LHSP – Chapter 003 – Sheriff Compton Has a Nice Ring To It


Chapter Three

Sheriff Compton Has a Nice Ring To It






Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Feed! Fuck! Feed! Fuck! I slowly become aware of myself.  Someone is practically on top of me.  Hmmm, that smell!  Sookie!  She’s still in bed with me? I wonder what time it is.  I stop and concentrate.  What the fuck?! The sun’s already set.  Holy shit! I think it’s been more than 1,000 years since I woke up after the sun set. And Sookie’s still in bed?  I concentrate again, this time on our Bond and she seems fine.  She’s dreaming of me spanking her.  Hmmm, now there’s a nice thought.  I roll her under me and contemplate my next move… on the one hand I wouldn’t mind giving her a nice wakeup call and I’m quite certain she wouldn’t mind either, but on the other hand The Marks can be overwhelming so I should probably let her sleep as much as she needs.  I really want to wake her up, but I must put her needs above my needs and wants.  So I roll back onto my side and then slip out of bed, careful not to jostle it too much.  I decide I’ll take a shower after Sookie’s up since we’re likely to get dirtier before we get clean; no sense in having to shower twice, especially if Sookie’s not in both of them.

I throw on a pair of lounge pants, grab my regular cell phone and the throw away, and head downstairs.  I look at my phone and see that Pam has called twice. I can feel her slight fear through our bond, so I hit speed dial and wait. “Master, you are well?”

“I am well.  What did you need me for?”  I should have listened to her messages first.

“I, uh, I didn’t need you for anything specific, it’s just… I felt you die for the day hours before sunrise and now I only just felt you wake a good hour and a half after sunset. I… I was… worried, I…”

“My Childe, I am sorry I worried you.  I guess the First Mark drained me more than I thought. I should have warned you, but honestly I didn’t think of this possibility.”

“I felt a shift in the bond shortly before you died for the day, so I figured that’s what it was.  It’s the only reason I didn’t barge into your chambers.  I didn’t think you’d want me disturbing Sookie and I could feel that you were fine once I got over the initial shock.”

“Well I am fine.  I plan to do at least one Mark each night until all Five are done, so be prepared for this to happen four more times.”  I really am sorry I worried her.  I do not enjoy scaring Pam any more than I enjoy scaring Sookie.

“Yes Master. I will call you if anything happens, unless you are coming in tonight?”

“It’d be best to get the Marks done first before taking Sookie out around Vampires, so I will not be in until next week. But I will call you at least once a night until then. Probably when I wake up in case I die for the day early again and I miss our usual end of night call.  If I do not go to rest suddenly I will call you before I do so.  Good Night Pam.”

“Good Night Master.  Have Fun!”

“Oh, I intend to,” I say as I chuckle. Once she has hung up I end the call.  I pause and listen.  Sookie’s heart rate has accelerated and she’s mumbling something, so I run up the steps.

Once beside the bed I can hear her words more clearly. “I’m sorry, Master, I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again! I’m sorry! Please stop, please… I won’t do it again, please…”

Should I wake her? Or let the dream play out?

I can see her in her dream draped over my lap as I spank her – hard!  I’m a little surprised by how hard I appear to be hitting her ass.  In her dream she looks at me over her shoulder in between spanks and I can clearly see that I’m not hitting her harder because my emotions have the best of me.  I’m very calm and I get the feeling that I waited until I calmed down before delivering her punishment.  I hear Sookie crying and shouting that she promises to tell me anytime she has a dream about either of us or anyone else we know.

Hmm. She’s dreaming about being punished for not telling me about a potentially prophetic dream, but I can’t figure out what the dream was about, just that it was big.

I lie down on the bed beside her and pull her into my arms, holding her while I watch the punishment play out in her head.  I can see that there are other people present.  Pam is there, wearing a look that’s a cross between pleased and concerned that I’ve never seen on her face before.  Godric is also there.  He looks upset by her omission, but pleased with my reaction and I start a bit when I realize that Dream Sookie can feel Godric the way I do and hear his thoughts.  There are others present as well; Vampires from my retinue and their human pets.

I still can’t see what the dream was about; frustrating, but not the end of the world.  I have a feeling Sookie’s going to be telling me every single dream she has for quite some time.  I can feel the spanks as though I’m dream Sookie and I’m surprised to feel my ass hurt in a way that it hasn’t in hundreds of years.  Not since that time I disobeyed Godric about feeding on that woman who turned out to have a Vampire lover I didn’t know about.  Godric bartered with him to hand down a severe whipping with silver and starvation to prevent the other Vampire from trying to kill me.  My punishment was very public and it took two days to heal without feeding and then I wasn’t allowed to feed for three more days.  After my punishment Godric brought me five Humans and I was so hungry I killed all but the last one.  I took out my embarrassment on that poor soul for 4 days before I finally killed him. Goddess that was over 850 years ago; that was the last serious punishment I received from Godric.

I see the dream me lift her off my lap and tell her to crawl to a contraption that I’ve only ever seen on paper a very long time ago.

I take the disposable phone that is still in my hand from my phone call with Pam and dial Godric’s disposable phone.

“My Childe, you started the Marks with someone. You are well?  I felt you go to rest very early and I only just felt you rise.  Of course after what I felt before you went to rest I can’t say I’m really surprised.”

“Yes, Master, I am very well.  I’m calling because my new pet has dreams that tend to come true. She is dreaming now and you are in this dream along with the Vampires who owe me Fealty.  This dream takes place in Fangtasia, so I was wondering if you plan to come visit us some time soon.”

“I am curious to meet your new pet, so perhaps I shall come for a visit.  What is her name?”  I can feel a calm I haven’t felt from my Maker in centuries coming through our Bond.

“Are you alone, Godric?”  I wait for him to confirm that he is alone in his soundproof office.  “Her name is Sookie, though you shouldn’t mention her to anyone just yet, there is some intrigue going on.

She resides in my Area, but the Queen is hoping to go around me and have a subordinate of hers seduce Sookie and bring her to Court.  The Queen is not currently aware that I already know Sookie and have already Bonded with her.  By the time she finds any of this out I will also be informing her that I have given Sookie the Five Marks.  What you felt last night was the First Mark. I am scheduled to meet with Compton, the Vampire Sophie-Anne is sending, on Wednesday of next week. He has reported that he will be entering my Area on Sunday, so we should have enough time to get all of the Marks into place before I have to meet with him. Though the house he is moving to is next to Sookie’s house.”

My Maker interrupts me, “Is she not currently living with you?”

“She is, in fact she is sleeping in my arms as we speak.  I fear the Mark took more out of her than I realized it would.  Her Grandmother still lives in the house next to Compton’s, so that worries me.  Though it turns out her Grandmother is less Human than you or I.  Do you remember me telling you about Adelaide from my voyage to New Orleans from Haiti?  Turns out she is in fact Sookie’s Paternal Grandmother.”

“I would not worry about Adelaide.  If everything you’ve told me about her is true then she can take care of herself.  What do you know of young Sookie’s heritage? A Human/Handmaiden hybrid does not explain prophetic dreams.”

I chuckle, “Master that is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s Telepathic, Empathic and she has prophetic dreams. I’m sure there are many other abilities neither of us are aware of just yet.  Her Father was a Faerie/Handmaiden Hybrid, but her Mother was an Elf/Seer Hybrid; possibly with a touch of Demon in her lineage.”

“Oh Eric, you never do anything small do you?  The Queen will be very displeased when she finds out the truth about your new Pet.  I know I released you, but if it pleases you, I would like to take you up on your previous offers for a visit. I would like to meet your new Pet and be available to you should you need assistance with Sophie-Anne.  Not that I don’t think you can handle her, but two heads are better than one, just as two swords are always better than one.”

I cannot begin to say how happy I am that he’s coming to visit with me for a while, but I know he can feel my happiness through our Bond. “Of course it would please me!  When will you get here?”  I don’t care that I practically sound giddy.

“I will leave as soon as I find a flight to Shreveport, so no later than tomorrow evening.” Hmm, that’s odd.  If I were to leave my Area for a given time I would need to take at least a day or two to make arrangements for my Area to be properly seen to and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that I have a VERY capable Childe to run everything while I am away.  I will have to think about the significance of his hasty arrival later.

I feel Sookie shift slightly next to me and look down to see her smiling up at me.  I smile back as I tell my Maker to call and let me know when he will arrive so we can pick him up at the airport.  He agrees and says he’ll see us soon.

Sookie snuggles closer as I disconnect the call.  “Who’s coming to see us?  I mean you? I…”

I correct her before she can start backtracking further, “You were right the first time…  He is coming to see us.  And He is my Maker, Godric.”

Her smile widens as she squeezes me tightly, well tightly for her anyway.  “YAY!  Do you think he’ll approve of me?” her smile lessens, “What if he doesn’t like me or approve?” now she’s scared.

“Shh, Sookie, I know he will love you as much as I do.” I freeze. Did I just tell her that I love her?  Shit!  I look at the emotion from every angle for a minute and decide that the word love definitely describes it.

Sookie’s eyes are wide and I nod at her and say, “I think I am starting to love you… not all the way yet, but it’s definitely started.”  I’m a little overwhelmed by this knowledge.  It’s been a long time since I’ve loved anyone besides Godric and Pam and we almost never talk about it.  I’ve certainly never told either of them that I love them.

Sookie places her head back on my chest and squeezes again as she whispers, “I’m falling for you too.”  Upon hearing her words I feel a tremendous sense of peace fill me.  I relax and begin stroking her hair and back while we just lay there exchanging feelings back and forth across the Bond.

Sookie’s hand is tracing circles on my chest and as the minutes tick by her hand slowly drifts lower and lower.  She stops when her hand reaches my waistband and looks up at me. “Eric, will you please make love to me?”

Now my eyes widen.  She is definitely a fast learner.  She used my name, asked politely and said please.  I still for a moment and contemplate the situation.  She’s not high on an orgasm and we’re not lost in the moment.  I can tell through her thoughts that she’s very clear headed.  I can see no reason not to, she’s not incapacitated by the First Mark and we can always do the Second Mark after the afterglow subsides.

Hearing my thoughts, she stretches her head up and kisses my new Mark before her hand slips into my pants.  Her fingers swirl through and pull at my pubic hair a little and then her warm little hand wraps as far around my erection as it can. And she gives a little tug and then begins stroking me, her grip tightening slowly as she starts kissing all over my chest and licking the crevasses between each of the muscles.  Everywhere her hot little tongue drags across my skin feels like little electrical shocks.  It’s a remarkable experience; one I’ve never, never felt before.

As her lips kiss and lick the muscles of my stomach directly above my waistband she looks up and meets my eyes.  There’s a sparkle in her eyes that I haven’t seen before.  It’s a very womanly look.  Her hand leaves my erection and comes out of my pants, but before I can complain or do much more than moan in disappointment both her hands grab my waistband and start pulling it down my body.  She’s up on her knees leaning over me and inching backwards down the bed towards my feet as the backs of her fingers tickle the outsides of my thighs, knees and then my calves, before she pulls my pants completely off.  As she throws my pants over her shoulder as she looks up my body, starting at my feet. When she reaches my middle she licks her lips and I have to have a taste so I reach for her.

She crawls up my body, placing little kisses and bites up both legs. As if sensing my need to kiss her, she completely skips over my throbbing erection and continues to kiss up my chest, stopping briefly to lick, suck and bite at my nipples.  She twists her head a little with my nipple caught between her teeth and pulls causing the most delicious shockwaves to shoot through me directly to my dick.

“Mmmmh, Sookie,” I moan as I grab hold of her arms and drag her up towards my lips, but her teeth don’t immediately let go of my nipple and my hips buck at the sensation.  “Goddess, you feel amazing.  Come here, My Pet.”

She smiles at me and lays atop me as her lips finally descend on mine.  My hands are caressing every inch of her back that I can reach.  I squeeze her ass and grind my hips into hers when she grabs hold of my tongue with her teeth scraping along it before she sweeps her tongue along my teeth and across the roof of my mouth then comes back to duel with my tongue.  Her hands are fluttering up and down my sides as she continues to kiss me.  I’m letting her lead so she won’t feel pressured into doing anything she doesn’t want to. By the Goddess she is hot when she’s in control. She’s never been so forward with me before and I find myself enjoying it almost as much as I enjoy controlling what we do.

I reach down past her ass on a downward sweep of my hands and pull her legs apart so that her knees slip onto the bed on either side of my hips. She pulls her knees up towards me and sits up as she leans towards my mouth and continues to kiss me.  Perfect! Now I can play while she plays.

My hands slip up her hips to her waist and continue around to her front and I grab hold of her breasts and squeeze tightly and rhythmically. Then I circle her nipples with the tips of my fingers and after a minute I start to twist and pull them as her hips rock against mine.  As one hand continues to play with her nipples the other travels down past her stomach and toys with the curls above her apex.

As she pulls her mouth away from mine to drag in deep breaths I whisper in her ear, “Have you ever been waxed?  I’m thinking you would look and feel amazing, more amazing, if I wax you before I have your piercings placed. Can you imagine the sting of all those little hairs being ripped from your skin?  I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Sookie?”

“Hmm, yesss, God YES! OH!”  She wiggles a little as my hand finally travels to her lips and pushes between them, finding her clit and twisting a little before my fingers travel to her hole and I push two of them into her.  I want it to hurt enough to feel good for her, but I don’t want to cross the line and have it be all pain and no pleasure, so as I pump my fingers in and out of her I stretch her walls and lightly scrape her barrier with the nails of my fingers as I stretch her. I add a third finger since I am not a small man in any way.

“Eric, please, I can’t… I need it, pleasssse.” She’s pushing down on my fingers almost as if she’s trying to drive them through her barrier.

“Now, Now, Sookie,” There will be none of that happening.  There is definitely something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way, so I flip her over onto her back to keep her from forcing my hand, so to speak.

“Are you ready Sookie? I think you’re just shy of being ready, which means I’m ready.”  I grip myself and line my dick up with her center and then I’m pushing in and she’s panting for air.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m not small anywhere on me, and, let’s face it, she’s nothing but small.

I feel her barrier and I stop for a minute as I kiss her softly on her lips.

“Do it, pleasssse!” And I shove home, breaking through her barrier “Aahhh, GOD!”  Instead of stopping to give her a minute to adjust, I start moving immediately in the hopes that it’ll drag the pain out a little longer and therefore improve the experience for her.

I pull almost all the way out and then slam back in and I feel the head of my penis hit her cervix, causing her to whimper.  Perfect!  I was hoping I was long enough and she was small enough that it would work out this way.  I will have centuries of fun banging up against her cervix, which I’m told can at best be uncomfortable and at worst be downright painful.  And the fun I can have with various toys, oh the fun will know no end! For me anyway… she might not be so happy about it after a while, but who am I kidding? She will get off on this almost as much as I will.

As I slam back in again she whimpers my name and asks, “Eric, wha?  What is ohhh, THAT!” She ends her sentence as I hit home again.

“That, my Pet, is my dick slamming against your cervix… does it hurt good?  Or do you want me not to bottom out?”  I really don’t want to stop, but if it’s completely beyond pleasure for her, then I will , which is a weird feeling for me as I usually don’t care if it hurts them good or bad… just so long as it hurts them and feels great for me…

“OOHhh, Don’t you dare stop!  Please, harder, please!” and she thrusts her hips up to meet mine with each stroke as I slam a little harder into her.

Amazingly, I’m not going to be able to keep up this rhythm for very long. I’m too excited about deflowering her and hitting her cervix, so I reach between us and start fingering her clit.  We’ll play games at some point where she won’t be allowed to cum until I do, or I at least give her permission to, but this first time she should come before me, so I command her, “Come for me, My Pet!  Come, NOW!” as I grab hold of her clit and twist as hard as I dare.

“OH, Oh oh, ERICCC!” Suddenly I feel her walls collapse around me and the fluttering and spasming feels even more incredible and next thing I know I’m following her over the precipice.  I bite down just above her breast as I continue to pull and twist on her clit as I ride her through the waves of our orgasms.

Finally, after her last shudder, I stop twisting and I look up at her while I continue to suck her precious blood and realize I’ve been chanting ‘Form the Second Mark, form the Mark,’ over and over.

As she pants for breath I feel that connection that was started last night, that place inside me that now belongs to her coming to life so I pull away after licking her wound as my hand reaches out to the nightstand to grab the dagger.  I slice above my heart and suddenly her lips are on my chest and she’s sucking my blood from it… hard!

Again I can hear her chanting in her head, “Please make us one, form the Mark, make us one.” We both come once more with a flash of light as the cut heals itself and I hear “And so it continues, Blessed Be.” in stereo.  I shudder as I realize that I can hear Sookie’s thoughts more clearly. I lay my head on her chest as I pant for breath just as much as she is, even though I don’t need to breathe.  My arms are holding most of my weight off of her so I don’t crush her.

“Will… it… always… be… that… amazing?” she whispers with little giggles in between pants.

“Goddess… I… hope… so!” I reply with a chuckle in between my own pants for breath. I agree that was amazing, and I have high standards so that’s saying something.  I roll us over so that she’s now lying on top of me as I can feel her growing sleepy.  Thankfully I don’t feel death calling to me yet, which is good since it’s only one in the morning.

I go into downtime as I listen to her breathing even out as she falls asleep. I’m in awe, truly.  I haven’t felt this amazing sense of peace since I last lay with Áfríðh, and even then I knew she wasn’t well so it didn’t feel like this.  My mind flashes on the last time I saw her before she died. No this feels different; this feels incredibly freeing.  Sookie’s not perfect and she’s been just as much a victim as Áfríðh was, maybe even more so; but Sookie’s will to live and flourish is stronger than Áfríðh’s ever was.  And I swear on all that I hold dear this time will be different.  I won’t fail my new love as I did Áfríðh.  I decide to push that thought away for now, but I won’t forget so it’ll never happen again.

I suppose Godric made me feel like this at some point, but I can’t recall a specific time.  My times with him were more, well, more restrained.  Especially in the beginning, I had horrible control when I was first Turned; worse than most Newborns.  Godric was constantly restraining me with his will and I suffered many, MANY punishments as he removed his restraining will, so even then I felt restrained. That is how he taught me control, through rewards and punishment, just as I hope to change Sookie’s way of seeing herself through rewards and punishment.

I am happy that Godric is coming. I hope he can help me wrap my head around how to basically be him… that makes me chuckle… I essentially want the same kind of relationship with Sookie that I had with Godric, before he released me. Only this time I have to be the Dominant, which wouldn’t be all that difficult for me since I’m dominant pretty much all the time, except for when I’m with Godric, but I’m trying to balance Dominance with Love and Care.  Godric excels at this. It’s something I must learn to do.

I continue to think as my hand brushes through Sookie’s hair while she sleeps nestled on top of me.


Same Night, Four Hours After Sunset on the Road to Bon Temps



I can’t believe I have to leave Court and go romance a Human!  I’ve tried to talk the Queen out of it, but if I push too hard I’m just going to end up being physically tortured in addition to the mental anguish of having to romance a Human. Then I’d have to go do it anyways after I was punished, so best to protest a little but ultimately do her bidding.  The result is always much nicer.

I called my new Sherriff’s office last night and arranged for an appointment with him for next week to ask for permission to move back into his Area.  I told his Bitch Childe that I’m not going to enter his Area till Sunday, but I just want to get started so I can get this all over with.  I can’t believe I’m going to be living under Eric-Fucking-Northman again.  As if pretending to love a Human isn’t bad enough, I also have to put up with that pompous Asshole.

He always thinks he’s better than everyone.  Just because he’s been a Sherriff longer than any other Sherriff in the whole United States, actually all of North America and most of Central America if you want to get right down to it; really some of South America too now that I think about it.

He thinks his shit doesn’t stink, as the Humans say. Never mind the fact that he can’t shit anymore, but he’s not so perfect.  Hopefully this will be an opportunity to show him up. After all, this Human has been living in his Area since her birth 25 years ago and he doesn’t have any idea there is a Telepath in his Area.  The Queen’s Pet Hadley said this Sookie girl has shown signs of this ability since she was able to talk.

And what kind of a name is Sookie?  That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard.  I understand that all she does is work at a bar and keep house with her Grandmother.  It should be fairly easy to insinuate myself into her life and then take over.  I mean, how hard can it be to seduce a woman who’s never even been kissed?  Personally I think my idea to set her up with Drainers is inspired; even the Queen thought so.

God, I’m hungry! Maybe I can stop at a Gas Station and grab a bite to eat?  I know I’m supposed to be Mainstreaming for this job, but there’s no way this little girl is going to know I fed off a trucker at a rest stop, unless the Queen is wrong about the unlikely hood of her hearing Vampires since we are no longer human. And frankly I don’t care if I have to travel an hour away every night to feed off a Fangbanger without my ‘new love’ finding out, I’m not drinking any more of that True Blood crap than absolutely necessary. Hopefully my new Human will taste as good as the Queen says her Pet does. Then it’s just a matter of wooing her and convincing her to let me feed from her.  A simple Glamour should do the trick.

Ok, sign says Gas Station in 10 miles.  Perfect!  I’m about an hour away from Bon Temps, so there should be no way for this to get back to my new pet or my new Sherriff.  He has to believe I’m Mainstreaming too!  He can’t know about Sookie until after I’ve brought her to court and the Queen Bonds to her and probably turns her. Then I can rub his nose in the fact that I stole something out from under him and he didn’t even know she existed.  Perhaps Sophie-Anne will be so impressed with my work that she’ll give me Northman’s Area.  Sherriff Compton has a nice ring to it.

As I pull into the gas station I realize I’m going to have to find someone in the bathroom because the station is too well lit for me to hide in the shadows.  I park and get out to amble towards the building.  I get in line and pay for $40 worth of gas and then wander over to the lady’s room, where I can hear a heart beating.  When the plump, middle-aged woman opens the bathroom door I look deep into her eyes and Glamour her, “You forgot to wash your hands go back into the bathroom.” And I follow her in.

A couple of minutes later I let the woman go after telling her to buy a bag of chips to explain why she took so long.

I walk back to my car and fill it with gas and I’m back on the road within 15 minutes of having stopped, which is good because I want an opportunity to check out the Stackhouse residence.  I won’t be able to go inside until I Glamour someone into letting me in, but I can still learn a lot about them just from looking in the windows.  I should have time to check the place out and then go to the hole in the wall bar on the outskirts of town and meet my new Pet.  The queen’s information says Sookie is working there until close tonight.

Just another hour and then I can get started on getting out of that God-forsaken town.

An hour and a half later I groan as I pull my car up in front of my old plantation house.  It’s definitely seen better days.  We were told by our scout that the yard was severely overgrown. The Queen gave strict orders that I appear to be fixing up the house and yard, so I called a local landscaping company last night and they came out and cleaned up the yard, but the house… Oh GOD what did I do to get stuck in this Hell-hole?

Now I’m motivated… The quicker I entice my new Pet, the quicker I can get out of here.  The inside of the house is just as bad, if not worse, and there have been remarkably few changes to it since I left to go to war.

I bring my things into the house and leave them by the door.  I’m a little later than I had hoped. I decide to run over to the Stackhouse home to see if this Sookie girl has gotten home from work yet…

As I cross the cemetery between our houses I come to a sudden stop in front of one change that WAS made since I went to war.  In front of me is a gravestone.  William T. Compton 1835 – 1865.  Well there’s something you don’t see every day; your own tombstone.

I continue on towards the woods and make my way through them to the far edge. The Stackhouse home is in dire straits as well.  Though the house looks well tended it has clearly seen better days.  The Stackhouse’s are obviously just making ends meet.  I smile at this thought. Their dire finances may be just what I need to woo the girl.  Surely she will respond well to having a little money thrown her way.  Too perfect!

All the lights are off in the house and there are two cars parked around the back.  I approach the house and circle round back. I can clearly smell that a Vampire has been here recently.  As I circle back to the front I smell another Vampire, though this one was here before the one from the back.  I don’t recognize either scent.

I consider the situation.  I am, so far as anyone knows, the only Vampire living in this Podunk town.  There should not be Vampire scents anywhere near this house.  The scents are faint enough that I know it’s been a day or two since the mysterious Vampires were here.

As I focus on the house I realize that I’m only hearing one heartbeat. I head towards the window closest to the heartbeat and look in.  An elderly woman is lying peacefully in her bed.  So if the girl’s car is here, then where is the girl?  Maybe she’s still at work.

I decide to return to my car and drive over to Merlotte’s and see if she’s still there.  A few short minutes later and I’m pulling into the parking lot of one of the most depressing places I have seen recently.

The bell above the door rings as I walk in and a waitress shows me to a booth and says, “My name is Arlene, and I’ll be servin’ ya tonight.  I think you got just enough time to have a drink before Sam makes last call.”

“Do you by chance have any of that Bottled Blood?”  I watch as she goes pale and hurries away yelling “SAM!”


Sam’s POV


I see him as soon as he opens the door.  Vampire.  Arlene rushes over to seat him and I’m busy trying to seem busy.

Suddenly I hear Arlene shout, “SAM!” As she runs towards me as if the Hounds of Hell are after her.

“What’s wrong Arlene, are you ok?”  I can’t let her know I know there’s a Vampire in the bar.

“He’s a Vampire!  I won’t serve him.  It just ain’t right him being here like he’s regular folk.”  I didn’t know it was possible to screech AND whisper at the same time.  Not that it matters much; he’d be able to hear us from the parking lot.

“Did he threaten you?” I know he didn’t. I may not be able to hear as good as he does, but I can definitely hear better than anybody else in the bar.

She fidgets a little before answering, “Well, no, but he asked for blood.  I ain’t…”

“Fine Arlene. I’ll bring it to him.” I’m not spending the last 20 minutes of the night arguing about this; best to serve him and let him go on his way.

I walk over to the fridge, grab a bottle of blood, twist off the top and pop the bottle in the microwave. When it’s done I walk over to his table and when he looks at me I say, “All’s I got is O Negative. I hope that’s ok?”

“O Negative is fine, thank you.” He pauses a moment and then hesitantly asks, “Is Miss Sookie working tonight? I spoke with her Grandmother earlier and she said she’d be working here tonight.”

Somehow I don’t see Mrs. Stackhouse telling him Sookie works here when I know she knows she don’t work here no more. But I can’t tell him that; best not to let him know she quit.  “Sookie’s not working tonight.”

He looks pissed off. “When is she working next?”

Shit! It’s best to be vague.  “She’s off for the rest of the week; you could try back here next week.”  I walk back to the bar after that, not wanting to pay him too much attention or he’ll know something’s off.

Two minutes later the bell above the door rings as he exits and I continue cleaning up around the bar.  I hear his car start and then I see the tail lights travel out of the parking lot.

I let the waitresses know I’ll be in the back and go to my office.  After closing the door I grab the disposable phone the temp waitress delivered when she started here. I look in the contacts and sigh.

I press the talk button to call Northman’s Second, Ravenscroft.  When the call connects she immediately says, “Speak.”

“Ravenscroft, it’s Sam Merlotte.  A Vampire was just in my bar asking about Sookie and I thought you’d want to know.”  I pause to listen then, “No; he left a few minutes ago.”

She asks what he looked like, so, “About my height and build, brown hair, brown eyes, and he had a Southern Accent.  He said her Grandmother told him Sookie would be here and he asked if she was here tonight and I said she wasn’t working tonight. Then he asked when she works next and I told him she wasn’t working this week but to try back next week. He left a minute or two later and I waited till I saw his tail lights leave before I called you.”

She makes a comment about almost being impressed that I waited till he left to call.  I’ve told her everything I know so I reply with, “Whatever,” and disconnect the call. Fucking Vampires.



Godric POV


Same Night; Moments After His Phone Call With Eric Ends

My Childe has found his Mate and the Queen already covets what is his.  I know Eric can handle Sophie-Anne as he is far older and stronger than her. However, I will feel better if I am there to cover his back, especially while he’s still in the process of placing the Marks.  He can’t show any weakness and being distracted is a symptom associated with placing the Marks. It’s inevitable, so best that I go and keep an eye on things until he’s back at 100%.

I open my laptop to find a flight into Shreveport.  Ah, excellent. There is one more flight out tonight.  I’m happy I packed my bags last night when I felt Eric place the first Mark, because I have just enough time to get to the airport and through security.

Just before I make it to the front of the line for the security check I call Pamela, “Childe, I know your Maker has not told you I am coming for a visit tonight, but I need you to come pick me up at the Shreveport Airport in two hours. And don’t contact your Maker to tell him; I wish not to disturb him while he is busy. See you soon Pamela.” I pause as she says she’s happy I am coming as her Master has taken on some new responsibilities of late and it’ll be nice to have some assistance helping him deal with it all. “Yes I look forward to seeing you too.”

I hang up just in time to go through the security check and then I rush to the terminal to get on the plane, which will be leaving in a matter of minutes.

As the plane glides down the runway I think back on the last couple of weeks.  I have been unhappy in my situation for quite some time now.  I hate to admit it and I’ll never tell Eric, but I was seriously considering meeting the Sun for the first time in more than two millennia.  But now I know I’m meant to stay at least a while longer.

Her Grace’s predictions are coming true.  I was shocked two weeks ago when she contacted me and told me to make arrangements to leave my office as Sherriff as my Childe would need me now more than ever.  I’m not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. I did as she told me.  But I still doubted her, until the night before last when I felt Eric start a Bond with someone.  I knew for sure last night when I felt My Childe place the First Mark on his new Pet.  My Childe has never been one for Pets, so I knew this must be it.

I know she will be truly magnificent as Her Grace predicted. I just hope the three of us are up for the challenges that we’ll be facing very soon.

I smile to myself as I feel the Second Mark slip into place an hour before the plane lands in Shreveport.  Then, surprisingly, just before the plane lands I feel the Third Mark settle into place. As soon as I exit the terminal I see Pamela waiting for me.  “You felt it too?” She asks excitedly.

I just barely nod my head in affirmation.  I am unsure where to go now that I am here.  I certainly don’t want to disturb Eric and Sookie.  Earlier I felt Eric going through many emotions one after the other and I concluded that he was reminiscing.  I thought I felt Sookie sleeping.  I am unsure if this is because I’m now closer to them or if I will always be able to feel Sookie. I’d noticed the barest whispers of it before the plane took off, but since I felt the Second and Third Marks slip into place I have felt it more strongly. I must admit I feel in my bones that the sooner the Marks are in place the better. I certainly don’t want to disturb them if they choose to do the Fourth Mark.

Just as I am about to ask Pamela if I may stay the day with her, her phone rings.  “Speak.” She demands as she lets the call connect.  I smile to myself. That is such an Eric mannerism.  I look forward to seeing all the ways Pam has truly become my Childe’s Childe.

As she listens I see her face darken and I immediately start paying attention to the phone call. “I see, is he there now?” She pauses and then, “What did he look like?”  She pauses to listen again then, “I’m surprised you actually thought to wait until he left before you called.  I’m almost impressed, almost.” I hear him say ’whatever’ and then she disconnects the call.

“Sorry about that Sherriff; it appears the thorn in our side has decided to lie to his new Sherriff about when he will be arriving in Area 5.  Shall we go so I can call my Master and inform him of this new development?”

I only brought a carry-on as the rest of my belongings will be shipped here tomorrow, so I motion for her to precede me and we walk out to her car.

Once we are on our way she pulls out her cell phone and dials. “Master, so sorry to bother you but there is news I am sure you will want to know sooner rather than later…”


EPOV; A Little Over An Hour After Sookie Fell Asleep

I am enjoying just laying here with Sookie in my arms.  I know this respite will be short lived though as I slowly feel my Maker getting closer and closer.  I really don’t want to wake Sookie, but I know she’ll want to look her best when he gets here.  Hmmm, maybe we can have some fun in the shower.

“What’s that sexy smirk about?”  I almost jump when she breaks the silence with her beautiful voice, sleepy as it may be.

I smile before replying, “I can feel Godric getting closer. I was thinking we should shower before he gets here and I was smirking because I was imagining what I can do to make you dirty before I make you clean.”

She giggles as she smiles and says, “I like the way you think.” She pulls away from me and sits up. Her eyes get big and her hand ghosts over my Mark. I feel a current between us as her fingers rest on my Mark.  As I look down at it I realize that it’s changed since last night.  The full moon in the Triple Goddess symbol is now also a Pentagram.  I look at Sookie’s mark and see that hers has changed the same way as well.

02_Second Mark_Eric copy_72dpi_sm

02_Second Mark_Sookie copy_72dpi_sm

“What do you think they’ll look like after we’ve had the Fifth Mark?”  Her voice is full of wonder as she continues to lightly stroke the Mark on my chest.

“I have no idea.  I didn’t even know that giving you the Marks would leave a physical Mark, so your guess is as good as mine.” I pause for a moment, enjoying the feel of her fingers on me, and then I continue, “We really should go take a shower before Godric gets here.”

“OK” but she doesn’t move. She just keeps stroking over my Mark so I pull her into my lap and then swing my legs over the side of the bed and carry her to the bathroom.

I set her down so I can turn on the water. As I’m adjusting the water she tends to her Human needs then joins me in the shower.  She grabs hold of the soap and suds up her hands and starts brushing them over my skin, starting with my neck and working her way down my back. She washes me with broad strokes along my back. As her hands move farther down they linger at my ass for a moment “I love your butt,” and then she continues down my legs to my feet.

She stands back up, grabs the soap again for a moment and walks around to my front and then squats and starts at my feet and works her way back up. She slows down her strokes as she reaches my penis.  She lingers for a minute, pushing back the foreskin to make sure she gets suds all over it.

One hand begins to softly stroke my dick and the other hand moves on to my stomach muscles, fingers fluttering over the grooves.  When her fingers reach my nipples she strokes them lightly and grabs each one in turn, twisting a bit and sending delicious sensations down my spine directly to my dick.

I lean down and capture her lips as her hand brushes across my shoulders. I turn us and her head leans back under the spray. I lay kisses along her jaw and down to her collar bone then back up, lingering at her exposed neck.  She shivers as I kiss her neck and I walk us towards the wall.  When I have her trapped between my body and the wall I lift her up and enter her in one long stroke, the water still falling on us. She’s so tight I have to push harder to get in as far as I want. We both groan as I hit her cervix and her legs, which are wrapped around my hips, quiver from the sensation.

“I need you now,” I growl out.

She just moans and whispers “Eric please, harder. Please.”

So I take her hard and deep.  So hard and deep that it feels like if I don’t hold on to her hips I might slam her through the wall.

Between thrusts Sookie’s mouth latches on to my neck and she’s licking and nibbling until suddenly she bites down hard.  My fangs snap down and I instinctively bite her shoulder. We both shudder as I feel her drawing on the wound.  That place inside me that belongs to Sookie opens back up and I feel her fall into it further than she has before; her soul wrapping itself around mine, and suddenly we’re both coming HARD.  I nearly collapse with her in my arms from the force of our orgasms.  As it is I barely make it to the bench with her still wrapped around me before I collapse.

Again I’m panting just as hard as she is.  She giggles as she whispers an awed “WOW” in between pants for breath.

My hands are absentmindedly stroking along her back as I try to stop panting.  “Hmm, that is probably the best shower sex I’ve ever had.”  I’m not lying… though it all seems like the best with Sookie.

“Hmm. I have nothing to compare it to, but that was amazing!”

My gaze is drawn to her mark and I realize that the Third Mark left an infinity symbol in the middle of the pentagram.

As I reach up and stroke the Mark on her chest her eyes are drawn to mine, “Hey, what does the little sideways eight mean?”

03_Third Mark_Eric copy_72dpi_sm

I chuckle as I reply, “It’s the symbol for infinity, immortality or eternity depending on whom you ask.”

03_Third Mark_Sookie copy_72dpi_sm

She smiles at me, “They all mean something similar though so I think it might be all of them.”

“You might be right…”

“Hey, why are you angry?  It feels far away though, that’s weird.”  She looks confused and it’s a cute look on her, but then her words register.

“You can feel that?”  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

“Yes, it almost feels like it’s coming from two different places.”

“That’s because it is… you’re not feeling my anger, you’re feeling Godric and Pam’s anger.  They’re together; I’m not sure what’s upset them, but I’m sure they’re together. Godric probably called her so he wouldn’t disturb us.”

“That’s weird. Should I be able to feel them?” she looks worried.

“Sookie, there is nothing to worry about. I can always feel both of them.  I don’t know if this is normal, but now you feel what I feel.  Godric might know if it’s normal. We should…”  My cell phone starts to ring in the other room. “Get out now” I finish with a chuckle. She giggles.

She pulls herself off of me and stands on wobbly legs.  “You rinse off and then go answer your phone and I’ll finish up and join you when I’m done, ok?”

I pout, “I was looking forward to washing you.”

“Well, now you have something to look forward to for tomorrow.” She giggles as she pulls on my arm to get me to stand.  Once standing she literally tries to push me under the spray and when I don’t go she stands with her hands on her hips tapping her foot. “If you don’t hurry they’re gonna hang up.”

She has a point, so I kick it into vampire speed and I’m washed, dried and opening my disposable phone in under a minute. “Speak.” It’s Pam.  I can feel that her anger is now more annoyance than anything else.

“Master, so sorry to bother you but there is news I am sure you will want to know sooner rather than later…” She says apologetically. “A Vampire came into Merlotte’s looking for Sookie.  Based on the description the Shifter gave me and the fact that the Vampire said he spoke to Sookie’s Grandmother I’m going to have to assume that it’s Compton.  How do you want me to handle the situation?”

“Fucking Compton. He can’t get to her while she’s here and she’s not going back to her Grandmother’s until after the Fifth Mark is in place, so do nothing for now.” I pause then, “Are you bringing my Maker to see me? Sookie would like to meet him and now’s as good a time as any.”

I hear my Maker take the phone from Pam, “Are you sure I won’t be interrupting? I do not wish to be bothersome.”

“You won’t be interrupting.  We can’t really place the Fourth Mark tonight.  I’m not even sure it would be wise to try given how draining it will probably be. So we were just going to lie around and talk, which we can do with you present.  I really want you to meet Sookie.”

“If you’re sure, we’ll be there soon,” I hear Godric say with a smile.

“Excellent; we look forward to seeing you, tell Pam she can stay here tonight if she wishes.” I hang up and turn towards the bathroom to find Sookie standing in the doorway watching me in nothing but a towel. “They’ll be here soon, so we should get dressed.” The last thing I want to do is get dressed.  Why did I just invite Godric over?

She giggles at my thoughts, “You invited him over because we want me to meet him.  I can tell he’s important to you.  I want to get to know him.”

“You are right,” I say as I kiss her and then walk into the closet and pull on another pair of lounge pants.  I grab a dress shirt and hand it to Sookie.  “Here wear this,” at her frown I continue, “We’re not going anywhere so it makes no sense for us to get all dressed up. Your sleep shirt is too short, for your introduction at least, though I’m sure Godric would enjoy the view as much as I do.  This will be modest enough to keep you happy and tempting enough to keep us happy.” I finish with a panty-dropping smirk.

She looks shocked, “You… He… ummm.  You’re not implying that he would…”

“Sookie, all I’m saying is I think he will admire your beauty as much as I do.  Though if you’re asking if I’d share you with him I have to say that I’m not wholly opposed to sharing.”  She looks worried, so I try to waylay her worries, “If I do share you, he will be the only other male you would have relations with.  The only reason I’m comfortable with the idea of the two of you together is because he is my Maker and I am practically an extension of him, but I think we’re putting the cart before the horse, as they say.  Tonight you’re just meeting him… if anything happens between the three of us it will be another night. So let’s just see if you even like him.”  I finish with a smile, trying to comfort me as much as her.

I’m surprised with myself.  While I have shared bedmates with Godric (and Pam for that matter) I am surprised that I’m not dead set against sharing Sookie.  I know I won’t share her with any other man besides Godric, the idea of THAT makes me want to kill things.  However the idea of the three of us together is VERY tempting.

With my rising lust I feel my Maker’s humor directed at me. Well, he won’t think it’s so funny when he finds out what caused the lust.

Just as Sookie finishes brushing her hair I hear the door to my chambers open.  “Master we are here, are you coming to us or are we coming to you.”  She says mostly so Sookie won’t be surprised by their appearance.

“We will come to you.” I reply and motion for Sookie to precede me to the stairs.  As she passes me she grabs hold of my hand.



I’m nervous.  And that whole ‘I’m not opposed to sharing’ thing didn’t help any.  The little I know of Godric tells me that he’s VERY important to Eric, which makes him important to me.  I hold tight to Eric’s hand as I walk down the stairs, my eyes watching my feet as we descend.

I hear Eric in my head saying, ‘Hold your head high, Sookie.  Be proud to be Mine!’

I reply silently, ‘I am proud, but it would be stupid to break my neck on the stairs because I’m not watching where I’m going.’

As we reach the bottom I hold my head up high as he said. I immediately gasp, the Vampire standing before me is familiar to me; I saw him in my dream last night.  He is much smaller than Eric; only a little taller than me, maybe 5’8” or 5’9”.  But I can tell just from looking in his eyes that he can be just as fierce as Eric.

Eric lets go of my hand to shake hands with Godric, the way I remember reading Warriors used to; forearm to forearm.  As they step away from each other Eric grabs my hand again and pulls me closer, “Master, this is Sookie, my Mate and new Pet.”

I smile nervously and say, “Pleased to meet you Godric.”

He smiles back and I relax as he says, “The pleasure is all mine, Dear.”

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  23. I check your site periodically thinking i’m not getting the update notices and hoping to find a new chapter… and always end up re-reading the story. i really wanna see where you’ll take the story and me, along with other readers. i’m sure it will be a wild ride.
    (hint! hint! please update soon)

    • Hello. First I’ll say that LHSP is not definitively and completely abandoned… I recently allowed Jesus back into my life so a number of my stories are likely to never be finished and I’m seriously thinking of taking down the chapters of those stories that are currently posted on various sites. LHSP is one of the stories that’s kind of in limbo at the moment while I pray to figure out what to do with it. The other that I’m not sure what to do with is It’s Elemental, which I have been working on rewriting this year. The Vampire and His Pet and the Viking and His pet are both likely to come down soon and never be worked on again. Also the Straw Dogs Rewrite I mentioned a couple of times will likely never be posted even though it’s almost done but I’m still not positive on that. I will make a post when I finally decide the fate of all of my stories (including one of the TVD ones on my other site) If I can salvage a story or rewrite it to be in keeping with my renew values then I will but it’s going to take time to work out how to do that for each story without the gratuitous violence and the shameless smut… there might still be smut (haven’t decided that yet either) but it won’t be quite so… well honestly I don’t know the word but it won’t be so much like it currently is… anyways, in all honesty I haven’t reread LHSP in a few years so I’ll probably reread it in the coming months and see if I can come up with a plan for it… mostly if the characters in any given story are in a Marriage or the Supernatural equivalent then I will probably keep the smut and since in LHSP (if I recall correctly) Eric and Sookie commit fairly early on I will probably leave most of it and continue forward, however the plans I had for the story won’t work with my faith any more so I have to come up with new plans for the story so again that will likely take time. I’ll keep you all posted when I come to those decisions.

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