It’s Elemental 004 – Come Quick!

Revised 2015-01-06


It’s Elemental

By Lilly Gray & Robin McAllister

© 2011-2015 Sarah A.  Higgins & Robin McAllister

Chapter 004

Come Quick!


Jason thought his new lady friend looked just as beautiful putting her clothes back on as she did when he was taking them off her.  Gillette was in town visiting her sister for the week, so Jason hoped to see her again because he thought she was a damn good lay.  He got up off the bed and threw on his jeans without zipping them up to walk her to the door.  As she went to leave Jason grabbed her arm and turned her back to him before planting a hot kiss on her, so when he called her later that day she would, he hoped, be in the mood for a repeat of last night.  He watched as she stepped into the elevator, and then he turned and walked back into his room.  Just as the door finished closing, there was a rush of air and then Jason could barely breathe as Bill tightly gripped the younger man’s throat.  “Hello Jason!  You and I need to have a little talk about your sister.”

“What about my sister?”  Jason rasped out as he tried unsuccessfully to pry Bill’s hand away from his throat.

“The Bitch has fucked up all of my plans.  And you get to pay for her crimes,” Bill growled as he lifted Jason off the ground and reached for the doorknob.  Bill opened the door and Jason thought, ‘Where did all these big huge men come from, and what are they doing standing outside my door.’

Bill tossed Jason to the one in the front, “Find a place to keep him for the day then call me and leave a message saying where you’re at.  I will deal with him after the sun sets.  I don’t mind if you play with him just don’t break anything too important… leave that for me.”

Jason worriedly thought, Shit!  What the fuck is wrong with Bill!  He’s completely off his rocker.’  The guy holding on to Jason hefted him over his shoulder as if Jason were a sack of potatoes and started to walk towards the elevator, “Bill, what the fuck?  Let me down!  Bill what’s going on, what’s wrong with you?”

Bill growled and came barreling towards Jason then his head felt as if it would explode as Bill punched him in the face.  Jason thought Bill broke his cheek and his nose; blood was pouring down Jason’s face and since he was hanging upside down, it was running into his eyes and making it hard to see.

Bill growled, “Get him the fuck out of here before anyone sees or hears him.  I don’t have time to deal with him right now… the sun will be up in forty minutes.  Have a fun day Jason, I’ll see you again when the sun sets.”  Jason could clearly hear the sarcasm in Bill’s voice as he tried to look at Bill but blackness was slowly closing in on his field of vision.  The last thought he had before the darkness enveloped him was, SOOKIE HELP ME!


Sookie and Hoyt were happily chowing down on their breakfasts while Sera went back to the hotel to get everyone’s luggage.  All of a sudden, Sookie saw the image of Bill’s fist coming at her face and then she heard her brother in her head SOOKIE HELP ME!’  She jumped off the couch but did not know what to do.  It took her a minute to realize that Bill did not just hit her but she knew she had not imagined it either.

“Sookie, what is wrong?”  Eirik rose from where he was lying on the couch and watching her eat, an activity he apparently enjoyed, watching her eat, that is.  He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, “Sookie, I can smell your tears, what is wrong?”

Tears were in fact pouring down her face but she was too busy trying to concentrate to pay any attention to them; she could not find her brother’s mind again but she knew it was Jason.  He was in trouble and Sookie thought trouble’s name was William T. Compton.  “I-I heard my brother calling for help.”  The tears were really pouring now and she was struggling to breathe and talk at the same time.  “I saw Bill punch him in the face and then there was nothing.  I can’t find him I think he’s unconscious.  I think Bill has him.”  She turned in Eirik’s arms and buried her face in his chest since she could not stop the tears.

Hoyt and Jessica gasped at Sookie’s words about the same time Eirik said, “Shit!  Okay, Sookie, Sookie listen to me we will help your brother.  Bill cannot do anything to him right now since the sun will be rising in less than forty minutes so he is safe for the day.”  He held her to him tightly as he cursed himself for forgetting about the boy whom Eirik knew loved his sister enough to try to rescue her from the Fellowship when he learned she was in danger.

Sookie wondered how Bill planned to keep Jason prisoner during the day but she was afraid to ask, still it was her brother.  He came for her so she decided she was going to do everything in her power to be there for him.  “Eric, how does Bill plan to keep Jason hostage during the day when he’s going to be dead for the day soon.”

Eirik sighed then said softly, “Bill had about thirty Supes with him that were there to help him kidnap you after I went down for the day.  My guess is the Weres and Demons that were in the hallway with Bill when we left the hotel would hold on to him until Bill rises, then who knows what will happen.

Sookie if we do not form a Blood Bond he will find you when the sun sets since his connection to you is much stronger than mine is at the moment.  Have you given any more thought to Bonding with me?  It will make you stronger, which may help convince me to let you come with me when I go to get your brother back for you.”

“What do you mean ‘let me’, he’s my brother of course I’m going with you,” She growled into his chest as he held her tightly.

“Sookie you are still transforming so by the time the sun sets you will only be half way through the transformation.  We may have to wait until after you finish transforming but if we figure out where Bill is keeping Jason I will go get him for you as soon as possible.  However, if you are not Bonded to me then there is no way in Hell that I will let you go anywhere near Bill Compton.  Right now, his claim over you is stronger than mine is; I have no leverage.

Physically he cannot touch you while you are with me but he could go to the Magister if he thinks of it and claim that I am interfering in a fledgling Blood Bond.  You would have to go before the Magister and publicly and verbally, revoke any claim he has on you, but that would take too much time and risk the Queen kidnapping you in the interim.

Unless you finish a Blood Bond with me, I will not be able to stop him from taking you until after the Magister makes his ruling.  However, that would give Bill plenty of time to either finish the Blood Bond he started with you by force or deliver you to the Queen.  She would then promptly Blood Bond you to her and then Turn you; I would be helpless to stop it without you officially being mine through a Blood Bond.”

Sookie stopped and thought about what he was really saying.  She had already chosen Eirik so forming a Blood Bond with him only seemed natural.  “So then we should Bond.”

Eirik grabbed hold of her arms and pushed her away from him so he could see her face.  “Are you sure Sookie, once a bond is formed it cannot be undone so you must be sure this is what you want!”

“Eric, even if I didn’t want you, want to be yours, you’re my only way of out of the queen’s clutches and away from Bill.  Nevertheless, I decided I wanted to Bond to you when I heard you practically yelling at Sera that you would have stopped Bill’s charade as soon as you knew about it, that you would have done whatever it took to protect me from him.  I… you said you could love me very soon, well, I think I could love you too if given a chance.  I want to be yours, but make no mistake you will be mine too!  I don’t share.”  He was smiling down at her as Hoyt and Jessica giggled at her proclamation but Eirik did not say anything, “Please say something Eric.”

“I am sorry this is rushed and that you are being forced to make this…”

“I’m not I’m…”

“You are!  I know you chose me outside of what is going on but we would not need to make three Mutual Blood Exchanges in a matter of hours if Bill was not forcing your hand.  For that, I am sorry.  I am not sorry that you will be mine though.

For the record, I will definitely be yours and I am glad you do not share because neither do I.”  He pushed her back towards the couch, “Finish your breakfast, you need all your strength.  When you are done, we will retire for the day, and when you wake up, we will do the Exchanges.  I think waiting a half hour between each Exchange should be long enough between them to make them three separate Exchanges.

Jessica the first room on the left is yours and Hoyt’s; the sun will be up in about twenty minutes so you should hurry in there since you will die with the sunrise.”

She nodded and kissed Hoyt’s cheek as she wished everyone a good day.  As she passed Sookie Jessica whispered, “Sook, I’ll say a prayer for Jason before I go to rest, okay?”

“Thank you Jessica I appreciate that,” Sookie replied to Jessica’s heart felt words as Sookie walked over to the couch to finish her food, pulling Eirik along with her.  “Sit with me I don’t want to be alone,” she turned to Hoyt and told him sheepishly, “no offense Hoyt, but he makes me feel safe.”

Hoyt smiled and said it was no problem as Sookie sat and Eirik sat by her side holding her hand.

“You will never be alone again my sweet Sookie, I promise;” Eirik pulled her hand to his mouth and kissed the back of it.  “Now eat and we will worry about everything else when you are done.  Sera should be back by then and we can fill her in on what is going on and maybe she can spend the day trying to figure out where they are keeping Jason.”

Sookie ate quickly, no longer tasting the food and barely chewing it before swallowing, but she knew she needed to eat all of it so she did.  She would do whatever she must to help Jason.  When she finished eating, she pushed her plate away and waited for Eirik to say or do something.

He did not let her down as he rose, still holding her hand, and pulled her up and into his arms, then he lifted her bridal style before turning to face Hoyt, “We will see you when the sun sets, Hoyt, have a good day.”

After Hoyt returned Eirik’s sentiment, Eirik turned and walked down the hallway.  He pushed open a door on the left and walked in, placing her on a bed.  Reaching over he turned on a bedside light, “The sun will rise in about five minutes.  You have just enough time to change into sleep clothes before you are forced to rest.”

He handed her one of his t-shirts from a drawer as she asked, “What’s it feel like, dying for the day that is.”

“I do not know how to explain it; one minute I am awake and aware and the next I know nothing.  Then just as suddenly, I am aware again and looking at the clock lets me know a few hours have passed.  My ability to feel where the sun is in the sky tells me this too, but I usually look at a clock just to check.  I have been doing that since I got my first clock.  My instincts have never been wrong and I always know what time it is before I look at the clock but I still check.”

As he talked, he turned down the bed and after changing faster than she could see into a pair of lounge pants, he sat on the bed and reached out his hand to her.  Despite being distracted by his shirtless chest she was still obviously nervous about dying for the day so he told me, “I will be here when you die for the day and I will still be right here when you wake.  Sera told us I will not die until after your transformation is complete so not only will I be here but I will be awake and coherent.”

He pulled her onto the bed and laid down before pulling her into his arms.  Resting her head on his chest with her arm lying across his stomach Sookie whispered, “I’m scared, Eric.”

“I know, I was too the first time it happened to me and after all these years I still do not know how to ease your fear.  I do not think anything I say will make you feel better.  However, I do think after the first time you will know what it feels like and it will not be so scary after that.  The good news is you will only die for three hours and only during your transformation.  Once the transformation is complete you will sleep like a human when you choose to sleep.”

As he said the last word, he felt two things, one the sun as it broke across the horizon and two Sookie as she went slack, stopped breathing, and her heartbeat went silent.

Eirik went into downtime as he waited for Sookie to rise entertaining himself with thoughts of what he would do to Bill if so much as a single hair was displaced on Jason when they rescued him.

Three hours later on the dot Sookie gasped for breath and her heart immediately started beating again.  “Welcome back Sookie.”

Her arm tightened around Eirik’s stomach as she struggled to stop gasping.  “In through your mouth and out through your nose Sookie.”

She did as he instructed and a moment later, her breathing calmed.  She looked up at him and whispered, “That was weird; one minute you were talking to me and the next I was gasping for breath.  I assume the three hours is up.”


“So we should start the Bond then, yes?”

“Are you sure Sookie?”  he asked softly, as though he was afraid she changed her mind but she had not changed her mind, quite the opposite really, as she had never been surer of anything in her life.

“I’m sure my Eric.  I want this.”  She leaned up and kissed him softly.  The kiss quickly heated up with their tongues dueling for dominance.  When Sookie felt Eirik’s fangs snap down, she abandoned his tongue in search of his fangs; she swirled her tongue around one and he moaned as he rolled to push her into the bed, so she swirled her tongue around the other fang.  She could feel his erection pressing into her thigh.  Trailing his kisses down her throat, he rested his mouth right by her ear as he asked, “Do you want me to go first or do you want to taste me first?”  While he waited for her answer, he kissed behind her ear and gave it a little lick.

Ugh, you, you go first, please.”  She could barely get the words out between pants.

“As my lady wishes,” and she felt him kiss from her ear and down her throat.  She felt the blood pounding in her veins as Eirik paused just above her jugular.  He kissed and licked his chosen spot a couple of times and then her world exploded as he bit down.  Her whole body shuddered with the most intense orgasm of her life.  She felt him pulling on the wound against her throat and then he pulled back and licked the wound closed.  Her body was still, still, trembling from her orgasm.  Suddenly Eirik flipped them and she was laying on top of him.

“I don’t think I can bite you,” Sookie said softly as she looked down at him uncertainly.  His hand reached out to the table by the bed and he grabbed something.  When he pulled it to his neck, Sookie realized it was a dagger.  He would use it to cut himself so she did not have to bite him.  “Thank you.”

He looked into her eyes, “I will keep the wound from healing for as long as I can, but I need to warn you that this is going to be very erotic for me.  I am likely to get distracted.  I have dreamt about this, Goddess how I have dreamt about this.

Ready?”  he asked her.

She nodded yes and watched as Eirik pulled the dagger across his neck.  “Now Sookie, now!”  She quickly leaned down and latched her mouth onto his neck.  The first taste of his blood blossomed across her tongue, eliciting the thought, Holy Shit!  Bill never tasted like this,’ she also did not remember that taste from when Eirik tricked her, though admittedly at the time she was preoccupied with ‘saving his life.’  He groaned as she decided his blood was just barely salty, it was sweet more than anything else; like a liquid chocolate and the Brandy her daddy used to drink when he came home from work that was what Eirik tasted like as she swallowed repeatedly.  She could not get enough of him.

Then she felt what he was feeling even stronger than earlier in the day.  It was almost overwhelming, but it was also comforting in its fierceness.  He may have skirted around the issue today but Sookie could feel Eirik’s love for her blooming in her chest and God she thought it felt amazing.

His wound healed about the same time she felt him shudder beneath her causing her to think, ‘Holy hell did he just cum from me drinking his blood?’

“Sookieee.  Oh Goddess!  Eirik was shaking beneath her with little aftershocks and she was just laying on top of him in shock that she made him cum.

Sookie smiled a womanly smile into his neck and started to kiss it where the wound had been.  She kissed down his neck to his collarbone.  She never realized how sexy collarbones could be.  After a while of paying homage to his very sexy collarbone, she began to kiss down to his chest.  She licked the edges of his muscles as his hands came up to rest on the back of her head, applying a little pressure, but mostly just resting on her head.  She kissed down and around his pectorals and then she zeroed in on the hard little buds in the middle of each pectoral.  She experimentally licked one and then blew on it for which Eirik rewarded her with a groan and a shudder.

“Goddess Sookie, please do not stop.  That feels so good.”  Eirik ran a hand down her back and thigh and then back up under her T-shirt.  His hand against her naked flesh felt so good.  She felt as if she were burning up and his hand felt cool and comforting against her leg as it trailed up and down her warm flesh.

She sat back up for a minute and wiggled a little as she pulled the oversized T-shirt up to her waist and then completely shucked it off, leaving her in her little pink lace boy short panties and a matching strapless bra.

“Goddess, Sookie, you are so beautiful, come here, let me touch you,” his hands started to trail over her back, light as a feather, up and then down and then up and then down, so slowly, as she leaned over him and resumed her attention to his nipple.  She licked it again and received the same groan, and when she blew air across it, Eirik shuddered again, so she decided to find out what would happen if she bit it.  She gently placed her teeth around it, sucking it between her teeth and bit down just a little.

She felt Eirik’s hands fiddling with the catch on her bra and then it popped open and the next thing Sookie knew she was laying on her back with Eirik’s mouth moving softly across her clavicles and cleavage before moving down to her chest as he pulled her bra away from her skin.  He paused for a moment and looked down into her eyes, “You are so beautiful Sookie.  I cannot get enough of you.”  He went back to kissing her chest, and she arched beneath him, as his mouth closed over her nipple and sucked it into his mouth between his fangs.

She felt his tongue swirl around her bud and the scrape of his fangs against her flesh then suddenly he bit down with his fangs as he fed from her breast.  It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt.  “Ah Eric, please, oh God!  Please!”  Sookie felt the coil in her belly grow tighter and tighter with each suck of his mouth, and then suddenly she flew off the edge and straight into her orgasm.

Oh My God!  She practically screamed as she felt Eirik lick the wound closed after a moment.  When he finished tending to her wound, he reached for the dagger that was laying on the bed next to them.  He brought it up to his pectoral and sliced deeply causing her to immediately reach up and latch onto him, sucking and swallowing as much of him as fast as she could.

She was still trembling from her orgasm just a moment ago, but she felt the coil wrap tighter around her stomach as she absentmindedly thought, Oh God I’m going to cum just by feeding from him.’

Sookie felt Eirik tense and then shudder and suddenly she was tumbling over the edge into her third orgasm of the day.  She pulled her mouth away from his chest as she felt the wound close.  “Eric, that was…” she panted a little between words, “that was amazing!  I’ve never felt anything so amazing.”

“I agree,” he said as he slid down a bit to kiss along her ribcage and belly.  He did that for a few glorious moments even spending some time worshipping her bellybutton, which made her giggle a couple of times.  Then he kissed his way back up her chest and along to the delicious skin of her neck before he ghosted his mouth across her cheek to her mouth.  Their tongues dueled for dominance once again and she flicked her tongue around his fangs occasionally.

His tongue slid over her teeth, and she never thought teeth could be an erogenous zone, but she really liked when he licked over her teeth and the roof of her mouth… it was intimate in a way she never experienced before Eirik.  Bill always just shoved his tongue down Sookie’s throat; he never let his tongue play with hers or really seemed to enjoy kissing her, but she could tell Eirik was totally and completely into kissing her.

He pulled away slightly and kissed over her chin and down to her neck then over to her ear, he pulled the lobe between his teeth and nibbled it gently.

Ugh, please don’t stop, that feels so good.”  She whispered as her hands brushed over his back traveling up to grab his hair, feeling the muscles move beneath his skin.

“Can you handle one more Exchange Sookie or do you need to rest first?”  He whispered into her ear and God’ Sookie thought that was sexy, then again, Eirik could probably read the grocery list in that whisper and have her on the verge of cumming all over again.

“Please.”  She felt herself getting ready to plead and beg.

He kissed down her throat and back down to her chest.  That time he began kissing all over the other breast before zeroing on the nipple.  Sookie thought blissfully, God does that feel good!’  There went his tongue swirling around the nipple again causing her to moan aloud, “hhmmm.”  He nipped at it with his blunt teeth and then she felt his fangs snap down again before he dragged them over her sensitive tip repeatedly until she was practically crying it felt so amazing, and then he bit down causing stars to explode behind her eyes as she came yet again.

He felt so good against her; she decided she wanted him inside her, “In…  Inside, please”

Eirik licked the wound closed and then kissed back up to her mouth.  She could taste her blood in his mouth and as gross as she thought that would be she actually found it to be really hot!  He grabbed the dagger again and pulled it across the same pectoral just above his nipple.  She latched on for all she was worth.  After a few swallows she felt a shift inside her and ‘Oh God!’  She felt everything he was feeling, and she could hear him thinking about how amazing she was and how happy he was that they were one being now.

She tried to persuade him again, “Inside, please, I need…”  She reached down to try to pull his pants down.

“What do you need Princess?”  he asked in a husky voice that almost did not sound like him.

“You, I need you, inside me, please Eric, I neeeed you!  Please.”  She was practically crying from her desperate need.

Eirik’s hand moved to her hair, and he softly stroked her hair back from her face.  “It is okay Sookie, I have you, shhh, it is okay.”  She pulled on his pants again and grunted in frustration.

“Inside… please.”

“Not like this Princess, when you give me your body I want you to give it freely, not because you are scared… we did what needed to be done and now I am going to hold you while we come down from our high.”

“No, please, I need you, please.”  She was desperate now, “Please.”

“Sookie,” He gripped her chin and turned her head so that he could look straight into her lust filled eyes.  “I want you so badly Sookie,”

“Then take me!”  She whimpered a little as she thrust her hips up into his.

He groaned then, “Goddess, Sookie, I cannot…  I promised myself that we would enjoy each other completely without Bill hanging over your head.  I need to know that you chose this, chose me, when you were not crazy with lust.  I do not believe sex is what you had in mind when you agreed to Bond with me… so as far as I am concerned you agreed to three Mutual Blood Exchanges and nothing else.  I knew we would cum from the experience, but I knew it would not go any further than that.  Please I need you to understand.  I cannot break my promise to you or myself.”

She had tears streaming down her face, at first they were tears of frustration but now, feeling his emotions well up inside her, she was crying because he really, really loved her and she felt his fear that she would hate him if they went further.  She did not think she could ever actually hate him, but as she came down from her high, she realized that Eirik was correct; she needed to choose to make love to him when she was not crazy with lust, and it needed not to be while she was worried about her brother too.

“Are you better now, Sookie?  You feel better!”  Eirik asked as he looked down into her eyes and stroked her damp cheeks.

“I’m better now, Eric, thank you, for knowing what I needed more than I did, thank you for stopping.  I want our first time to be special and I want to freely choose it like you said, so thank you.”

“You are welcome; we have forever now, so there is no rush.  When you are ready you let me know okay?”  He paused as if in deep thought.

His stopping things before they went too far coupled with his thoughts, which she could hear, made her realize she had made the correct decision when she chose to trust him.  There was nothing duplicitous or underhanded about his thoughts.  She could easily see that he was happy she trusted him enough to Bond with him because he was certain she would not have approved of her fate had Bill, the queen, or Russell gotten their ways.

In fact, Eirik had very explicit ideas on what her life could have been.  Those thoughts scared her but then she reminded herself that she had chosen to have faith in Eirik and his thoughts on what he wanted for her future were far more pleasing to her.  Though she thought, she might have to have a talk with him at some point about trying to spoil her.  She was not a kept woman!

She came out of her thoughts and noticed the pained face Eirik was making so she asked, “What’s wrong Eric?”

“Nothing is wrong I am just trying to decide if I should bring up the possibility of my giving you the Marks.  I do not want to overwhelm you but I would feel better if I gave you the Marks, and I cannot for the life of me figure out if it is my instincts warning me of danger ahead or my instincts wanting to make you mine in every way,” he leaned down and kissed her softly.

“What are the Marks?”  Sookie asked.  She could feel the need inside of him to do that, to Mark her, but she did not know what it might entail.  “I need all the facts, like we talked about earlier.”

He rolled them to their sides and pulled her closer to him.  “Okay I will try to explain what they are but you need to understand that I have never given anyone the Marks before so I only know what I have been told by Leifr and Godric.  It might be best to have you talk to Sera about it since Leifr gave her the Marks; so she knows what it feels like and what it ultimately will do to us.

Honestly I am not even sure I can give you all of the Marks, but damn it I want to try,” His voice trembled with need.

“Shh, it’s okay, we’ll try, you’ll tell me what you know and then I can talk to Sera and then we can try okay?”


Earlier in the day just after Sera left the safe house

Sera left Eirik and Sookie to her breakfast.  Sera remembered that part in greater detail, not the food she actually ate, but Leifr watching her every move as though it was the most fascinating thing ever, which she supposed to him she was.

She headed back to the Hotel to get their luggage.  She ‘popped’ into Eirik’s Suite and grabbed the bags.  Just as she was about to leave she heard, “Bill, What the Fuck?  Let me down!  Bill what is going on, what’s wrong with you?”

She recognized the voice as one she had not heard outside her own head in a very long time.  That was Sookie’s brother, Jason, speaking.  Sera opened the door a crack; just in time to see Bill punch the poor man in the face.  Sera heard the unmistakable sound of his cheekbone and his nose as they broke from the impact.  Goddess!  She thought Bill hit Jason with almost his full strength or at least much harder than you should hit a human in the head.

She contemplated her options, ‘Hmmm what to do?’

She heard one of her many inner voices clearly, as he said, ‘Follow and report back.’

‘But that is Sookie’s brother I cannot just leave him with them, there is no telling what they will do to him.’  She internally countered angrily.

‘You know exactly what they’ll do to him but it’s his destiny.  Just make sure Sookie gets there in time to save him from his Final Death but ultimately this is his Fate.”  The voice of Sera’s brother tried to be gentle but Sera did not want Sookie to have to make the choices she, herself, had been forced to make.

Sera decided upon closer inspection that she could not save him by herself because there were at least thirty bad guys.  Half of them appeared to be Demons so they would be harder to defeat than the Weres; she would have to kill them all and any one of them might have someone who would come looking for them so she knew it was best not kill them all.

Her best option was to follow them and find out where they were holding Jason then go tell Eirik what was going on.  That did not mean Sera was not angry at the voice for suggesting she leave the boy to his Fate.  She thought petulantly, ‘His Fate sucks and this will hurt Sookie deeply!’

Grudgingly, Sera cloaked herself so the creatures taking Jason hostage would not be able to see or sense her before following behind them.  She ‘popped’ into the hallway leading off the Lobby and waited for them, and a few moments later, they exited the stairwell.  She followed at a safe distance but the back door slammed closed before she could get through it so she ‘popped’ to the other side of the door and watched as they loaded Jason into a black van.  As they drove off, Sera prepared herself for a long and fast run and then took off after them.

Thirty minutes later, they pulled up to the back entrance of a warehouse and carried Jason inside.  Sera watched through a window near the ceiling as they tossed Jason to the floor, and she waited for more than two hours to see if they said anything about moving to a different location.  They did not; all they did was torment Jason with kicks and cigarette burns to his flesh.  His screams etched themselves into Sera’s mind for all time, but Jason’s refusal, in the face of extreme pain and torment, to betray his sister in any way, however slight, would also stay with Sera for the rest of her existence.

She left and went back to the Hotel, grabbed Eirik, Sookie, Jessica, and Hoyt’s things and ‘popped’ back over to the house.  It took her three trips to get all their luggage down the staircase and into the living room of the underground lair since she could not just teleport down there because of all the wards and such.  She listened and heard the sound of Hoyt’s heart beating at rest but not Sookie’s, so she realized that then was not the best time to tell them what she knew.  She steeled herself for a long wait and sat down on the couch to contemplate the unfairness of life.


Jason felt as though he was floating in the middle of nothing.  Slowly the nothing became the backyard of Gran’s house, and he saw Gran hanging a load of laundry.  He walked towards her smiling as she turned to give him one of her famous hugs.  “I’ve missed you Gran!”  He said as tears fell down his face.

“I know my dear boy.  I have missed you as well.  We don’t have much time.  I must explain your choices to you, and then let you make your decision on your own, but know this; I love you very much, always have and always will!”

“What choices Gran?”  He asked quietly.  It was peaceful there, and he did not want to disturb that peace.

“Sookie is starting on a new path, one that will cross time and space and you need to decide if you are going to die by Bill Compton’s hand and get reincarnated or if you are going to ask Eirik or Sookie to save you.  If Eirik or his GrandMaker, Leifr, saves you, you will be a Vampire.  Don’t frown; you have seen recently that they are not all bad.  They are not all Compton.  You like Eirik right?”

Jason nodded and he meant that.  Eirik was the only Vampire Jason saw actually try to save Sookie while in Dallas.  Not only that, but Eirik did not just save her once but twice, both times at great risk to himself.  Jason thought many Vampires were probably exactly like Bill but he knew Eirik Northman was not one of them.

Jason actually thought Eirik would be good for his sister.  If Jason had to put up with his baby sister being with a man, any man, well Eirik was the exact type of man Jason would hope she would find and settle down with for the rest of her life.  He thought her self-esteem and self-image would rise with a powerful and so very coveted man like Eirik wanting her as badly as Jason knew Eirik did.

Not that Sookie would care about Eirik’s power, or how many other woman might want him, but the fact that out of all of his numerous choices Eirik chose her would certainly boost her ego, which in Jason’s humble opinion could use a boost.  All things considered, there were a lot worse men with which Sookie could choose to spend her life.  In Jason’s opinion, all of them would be a million times more dangerous to Sookie than Eirik Northman ever would be.  Jason thought, ‘Like, oh say Bill Compton.’

More than that though Jason felt deep within his soul that Eirik was intended for Sookie, or maybe she was intended for him, either way Jason was pretty sure fate and destiny were involved in getting the two of them together.  Gran nodded as though she could hear Jason’s thoughts and then she continued, “Good so don’t discount the notion based on a knee jerk reaction.

Now Eirik and Leifr are not your only options; Sookie can save you.  She can, but your existence will be inexorably linked to hers forever.  Where she goes so will you.  You won’t have a body of your own, but your spirit will survive inside her body for all of eternity.

Being Vampire or Spirit are the only ways to keep the two of you together throughout time.  There is a slim chance that if you choose reincarnation that you might meet up with her in another life at some point down the road.  She would remember you, but you likely would not remember her.

Therefore, your choices are to stay by Sookie’s side and continue to help protect her as you have your whole life or separate from her forever; if you choose to remain by her side I will teach Sookie how to bring you into herself in case they cannot Turn you in time or you cannot ask to be Turned.

Now I should not tell you this, but you will find a happiness you never knew existed if you choose correctly and correctly is not necessarily reincarnation.  So sit and enjoy the sun for a while and think on what I have said.  I’ll let you know when it’s time for you to leave, and you can give me your answer.”  She shooed Jason away and went back to tending to her laundry.

Jason on the other hand, sat on Sookie’s old lawn chair.  He felt the sun beating on him, warming him as he sighed happily.  It was good to see Gran again, even if it was in a dream.

Her words though told him that was not a regular dream so he got down to business and started analyzing his choices.  ‘Never see Sookie again, or stay with her always, either as a Vampire or stuck inside of her for all of eternity.  Gran said I would continue to protect Sookie that way, but I want my own life and my own body too!  I don’t know what to choose.’

Several hours later, he was no closer to making a decision when Gran walked over to him and asked him if he had made his choice.  ‘Well here goes nothing.’  “I choose to…”

The last thing Jason heard before intense pain woke him up was, “You made the right choice my dear boy, you will be happier than you ever thought you could be.  I Love you, always remember that.”

Then Jason felt a foot, with what he assumed was a steel covered toe, crash into his stomach again.  “UGH” Jason lost his breath and struggled to regain it before the man kicked him again.

“John that’s enough, he’s awake.”  Jason saw a stocky guy push off the wall and come to stand above him.  “What can you tell us about the Telepath our Queen wants so badly?”

Decision made Jason looked up at the man as confidently as he could and said, “Queen?  What are you talkin’ about?  I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no Queen, and I don’t know nothing ’bout no Telepath.”  That time the foot caught Jason’s jaw and he was pretty sure it was cracked though it still seemed to work.”

“John, not the mouth, he can’t give us answers if he can’t talk cuz you broke his jaw.”

The man in charge squatted beside Jason and told him, “If you answer our questions we’ll kill you before the Vampire rises, that way he won’t be able to torture you, well more than we already have that is.”

Jason worriedly thought, ‘I can’t die before Sookie gets here I have to speak with her!’  Still he just lay there and said nothing, and moments later, he felt his knee shatter.  God it hurts!  I LOVE YOU SOOKIE!  COME QUICK!’  He shouted to her mind hoping she could in fact hear him.


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  1. mom2goalies says:

    Really wonder which choice he will make? I’m leaning towards vampire….
    Eric is such a good man for holding back with Sookie and I’m glad she realized it too. Awesome update and can’t wait for more!

    • LilGray says:

      You will find out sooner than I thought since I just finished editing the next chapter (it’s a little shorter than the others). I think I’m going to do the eighth and final read through before dinner and then hopefully I’ll be able to post it tonight before I go to bed… I keep finding missing commas though so it might need two more read throughs, lol. But you should get the update in the next 24 hours so long as nothing major pops up in real life.

      Also I wanted to mention that this is the first in a series partially inspired by EricIzMine’s Multi-verse… Angela’s initial idea was so awesome and we are so sad that Angela was taken from the world so unexpectedly that Robin and I are hoping to do something similar as our version of a tribute to a truly brilliant woman and prolific storyteller. However, instead of calling them ‘skips’ we are going to call them ‘weaves’ (The series is tentatively titled ‘The Weaves of the Moiré’.) So regardless of what choice Jason makes in ‘It’s Elemental’ we will likely explore his other options in later stories…. so even if he doesn’t choose the way you want or you want to see what would happen if he chose differently you will eventually get to read the version you are hoping for as we currently have plans for versions where Jason becomes a spirit, becomes a Vampire, and possibly one where he stays human for the time being…

      As for Eric being a good man, yes, yes he is…. and I don’t think Robin or I could write it where Sookie would not at the very least eventually understand and see Eric for the good decent man he is.

      I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying the story and I truly appreciate that you took the time to drop us a note! So Thank you for that.


      • mom2goalies says:

        I love Ericizmine’s stories! I have them all downloaded onto my Fire. And I love that you are going to do something similar as a tribute to her awesome work.

      • LilGray says:

        Angela truly was a phenomenal woman and her stories are absolutely amazing. When she was alive I would check her site every day to see if she had updated. I even became one of her brats I loved her work so much. I can’t speak for Robin but I hear ya on having the stories all downloaded and on my device. I would usually download them as they were posted so I would have the most up to date versions available should the urge to read her stuff come up, which admittedly happened fairly often. lol. Okay now I’m off to finish the last read through so you can find out what Jason chose!

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