It’s Elemental 003 – Say A Prayer Of Thanks

Revised as of 2015-01-06


It’s Elemental

By Lilly Gray & Robin McAllister

© 2011-2015 Sarah A. Higgins & Robin McAllister

Chapter 003

Say A Prayer Of Thanks


Sera took Sookie’s left hand in hers, and Sera placed her other hand on Eirik’s back then suddenly all five of them were standing in a large entry hall.  Sookie felt like she was going to throw up only she had not eaten all day or night so there was nothing in her stomach for her to throw up.

Sookie giggled as Jessica said, “Boy am I glad I don’t eat food or I’d have barfed all over y’all both times we did that.”

As Eirik let Sookie’s feet fall to the floor he chuckled at Jessica’s words and Hoyt’s deep nod of agreement before he responded slightly chagrinned, “I was eight the first time Sera teleported me somewhere, and that urge to vomit is still, 2,019 years later, a very real reality for me.  You should be happy you were a Vampire the first time you experienced it because I experienced it on a full stomach the first time, and Sera took decades before she forgave me for ruining her favorite dress.”  He chuckled at himself as Sera nodded and everyone else laughed a bit at his expense.

Eirik shifted focus after they all seemed to calm down as he heard and remembered Sookie’s thoughts about not having eaten so he turned to Sera, “Can you get Sookie some food before you go back for the luggage.  She has not eaten since dinner last night, and if I recall correctly she did not eat very much.”  Eirik turned to Hoyt and asked, “Hoyt, right?”

Hoyt nodded and said ‘Yes sir.’ so Eirik continued, “I am Eric, anyway, are you hungry?”

Hoyt responded respectfully and ever mindful of the fact that Eirik could have abandoned him and Jessica, “Nice to meet you and uh thanks for letting us come; Vampire Bill was giving me the creeps.  As for food I haven’t eaten since last night neither so I could definitely eat now.”

Eirik smiled, “You are welcome.  I have known Compton for almost his entire Vampire existence and I would not wish his company on my worst enemy.  For the record, I spoke to the Magister, Emile, shortly after Jessica was turned, about finding her a more interested and invested Maker but Emile hoped the responsibility would help Compton finally mature into a ‘proper’ Vampire.”  Eirik smiled to gentle his next words, “You were bloody annoying when you stayed with me but I knew that I would have reacted similarly when I was first turned if I had found myself in your situation with a Maker who wished I had never been born never mind Turned.  What you do not know is that Emile gave me a year.  If Bill had not begun behaving like a proper Maker within a year of your Turning, Jessica, Emile promised he would allow me to remove you from Compton’s care.  I honestly thought Bill had improved.  I would like to apologize on behalf of the Supernatural Government that your unhappiness was necessary to try to teach several important lessons to a Vampire whose Maker never should have Turned him.

If I could take away the pain and heartache you have suffered I would but I cannot so I will strive to make it up to you in other ways.”  Eirik turned back to Hoyt, “Treat her with respect and you and I will have no issues and you will be welcome where ever we are.”

Hoyt repeated, “Yes Sir,” as he held a sobbing Jessica in his arms.

Eirik nodded at Hoyt and spoke gently to Jessica, “I did not mean to upset you, Childe, I only wished to let you know that I was not totally blind to your plight and that I had negotiated your freedom if Compton did not become the Maker you deserved.

Difficult though it may be, I want you to try to let go of the pain you have suffered at Compton’s hands as I vow to you now that you will be a valued and cherished member of my family.  I regret that I did not give you that sliver of hope before I sent you to stay with Compton; it might have made his bullshit easier to cope with.  However, you are mine now and forever more so I hope your suffering is over.  To that end I vow to do my best to make it so.”

Jessica threw herself into Eirik’s arms and hugged him tightly as she whispered, “Thank you for caring and helping even if I didn’t know that was the case.  You are already a better Maker to me and that was before you became my actual Maker.”

He rocked her a bit and held her just as tightly as he prayed to Freyja that Jessica would heal sooner rather than later from the wounds inflicted upon her ego and feelings of self-worth by Bill.

After whispering, that he was glad to call her his, Jessica squeezed him just a little harder for a moment and then pulled away before whipping at her bloody cheeks.  “I’m sorry about your shirt.”

Eirik waved away her concerns as he honestly replied, “The shirt is inconsequential to me, your happiness and peace of mind not to mention your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth are far more valuable to me.  I want you to truly understand that you are a part of my family now and that you have value to me simply because you are you.”

Jessica smiled tenuously and told him, “I understood that there were bigger issues than my being made Vampire by someone who didn’t want me but I have to admit I thought if he didn’t want me no one ever would.  Hoyt started to make me doubt that opinion, which for the record Bill actually told me no one would ever want me several times daily, but I think with you as my new Maker I’ll have all the tools and stuff needed to get over the emotional damage Bill caused.”

Eirik nodded, “If you wish to speak to me at any time about what exactly you went through I would be happy to listen however if you would prefer to do your venting to a stranger I know several Supernatural Therapists and Psychiatrists whom I would be happy to set you up with at my expense.  I very much wish you to one day be free of the pain Bill caused these last few months.  Maybe I am wrong but I do not think your wounds are deep enough that you will never overcome them.  You are a strong girl Jessica, with time and the love of your new family I think you will come out of this experience stronger than you would be had you not gone through it all.”

Jessica nodded, “I hope you are right, Eric.”

“Now, now Jessica, surely you have figured out by now that I am always right!”  He smiled at the resulting grin Jessica gave him before he turned to Sera and asked again, “I got sidetracked so Sera, will you acquire food for Sookie and Hoyt?”

Sera nodded at him and promised to bring enough food for both of them.  She reminded Eirik about the store of blood in the fridge saying that it was all fresh then she disappeared.

Eirik pulled out his cell phone and pushed a bunch of buttons before placing it on the table by the door as he said, “You really need to keep your strength up, Sookie, especially if we are going to exchange blood.  I do not want to weaken you so much that you cannot defend yourself if something happens.  The whole point of exchanging is to protect you.  If I take blood from you now I could weaken you to the point where your shield will not stay up and right now that is your main defensive tool.”

Sookie thought, ‘Shield?’  “Uh Eric what shield are you talking about?”

He chuckled as he said, “The one that set Bill on fire when he tried to make a grab for you earlier.  I am not sure you can see it, probably not since you had to ask what I was talking about just now.  It has surrounded you since I woke up and it has included me and Sera since you went into the bedroom to get your luggage and right now, it is wrapped around all four of us.  I imagine it will remain around anyone you deem friendly and will hurt anyone you deem foe who happens to get close enough to it for it to react.”

“I set Bill on fire?”

“Yes I wish you had seen his face when he realized he was on fire.  It was classic.”

“Oh, I’m not sure how I feel about setting him on fire.”

“Sookie he is a threat to you.  If he comes at you I do not want you to hesitate, do you understand?  I am fairly certain the shield would react on its own, but I want you to be wary of him and do what you must to stay safe.”

Sookie could feel Eirik’s fear that something might happen to her so she rushed to reassure him, “I will Eric, I promise not to hesitate.”

He nodded once as he said, “Good, we have to play smart if we are going to win this, especially since I have a feeling we do not know all the players yet.”  He paused and then held out his hand as he asked “Give me your cell phone, Hoyt and Jessica, yours too, we cannot take the chance that any of those players thinks to check our phones for a location so I need to either turn off the GPS or take the battery out.”

Jessica told him she did not actually have a cell phone.  Eirik scowled and said firmly, “Jessica when we get back to Shreveport I will arrange for Pam to take you shopping for more clothes and the necessities like a cell phone and lap top and anything else you might like to keep you occupied.  What Bill was thinking not giving you a cell phone… did he at least teach you how to call him using your bond with him in case of emergency?”

“Uh no I, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”

“Has he taught you to run or fly yet?”

“Uh no.”

Eirik sighed again at Bill’s incredible incompetence realizing it was worse than he thought it was before reassuring himself that Jessica was in good hands now and would not falter due to Bill’s failings as her Maker.  “I will teach you how to call me through our bond in the next couple of days and as I said I will have Pam help you get the essentials.

When we get back to Shreveport, I will see about setting aside some time to teach you how to run and then we will see if you are far enough into your life as a Vampire to learn to fly.  It can take up to six months after a Vampire rises before they are capable of learning how to fly so it might be too soon but I know how to test you and see if we can jump start the ability.

Furthermore, I will set up a bank account for you and put a weekly allowance into it.  I will have to think about how much would be appropriate, but you will begin getting an allowance as soon as I have a chance to contact my accountant.  If you have need of more money, I will require you to ask for it and give me the reason you want it and all the reasons whatever you want is worthwhile.  But overall I will make sure the sum is big enough that your allowance should allow you to purchase most things you will need or want; in fact the only thing I think you might need that it might not be enough for is a higher end car.  Do you know how to drive?”

“I had just gotten my permit when I was Turned.  I had taken two classes but once I got Turned, well Bill never even offered to finish teaching me.”

“In that case I will also teach you how to drive and once you have a feel for it I will arrange for you to have a car of your own and to take lessons at a Driver’s Ed school I know that accepts Vampires.”

“Eric, uh, thank you!  I know I’m your responsibility now but I appreciate that you’re already doing a better job of taking care of me in a few hours than Bill did in the few months I was with him.”

“Your previous Maker was severely lacking in my opinion, more so than I realized, and I think you would have ended up on my radar, so to speak, well before the year would have been up, for misbehaving sooner rather than later simply because you would not have known better.  Therefore, I am pleased that your care and education will now officially fall to me as I know I will be able to raise you to be a responsible and capable Vampire within our society.”

While he was talking, Sookie handed him her phone to which he made a comment about it being old enough to allow him to remove the battery.  He took it apart then began to dismantle Hoyt’s phone as well.  When Eirik finished speaking to Jessica Sookie asked, “What are the chances that Bill will find us here or that someone else will?”

Eirik put both dismantled phones on the table by the door with his while he actually seemed to think about her question for a moment before he responded as he led them down a hall and through several doors before they were staring at a bookcase.  “First, we have an advantage because this house is not actually in Dallas.  We are about a forty minute run from the hotel and since the sun will rise in a little less than an hour Bill will not be able to try to track us now since he will be able to tell roughly how far away you are from him.  Therefore, even though he has an hour until the sun will rise he will not try to do anything about it until sunset.

Secondly, we have an additional advantage because this is one of Leifr’s safe houses and he makes me look like a flailing newborn when it comes to security, in fact he actually helped with some of my own personal security back in Shreveport.”

Eirik pointed to a yellow book as he pulled it out and said, “I do not think anyone would connect you to him directly.  The younger players probably do not even know of my connection to him, the only ones who know for sure are Pam, Saúl, the Council, Leifr, and his Childer, but again, only the really old ones know how close we truly are.  Irina, for example is less than 300 years old so she does not know me that well and to my knowledge does not know my extensive history with Leifr or exactly just how close we truly are.

I think we are actually safer here than we would be anywhere else.  Jessica being here would have been a risk if Compton had not released her and now that she is my Childe by Magick, the risk is completely gone.  Moreover, since sunrise is so close I think it will be safe because we plan to Bond during the day, which will remove Bill’s ability to track you when he rises, Sookie.

I might take us all to Stan Davis’ tomorrow night; he is the King of Texas and a close friend.  Even if Bill somehow tracks us there, he would not be able to get to us.  I cannot stress how stupid it was for him to release Jessica and how advantageous it is to us.  If he had not released you and he thought of it he could have tracked you and found us regardless of whether we remove his tie to Sookie.

Then it would have been possible for him to command you to leave and join him outside.  We would not have been able to stop you from following his commands, not without you suffering deeply.  I would have been willing to try to prevent you from leaving but it would have been very painful for you, Jessica.  I know you were religious when you were human so I highly suggest you say a prayer before going to rest and thank your God for making Bill stupid enough to release you.”

They giggled so Eirik continued, “I am serious, if he had thought of it he could have commanded Jessica to take Sookie when I least expected it.  Of course, I would have been anticipating that and fully prepared but it could have caused me to have to harm Jessica, which would ultimately hurt Sookie.  His lack of forethought is a huge blessing for us.”

They looked skeptical so he said, “Jessica I am going to command you okay?”

She nodded so he commanded her to raise her arms and watched her as a moment later her arms rose above her head.  He left them there a moment before removing the command.

“Now try to resist, I will not leave it for too long.”  He repeated the command and her face showed visible strain a moment later.  Soon she was on her knees and crying so since Eirik was certain that she had learned the lesson he intended he removed the command and watched as she sagged in place.

“Holy Shit that’s intense.”

He nodded and told her, “If he had not released you he could have commanded you to try to take me out and/or to try to take Sookie.  So I was deadly serious when I suggested you pray.”

She thought for a minute and as she rose back to her feet, she said, “I haven’t prayed since I was turned but you’re right.  If he remembered me at all, he’d have probably hurt me if he got me away from you.  I’d rather be hurt and with friends than be with him and hurt and possibly ended so I would have let you try to stop him from calling me to him but you’re right this is a blessing and definitely calls for a prayer of thanks.”

Eirik nodded and after Jessica finished talking, he stuck his hand in the slot where the book had been and Sookie saw him flip something like a switch and then suddenly the bookcase was moving.  When it finished moving she saw a long stairwell leading down.  ‘I hope I don’t fall on my ass in the dark.’  She thought worriedly.

“Do not worry, Sookie, if you fall I will catch you before your beautiful ass touches the floor,” Eirik whispered in her ear as he ushered her into the stairwell in front of him.

He took Sookie’s hand and had her grab hold of his t-shirt.  “Jessica grab hold of Hoyt so he does not fall in the dark.  I am going to close the door so do not move until I say so.”  Sookie nodded her head yes and held his shirt tighter in her hand as she saw Jessica grab Hoyt’s hand just before the bookcase slowly slid back into place.

As soon as the door was completely closed Sookie saw a glow about a foot in front of her, “Eric what is that?”

“That is your shield.”

Sookie heard Hoyt comment on it and how cool it looked before she suddenly felt her feet leaving the ground and it seemed like they were floating as Eirik said, “Jessica follow me.”

“How do you walk so smoothly?”  Sookie asked as she snuggled into his arms.

He chuckled before he whispered, “well right now I am actually hovering over the steps so technically I am flying smoothly, not walking.”  He chuckled again as she gasped at the news.

“Really, you’re flying?  You have to show me that in the light, that’s so neat!”  She fell silent as she felt him drop her legs and slowly lower her to the floor.

“Hold on again.”  She heard a click and then she saw a lit number pad start to glow in the dark and then what could only be a retina scan and a hand print scan and then she heard Eirik say, “I am Eirik the Northman, my voice is my password.”

Then there was light as a door opened.  Eirik swept her back into his arms, and carried her bridal style through the doorway and after everyone was inside closed the door with his foot.  The door, incidentally, would probably take three or four Sookies to close with both hands.

He set her down again, and offered her a seat on the long overstuffed couch in the middle of the room while he pushed a button on the coffee table so that the cabinets on the wall moved to reveal a huge Flat Screen TV.  He pulled the remote out of a box on one of the shelves revealed by the cabinets moving and handed it to Sookie.  “I am going to go see if the beds are made and make three up if they are not…”  Eirik paused then cautiously continued, “Will you rest with me today?  I promise to behave if that is what you want me to do.”

Sookie hesitated and then whispered more confidently than she felt, “Yes, Eric I’ll rest with you today.”  She finished the sentence in her head though she did not intend to share the thought, ‘and every day that you’ll have me after that.’

She saw his lips twitch as he turned to walk down the hallway towards what she assumed were the bedrooms and realized she had broadcasted her thought to the whole room.

She sat back on the couch and Jessica and Hoyt joined her as she flipped through the channels, never stopping for long on any one show.  She thought she should be tired, but strangely, she felt refreshed and wide-awake.  She wondered if that was normal for the transformation.  When Eirik returned, she asked him.

He thought for a moment before responding, “I think it is pretty par for the course…  I think the first 16 or so hours are spent asleep or at least sleepy and then the rest of the time, with the exception of three hours after sunrise, you will be wide awake and if Sera is any indication you will be wide awake most of the time after that.”

“Does she really not sleep at all?”  Sookie asked nervously.

“According to her she slept about two hours daily for the first month or so and then one hour every day until she was a couple of centuries old and then slowly stopped sleeping altogether over the course of the following millennium.  It works out well for her since her Mate sleeps even less than I do…  I am talking about an hour every two or three decades so she gets to spend all his waking time with him.”

“Where is he while she’s here with us?”  Sookie asked as her nosy side peeked through.

“He is probably already with Stan, which reminds me I should call him and tell him about Godric, he might wish to speak with you since you were with Godric when he… when he passed.”  He said that so quietly she almost had to strain to hear him.

“Who is Leifr to you and Godric, I mean besides him being Sera’s mate?”  She asked just as softly.

“You must not tell anyone what I am about to tell you.  That goes for you and Hoyt too, Jessica.  The only reason I am going to tell you both is because I can now control Jessica and I plan to glamour Hoyt, if he agrees, not to ever reveal what I am about to tell you.  Vampires guard their connections very closely and the old ones almost never reveal who their Maker is or who their Childer are, unless they have bonded to the Childe first.  Jessica and I are essentially Bonded so that leaves Hoyt.”

Hoyt nodded and said, “I don’t mind you glamouring me to protect yourself from me telling secrets I shouldn’t.  Plus I know Sookie wouldn’t let you do nothin’ to hurt me so I’m not worried about you doing any glamours you shouldn’t.”

Eirik nodded and agreed with Hoyt and then continued his story, “Thank you Hoyt, I promise not to abuse your trust.  Anyway, Leifr is Godric’s Maker, he actually has a lot of Childer, many of them he bonded with first and are therefore still with him.  And as you know Godric is, was, my Maker.”  He was still talking softly so Sookie leaned into his shoulder as he sat next to her and wrapped her arm as far around his shoulders as it would go, which given his size, and hers, was not far.

“Someday I hope you’ll tell me stories of you and Godric, how you met and what he was like as a Maker.  I want to know everything there is to know about you, every little detail; no matter how small.”  She whispered into his ear.

She felt him shiver just before he responded, “I would like that someday, but not today, his loss is still too fresh.”

She placed her finger on his lips.  “I know, I wasn’t asking for it to happen now, I was just, I don’t know, making a declaration of intent I guess.”

He chuckled, “Good to know,” he said as he turned his head to look at her.  “Sookie, I…”  She cut him off with a soft kiss to his lips that soon turned heated.  He shifted on the couch and lifted her as he lay back so that she was lying on top of him across the couch, and he deepened the kiss.  Just when Sookie was about to lick around his fangs she heard several throats clear, and she jumped a little in surprise, cutting her lip on his fang.  She moaned as he sucked her lip into his mouth to lick away the blood that escaped it.

Eirik redoubled his efforts to make her orgasm from his kiss alone and then she heard the throats clear again.  She was not startled that time, but she only pulled away when she heard an exasperated sigh and a foot tapping on the ground.  Eirik groaned and tried to pull her back to him, ‘hmmm tempting, but there’s that sigh again.’  She thought before finally with a sigh of her own and a great amount of will power she pulled away and sat up on Eirik’s lap, causing both of them to moan at the feel of his hardness beneath her…  ‘WOW!  Did I do that?!’

He thought back at her, ‘Yes, Princess you did that!  Let’s get rid of Sera and we can do more of that!

Sookie giggled as Sera snapped out, “I can hear you ya know.  Besides that is a fine how do you do!  I go out of my way to get her breakfast and you cannot even come up for air long enough for her to eat it… she will not have any energy for that if she does not eat soon!  Furthermore, there will be no blood for you from her if she does not eat; doctor’s orders.”

That got Sookie’s attention, “Doctor?  What Doctor?”

“I called Ludwig on a disposable phone to ask her if there was anything special you should eat since I do not remember much about the actual food I ate while I was transforming, anyways she said lots of carbs and protein with a little bit of fat for good measure.  I got you a stack of pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered toast with 4 different kinds of jelly available, and a huge cup of OJ with an even larger travel mug full of Coffee, black, 1 sugar.  That is how you like it, right?”  Sera asked somewhat shyly.

Sookie nodded with a big smile on her face, “That all sounds perfect,” as she moved to get off of Eirik so she could sit and eat her breakfast he pulled her back to him with a groan.  She smiled at him and whispered, “I’m hungry Eric.  I need to eat so my strength won’t dwindle and I can keep up with my big Viking.”

“Your Viking, huh?”  She just nodded at him, gave him a peck on the lips, and slowly moved off him to sit by his feet, closer to the end of the super long couch beside Jessica and Hoyt.

Hoyt hopped up and took the drink container from Sera’s out stretched hand as he helped her deposit the bags of food on the table.  Sera told him she got him sugar packets and creamer since she did not want to guess what he liked and be wrong because she had not thought to ask earlier.

He thanked her then Sookie and Hoyt both sat down and began eating.


Earlier in the evening

After Bill slipped out of his suite, he leaned in to the door a bit but based on the conversation he could hear Sookie and Eirik having through the door he knew that he was not going to learn anything useful by just standing out there.  He decided to leave and find a donor to charge to Eirik’s bill as he thought, ‘Those suckers go for a minimum of $500 a meal.  Maybe I can get a donor with a rare blood type, which will go for at least $1,000 each.  Oh, I should get two and have them help me work out some of this tension, too, while I try to figure out my next move.’

As Bill rode the elevator down to the lobby, he tried to piece together what he knew so far…  ‘Sookie is transforming into some unknown Supernatural Creature.  What I need to do is catch that woman unaware and force her to tell me what Sookie is becoming.  At least she’s not dying or turning into a Vampire, neither the Queen nor Russell would forgive me for that!

He decided he needed to come up with a plan.  ‘If I can get the element of surprise against that blasted woman when Eric is dead for the day, I can steal Sookie, but this will require outside help to capture her during the day, which will mean moving up the timeline… so I need to call Russell and arrange for him to send daytime help.’

“Sir?”  Bill turned to see the Concierge standing in front of him, “Sir, I am afraid you cannot be in the Lobby dressed as you are.”  Bill flashed his fangs at the man and he did not as much as flinch.

Therefore, Bill replied with a bit of a growl, “I was just about to go buy new clothes in the shops; I was planning to charge them to my room.”

“Very well Sir, but please do not delay,” and the Concierge returned to his desk.

An hour in the little shops got Bill $3,750 worth of clothes and a fully loaded cell phone all charged to his room, which was on Eirik’s account.  The clothes were not Bill’s usual style, but since he was forcing Eirik to pay Bill bought the most expensive items the stores had for sale.

Bill left the phone store with the newly released unlocked $299 black 16 GB iPhone 3G with a 2 year contract through AT&T.  Bill glamoured the woman behind the counter to look up Eirik’s billing information in the Hotel computer system and put his information and credit card number down so Bill had a free phone that would be charged to Eirik.

Bill figured he had a month to run up the bill before Eirik would figure out what he had done.  The fact that Eirik would receive a huge extra charge for breaking the contract was just an additional bonus as far as Bill was concerned.  He did not think Eirik would tell the company that Bill bought the phone fraudulently simply because Bill figured Eirik would not want to admit that Bill took advantage of him.  Bill knew appearances were very important in the Supernatural World and Eirik would want to maintain his levels of authority and respect.  Bill thought if he got a chance, he would make sure everyone knew anyway as an additional way to hurt Eirik’s powerbase.

Bill noticed two women checking him out in his new purple silk button down shirt and his black slacks.  He thought they even checked out his new $1,750 shoes.

‘Great, dinner is served, now I’ve just got to get them somewhere secluded.’  He thought and as he walked past them, he glamoured both of them into following him, at a distance, so no one would connect him with them.  Bill got them out the back door of the hotel and into the alleyway.

The back alley was an access road that traversed the whole length of the building and had openings on both ends leading out to different streets.  Although obviously used for deliveries, no one seemed to be back here right then.  Still it did not have many places to hide and anyone walking by either end of the alley could easily see them so he led them both behind the huge dumpsters.

Grabbing the closest one, he forced her to her knees; when she tried to resist Bill glamoured her into staying put and not biting him, then he ordered her to give him the blowjob of her lifetime.  Before the other woman could flee, he grabbed hold of her and immediately bit down on her jugular.  He kept one hand over her mouth to prevent her from calling for help.  Last thing he needed was anyone hearing her and coming to investigate.  As he pulled his fangs out of her flesh, to allow her warm blood to rush into his mouth, he enjoyed the taste coating his tongue as the hollow tubes of his fangs sucked the blood out of his mouth and up into his body.  All the while, she continued to struggle to get away.

The one on her knees tentatively took Bill into her mouth as he grabbed her friend.  He stopped drinking long enough to growl out for her to blow him as if she meant it.  He could not wait to feel their lives leave them as he drained them dry, but he wanted his orgasm first.

He drank deeply from the one in his arms and he felt his dick get harder.  Slowly her heartbeat started to slow and then it stuttered to a stop.  He dropped her to the ground beside him as he came down the throat of the other woman.  When her eyes opened and she saw her friend lying dead at Bill’s feet she tried to scramble away but he grabbed her arm and pulled her up smiling at her with her friend’s blood dripping down his chin, “Going Somewhere?”  He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to the side before quickly biting down on her jugular…  Her fear made her blood sweeter but he made fast work of draining her since he still had to call Russell and plan a kidnapping.

After he used one of the women’s shirts to clean his face of any blood, Bill searched both bodies and came up with $2,700 in cash, no credit cards but two rhinestone-encrusted cell phones.  He rolled his eyes at the thought of anyone seeing him talking on either of those phones, but he now had $2,700 he did not have before.  After he dumped both lifeless bodies into the closest dumpster, he began to walk towards the end of the access road to the street and on to the corner of the city block hoping to find a coffee shop nearby.

As he walked a couple of blocks, he tossed pieces of his victims’ belongings into the trash barrels he passed.  Finally, four blocks from the hotel he found a coffee shop.  The phone’s battery only had about a 75% charge.  Therefore, after buying a coffee, he was not going to drink so he had a reason to be there, he sat at a table by the wall that had electrical outlets on it for customers to plug their laptops into so he could charge the battery.

An hour later Bill’s new free phone not only had a full charge but he had also read the manual and figured out how everything on it worked, so he tossed his cold coffee into the trash.  After leaving the coffee shop, he began walking towards a park he saw down the street.  He would have felt more comfortable making his call in private, but he thought contemptuously that the anonymity of the park after dark would have to do.  Upon reaching the park, he dialed the number he had for Russell’s second in command, Betty-Jo, from memory.

He heard the phone picked up and then “Who is this and how did you get this number?”

“Betty-Jo, it’s Compton,” Bill said softly so no one nearby would hear him.  “There have been some complications, and I need to arrange for Sookie to be acquired this morning.”  He listened as Betty-Jo clearly walked into another room and closed the door.

Bill heard some whispers in a language he did not know and impatiently waited three or so minutes, as Russell traced the call, before Bill heard Russell’s voice, “What complications, Compton?  You said this would be problem free, and why are you calling me from downtown Dallas?”  Russell sounded irritated, but not angry, not yet any way.

Bill quickly explained why they were in Dallas and what transpired that day.  Russell was quiet until Bill got to the part about Sera being in his suite when Russell interrupted him, “Did this woman by chance say who she is?”

Bill told him, “Seraphina the Elder is what she first called herself when I came out of the bedroom.  I’ve never seen her before but Eric clearly knew who she was just from her description…”

“Tell me Compton; does this woman have multi-colored hair?  I think pink, blue, purple and blonde?” Russell asked.

“Yes she does, do you know her?” Bill answered.

“I know of her.”  Now Russell sounded wary.  He waited a moment then continued, “I do not wish to continue this transaction with you any longer.  Northman alone was problematic, but Seraphina the Elder is a force that I would rather not reckon with especially since her Mate, Leifr, is probably not far away.

Since you failed to inform me that your young Telepath is friends with one, and possibly two of the oldest creatures in existence, I will expect the return of the full down payment I made to you by sunset tomorrow.

Also, not that I care what happens to you, but Northman was known for taking out entire armies singlehandedly over a thousand years ago so you have your work cut out for you.  Back then, even though I am a little under two thousand years his senior, I would not have wanted to anger him, so if he reconnected with Leifr and his nest as you have suggested then Northman is far more powerful than anyone knows.

Seraphina the Elder does not surround herself with anyone who is not a major player and the only reason I did not consider Northman one myself is because he has laid low the last few centuries.  More specifically, he has made no move to become king even though the Council offered several kingdoms to him over the years.  Clearly, I was mistaken in that line of thought.  Now, I think it best if you lose this number.  Best of luck to you, you are going to need it.”  The phone went dead.

Shit!  That was not good and Bill knew it, first, Bill was not comfortable bringing his laptop anywhere near Eirik so Bill left it at home and therefore did not have a way to return Russell’s money to him from Dallas by the deadline.  That was especially true because Bill was unwilling to risk using his new phone to do the transfer when Eirik would be sent the bill and therefore possibly have access to Bill’s browsing history.  Second, Russell, Bill knew, was his best shot at getting out of that situation with his unlife still intact.  Bill was slightly distracted as he wondered to himself, ‘What was that about Eric destroying whole armies singlehandedly a thousand years ago.  He is only a thousand years old.  Shit!  He must be older than I thought if he was taking on armies without his maker 1,000 years ago.  This is not good.’

Bill started to head back to the Hotel since he knew he needed to rethink his plan of action, but he stopped walking when he thought about calling the queen and telling her what was happening.  He thought that maybe she would be able to send someone to take Sookie.  It was not how Sophie-Anne had it planned but if Seraphina was as old and powerful as Russell made her out to be then Bill knew his only hope was to get someone with more power and authority to usurp Sera.  He thought if anyone could do that it would be his queen.  The only potential problem he saw with that plan was that Seraphina knew about Bill’s connection to Russell.  He doubted Russell would admit it if asked about it though, so Bill thought maybe that would not be a problem.

Bill took the phone back out of his pocket and dialed the Queen’s headquarters.  A moment later an entirely too chipper and cheerful voice asked, “Sophie-Anne Leclerq’s Office, how may I direct your call?”

“Yes, Bill Compton for the queen.”

“One Moment, Please.”  Bill walked further into the park as the receptionist put him on hold.

“Compton you better have good news for me,” Sophie-Anne practically sing-songed to him.

“Actually Your Majesty, we have a small problem…”  She growled at that, but Bill pressed forward, “We are still in Dallas as I told you the other day but now a woman has entered the playing field, and I feel that I am under qualified to handle her.  She calls herself Seraphina the Elder.  She and Northman have taken possession of Sookie, and I am unable to remove her while Northman is awake.  I feel it best to send some Weres to collect the girl while Northman is dead for the day.  The woman will be out numbered if you send enough Weres and they should be able to get Sookie without much work.”

“Seraphina the Elder, you say?  I have never heard of her.  What is so special about the woman that I need to send Weres to collect my pet?  Kill the woman and be done with it.  Northman will do as I command him, but this woman, one woman should not be such a problem for you William.  What are you not telling me?”  She nearly growled out that last part.

“Well, my queen, the woman is old, far older than any creature I have ever encountered, and she was able to remove me from, and lock me out of, my Suite with just a thought.”

Sophie-Anne sighed heavily then said, “Fine I will send 25 Weres and Demons to deal with it; you just make sure they do not leave the Hotel with my pet.  I will expect both you and my new Telepath to be here by Midnight tomorrow night, do not be late.”  Sophie-Anne hung up on Bill without another word.

He sighed and thought to himself, ‘Okay, now I have to go back to the hotel and make sure they haven’t left.  Although that woman did say something about Sookie’s safety during the next three days being paramount, so maybe they won’t want to move her at all.’  He left the park and hurried back to the Hotel.

Bill walked through the Hotel Lobby, entered the elevator, and pushed the button for his floor.  When the elevator stopped at the appropriate floor, Bill got off and walked towards his room, only to find the door open.  He stuck his hand in between the door and the doorframe to stop the door from closing shut on him.  When he walked in and called out to Sookie there was no answer.  Upon closer examination, he realized the room was empty of Sookie, her belongings, and anyone else who had been in there with her.  ‘Well shit!  Now what do I do,’ he thought but then Bill heard Eirik in his room asking, “Was that really necessary, you know how I feel about teleporting…”

“Option number one, Eirik.”  Sera responded though Bill had no idea what she was talking about but he knew that voice definitely belonged to Seraphina.  Bill left his suite, slamming the door on his way out, and began to bang on Eirik’s door.

“Open this door, Northman!  Sookie you’re just another fangbanger to him, nothing but a whore.  He’ll use you up and toss you away when he’s done with you.  He sees you as nothing more than a filthy bloodbag.  If you come with me, I can protect you from him!  Sookie do you hear me?  I know you’re right inside the door!”

When Bill heard no response, Bill decided they were not going anywhere for the time being so he headed back to his Suite, called the queen, and left a message that Sookie was in Eirik’s room, with Eirik and Sera, for the day.  Bill sat down on the couch that smelled so much like Sookie, and Eirik; Bill growled to himself both at the smell and at the fact that the couch was soaking wet.  He wondered, ‘How the fuck did that happen?’

Hopping off the wet couch, Bill noticed that the whole room looked flooded and the rug on the floor was soggy, how he missed that, he had no idea.  He took great pleasure in reporting the water damage in the room to the Hotel’s front desk and then he went into the bedroom to change into dry clothes before lying down on the thankfully dry bed while he waited for the Weres to arrive.

As he lay there he thought, ‘Maybe if I play my cards right the queen will allow me to punish Sookie for choosing Eric over me.  I don’t see why she chose him.  I was the perfect gentleman to her and she doesn’t know about the women I fucked and fed from when I wasn’t with her, so she shouldn’t have had any reason to doubt my feelings for her.  None of this makes any sense.’

Bill heard laughing coming from Eirik’s suite and scowled.  When he heard Sookie ask Eirik what it was like to submit Bill just scowled harder, ‘Where on earth did that question come from?’

Bill listened as Eirik told Sookie she was not supposed to hear ‘that’ and her response.  Bill realized they must have been referring to a conversation they had while he was gone but wondered where they were going.  He listened closer; he must have missed part of their conversation but he heard Sookie say, “I…  I want all the facts this time.  I don’t want any surprises.”  Bill wondered what that was supposed to mean.

Then Bill heard something he never thought he would ever hear, “You are right on all counts, Sookie, I am sorry; I guess old habits really do die hard.”

Bill’s was amazed, ‘Holy shit did Eric Fucking Northman just admit he was wrong and say sorry all in the same breath?  To a human!?  First Sookie leaves with Eric and now he is apologizing to a mere mortal; what the Fuck is going on?  I feel like I’m in the damn Twilight Zone.’

“Wow!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard you admit you were wrong about something before.”  Bill thought apparently Sookie found Eirik’s actions just as strange as he did.  Then she shouted, “I heard that!

Frustrated, Bill wondered, ‘She heard what?  I didn’t hear Eric say anything,’ and then Sookie whispered so softly Bill had to struggle to make out her words, “I’m looking forward to it too!”  Huh?  What is she talking about?’

Bill continued to lay on the bed listening for any clues until about twenty minutes later he heard Eirik ask, “We have a little over five hours until sunrise, what should we do to pass the time?”  Bill listened as Sookie suggested she could sleep, and Bill growled as they bantered back and forth about Eirik laying with her.

Just then, Bill noticed his Childe was nearby and he realized ‘the bothersome brat’ was with Sookie.  ‘Well good riddance to her.’  He thought before he quickly said the spell his Maker once said to him in his head, and then after piercing his tongue with his fang he spit his blood in the direction of Eirik’s room and fiercely whispered the words, ‘I hereby release you Jessica, my responsibilities to you are no more.’  As the last word passed Bill’s lips, he felt his connection to Jessica snap and he smiled.

Bill’s smile only got bigger when Jessica asked about what Bill had just done, but he was surprised that they barely talked about it.  Then he was confused minutes later as Eirik asked Jessica if she consented to being his Childe.  Bill wondered, ‘It’s not possible to make a Vampire yours if you didn’t turn them!  Is it?  I’ll have to ask someone more knowledgeable about it later.’

For the next three hours, Bill laid on the bed trying to figure out where it all went wrong.  A little over an hour and a half before sunrise there was a knock on his door.  Bill opened it to find 20 Weres and probably 10 Demons crowded into the hallway.  He let them into the suite and they started quietly talking business.  They decided that they would storm Eirik’s suite two hours after sunrise in order to ensure that he was truly down for the day.  As they were finishing forming their plans they heard, “We should be going soon, Sera.”  Bill was up and out the door before Eirik finished his sentence.  Bill’s companions gathered around the door as they stood and waited for Eirik to open the door.

Bill was startled to realize that there were three heartbeats in the room and began wondering whom the third one belonged too; one was Sookie, one Seraphina and the other…?  Bill wondered, ‘That dim boy, Hoyt, maybe?’  Focusing back on the matter at hand Bill figured he would find out in a minute as he heard the group gathering in the bedroom.  Then suddenly all three heartbeats disappeared, and Bill did not hear or sense anyone on the other side of the door.

Shit!  Not good, not good at all!’  Bill banged on the door in his frustration.

As he turned to head back to his room, he heard a door open down the hall and a young woman and Jason Stackhouse came out into the hallway.  They had obviously been fucking but now it seemed Jason’s new friend was leaving.

As Bill watched the woman walk away, after a scorching kiss from Jason, he walked toward Jason’s door; just as Jason closed it Bill stuck his foot in the way and the next thing Jason knew Bill had him by the throat.  “Hello Jason!  You and I need to have a little talk about your sister,” Bill said angrily as the door closed behind him leaving the Weres and Demons in the hallway for the moment.

As Bill watched Jason’s eyes bulge in his head and Jason’s face began turning red from lack of oxygen Bill thought, ‘Maybe I can still salvage this situation.’


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