It’s Elemental 005 – Waiting For The Pain

Revised 2015-01-07

Author’s note:  Okay, two chapters in one day!  Yay me!  Lol.  So this one is a little shorter than the previous ones, but it packs a punch, so you may need to break out the tissues.  I have not started editing chapter 006 but it is supposed to be -20 F tomorrow during the day, so I have no plans to go anywhere.  Therefore, I should have the whole day to work on it, but I am not even going to try to guess how long the chapter will take to fix up.  I noticed when I read the story straight through the other day that there were more and more discrepancies the farther into the story I got, so it is probably going to take a little more work to fix up the chapters the farther into the story I get.


It’s Elemental

By Lilly Gray & Robin McAllister

© 2011-2015 Sarah A.  Higgins & Robin McAllister

Chapter 005

Waiting For The Pain


Mid-afternoon on Friday, October 17, 2008

As Sookie lay there wrapped in Eirik’s arms, she realized that despite her heavy thoughts she had never felt so peaceful before.  Eirik was playing with her hair with one hand and softly caressing her bare back with his other hand, which Sookie found incredibly comforting if not a little arousing.  “Is it weird that I feel like I could sleep more?”

“No, the death sleep likely did or allowed different things to happen to your body than regular sleep would.  I would guess that you need both forms of sleep throughout the transformation process.

I might be able to sleep too even though I will not fall into the death sleep.  However, right now I am enjoying laying here with you.”  So they did just that and before Sookie knew it, they were both drifting off to sleep.

Sookie was floating in a sea of Love and she saw the faces of all of her dearly departed loved ones, her momma, daddy, aunt Linda, a man who Gran always said was a distant relative named Fintan, Gramps, and Gran.  The last started to walk toward Sookie and she moved to meet the woman halfway.  “Gran, I miss you!  I wish you had met Eric I think you’d have seen right through the tough exterior long before I ever did.”

“I miss you too Sookie, but you have a Destiny.  I am glad you found your Mate; he will be good to you and good for you.  I like who you are with him; you seem lighter somehow despite all the heaviness surrounding you.”

Gran smiled at Sookie and then it faded a little, “Sookie we are here to teach you how to do something very important.  Sometime very soon, you are going to face the death of a loved one.  We are going to teach you how to help him reach his destiny.  You must focus and feel his energy, here try it on your mother.  Focus, that’s it now pull her essence into you.”

That was easier said than done, but after a moment Sookie figured it out, and she gently pulled her mother into herself.  “Well done Sookie!  Now try your Father.”  She ultimately ended up pulling all six of them into her.  Then she just stood there wondering, “Now what?”

She heard a voice inside her head that was familiar, “Now you wait for Jason’s call.”

‘Oh My God they’re actually inside me.’  “Is, is this permanent… will you always be inside me?”

“Yes my darling daughter we will always reside inside you now.  With practice, you will be able to hear us while you are awake as well.  We will help guide you through the ages,” Her mother’s soft and comforting voice said to her.  Sookie felt all warm inside as she thought, ‘Sera did say I’d never be alone again!’

‘I LOVE YOU SOOKIE!  COME QUICK!  She woke with a start.  ‘JASON I’M COMING!’

She got up gently so as not to wake Eirik and threw her bra and dress back on.  After staring at Eirik in his peaceful repose for a few long minutes Sookie walked out to the main room and saw Sera sitting there in what appeared to be the Elemental Version of the Vampires’ ‘Downtime’.  As Sookie approached Sera, Sookie saw her twitch and then she was smiling at Sookie.

“Have a good rest?”  Sera asked with a sly smile on her face.

“Yes,” Sookie blushed as she answered her, “that is until Jason woke me up yelling for me to hurry!  Bill has Weres or something holding him hostage and…  oh god…  Jason is going to die, but Gran taught me how to pull him into myself.  I have to get there before he dies.”  She was nearing hysterics at that point.

“Sookie, calm down, you cannot help him if you do not stay calm and focused.”  Sera said gently.  She sympathized with Sookie, as she had had to make similar choices and sacrifices when she was young too.  She longed to tell Sookie about her life, and to tell her how similar they truly were.  However, Sera knew it was not time for that yet, so she kept her mouth quiet though her eyes spoke of her understanding of Sookie’s pain.

Sookie saw Sera’s understanding in her eyes, and although she did not know the true depth of that understanding Sookie knew Sera was right, so she tried to take deep breaths in and out through her nose.  After a few moments, she began to calm.  “Sera, how are we going to find him?  Dallas is huge.”

Sookie thought, ‘God it’s hard to breathe.’

“I actually know where he is, and before you ask I am not telling you until Eirik wakes up then we can all decide what the best plan of action is going to be!”  Sera said it all very firmly and Sookie knew arguing would only serve to frustrate her more.

“How much longer will it be until Eric wakes up?”  Sookie asked somewhat huffily but she figured her brother was counting on her so she was entitled to be a little huffy.

“He is sleeping as humans do not as Vampires do so I see him waking in a little less than 20 minutes.  You should go in, lie with him, and be there when he wakes up; I know that is a dream of his.  Then once he is awake we can decide what to do next.”  Sera paused as if to weigh her next words, “But do not worry, I am going to help you convince Eirik to let you go with us.  However, there will be no fighting for you… you will wait behind us with your shield wrapped tightly around yourself.  You still have a little more than 36 hours until the transformation is complete.  Nothing can happen to you; too many people are counting on you to survive.  Now go back and lay with Eirik, you have 15 minutes.”

Sookie went back to the room she was sharing with Eirik and laid down next to him.  She gently moved his arm so that she could snuggle up to him with his shoulder under her head.  He instinctively wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him as he continued to sleep.  She sighed at the feeling of him surrounding her again, and counted down the minutes until he would wake up.  She thought they were the longest 15 minutes of her life!

“Hmm.  I could get used to waking like this,” he said as he pulled her on top of him while his eyes fluttered open.  He took one look at Sookie’s sad upturned face and even if he could not feel all her pain through their new bond he would have known something was terribly wrong so he asked, “Princess what is wrong?”

She began to cry and he pulled her more firmly atop him as she tried to explain about her dream and then Jason’s screams waking her up.  As he gently caressed her hair, he placed a kiss on the crown of her head and then told her, “Shh princess we will get you to him in time.  I promise to do everything in my power to make that happen, okay.  Let me take a quick shower since I came in my pants earlier and we can go find out the details of what Sera has discovered.”

Sookie blushed when he mentioned cumming in his pants, but he ignored the blush for the time being, and he was out of bed quicker than she could see.  Suddenly she heard the water turn on and almost as quickly turn off.  Then just as suddenly he was standing before her in a new pair of jeans, and a quick moment later, he had his shirt back on.  Holding his hand out to her, he helped her off the bed and followed her out to the main room.

Eirik nodded to Hoyt who was just coming out of his room rubbing his eyes.  “Sera, what do we know?”  Eirik asked as they all sat on the couch next to Sera.

“Well, there were twenty or so Weres and about fifteen or so Demons so even if my internal voices had not made it perfectly clear that I was only to follow and report back I would not have been able to rescue him.”  She looked at Sookie apologetically.

“You did the right thing Sera, now we know where he is and we can go get him as soon as the sun sets,” he said to Sera.

“Compton will have to call to get a location, but we already know where he is, so we should be able to get there about the same time he does, if not just slightly before him.”  She continued, “At the warehouse about half the muscle was standing outside keeping watch and the other half were inside with Jason.”

“Umm Eric, how long do you think it’ll take for Bill to realize he can’t feel me anymore?”  Sookie asked cautiously.

“Probably pretty fast, though knowing him he might not realize exactly what it means until he smells my scent in your blood.  You smell of me now, so when we go to get Jason Bill will be able to tell that we have bonded.”

“Okay, so how long until sunset and how long will it take to get us there?”  Sookie asked either of them.

Eirik answered the first part, “3 ½ hours or so until sunset.”

Sera picked up where he stopped, “It took about 30 minutes this morning to drive from the Hotel to the warehouse.  Despite it being so close to rush hour when we go it should only be about a fifteen minute ride from here, and if we go on foot it will be even quicker.”

Eirik interrupted Sera, “Can we risk going on foot?  Sookie’s transition is not complete so she is not going to be at full power.  If she runs there, that might take crucial energy from her reserves.  I realize there is nothing we can do about her not being up to full power, but I will be damned if we do anything to weaken her.”  He growled the last part.

Sookie shifted beside him and then asked, “Would it weaken you to carry me there?  Then I wouldn’t be expending any energy!”  She suggested with hope.

“Who is going to carry you when we come back here?  Jason is too tall for Sera to be able to hold him comfortably or safely.  If he is as injured as I suspect he is, I will be the only one who will be able to carry him without further risking his health.  Furthermore, you and Sera are about the same size so it would be difficult for her to carry you too, so that would mean you would have to run on your own expending precious and needed energy on the way home.  I would really rather we drive, that way you stay safe and we get Jason out of there as fast as possible.”  He said it all rather reasonably.

“I don’t know that we’re going to have to worry about hurting Jason, he’s probably not going to… but I’d hate to be wrong and not be prepared for it so we’ll take a car just to be safe.”  Sookie responded quietly her fear and sadness apparent to all three of her companions.

Eirik pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head.  “I know this is difficult for you, Sookie, but I am really impressed and very proud of how you are handling all of this.  I just want you to know that.”

She snuggled into his chest and prepared herself to sit and wait for 3 hours, hoping against hope that Jason could hold out that long.


Sunset (6:51 PM) on Friday, October 17, 2008

The first thing Bill did when he rose was try to feel where Sookie was but he could not feel her at all.  His sense of disconnect prompted angry thoughts, ‘What the FUCK!  This is not possible.  I wonder how the hell she is blocking me, unless that slut Bonded to Northman.  She hates him though, so I don’t see her doing that, but how else could she be blocking me?  The queen is going to be very angry if Northman Blood Bonded with Sookie.  I suppose all I can do is hope Sophie-Anne does not try to kill the messenger if Sookie did in fact bond to that self-righteous asshole.’

Bill picked up his shiny new iPhone and dialed the number for his voice mail.

“You have one new message,” his phone announced to him, “First message, received today at 8:06 AM.”

“We got him in a warehouse just outside of town… the address is…”

Bill looked up the address on his phone.  He thought, ‘good, even though at this hour it would take the better part of an hour by car with all the traffic of Downtown Dallas at most it is a 15 minute run.

Now I need to find someone to snack on.’  He decided he did not require a full meal since he planned to be feasting on Jason later that night, ‘preferably as his slut of a sister watches helplessly.’  With that in mind, Bill called Sookie’s cell phone, but it went directly to voice mail, so he resigned himself to making his demands to her voice mail, but he was sure she would use her phone to try to get in touch with Jason and hear Bill’s voicemail.  Therefore, Bill was certain it would not be long before she called him back, frantic about what he had done to her brother.

Bill showered and changed in under three minutes.  ‘God I love being a Vampire,’ he thought happily.  Soon, he was heading for the elevator to see if he could find his snack down in the lounge.  He decided he did not have time to hide a body that time so he would just be taking enough to slake his thirst, but he was still going to charge a donor or two to Eirik’s bill, so Bill thought it would not be a total waste.

Bill helped himself to three donors (he got top of the line, so they went for a grand apiece.)  The Hotel would expect Eirik to pay the bill as Bill charged all three donors to his room, which was still under Eirik’s name.  Overall, Bill thought it was an excellent way to start the night.  When Bill finished with his snacks, he headed toward the back of the Hotel to exit through the alleyway but he saw yellow crime scene tape blocking the door.  He had to glamour a hotel employee into telling him that the authorities had found two dead bodies hidden in the dumpster at the end of the alley.  Bill thought when he killed the two women that he would have at least until Saturday before that beehive got shook up.  He guessed someone smelled the unmistakable stench of death and called 911.  ‘Go figure,’ He thought bemusedly.

Oh well, he knew nothing could be done about that then.  He cheered up at the thought of the things he was planning to do to Jason Stackhouse, preferably while Sookie watched it all with tears in her eyes as she begged Bill for mercy.  HA!  She will get no mercy from me!  The bitch deserves what she gets for choosing the Viking over me.  Northman thinks himself above everyone else, well someday soon I am going to show him just how beneath me he really is.  That will be a fine day indeed.’

Heading back to the front of the Hotel Bill exited through the front doors.  He walked down the street to another alley, and then while hidden from sight he kicked it up to Vampire speed before he ran towards the warehouse.  He could not wait for his fun to begin.

When he arrived at the warehouse, he nodded to the guards standing outside as he walked to the door to enter the dilapidated building.  He could hear Jason’s grunts and cries of pain from outside.  Bill thought it sounded like someone had started the fun without him.  Just as he reached the door he heard someone behind him and spun around quickly only to come face to face with his Maker.  He thought, ‘Hmm, maybe I can use Stackhouse as a peace offering.’

“You have been a very busy boy, William.  Tell me, does your toy know that you are torturing her beloved brother?”

“Lorena, I don’t have time for your games but to answer your question, I left a message on Sookie’s voice mail that I have her brother, and I wish for us to meet.  At that time, I will kill her brother and take Sookie for myself, or well, at least until I bring her to the queen then Sophie-Anne will Bond to Sookie and then Turn her.  After that, I will not have to listen to Sookie’s babbling or simpering anymore, and I will be able to fuck her the way I always wanted to without having to worry about breaking the annoying bitch.  Now if you will excuse me I have someone to torture!”  He turned and headed into the building, not waiting for Lorena to respond.

He heard her following him, so he stopped to look at her over his shoulder.  As he lifted an eyebrow in silent question she replied, “I have always enjoyed your torture techniques; do you mind if I sit in and watch the show?”

Bill huffed, “Fine, but I am running the show here Lorena, not you!  And when Sookie finally shows up you cannot kill her because then the queen will kill both of us, do you understand?”

“Of course, William.”  She batted her eyes at him coyly, and Bill simply rolled his eyes at the display before resuming his trek into the building to see what fun they could have at Jason Stackhouse’s expense.  Bill thought, ‘This should be fun!’


Five Minutes Earlier

“Where did the Viking take the Telepath?”  the guy in charge asked Jason for the tenth time.

Jason wearily responded the same as the last nine times.  “I don’t know.  I didn’t even know she was gone until you told me.”  He waited for the pain.  AAHHH there it is.’  He thought sarcastically.

Jason also thought he felt something in his back snap that time, and his legs going numb confirmed his suspicion.  He could not decide if that was a good thing or not.  On the one hand, he would not be able to feel anything they did to his legs, on the other hand, he figured it would not take them long to figure out he could not feel his legs, and then they would just move to torturing a different part of his body, one he could feel.

“Who is Seraphina the Elder?”  That question really had Jason stumped.  When they were little Sookie used to wish her name was Seraphina, so the kids would stop picking on her, but other than that Jason had never met or heard of anyone named Seraphina, so he honestly had no clue who the guy was talking about.

Jason thought, ‘It is too bad for them that they chose the guy who doesn’t actually know anything.  Although, even if I did know anything they wanted to know I still wouldn’t tell them a damn thing.  Sookie wouldn’t rat me out, so no way, no how, am I going to rat her out.’

He told them exasperatedly, “I told you, I don’t know any Seraphina!”

Lies!  You actually expect me to believe that your sister didn’t tell you what’s goin’ on?”

“She didn’t tell me anything.  I haven’t seen her since Thursday morning so I have no idea what’s going on with her, I swear.”  With the next kick, Jason felt at least one rib crack and he heard a bubbling sound when he tried to breathe, which just got much harder to do.  He thought slightly in a panic, ‘Shit, SOOKIE, you need to hurry Honey, I’m not gonna last much longer!’

Then in his head Jason heard the most beautiful sound in the world, ‘We are coming for you now Jase, just hold on a little longer.  I LOVE YOU!” 

He could not tell if he was hallucinating or not, but he thought back to her ‘I LOVE YOU TOO SOOK!’ just in case she could actually hear him.

Just then, Bill walked in, “Did you leave anything for me to break?”

Jason tried to speak, but he coughed up some blood, so he tried to speak again, with moderately better success.  “I knew…  Knew you were trouble, from the moment I heard Sookie met you…  Do me a favor, will ya…  when Eric kills you, think of me…  That’ll make it all worth it!”

“You fucker!” Bill shouted angrily as he kicked Jason almost as hard as he could.

‘Guh!’  Jason thought Bill definitely kicked harder than the other guy did as Bill continued speaking.  “I should drain you right now, but I want your slut of a sister to have to say good bye before I kill you, that’ll be the icing on the cake, as you humans say!”

Suddenly there was screaming outside, horrible screaming and someone laughing up a storm.  The door exploded and in walked Eirik, the one Vampire that actually offered himself up in Sookie’s place at the church the other night.  Jason once again thought Eirik might just be worthy of her!  Jason mumbled “’Bout time you got here!”

Eirik just laughed, “Sorry, I was delayed, the sun was in the way,” and Jason watched through suddenly blurred vision as Eirik beheaded another guy with his kick ass sword.

“Well at least you have a good reason for being late!”  Jason had to spit blood out of his mouth to be able to say that.  He wanted to ask where Sookie was, but he did not want to expose her until Eirik had taken care of all the bad guys.

When he finished cleaning house, Eirik came over to Jason and crouched down near his head, “Your sister is outside; I wish we could keep her from seeing you like this but I am going to call her in okay, but first I smell Compton… and Lorena?  They are not here; do you know where they went?

Jason tried to lift his arm to point towards a back door but his arm would not work, so he groaned and whispered, “out the back door.”

“I will catch up to them sooner or later…  I promise to kill him slowly for you, but right now I am going to stay with you and your sister…”  Eirik turned towards the door, “Sookie, Princess, it is safe to come in now.”

Before she showed up Jason motioned Eirik closer to him so Eirik bent down so Jason could whisper to him, “Take good care of our girl, she’s special!”

Eirik leaned back and smiled, “Yes, she is and I intend to take the best care of her I can.  I am already taking steps to protect her from other Vamps, so do not worry about her; I will take care of her for you!”

They both heard feet running and then Sookie was hovering over Jason too afraid to touch him for fear of hurting him worse.  Jason focused all his strength on speaking to her.  “Gran said…  Gran said you would know…  know what to do…  she said she’d teach you…  better do it now!  I LOVE YOU!”  He coughed up another lungful of blood and the world started to go black as he struggled to breathe.  “I’m leaving,” he whispered on his final exhale as the blood bubbled out of his mouth.  The last thing he saw through his own eyes were Sookie’s tear filled eyes as he felt her warm soft hand on his face, and then he felt himself drifting in that nothingness again before suddenly he was looking down at himself through Sookie’s eyes.  Wow is that weird or what?’

She giggled despite the tears pouring down her face and the immense sadness filling her soul.  “It is definitely weird Jase!  Eric can, can you carry his body I don’t want to leave it here.  I want his body buried with the rest of our family.”

“Of course I can, Princess.”  Eirik gently picked Jason’s body up.

‘Hey Eric I can’t feel it anymore so don’t be gentle on my account!’

Eirik’s eyes went wide with shock, and he turned to look at Sookie, “I can still hear him?  He is inside you?”

Sookie nodded her head slightly to which Eirik told her, “He is correct that is definitely weird!”

Eirik stopped at the door, and in an effort to lighten the mood said, “Now he can annoy us for the rest of eternity, yay us!”

Jason’s spirit playfully scowled, ‘Hey, I just died for you people so show a little respect will ya?”

Eirik and Jason both laughed at that but they both came up short when Sookie softly said, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you Jase!  I am sooo sorry!  This is all my fault if I had just listened to you and stayed away from Bill you’d be alive, gran would be alive, and everything would be the way it was supposed to be if I had only listened for once instead of being stubborn and willful…”  She felt like she was about to crumple.

Eirik sped outside with Jason’s body and then a moment later him and Sera, whom Jason had never seen before, walked back in.  Eirik went straight for Sookie and pulled her into his now empty arms, as Jason thought ‘this is so very weird.’

“Princess this was not your fault.  The blame for this lies with so many people, but not, not with you!”

Jason added his two cents, “He’s right Sook, none of this was your fault and I’m sad, but I’m also happy cuz now I’ll never have to leave you.  I think you are wrong though, I think this is how things were supposed to happen.  Besides yeah a bunch of bad shit would not have happened if you had stayed away from Bill, but you also might never have met Eric, and I know deep in my soul that you are meant to be with him.”  He paused as he looked around inside Sookie, “And I think I have some company in here that agree with me, HOLY SHIT SOOK, how many people do you have in here!  Momma, Daddy, Gramps, Aunt Linda and Gran, that guy we used to see Gran talking to out in the yard when we were kids,  and then four of the Hottest women I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Hot Mama!  Sook you even got hotties in here… my life is perfect!”

Sookie laughed at that, “That’s Jase always thinking with his… well you know.”

Jason laughed at that!  It was good to have something to laugh about after the day he had!  He may have lost his body, but he gained his loved ones back, all of them!  Jason had an immense sense of rightness about everything that had happened recently, so he thought things were finally the way they should be.


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  1. mom2goalies says:

    Oh geez! Now I keep have thoughts of Jason interrupting when Eric and Sookie finally get together! LOL
    Hopefully Eric will deal a very slow and painful death to Bill and Lorena.

    • LilGray says:

      there are some funny moments just waiting to happen I am sure with Jason inside Sookie but it won’t stop Sookie and Eirik from getting their groove on, not for long anyway! As for Bill and Lorena… I haven’t decided exactly what Eirik is going ot do to them when he gets his hands on them but I’m sure it will be epic and incredibly painful and wholly deserved.

  2. i hope ther’s a way to block him coz it would be extremely awkward especially during amorous activities. know what i mean? 😉

    can’t wait for the death of Bill and Lorena. should be quite a hoot! hehehehehhe

    great chapter!

    • LilGray says:

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter…. they will eventually be able to block him and he them so that they can get busy…. it probably won’t be an issue though until Sookie learns how to communicate with the spirits inside her while she is awake….. Bill and Lorena will definitely get what’s coming to them…. thank you for taking the time to leave us a note!


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