes tops.”  Sera said very seriously and he knew what she was talking about even if Sookie did not, as evidenced by the questioning look on her pretty face.

“Okay, Sookie are you all packed?”  She nodded her head and headed back into the bedroom where Eirik followed and picked up the big bag sitting on the bed.  As he turned to leave, he saw Sookie grab her garment and toiletry bags and head out in front of him.

He enjoyed the view of her ass swaying below the softly moving skirt of her pink and white sundress that was slightly reminiscent of the dress she wore the night they met.

Sera was practically bouncing on her toes, as she waited by the door for Sookie and Eirik to reenter the living room.  Sookie looked around one last time and then followed behind Eirik.  He opened the door and exited first, as he felt it would not do for her to go first and risk Bill being on the other side of the door, though Eirik was fairly certain he would be able to tell if Bill was there, still…  He went before Sookie in case of a frontal attack.  As he opened the door they heard the elevator bing as it opened, and then Eirik felt a hand on his back and suddenly Sookie, Sera, Jessica, Hoyt, and Eirik were standing in the living room of Eirik’s suite.  As his stomach tried to do flip flops he turned to look at Sera, “Was that really necessary, you know how I feel about teleporting…”

He had never been able to get used to teleporting.  When he was a human and teleported with Sera he usually threw up.  Since becoming a Vampire it still caused his stomach to try to revolt but since there had not been anything inside his stomach for over a millennium it just felt like it was trying to pull itself inside out.

However, her words following his question had him immediately forgiving her for not warning him first.  “Option number one, Eirik.”  She said seriously, as she looked at him with troubled eyes.

He stopped his complaining and looked at her while he thought, ‘I can put up with teleporting if it prevents Jessica from being ended and Sookie from killing her bastard of an Ex, or soon-to-be Ex I hope at least.’  All he said though was, “Fair enough.”

Eirik cringed as he heard Compton screaming for Sookie and slamming doors, and then there was a loud banging on the door to Eirik’s suite.  He saw Sookie crying again as she heard Bill calling her a whore, a filthy bloodbag, and a fangbanger.  As she dropped the things she was carrying he pulled her into his arms and thought at her as hard as he could, ‘Do not listen to him, Princess.  He is just trying to hurt you any way he can.’  He knew Sookie heard him because she gasped when he thought it and held to him tighter.

Next Eirik thought at Sera, Sookie, Jessica and Hoyt, ‘Sera do you and Leifr still have that safe house just outside of the city?’

She nodded and thought at all four of them, ‘Yes, that is where we stayed last night.  What are you thinking?  Ah, excellent plan.’

Sookie sighed and then thought at them, ‘Care to share this brilliant plan of yours Buster?’

Eirik chuckled as he pulled Sookie closer, ‘My plan is I pack my stuff and then Sera teleports the five of us to the safe house and then she can go get food for you while I stay with you just in case of trouble.  Until you are Blood Bonded with me, Bill will still be able to track you.

If we wait long enough, we can go right before dawn and then he will not have time to hunt you down before he goes to rest for the day.  Of course, if he realizes Jessica is with us, he could simply track her but I am cautiously optimistic that he has completely forgotten she exists. 

To that end, Jessica do not say anything while we are here.  I know it is unfair to forbid you to speak but if he hears your voice, it might remind him that you exist, and I honestly think he would try to use you to hurt Sookie.  Causing me to have to kill you is something the asshole would happily do especially since you made it clear he has no regard for you due to the circumstances of your being his.  I think we both know that your death would devastate Sookie so keep silent while we are here.  You will be free to talk once we leave, okay?’

Jessica nodded as Sookie thought, ‘I like your plan.  How long ‘til sun rise?’  She swallowed hard a moment later as if she just registered all of his words and then thought, ‘He’ll always be able to find me?’

Eirik shook his head and responded ‘Not once the link fades or if you Blood Bond to me.  Hope is not lost, do you hear me, Sookie, it is not lost!  If we leave right before the sun rises and then we Bond during the day by the time he can come look for you he will not be able to track you.  I do not necessarily want you to Blood Bond to me solely to get away from Bill but I will take what I can get.  I wish you could choose it freely without Bill hanging over your head.  I also wish we did not have to rush…  Blood Bonding is something a couple should savor and enjoy.’

She nodded slowly.  ‘Wait, won’t you be dead for the day once the sun rises?’

He smiled and shook his head‘No, I only sleep three hours a day, usually right in the middle of the day.  The sun rises just after 7:30 AM and sets about 6:50 PM tomorrow.  So this time of year I sleep from about 11:30 AM to about 2:30 PM.  I am awake the rest of the time.  In the wintertime, I still sleep three hours but the number of hours I am awake during the day shrinks, as the days get shorter, but since the sun rises later and sets earlier I get to spend more of my time out and about instead of trapped inside.  Anyway, we will have plenty of time to discuss your options and then Bond if that is what you choose.’

Sookie smiled at Eirik and whispered, “I think I will choose that,” then she thought at him ‘but I need to think on it for a little longer.  Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll say yes when you ask me.’

He smiled and thanked Freyja for small miracles.  ‘Good to know’ He thought back at her.

Sera chose that moment to add to their conversation from her spot in Eirik’s bedroom, ‘Uh, did I forget to mention that I sort of fibbed in front of Compton.  Eirik you will not sleep at all for the remainder of Sookie’s transformation and Sookie will die for three hours at sun rise today, tomorrow and Sunday and then again approximately between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock on Monday morning, which will be the last three hours of the transformation.’

Eirik smiled at that news and thought, ‘That is also good to know.’

He heard Sera moving around the bedroom, and he pulled Sookie with him as he walked over to see what Sera was doing.  He laughed when he saw her hunched over his suitcase folding his underwear.  “You do not have to fold my underwear, you know…  I have not worn any of it.  Pam always packs it as a joke.”  He laughed boisterously as both of them turned to look at him with saucer wide eyes and mouths in the shapes of ‘O’s’.  He smiled his best panty-dropping smile and laughed louder as Sookie groaned aloud at his look.  He kissed her forehead and walked over to the suitcase as he told Sera, “I can finish this; I do still remember the last time you packed my clothes for me.”

He finished the thought by taking away the pair of underwear in her hand and tossing it into his open bag.

Sera huffed and exclaimed, “That was not my fault; it would have been fine if that Troll had not locked my spell.  The clothes would have returned to regular size, but noooo he just had to tamper with my spell because he thought it would be funny for a big guy like you to have his whole suitcase full of clothes too small for Tinkerbelle to wear.”

She got louder the further into her explanation she got and Eirik chuckled, remembering the trouble she got into when Leifr found out what she had done, she had been punished almost a little too strictly for her crime.  Leifr was nothing if not in control and effective at making sure things that should not happen did not happen more than once.  Although considering what she did to the Troll and what happened to him Eirik guessed, the punishment did rather fit the crime.

He was not going to mention the pain she felt at Leifr’s hand, or his, because of that mess in front of Sookie though, Eirik did not think Sookie was ready to hear about that!  Once he got her Bonded to him and the five marks in place then he would start working on her Human sensibilities and work her out of her comfort zone.  He was quite certain she would benefit from submitting to him almost as much as he would from dominating her.

Sookie looked at him with her doe eyes nice and wide and asked, “What’s it like to submit?”

Eirik practically choked on his tongue, “uh, you were not supposed to hear that part.”

She and Jessica both chuckled so he knew he was broadcasting to the whole room.  Eirik looked at Hoyt, who was standing in the doorway with Jessica, and his blush confirmed it as Sookie said, “So I gathered.  Will you explain it to me after we get…?”  She stopped for a moment to remember the situation, “When we get where we’re going will you explain to me what you meant by Dominance and submission?  I’d like to know what I’m getting into before I buy the farm, so to speak, that is what you want from me isn’t it… you want me to freely choose, I need all the facts in order for that to happen.  I…  I want all the facts this time.  I don’t want any surprises.”

She paused and Eirik hurried to answer her before she started up again because he realized she was right, 100% correct.  “You are right on all counts, Sookie, I am sorry; I guess old habits really do die hard.”  He smiled wistfully at her and hoped she would forgive him.

“Wow!”  she looked at him as if she had never seen him before, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you admit you were wrong about something before.”

Eirik thought, ‘Maybe she has not seen me before, but I do look forward to her seeing all of me in the very near future.’

“I heard that!  She paused then looked up at him through her eyelashes, “I’m looking forward to it too!”  she whispered and with that, she smiled a beaming yet seductive smile at him, turned around and headed out to the living room, leaving Eirik swallowing his tongue as he thought, Holy shit!  Now I really, really cannot wait!  Oh Goddess it is going to be good to be me when it finally happens.  And it cannot happen soon enough for my tastes!’  He smiled to himself as he finished packing his things, threw on a shirt, then closed his suitcase, and brought it out to the living room to stand beside everyone else’s luggage.

While Eirik packed, Sookie thought and unknowingly broadcasted her thoughts to everyone.  ‘I can’t believe I said those things to him.  Where on earth did I find the courage to tell him I’m looking forward to seeing all of him too!  I’ve never been so forward before, but it felt freeing and liberating.  And that whole thing about the Dominance and submission… if it’s anything like I’m thinking then Holy Hell,’ She looked at the clock over the mantle and saw there were five hours until Sunrise.

Just then, Eirik came out with his bag in hand and said, “We have a little over five hours until sunrise, what should we do to pass the time?”  he wiggled his eyebrows at Sookie as he said that last part and again she found herself giggling.

“I could sleep some, I’m still tired.”  She responded and as if to prove her point, she let out a big yawn.

He wiggled his eyebrows at her again then turned serious.  “You can sleep on the bed, Sera and I can take turns sitting with you.”

She smiled and stood up, “Okay, but will you lay with me until I fall asleep?”

He smiled at her, “Of course.”  He walked towards her, softly grabbed her hand, and began leading her back into the bedroom when Jessica spoke aloud.

“Uh Eric, if I heard Bill in my head saying the words, ‘I hereby release you Jessica, my responsibilities to you are no more.’  Does that mean what I think it means?”

Jessica looked nervous as Eirik turned to Sera and asked her, “Sera, can you check her memory?”

Sera placed her hand on top of Jessica’s and then burst out in a smile, ‘Holy Shit the stupid asshole actually threw away his one chance at an inside job.  Eirik, he really released her!’

Eirik smiled and patted Jessica’s shoulder as he passed by her and thought at her, ‘Yes Jessica, it means exactly what you think it means; he cannot order you to do a damn thing now.  Stupid fucker shot himself in the foot.  You were the one thing I was worried about in this whole mess.  I was willing to risk it since I knew Sookie would be displeased if I abandoned you and I was sure I could end you if it became absolutely necessary but that was a last resort only and now he cannot control you at all.  The Goddess answered my prayer!  This is a huge Blessing from the Goddess!’

He kissed his fist and touched it to his heart as he whispered, “Thank you Freyja.”

Then he turned his head to look Jessica in the eye, ‘You are far too young to be released so as your Sheriff you are now my responsibility until we figure out someone to foster you, though I will tell you it will likely be me.  Either way, know that for now if I give an order and you do not follow it I will punish you very severely since I cannot just command you to obey for the time being.  I will not order you about frivolously so if I give an order follow it immediately.  I will see about making you my Childe by Magick once we get back to Shreveport but until then know that my word is law even if you will not be compelled to obey, disobey at your own risk!’

Jessica stood on tiptoes, kissed his cheek, and then seemed to figure out how to talk telepathically, ‘If it means being free of him forever then I will do anything you tell me to do Eric, I swear it!’

He smiled at Jessica before kissing Sookie’s forehead as he held her close but did not otherwise reply until Sera thought to all of them, ‘Eirik, I kind of maybe sort of knew this would happen so I called, or rather I had Leifr call Emile and get permission for you to do the Rite.  He gave permission two days ago.  Though I suppose you should also know that he was most displeased when I told him what Compton was going to do, but he agrees she is far too young to not have a Master so he granted permission.”  She took the three baggies out of her pocket and held them out to him, ‘sooner is definitely better so do it now.’

‘Sera, you actually told Emile…’

‘Yes, he also knows to expect Leifr’s call on another matter but that will not happen for a few days and neither of you need to worry about it for now.  Jessica is free of Compton and neither of us will be comfortable until she is bound to you so here, do it.  You just need to mix these herbs together, in the order they are numbered, in this bowl with this liquid and then say the words.’  As Sera talked, the bowl and small vial of liquid appeared in her hands as if by magick.

Eirik was amazed that Emile would give his blessing prior to the need actually arising.  He was especially surprised since being Jessica’s Maker was Bill’s punishment.  Obviously, Sera knew things she was not sharing with Eirik yet so he figured she likely filled Emile in on everything that had and would take place in the immediate future.

Eirik knew Sera would not withhold information if he needed to know it to keep everyone safe.  He was also confident that if the information became imperative to anyone’s safety that Sera would disclose it immediately.  Therefore, Eirik decided to continue to roll with the punches, as it were, and take the situation with Jessica as the blessing it truly was.

He turned to face Jessica all the way and thought to her, ‘Jessica, the spell we are talking about will essentially make me your Maker by Magick.  I will have all the same rights Bill had and I will be able to control you through my commands.  Sera is correct that I will feel much better once the spell is in place, but if you prefer to wait and find another Foster say so now as the spell can never be undone and, unlike with Childer by Blood, you will never be released.’

Jessica’s eyes were wide but she smiled and thought, ‘Honestly Eric, I know I was a brat when I first got Turned and drove you and Pam nuts, but that was mostly because I knew my Maker didn’t want me and I was new to everything and since you couldn’t command me.  In truth, I much prefer you and Pam to Bill.  If you’ll have me, it’s an honor to become your Childe through Magick.  I trust you.’

When she said she trusted him he had to admit he was shocked but he smiled and nodded, “Very well then.”  He stuck his hand out towards Sera and took the bags of Herbs and the vial.  He took the bag with the number ‘1’ written on it in black Sharpie and opened it, pausing to sniff it.  He could not place all the scents but it smelled good.  He reverently poured the herbs into the bowl Sera was still holding, then opened the second and third bags, which both had the number ‘2’ on them, and poured them simultaneously as he knew he was supposed to.  Sera was nodding as Eirik went over each step in his head before doing it so he knew he was not making any huge mistakes despite only ever having done that spell once before.

He handed the empty bags to Sookie who took them and then He went to his bag and took out a small dagger he kept for emergencies.  He used it to stir the herbs then he uncorked the vial and slowly poured the liquid into the bowl.  It began to smoke so he slowly stirred it nine times clockwise and then waved his hand through the smoke three times in his direction and then three times in Jessica’s direction so the smoke would reach them.  Then Eirik said aloud, “Jessica Hamby, do you hereby consent to being the Childe of Eirik the Northman; Mine to teach, Mine to command and Mine to care for, for all time?”

“Uh I do.”

Eirik smiled and said, “So Mote It Be,” as he used his finger to take the mixture and rub it on his forehead in the shape of a pentagram, and then he did the same to Jessica before handing the bowl to Sookie.  He walked the two steps to Jessica and bent down to her neck as he thought at her, ‘I need to drink from you and then you will drink from me okay?’

She nodded so he licked her neck twice and then bit.  Ordinarily their fangs, which were hollow tubes, would suck the pulsing blood out of a human but because Jessica was dead, Eirik had to pull three mouthfuls into his mouth and allow the blood to be sucked into his fangs that way.

When he pulled away from her, he kissed Jessica’s forehead and then bent his knees so she could reach his throat.  ‘Take three mouths full, no more and no less.’  She nodded before licking his neck twice, and then she bit and slowly took three mouthfuls into herself.  Eirik felt the spell snap into place and knew Jessica was now his Childe by Magick.

Jessica’s eyes were wide as she pulled away from his neck, ‘Will I always feel you like that?  It wasn’t like that with Bill!

Eirik chuckled and told her honestly, ‘It is my age.  It makes my blood stronger.  The older a Vampire is when they turn someone the stronger the connection between the Maker and Childe.  It is almost imperceptible except for when one performs the Maker’s Rite. 

When someone is Turned, the connection is there the moment she wakes so she does not really tend to notice the intensity of it, especially given all the other strong and distracting stimuli she encounters upon rising Vampire for the first time.  When one performs The Rite, the Childe’s Maker by Blood first releases her so when the new bond forms the intensity of it is very noticeable.  In addition, The Rite somewhat amplifies the connection which is by nature a stronger connection than that of a usual Maker and Childe.  It has to be that way for the Magick to work. 

The intensity of our new Bond might be a little distracting for a few days but just as you learned to compensate for stronger and keener senses you will begin to push the feeling into the background, only pulling it to the forefront when you need it.  At least that is how it was for my other Childe by Magick.  Do you remember Saúl from when you stayed with me and Pam before?

Jessica nodded so he told her, ‘He has been my Childe by Magick since early November of 1672 CE so almost exactly 336 years ago.  When we get back to Shreveport I will have him come talk to you and answer any questions I have not already answered for you from the perspective of the Childe since I am sure my perceptions of how it is are different than his, not bad different, mind you, just different.

She nodded again and thought, ‘He’s kind of scary up close, but I guess I could talk to him if you’re sure it won’t bother him.

Eirik laughed out loud, ‘He will be very pleased to hear you say that as he has worked on his ‘scary face’ as he calls it for centuries trying to perfect it.  I highly doubt he will mind talking to you; he gets along well with Pam, though they fought like true siblings when I first made her.  I highly doubt that will happen with you though as he knows by now that there is plenty of my attention to go around.  Furthermore, once I tell him how loyal you are he will take an immediate liking to you.

Jessica smiled shyly, ‘If you’re sure, I just don’t want to needlessly bother him.  I know I was annoying to the ‘nth’ degree when I was around the first time and I don’t want to be like that this time.  I want to be a good Childe and have the kind of relationship you have with Pam and Saúl with my Maker.  I think that’s a big reason I reacted so badly the first time, it was painfully obvious that you have an excellent relationship with both of them even if I did not know at the time that Saúl was yours through Magick and not blood.  It was equally obvious that I wasn’t going to have that sort of relationship with my Maker.  I really am sorry for being so annoying.

Eirik smiled a reassuring smile at her, ‘Think nothing of it so far as I am concerned our relationship started mere minutes ago and you have the opportunity to show you mean what you say and work to build our relationship into what you wish it to be.  It will be as good or as bad as you make it.  If you act like an adult instead of a petulant Childe, I, and others, will treat you as an adult.  Pam and Saúl have also both told me that I am a fair Maker.  I will not make you do anything too terrible, I put up with how spoiled Pam is after all, though admittedly I did contribute to that.”  He smiled self-deprecatingly at that admission before continuing his thoughts, “Be the young woman I have seen glimpses of in the last few days and eventually we will have the relationship you wish to have with me.’  He finished his statement with a kiss to her forehead.  ‘I am sorry your new life has not been what it should have been from the moment you rose Vampire.  I will endeavor to make that up to you as best I can.

Sera came over and hugged Jessica, as she whispered in the mind’s ear of the young vampire, ‘Welcome to the Family Jessica.’

Jessica got tears in her eyes and whispered “thank you, to both of you.”

Since Compton released you and he can no longer use you against us you may talk freely while we wait for the sun to get closer to rising, though do try to keep it down as Sookie will be sleeping.

Jessica nodded, “Will do.”

Eirik turned back to Sookie, and after she broke his hold to give a heartfelt hug to Jessica, he pulled her back into his arms using his arm to direct her into the bedroom, “Shall we?”

Eirik’s words to Jessica deeply pleased Sookie.  She really liked who she was beginning to see he had always been.  She realized sadly that her relationship with Bill kept her in the dark about who Eirik really was.  She thought Eirik and Jessica’s new situation would be just what her young friend needed to flourish.

As Eirik asked if they should go into the bedroom Sookie was suddenly very nervous but she nodded as she followed him.  He seemed to sense that and he turned to look at her “We will only rest, you will sleep and I will strategize how best to keep you safe.  Though I do reserve the right to give you a goodnight kiss before you fall asleep.”  He leered at her slightly as he said that last part, causing her to giggle again.

“Okay,” She replied as he sat on the bed and took off his shoes.  She kicked her pumps off as she watched him stand to lift the covers before he pulled her onto the bed with him and laid down while pulling her into his arms.  As he covered them with the blankets, Sookie felt very safe surrounded by him.

His hand began stroking through her hair, and she felt him place a soft kiss to the top of her head.  “There, I have given you a goodnight kiss so now you can sleep,” and he continued to stroke her hair.  The last thing Sookie heard before she drifted to sleep was Eirik promising, “I will keep you safe, I swear it.”

The next thing Sookie heard was Eirik saying, “We should be going soon, Sera.”

As he finished saying the words, they all heard a door open in the hallway and then Sookie heard shuffling outside their door.  Sookie thought derisively, ‘Bill waiting to attack as we exit the room most likely.’  She did not stop to think about the fact that she could hear him through the walls and door until later in the day when she would replay the evening over in her head.

‘Eirik, I will bring you, Sookie, Jessica, and Hoyt to the safe house.  If Jessica and Hoyt hold hands again and Jessica touches Sookie while you and she touch I can just touch one of you and move all of us at once just like before, then I will come back for the luggage, okay?’  Sera thought at all of them.

‘Sounds like a plan.’  They all thought back at her.  Eirik shifted on the bed to sit on the edge then after what sounded like him putting his boots back on, Sookie felt him get up, and he lifted her into his arms.  Next Sera handed, the still sleepy, Sookie her shoes and then took Sookie’s left hand.  Sera placed her other hand on Eirik’s back and then suddenly all five of them were standing in an entry hall and Sookie felt like she was going to throw up only she had not eaten all day or night so there was nothing in her stomach for her to throw up.


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    So enjoying this story! Can’t wait for more updates!

  2. mdejones says:

    Are you going to be updating this story soon?

    • LilGray says:

      I hope to… I took about 6 weeks off from writing and anything story related (any stories) for two reasons… one, my computer is a pain in the ass and it kept blue-screening at the least opportune times… (which should be fixed for the summer time since I’m borrowing someone else’s laptop for the summer…) and two, I had been writing 8 to 12 hours everyday for close to 8 months and I was a little burnt out to be honest… I have recently (around May 8th) gone back to the Vampire’s Pet and started editing those chapters with the hopes of writing some new stuff when I get to the end of what’s already written… and I have plans to go back to It’s Elemental as soon as the Vampire’s Pet Muse cools down a bit… so I can’t give you a specific when but I do plan to go back to this story ‘soon’. My best suggestion is to sign up for updates so you’ll be alerted when ever I update anything… I usually only post story related info or chapters so I won’t blow up your inbox… I hope to replace the first two chapters of The Vampire’s Pet in the next week or two since I made some changes (like several characters’ last name and the drug created from Vampires has changed since it was a little to close to SMV/TB’s ‘V’ so now instead of their blood being used as a drug only their ashes will be used as a drug… also their blood will only superficially heal wounds and actually ingesting blood from someone other than your Mate or Master will make a non-Vampire sick.) So I figure in a few weeks I’ll get a chance to work on It’s Elemental, but again it’s really dependent on when my muse tells me to work on it instead of The Vampire’s Pet. I’ll see if I can speed up the process any but no promises.

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