LHSP – Chapter 002 – Beautiful Little Monster

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Love Hate Sex Pain

Chapter Two

Beautiful Little Monster


Monday, August 11, 2008


As sleep’s hold on my mind slips I shift in bed and realize that I’m laying on Satin sheets, then I think, No, they’re Silk not Satin.  I startle myself fully awake when I realize I’m naked and I’m very confused.  Why am I naked?  I never sleep naked, but then the heavy weight to my side registers and I remember… Eric!

I open my eyes and realize that it’s still dark in here and I’m not sure I can make it to the light switch without running into something.  The path to the bathroom is clear of furniture so I decide the easiest thing to do is to head for the bathroom first. So I slip out of bed and head in that direction with my hand stretched out in front of me.  I quickly find the wall and slide a little to the right and there’s the door.  I step in and feel the wall, looking for the light switch. “And then there was light.”  I giggle a little at my silliness.

I take care of my immediate needs and then head back out into the bedroom.  I can see enough of the room with the bathroom light on that I easily make my way across the room and turn on the light.  If I’m going to be living here we need to get lights for the bed stands.  Plus, I’m not sure if the light will disturb him or not.  I’ll mention both the need for lights and my question to Eric when he gets up.

I look around for my night shirt and my panties from last night.  I find the t-shirt at the foot of the bed, but the panties are MIA.  I giggle again.  I haven’t laughed this much in forever, if ever.  I like the effect Eric seems to have on me.  And he doesn’t think I’m defective at all.  He thinks I’m perfect for him.  I sit back on the bed and run my fingers through his hair and lightly run the backs of my fingers along his cheek.  He’s so beautiful.  And he wants me, ME! How cool is that?  And the things he’s made me feel in just a few short hours are amazing.

I always thought I was ruined and that I wouldn’t be able to have a physical relationship with a man.  First there’s my Telepathy and Empathy.  I couldn’t even bring myself to try to kiss a boy because their thoughts and feelings were just so vulgar it made me uncomfortable.

And then there’s the reason they made me uncomfortable.  It took me a few years after Uncle Bartlett moved out before I was comfortable being touched by anyone, even Gran or Jason, though admittedly, Jason was usually too busy with his friends to bother with me.

He was pretty upset when Gran threw Uncle Bartlett out of the house.  I think Gran eventually explained why a few years later, but he never said anything to me about it, though he did stop asking if we could invite Uncle Bartlett over.

And now I’ve met a man, whose thoughts I can’t hear, though I do get emotions from him.  The emotions aren’t very strong compared to those of a Human, but they’re definitely there.  And he wants me.  And I want him.  The things we did last night were far more amazing than I ever imagined they could be.

I frown when I think of the part of the evening where I was suddenly thrown back in time.  That was scary, but Eric was great.  He handled the situation perfectly.  I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction from him.

And he still wants me.  I was so afraid after I freaked that he wouldn’t want me anymore; that I’m too much trouble for this walking, talking Sex-God.  But that wasn’t the case at all.

If I’m not careful I’m going to easily and quickly fall in love with this man.  I’m already attached and it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours.

I wonder if he’s capable of Love.  Arlene says Vampires can’t feel Love or other emotions like we can.  But he’s shown so many emotions already that I’m almost certain he could Love!

Now I just wonder if he could Love ME! I hope so, cuz I can already feel myself falling… HARD!

I shake my head of those thoughts and get up and put my nightshirt in the closet.  Then I pick out my green sundress, green and white polka dot bikini and my shampoo, conditioner and body lotion out of my travel bag.  I enter the shower and I’m reminded of all the fun we had in here last night.  I was scared when I bent and kissed his penis.  Uncle Bartlett used to make me put him in my mouth and I HATED THAT, but I wanted to try and then suddenly he was cumming on my face and I felt proud not sick.  I know he didn’t intend to come on my face. I managed to excite him so much that he came unexpectedly.  That’s SO COOL!  I laugh to myself as I shower and reminisce. I pause and ponder the soap before I pick it up and begin washing myself.  I never thought to leave the soap on my sensitive spots before and I’m tempted to do it again now. I’m still a little sensitive down there but maybe I can get Eric to do it again later tonight. After I shower and rub my lotion all over me I put my clothes on. I decide to forgo shoes, since I’m just going out to the pool.

I look for a clock, but can’t find one. So after I comb out my hair I return to the closet and I dig my cell phone out of my purse and check the time, 6:45pm.  Wow I slept late, maybe I shouldn’t go outside after all since it’s going to be dark soon, DARN! I haven’t been swimming in years and I really wanted to swim today.

I decide to go down stairs and see if Pam brought my food and then I’ll look at the books in his Library.

As I start to walk past the bed I hear Eric gasp and moan softly.  “MMM I like waking up with your scent all over me.”

I’m surprised by how relieved I am that he’s awake and I run back to the bed and practically crawl on top of him. “Eric, did you sleep well? What’s it feel like when you go to sleep?  Do you dream?”

Eric laughs and pulls me closer to him, “Breathe little one, Yes, I slept well.  It feels like I’m being dragged under water almost and then I know nothing until I wake again which feels similar to breaking the surface of water after having dove deep and run out of air.  It almost always leaves me gasping for breath even though I don’t need to breathe.”  He pauses and it seems like he smells my hair.

“Hmm, you smell like oranges and mangoes in addition to your natural papaya scent, it’s a lovely combination.”

“I didn’t have room to bring my body wash so I had to use your soap and I was a little worried the scents would clash, so I’m happy you think I smell good.”

“I do.”  He pauses and then continues quietly, “hmmm I’m hungry.  Do you think you can handle one more exchange now and we’ll do the First and maybe the Second Mark later tonight when we get back home?”

I pause to take stock of my body.  I feel fully awake and very perky.  I can smell Eric’s musky scent and his soap I think. And I noticed when I was in the bathroom that my hair is shinier than usual and that my skin is clearer than it has been recently. In short I feel fantastic. “Um, I think so.”  I go to pull away.

“Where are you going?” He asks as he playfully pulls me further onto his chest.

“I was going to take off my dress and my bikini top.  Should I take off my bottoms too?” I’m not sure if I’m hoping he does or doesn’t notice the hope in my voice when I ask that last part.

Clearly he does as he laughs lightly.  “I’m not going to argue if you choose to take them off.”

Darn, he left the decision to me.  Now he’ll know what I want if I take them off.  I guess he already knows anyways, but it’s still kind of embarrassing.  I think I understand what he was talking about when he said he would get off on my embarrassment and that I might too, cuz I think I am more turned on BECAUSE I’m embarrassed.

I pull away and stand up by his side of the bed.  When I’m sure I have his full attention on me I slowly lift the hem of my dress and slip it up and over my head.  Next I untie the top of my Bikini and let it fall to the floor.  Then I turn so my back is facing him. I look at him over my shoulder and then I bend over as I pull my bottoms down my legs and slowly step out of them.  I stay bent over for a minute so he can enjoy the view as I let them slip out of my hand and land at my feet then I slowly stand back up and turn around.

His arousal at my display is obvious from the tent his erection has made in the sheets.  I feel proud again.  He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted to cause that reaction in and I did.  I step back to the bed and I climb up on top of him straddling his stomach. I can feel his hardness brush against my backside as I settle on top of him.  I place my hands on his chest for leverage then lean down and kiss him.

“I’ve never stripped for anyone before, did I do alright?” I say in between kisses.



As Sookie strips for me I notice things about her body that I didn’t notice last night. For one she has scars on her upper and outer thighs and her stomach and some on her upper arms.  As she straddles me I look at her forearms and see scars on both of them as well.  They’re all obviously self-inflicted and at least a year old, or at least they look a year old. If they weren’t fully healed last night my blood would have finished healing them.  Those thoughts make me a little sad. Not surprisingly it also turns me on a little.

She leans down and kisses me sweetly and slowly then she pauses to say, “I’ve never stripped for anyone before, did I do alright?”  I can see in her eyes how nervous she is that she didn’t do it right.

I pick her up by her hips and move her back a little so that the sheet is trapped between her moist depths and my erection and I slide her along it a couple of times.  “MMmmm, feel what your little strip tease did to me… YOU did that… perfectly!”  She leans back down and kisses me softly then goes a little deeper so I reach my arm out to the nightstand and grab the Dagger.

I push her shoulders away from me and slowly drag the blade across my heart.  I feel her warm lips close around the wound and then that wonderful suction and I’m wishing the sheet wasn’t between us and that I could just lift her a little and fill her, but she deserves better than that.  I want her to fully enjoy her first time, and though I’m sure it’ll hurt and she’ll like it, I don’t think she’d like the feeling if I don’t prepare her first, at least not the first time, so that’s out for now.

I settle for running my hand down her body and finding the little bud between her legs.  It’s already a hard little nub.  I circle it a few times and then I start twisting and pulling on it and I can both feel and hear her grunts with each twist and pull.  Her hips are grinding down on my crotch and my hand.  My other hand slides up her body to her breasts where I slowly start pulling and twisting her nipples in an opposite rhythm to the twisting and pulling I’m doing between her legs.  I feel her shudder and then the wound closes. I twist as hard as I dare and suddenly she’s coming all over my hand.

“OH Eric!!! YEEESSS!”  She collapses on top of me when her last spasm ends.

I bring my hand to my mouth and lick her juices from my fingers.  “Mmm I can’t get enough of your taste.” Rub my hand down her back to her ass and then I’m rolling us and she’s suddenly beneath me with wide eyes, “Is this OK, Sookie?”

“Ye… Yes. Please… fuck… me…” She says between pants.

I grow serious for a moment, “Not yet Little One.  When I fuck you I want it to be because you’re ready and not because I just got you off and you’re caught in the moment.  I want to make it memorable for you and I don’t want you to have any regrets.” I lean down and kiss her softly.

“I won’t regret it.”  She says this firmly, but I still have my doubts.

“I need to feed from you and finish the Blood Bond.  I’ve never Blood Bonded before, but I’m told it can be overwhelming for both parties, so I think it best to keep the Bond and your first time two separate events. OK?  I promise we’ll talk about it later when we’re both clothed and we’ll decide when to do it OK?”

She huffs a little, but relents, “OK if you insist.”

“I do.” And then I’m kissing her. I run my tongue along the seam of her lips and when she opens I drive my tongue into her the way I wish I was driving another part of me into her.  I’m totally ready to fuck her, but I want to be sure she’s ready.  I only get one shot at making it perfect for her. And I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but I want to romance her.  I want her first time to be memorable and pleasurable for BOTH of us.

As I run my tongue over the roof of her mouth I decide that now is the time to finish the Bond.  I’m a little scared.  I told Sookie the truth. I’ve never Bonded before.  Vampire’s I know who’ve Bonded all say it’s amazing, but that it takes a little time to get used to it.  I can’t afford to be off my game even for a little while, but I’ve looked at this situation from every angle and this is the best solution, especially now that I know Sookie.  I could never just leave her to her own devices against the Queen.  She wouldn’t last very long by herself.  Someone would find a way to snuff out that fire inside her and then she’d just be a shell of herself, and I refuse to allow THAT to happen.

I kiss her lips softly and then move my kisses over her chin and down her throat.  I decide it’s best not to linger at her pulse point for too long and continue down to her breasts.  Her nipples are hard peaks and I tease them a little and then start alternating biting each one with blunt teeth.  My hand is down playing with her curls above her sex.  I slip my fingers into her warmth and softly brush against her pearl. Then without warning I twist it hard and she’s coming and I bite her just above her heart.

After the first swallow I feel a warmth envelope me and I can feel her heart beating, for me.  I feel her acceptance and her approval, as well as her excitement, satisfaction and wonder and a little longing and disappointment.  ‘Why is she disappointed?’

Sookie says, ‘I really want to make love with you.’

‘I promise we will, just not yet, waiting will only make it better, trust me.’

‘I do trust you, more than anyone else.’  And that’s when I realize I’m still sucking her blood; our whole conversation has been in our heads.

I pull back and lick her wound until it heals. ‘Can you hear me Sookie?’

‘Of Course I can hear…you…’  Her eyes grow round and I know she’s realized the same thing I did.

“Eric?” She sounds scared when my name passes her lips.  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to… please, don’t…”

I interrupt her with a brief kiss to her lips and then I say, “Princess, I’m not going to hurt you because you can hear me… When I’ve given you all the Marks you’ll know everything I know anyways.  We do however have to figure out if you can hear OTHER Vampires… and if I can hear ANYONE besides you.”

I pause as I think about the ramifications if she can hear other Vampires. “If you can hear other Vampires we’ll have to work hard to keep it a secret, because while I’ve already decided to share all my secrets with you I doubt other Vampires will feel the same.”

I can feel her shudder as she slowly nods. “It’ll be OK Sookie.  Either way this makes us stronger.  I told your Grandmother that being able to Mind Meld at just a touch would be advantageous if we are ever in trouble, but this is so much better.  This might not require touch.”

I roll off of her and she protests. ‘I just want to see if I can talk to you with my mind without us touching.’

‘I wonder how far apart we can be and still hear each other.’ I hear her in my head.  That’s really very trippy, and she experiences this all the time?  My respect for her just sky rocketed.  She giggles at that.

I pull her back into my arms and kiss the top of her head.  ‘We’ll have to practice and experiment.’

“I’ve never talked to anyone using just my mind before. I’m not used to thinking something and then ‘hearing’ a response, that’s gonna take some getting used to.”  She says with a small smile.

“Just imagine how I feel.  I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE’S thoughts before.” I say with a small chuckle.

She giggles at that. I run my hand over her hip and I feel the little lines of her scars and I wonder what caused these.

“I… I did those.”  She says.  “With… with a razor blade, or an e-xacto knife, I’ve even used one of Jason’s box cutters. I don’t do it as much anymore. I used to do it because I felt bad, but now if I do it it’s because I want to feel the pain and see the blood.  The clothes I wear now don’t really lend themselves to covering fresh cuts though, so I don’t really do it anymore.  Besides I swear Gran has a Vampire’s sense of smell, cuz she always knows when I’m bleeding in a way I shouldn’t be.  Mostly I just do things that don’t leave marks now like I said last night… clothespins, the brush, I’ve even used hot wax. And none of that makes as big of a mess when I’m trying to, well you know, get off.” She whispers the last two words.  “If I cut I’d have to be careful not to get blood all over my sheets and the tissues to clean it up would have to be flushed so Gran wouldn’t see them lying in the trash barrel.”

I’m torn between wanting to make her promise not to do it anymore and wanting to do it to her.  Would it be a double standard to make her promise not to do it, but do it to her myself?  I could do it and she could feel the pain and see the blood and then she can drink my blood and there’ll be no cuts to cover up.  Of course sometimes the burn afterward is the best part, so I could heal her before I go to rest or even after I wake up so she can feel it for a while.  I know when we start playing with whips and such she’s going to have welts and such that I won’t heal right away, if at all.

Apparently I’ve been broadcasting this entire debate because she reaches up and kisses me before saying, “I’d like that… It’d be the best of both worlds.  Now I have you so I don’t need to hurt myself.  You can do it for me.  Right?”

I hug her close and kiss the top of her head, “Right.”

I sigh and then say, “We should get up, we need to talk to your Grandmother before we stop at Fangtasia for a little while, and then the rest of the night will be ours to do as we please.”

I hear her think maybe she can talk me into making love to her THEN.  I chuckle and reply, “Maybe Princess, we’ll definitely talk about it at some point tonight though, so don’t worry, we’ll make a plan for it.”

“Good cuz I can’t wait!”  She says with a sigh.

I turn to her as I sit up in bed.  “Sookie, why are you in such a hurry.  It’ll definitely happen we’re bonded now so we’re stuck with each other.”

Her lip trembles and tears form in her eyes.  “Hey, I didn’t mean I don’t want you… or was coerced into Bonding to you… I wanted this, I WANT this… I just meant that a Bond is more permanent than a Human marriage.  The only way to get rid of me is to kill me and you agreed to take steps to prevent even that from working.” I’ve pulled her up to sit in my lap as I speak and I’m rubbing her back and placing soft kisses all over her face as I talk.  “I wanted you and now I have you and there’s no going back now!”

I expect to have many little episodes like this through the years.  Too much damage has been done to her psyche.  Her self-esteem and self-image were so skewed by that Asshole’s words and actions.  Plus based on the information that my investigator found on her before I went to meet her she has few to no friends. From what I can tell the few people SHE would call friend merely use her when it’s convenient and abandon her when she needs them.  Her brother’s actions are just as bad and can’t possibly be good for her.

But now she has me, so I will just have to endeavor to reassure her whenever she needs it.  I think Pam may also be able to help improve her self-esteem and self-image.  I will think on this more later, for now, “You are mine, for now and for always.” She hugs me tighter as I say these words.  UGH that urge to torture and kill is back. I quickly push that thought aside in the hopes that she won’t hear it.

“Who… who do you want to torture and kill, did I…”  She’s crying now.

“No… NO! I don’t want to harm you; we’ve been through this, but… I must admit that I may have plans for your Uncle.  I haven’t decided on a definite plan of action just yet, but… But I had my investigator get me background info on him.”

That seems to have calmed her a bit.  “Oh. I… I don’t know how to feel about that.  On the one hand it would be nice to see someone hurt him and do things to him that he doesn’t want. But on the other hand, wouldn’t that just make us as bad as he is?”

“Sookie, the rules of my world practically demand that I punish him for the wrongs he has committed against you. I’m fairly certain that I will torture him, the only question I have is whether you’ll be present for any of it.”  She looks sad as she gazes into my eyes, “Just think about it OK… it’s not going to happen tonight so you have a little while to think about what you want to do, OK?”

I hold her for a few more minutes and then move to get out of bed.  “I think it best we clean up separately or we’ll never get out of here.  Call your Gran and ask if she can speak with us this evening, but don’t mention me by name or say that I’m a Vampire or what we wish to speak to her about.  I’ll be done with the shower in a moment and then you can use it.”

She pouts a little then gives me quite the view as she gets out of bed and bends over to retrieve her clothing. I groan softly and close my eyes for a moment then I kick it into high gear and quickly clean myself up.

When I come out of the bathroom to get my clothes I hear Sookie telling her Gran we’ll see her in a bit.  Good.  I really think Sookie should hear about her heritage from Adele, NOT me.

Sookie heads into the bathroom as I finish putting my Fangtasia T-shirt and tight black jeans on and I sit on the bed to put my boots on. Then I head downstairs to check my email and phone messages.

I unlock the computer and check my email.  I have numerous emails regarding my various businesses, but I see one from Fangtasia’s accountant informing me of his need to speak with me as soon as it’s convenient for me.  He must have noticed the discrepancies in the numbers too.  I send off an email telling him to meet me at the club at 11pm. That should give Sookie and me plenty of time to speak with Adele.

I hear Sookie at the top of the stairs, “Eric?”

“I’m in here My Pet.” I get up and stick my head out the door.  She’s wrapped in nothing but a towel, hmmm.  I shake my head to get back on track and concentrate on her words.

“Can I just wear what I had on and I can change into something more club appropriate at Gran’s house?  How am I going to get all my stuff here anyhow?”

I nod and say, “You don’t even need to change if you don’t want to, I think you looked very cute in the green dress; but if you want to change at your Grandmother’s house that will be fine.  As for your things, on our way to Bon Temps we can stop at the U-haul store and pick up boxes.  We can pack some things tonight and then we can pack the rest tomorrow night if you want.  I don’t want you going anywhere alone until after the Marks are in place.”

“But we’re Bonded now.  I thought…”

“The Queen could still kidnap you and Turn you against your will before I could get to you. I’d have the right to kill her if she did, but you’d still be Vampire, so it’s best to err on the side of caution in this instance.”

“OK. If it DEFINITELY keeps me from being Turned then I’m NOT going to argue.” She seems to have just realized that she’s talking to me in nothing but a towel, since I can smell her arousal growing.

“Go put your clothes on and we can be on our way.  The sooner we leave the sooner we can get home and then who knows what we’ll do!” I wiggle my eyebrows at her as I say the last part and chuckle to myself as she hurries back to the bedroom.

I return to my office and since I’m done with my email I turn off the computer and open my cell phone to check for messages.  No new messages.  I walk into the sitting area and sit on one of my leather couches.  Since we’re getting boxes we should take my Escalade, so we can bring back whatever she packs tonight.

I really don’t want to go to Fangtasia tonight.  I’d rather get my new Pet all packed and moved in.  The sooner she’s away from Compton’s house the better.  At least until he’s been informed of her status, and definitely until the Marks are in place.

I take my phone back out of my pocket and dial my accountant.  He picks up after three rings.  “Hello, Mr. Northman I just got your email.  I was…”

I cut him off before he can finish, “Yes I’ve changed my mind, and I want to meet with you next week instead of this evening.”

“Oh, well the matter is rather pressing I…”

“Yes, if it’s what I think it is then it’s already being dealt with.  I want you to keep a close eye on the numbers until I see you on Thursday of next week at 9pm.  Bring whatever information you’ve gleaned from the numbers then and we can go over it.  I can’t fix the problem until I have more information, so this is the best solution.  I will call you next week to confirm. Good Evening.”  And I hang up without even letting him agree.  That’s why I like being the boss.  No one can argue with me.  If I want something a certain way then that’s the way it’s going to be!

I turn my head to look at the stairs as I hear Sookie walk towards them.  As she comes down the stairs I am struck by how beautiful she is.  I wonder how much of her being untouched is because the males around her didn’t want her and how much is because she wasn’t even close to ready.  Her Telepathy couldn’t have helped either.

As she comes to stand before me I smile and say, “Change of plans, we’re still going to get boxes and go to your Gran’s, but we’ll go to Fangtasia another night.  Tonight I want to focus on our conversation with your Gran and with packing your things and moving them here.  OK?”

She smiles back, “Sure, if you don’t have to go to Fangtasia tonight, that’d be great.  I have to admit I’m a little anxious to get moved in here.” She frowns a little then continues, “It’ll be nice to get some packing done.”

I grab her hand and pull her between my bent knees. “Are you anxious because you sense something coming? Or are you just anxious to get situated in your new life?”  I need to pay attention to her instincts and any feelings she has.  If Adele tells us what I think she’s going to tell us, then there’s a very real possibility that any feelings she has could be premonitions of a sort.  But I’ll explain that to her after Adele has spoken with us.

“I’m not sure why I’m so anxious.” She pauses then continues with a bit of a pout, “You’re keeping a box around what you think the conversation is going to include, but I caught that part about my feelings being premonitions… how come I can’t get into that box?”

I chuckle, “I’m not sure how the box even exists, but now that I know it does I’ll have to experiment with it.  And don’t pout… Right now all I have is speculation.  We’ll see your Gran in an hour or so and she can tell you what’s going on better than I can. Now let’s go feed you, since I already fed.” I say that last part with a wolfish smile and get the desired blush from her.

After she backs up so I can stand I lead her out the door being sure to secure it once we’re out.  As we make our way to the first floor Sookie says, “I’m so hungry.  I didn’t eat dinner last night and now I haven’t eaten all day.  I’ve got to make sure I get three meals a day at least.  I’ve been known to forget to eat and then I get anemic and that sucks! Plus I can’t get anemic if I’m supposed to be feeding you every night; cuz then you might get sick too! And…”

I turn as I enter the kitchen and kiss her firmly on the lips to stop her ramble.  I pull away enough to speak.  “I will be sure to remind you to eat.  I could hire someone to make your meals for you if you like.”  I pull away and allow her to see to her food.

“I can make my own meals. I just need help remembering… Gran usually reminds me at home and Sam reminds me when I’m at work, but now I’m not living with Gran or working at Sam’s. It’s so weird that I suddenly don’t live at home anymore or work at my job  …”  As she says all this I get to watch her luscious ass sway back and forth as she bends over to look in the refrigerator.  Then she bends further to open the freezer on the bottom.  As she stands back up with a bag in her hand I realize that I have no clue what she said after ‘working at Sam’s…’ so I just nod and try to focus back on her words and not her breasts which are practically popping out of her dress from having bent over.  I shake my head slightly. FOCUS! “…but if you can remember to remind me that will solve that problem.”

She stops going through the cabinets long enough to watch me nod my head at her then she says, “You have NOTHING in your cabinets.”

And she’s back to looking for… “What are you looking for My Pet?”

“Oh, the pots and pans so I can cook my ravioli’s.”

I go into the pantry and come out with a fairly large pot, “Will this work, Princess?”

“OH Yes! Thank you.  I’ll have to look later and see what all you have in here and then get anything I need that you don’t have.  Since I’m guessing the last time you ate human food, they didn’t use metal pots and stoves…” She giggles and fills her pot with water.

A half hour later she’s sitting and eating strange little triangles dripping in olive oil and coated with some sort of powder.  I had no idea watching a Human eat could be such a turn on and the oil that occasionally drips down her chin reminds me of my blood that did that last night.  SHIT I’m hard again!  I decide I need a distraction so I ask, “What size boxes do we need? And how many?  I have no idea what a young woman might have that would need to be packed when they move.  I mean clothes are obvious, even if I would prefer you go without.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her as she laughs. “But other than that, I don’t know what kinds of things you have acquired through the years.”

She answers in between bites, “Well I don’t need my furniture so we can leave that at Gran’s, but I want to ask her if I can take the two little lamps by my bed, because Human’s need to be able to see where they’re going when they wake up and the room is dark.”

As she pops another triangle in her mouth I chuckle and comment, “I guess you had trouble this afternoon when you woke up?”

“Not trouble per say, but it would be nice to be able to just reach over while I’m still in bed and turn on the light.  Hey, I thought you said you only sleep till like 4pm, but it was almost 7 when you woke up.”

I agree with her and then say, “I figure the Bonding tired me out so to speak… I haven’t slept this late in Centuries.” I pause, then, “What else do you need to pack?”

“Well I have my jewelry case and my stuffed animals, and a couple of books, though mostly I borrow my books from the library. The rest is mostly clothes and shoes and purses and the like.  I have some photos and some knickknacks I’d like to bring with me too, if that’s OK.”

“That is more than OK, Sookie this is your home now too!  And once you’ve had a chance to look around and get a sense of what I do and do not have here already I’m going to set you up on my computer and let you shop for whatever else we need so that you are just as comfortable as I am.  I’ve had more than 54 years to acquire everything you see here, but I haven’t been shopping with a Human in mind so you have some catching up to do.  All the stuff in the kitchen was bought in the last week when I decided I was going to make you mine if I could.  I just told my Day-man to buy one of everything he has in his kitchen, though he did say he’s not much of a cook, so… you’ll have to flesh out the supplies once you’re settled.”

As I’ve talked she’s finished her food and is up at the sink looking under it.  Unfortunately the island is in the way of my view, but then she’s standing again anyways. “Uh Eric, while we’re out tonight can we stop at the store and pick up a few things that can’t wait, like dish soap and maybe some snacks?”

I chuckle, “Of course, though there should be some soap in the pantry.” I stand and go get it for her.

Ten minutes later we walk out to the garage.  “I usually drive the Corvette, but I thought we’d take the Escalade so that we can fit whatever you pack and bring it back tonight.”

After a stop at the U-haul store we’re on our way back to Bon Temps.  Sookie put on a popular radio station when we got in the vehicle and it’s playing softly in the background, but I’m not paying any attention to it, I’m busy trying to ‘hear’ Sookie’s thoughts, but now it appears she has a box too. She’s been thinking about her Uncle for the last few minutes but I can’t see what she’s thinking and it concerns me.

“You don’t have to be concerned Eric, I’m just trying to go over the things he did and said so I can tell you anything else I remember so we can avoid any further flashbacks.  I felt really bad that I ruined the mood and I want to avoid that if at all possible.”

“I’m all for avoiding flashbacks, but you didn’t ruin the mood, if you recall after we took a break we had quite a bit of fun in the shower.” I pause to wiggle my eye brows at her. “I wasn’t worried about not ‘getting any’ if that’s what you’re talking about.  I was more concerned with you and taking care of you.  Your Grandmother and you are both placing a great deal of trust in me to take care of you and strangely I fully intend to live up to that trust.  So if you think of anything else I shouldn’t say or do you let me know but don’t worry about affecting the mood.” I look at her briefly as I continue driving she has tears running down her cheeks.

“Sookie, what’s wrong?” She does not reply so I ask, “Why are you crying, Sookie? I didn’t mean to upset you…”

“You didn’t, it’s just, nobody but Gran ever cares what happens to me, not even Jason. I… I wasn’t expecting you to care either…  I’m sorry that came out wrong… I guess I don’t expect ANYONE to care, other than Gran anyways. Gran always cares, but I can’t talk to her about this, I’m not sure if I can talk to you about it either, but it’s nice knowing if I want to you won’t mind.”

“I really won’t mind Sookie; anything you ever want to talk about, all you have to do is say the words and we’ll talk about it, OK?”  I steal another quick glance at her and see that she’s nodding slightly and has a small almost-smile on her lips.

“OK. But now I don’t want to talk about Uncle Bartlett.  I want to just sit here with you and enjoy the peace and quiet.”  She says this with a smile.

I look at her again and silently ask, ‘but now you can hear my thoughts too?’

She chuckles, “Even though I can hear your thoughts now they’re still quieter than a Human’s… I have to listen harder to hear you.  So if I want to not hear you it’s fairly easy to ignore your thoughts, besides if I focus on your thoughts I just get frustrated by that box you won’t let me see inside of.”

Now it’s my turn to chuckle. “You just have to wait not even ten more minutes and we’ll be at your Gran’s and we can ask her to explain your Heritage.


Gran’s POV 

I can’t believe how nervous I am.  I knew when Pamela came and tried to glamour me that it was only a matter of time before He would enter Sookie’s life.  I almost lost my breath last night when he stepped into the kitchen.  He looks exactly like he did the last time I saw him, though I was glad to see that he didn’t put together who I am.  I know it’s been about 250 years since he last saw me, but I was afraid he’d recognize me before he Bonded to Sookie.  But now that he has tasted her I know that’s why they’re coming to see me tonight.  He still probably doesn’t know who I am, but I’m sure he recognized the taste.

This is the day I have been dreading since the Goddess told me my destiny.  The dread has been growing since Sookie was born. And over the years the dread has become an almost living thing inside me.

I hope Sookie forgives me for not telling her the truth before now.

I take a deep breath as I hear a car pulling up the drive and going around the back of the house.

‘Please Goddess let her forgive me.’  I’m still not sure how to tell her, but as I hear the back door open I know I must tell her.

“Gran…?  Where are you?” Sookie calls out to me as she walks through the kitchen.  I can hear Eric as he closes the door.

“I’m in here dear.” I call back from the living room.  Here goes nothing.

As soon as they enter the living room I can sense the Bond between them.  Good, that’s as it should be.

Sookie bounces over to me and kisses me hello.  She is always such an energetic soul.

“Please have a seat, both of you.”  I’m smiling, but inside I’m scrambling, I should have practiced what to say.

Sookie sits on the couch and pulls Eric to sit beside her.  As I watch them sit they seem to enjoy each other’s touch.  This is a good sign.  Not only have they Blood Bonded, but they’ve bonded emotionally too.

“How was your evening?”  I hide my smile behind my tea cup as I watch Sookie’s face turn red.

“It… It was good for the most part.”  I wonder at that last part.

There’s a lull in the conversation and I realize I’m going to have to start this conversation off because Sookie doesn’t know enough to know what to ask.

“I imagine you have some questions regarding Sookie’s Heritage?”  I look at Eric, “You recognized the flavors, yes?”

He nods, “I recognized some of the flavors in Sookie’s Blood.  I thought it best though that Sookie hear about her Heritage from you though, so I haven’t told her what I’ve figured out.”

I look at Sookie now as she looks at me with curiosity in her eyes.  “Sookie you remember the dream you had before your parents died?”

“You mean the one where evil Faeries drowned and killed them?”  She asks softly.

I nod, “Yes, that’s the one.  I’m sorry to say, but I should have done more to prevent their deaths, but at that point we didn’t know you had the sight.  It practically skipped your mother after all, so we didn’t give much thought to your dreams coming true.  Dear, I know I told you it was just a bad dream and that I told you your parents died from a flash flood.  They did, but evil Faeries really did kill your parents, so far as I can tell it happened exactly as you dreamt it.”



I can feel my eyes grow wide and it feels like I’ve been hit in the chest.  The dream was real?  Faeries are real? HOLY SHIT!  I can feel her sincerity and her truthfulness washing over me in waves so I’m not going to question those facts, but “Wh, why would evil Faeries kill my parents?”

Gran looks sad as she answers, “That was a miscalculation on all our parts.  Your Father was a Hybrid, half Faerie and half Handmaiden to the Goddess.  The Faeries only knew that he was half Faerie. I imagine they wouldn’t have touched them if they had known that his other half wasn’t Human.  They believe that mixing their bloodlines with Humans weakens the power behind the blood.  Which is sort of true, but that is beside the point, because your Father wasn’t even a little Human.” She pauses, then, “Your mother was essentially collateral damage.”

She pauses to give us both a moment to internalize what she just said.  Daddy wasn’t Human. Half Faerie and half Handmaiden, what is that anyways?

“Are the Faeries that killed her parents still a threat?” Eric asks softly, but with some urgency.

“No, they were informed of my Grandchildren’s Heritage.  It was a little more difficult to protect Hadley, but once they knew what I am they backed down. They shouldn’t be a threat to Sookie at all…”

I interrupt her, “But if Momma was Human, wouldn’t they want to kill me and Jason too?”

I already know the answer before she says it, “She wasn’t Human either; so no, they don’t want to kill you.”



“What? What was she then?” Sookie sounds scared so I pull her into my side and wrap my arm around her. Perhaps I should have warned her after all, but I thought it would be best coming from Adele.

“She was half Seer and one half Elf.” She pauses to let that sink in.

Those would be the four scents I recognized, but there’s still one more unidentified scent… it’s barely there, but I’m old enough to pick up on it, though apparently not old enough to know what it is I’m smelling, so I ask, “I picked up five scents from Sookie, the four you mentioned and one as yet unidentified scent that’s barely there, but it’s enough that I noticed it.  Do you know what it is?”  I don’t know why, but I’m a little nervous as I ask this.

She shakes her head, “Sookie’s Maternal Grandparents were to my knowledge 100% Seer and 100% Elf, respectively,” She turns and looks Sookie in the eye, “But there were stories your Mother would tell me about an Ancient Seer from before Troy fell who had a touch of Daemon in her, but I doubt that small amount would still be detectable over 10,000 years later, but that is the only other thing I can think of.  Daemon’s are known for their Telepathy.  Your Grandparents were each 100% of the species they were for all intents and purposes, but perhaps the gene was strong enough to come through after all these years.”

HOLY SHIT! I KNEW that scent was familiar… I even associated it with the right Seer. “It’s the Daemon, though I don’t know any more than you do how such a small amount could survive through so many generations. I think I know the Seer you’re speaking of though. I actually associated one of Sookie’s scents with her, but now I recognize the fifth scent as hers as well.  It’s barely there on her as well, but that’s where I smelled it before at about the same strength too which I think is why I was having such a hard time placing it.”

I pause and then continue, “I also think this is where Sookie’s Telepathy comes from, Her Grace is Telepathic as well and she is the only other non-full-blooded Daemon Telepath I know, though I have heard of a couple here and there through the years, but primarily if she’s a direct descendant of Her Grace then that’s got to be where it comes from.”

“Uh, Eric, who is HER GRACE?”  Sookie asks this very quietly. She seems a little shell shocked.

“She’s one of the Oldest Vampires, if not THE oldest in existence.  She’s very powerful.  She is a Seer; in fact she was the original Oracle.”

“Can I meet her?”  Sookie surprises me.

“I can call her for you and request an audience with her.”  I say softly as I rub my fingers over Sookie’s shoulder.  She smiles at me as she snuggles into me and then turns to look at Adele.

“If Daddy was half Faerie and Half Handmaiden to the Goddess then you are…?”

“A full blooded Handmaiden.”  She starts to shimmer as she says these words and then my eyes go wide with shock.

“Adelaide, it’s you!”  I know I sound surprised, but really I probably shouldn’t be.  Sitting before us is a woman I haven’t seen since 1755. Her long Blonde hair is just this side of white it’s so light. Her deep blue eyes are sparkling with humor at my response.   “You have been here this whole time?”

“Yes Vampire.  I have been close by all this time.  I have been masquerading as a Human woman for the sake of my children and their children.  It was decided long before they were born that they would all be raised to believe they were Human…”

Sookie interrupts her, “Why would you decide to do that… wouldn’t it be better to know the truth.”

“It would have led to some of you believing you were entitled.  And it ultimately kept you untouched for your Vampire.  The two of you are Destiny.  I am saddened by the fact that I cannot tell you everything about your Destiny, but I do know that it is great.  The two of you will be a force not to be reckoned with.  Many great things await you both.”  She shimmers back into an old woman as she finishes speaking.

I can feel and hear Sookie’s turmoil over everything that has been revealed to her, so I suggest, “Why don’t you go up to your room and start packing?  I’ll go get the boxes out of the SUV and we can pack some while you try to absorb all of this.  If you have further questions you can ask your Gran when we are done, ok.”

Sookie practically jumps up and runs from the room after she nods her head.  I can feel some fear in the Bond and I’m not sure where it’s coming from.  I am distracted by Adele as she speaks softly, presumably so that Sookie can’t hear her, “I love ALL of my Grandchildren, Eric, but you should be wary of Jason.  He will do more harm than good if you allow him to.  He will hurt my Granddaughter very deeply and I fear what her response to your reaction will be.  Do NOT release him or allow him to see Sookie until after the Marks are in place.  It could be disastrous if you do.”

I nod my head and get up from the couch.  “I will keep all of that in mind, thank you.”  And I zip out to the SUV, grab the boxes and head back into the house.  I follow the sound of Sookie’s heartbeat into her room.  She has two small suitcases that have definitely seen better days open on her bed and she is filling them with clothes from the dresser.  I can smell her tears though so I place the boxes by the bed and pull her into my arms from behind.  She turns in my hold and buries her face in the column of my neck.

“Sookie, I can feel your fear and some anger.  The anger I understand, but what is it you are afraid of?” I whisper into her hair as I kiss the top of her head.

“Do you still want me even though I’m some mutant thing?” I barely register the words before I feel my anger flood through me.

I pull her head back and tip it up so I can look her in the eyes. “First of all you are NOT A mutant thing and saying so is terribly close to calling yourself defective, so remember what I said would happen if you were to do that.  It’s not just the words, it’s the spirit of them and I WILL take you over my knee if you do that again.  The only reason I’m not now is because I was not clear that I would take the spirit of your words into account, but now you know, so be careful what you say.”

“But I am…”

“Sookie do not push me on this, you will not like the results and I don’t think you want your Grandmother to hear me give you a thorough spanking. This is your last warning.”

Her eyes are big and I can scent her fear and is that… yes, her arousal.

“And to answer your earlier question HELL YES I still want you! Nothing has changed between us.  I do not care that you are part Faerie, Handmaiden, Seer, Elf, and Daemon.  You are still you.  And ultimately this is a good thing. It means you are less likely to lose your mind if we rush the Marks as we seem to need to. And these bloodlines give you your abilities which I am quite sure I do not know the full scope of yet.  And most importantly if you were not a Hybrid you would not have met me.  And I have to admit, I’m pretty satisfied with us knowing each other.  Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I just…”

I can see in my mind what she’s going to say and I really don’t want to spank her with Adelaide downstairs, so I place a finger over her lips, “You just have low self esteem, but you and I are going to be working on that, so don’t worry about that.” I kiss her forehead and then ask, “Now what do you need me to do to help you pack?”

“Well you can start by taking the clothes in my closet off the hangars and folding them to put into the suitcases, although we’re gonna have to put some in a box or two I think.  Then I need you to…”


Three Hours Later

“I think that’s the last of the stuff in here.  I just need to get the rest of my toiletries and a few things around the house, be right back.”  I’m impressed by how efficiently Sookie went about packing everything but her furniture and I’m surprised that it only took three hours, though admittedly she doesn’t have much compared to how much I have.  I will be working to increase her number of belongings… I want Sookie scattered throughout my home.  Though of course quality trumps quantity, so these things will be the best of whatever they are.

As she reenters the room with her toiletries in hand she says to me, “I have some questions for Gran then I think I want to go home if that’s ok?”  She looks so unsure, as if I would deny her.

“Of course Princess, we will go home whenever you wish, though you shouldn’t feel rushed, speak to your Gran as long as you like.  Why don’t you go down and I’ll put these last two boxes in the car with the others and then I’ll join you unless you wish to speak to her privately?”

“No, I’ll carry one box for you and then we can both speak to her, ok?”  She seems nervous again.

“That works too.” I pause and then, “Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.  It might not be how we think it should be, but everything will happen as it should, always remember that.”

I hug her for a minute or two and when I pull away I hand her the lighter of the two boxes and pick up the other. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” She giggles.  I like that sound, probably more than I ought to but I’ll think about that later.

Once the boxes are in the SUV with the others we head back in and find her Gran sitting in the living room reading a book.

She puts a piece of scrap paper into the book and then closes it and she looks at us as we sit down across from her.  “You have questions child?”  Her smile is peaceful like a great burden has been lifted from her shoulders. And I suppose it has.

“Well, first, Grandpa was a Faerie?”

“The man who helped raise you, my Husband was not your real Grandfather.  Your Father’s Father was a Faerie named Fintan Brigant.  My Husband never knew he wasn’t Corbett’s Father.”  Brigant? SHIT! The only Faerie named Brigant I know is that old Bastard Niall.  He HATES Vampires. I need to Mark her before he becomes an issue to prevent him from killing me. But I’ll ask about that later.

“Was Aunt Linda a Stackhouse or a Brigant?”  Sookie sounds determined and she feels almost victorious as if getting answers, no matter how late, is what she’s always wanted.  And I realize this is true.

“Linda was technically a Brigant.  Hadley gets the power of persuasion and the ability to defuse volatile situations from me, but the power of attraction she has comes from Fintan.  Hadley’s father was Human, so her powers are far less than if she didn’t have any Human in her. It was harder to protect Hadley once the Fae found out about my children and their children but it was made known to them that interfering with the will of the Goddess would cost them their lives. They have left her alone to fulfill her Destiny for the most part.”

“If not having any Human in us gives us stronger powers then why doesn’t Jason have Telepathy and all the other stuff I can do?”

“Jason has the power of attraction from the Fae and the power of persuasion from me, but powers tend to manifest more strongly in Female Hybrids, which is why you have so many abilities, some I dare say you haven’t even discovered yet.”

Sookie sits for a moment then asks, “But you said the sight passed over Momma, if she was a Female Hybrid why didn’t she have the Sight?” She’s showing her level of intelligence with all of her questions and I have to say I’m rather impressed, so far she’s asked everything I would ask.

“Your Mother had more Elfish abilities than those of a Seer.  She had the power of persuasion and the ability to hide in plain sight and blend in, though she did get premonitions from time to time.  Not all powers are necessarily passed down; the more common abilities get passed down more easily just like with Humans and other animals. The more impressive abilities are much rarer.  The sight and your Telepathy and Empathy are examples of that.”

Sookie sits a moment then turns to me with wide eyes, “Eric, do you think the Queen knows about my Heritage… at least the parts I share with Hadley?  Do you think that’s why she wants me so badly?  Not just the Telepathy, but the possibility of more?”

Another excellent question, “I haven’t heard anything on the tapes to suggest that she knows of your Heritage per say, but she knows that Hadley tastes better than most, she’s mentioned that multiple times on multiple occasions.

Though to be honest I haven’t been able to get a bug into her office where she does her most private business.  She expects bugs there so she sweeps for them often in that room. It is possible that she’s talked about that with Andre, her Beloved Childe and second in command while in that room. Though she does tend towards pillow talk so I’m not sure if it would come up in the office or the bedroom but I’ve got ALL of the bedrooms bugged, so… your guess is as good as mine I suppose.”  She’s giggling again. “What?”

“You have ALL the bedrooms bugged!” she’s full out laughing now, “Of course you do!  It’s probably part of your whole Sex-God-ness.” Now I’m laughing as her eyes go wide, her hand covers her mouth and her face and upper chest turn bright red!  Her eyes dart to her Grandmother who is very clearly trying not to laugh, trying being the operative word.  I decide to continue THAT part of this discussion later tonight when there are no witnesses to further embarrass my Pet.

“I’ll have you know that I’ve learned most of what I learned about you from the recordings from the Queen’s private bed chamber.  As I said she likes pillow talk and after she’s had her way with her pet she talks to her, or actually it’s Hadley who does most of the talking. The Queen just asks little questions here and there and Hadley goes on and on about you and her family, now that I think about it I think she’s mentioned your uncle before…”

Adele asks, “You know about Bartlett?” at the same time Sookie asks with tears in her eyes, “He got to her didn’t he?”

“I’m sorry that was inappropriate, but yes I know about your adoptive Brother.”  I pause and turn to look Sookie in the eyes. “Yes, I believe he did to her what he could not do to you.”

I hear Adele gasp, then she states VERY firmly, “Baby, you and Hadley, did nothing wrong, do you hear me, NOTHING!  Bartlett was the one who did wrong,” she pauses briefly and then whispers, “and I trust you will seek vengeance for both of my Granddaughters?”

Now it’s Sookie’s turn to gasp, “Gran!”

“I know you’re shocked dear, but I am just as much a Supe as your Vampire and what Bartlett did is a Blood Offense… I didn’t kill him because I thought he hadn’t actually raped you, but if he raped Hadley, then it’s a Blood Offense and thereby punishable by death.  I probably wouldn’t torture him, but I’m sure your Vampire will, and personally I think it’s only fair.  The mere thought of him preying on my little grandbabies inspires such anger and hatred and rage, that I can’t even begin to describe it.”

“I can feel it; it’s so strong. I didn’t know you were capable of such anger and rage and I definitely didn’t think you would ever hate anyone least of all THAT much!”  Sookie has tears running down her cheeks.

Adele looks me right in the eye and says softly, “I trust you will take into account this matter as you explore your relationship with my Granddaughter.”

I nod and reply just as softly, “I have and I will continue to do so.”

“Thank you.”

I simply nod my reply.

“GRAN!!!!”  Sookie is turning bright red and I’m quite certain that it goes ALL the way down this time.  I can feel her mortification through our new Bond.  Surprisingly I wish to reduce this feeling in her.

“Sookie, I am a man, a Vampire and you are a beautiful young woman and I have Bonded to you, it stands to reason that our relationship will at some point go…”

Sookie places her hand over my mouth, “Go there or not we DON’T have to TALK about it!!!!  In front of GRAN no less!”  I lick her palm and her eyes dilate.  I chuckle as she turns redder and pulls her hand away.  “Um, maybe we should go for now… if I think of any other questions I’ll let you know.”

“That’s fine dear.” I can see that Adele is working very, VERY hard not to burst out laughing, “Just keep in mind not to mention any of this over the phone, I’m sure the Queen has bugged at least your phone and I’d be VERY surprised if she hasn’t bugged Eric’s.”

I nod deeply, “She has bugs on all the phone lines she KNOWS I have, not all of them of course, but the ones she knows about, definitely.  I’ll get you both untraceable disposable phones tomorrow so that you can talk freely without worrying about anyone listening who shouldn’t be.”

“That’s why you told me not to mention you by name or that you’re a Vampire, you think she’s already listening to my phone calls.”

“I do, and she is.  It’s what I would have done, in fact I thought about it, but I didn’t want her to be able to trace it back to me, because then she’d know I know you exist, which she can’t know until we are both Marked.

Adele, I’ll have Pam bring you an untraceable phone tonight before she goes to rest and she’ll give you Sookie’s new number.”

“Thank you Eric, that’s very Kind of you.  Before you go, Sookie, have you eaten?  I know how you forget.  Eric you be sure she eats three square meals a day and good snacks in between.  Maybe even hire someone to cook for her that way she can’t forget or be lazy and eat junk food.”

“Gran! He does NOT have to get me a cook.  I am perfectly capable of cooking for myself.”

“Mmmhmm, and what have you eaten since I gave you lunch before work yesterday?”

“Umm… I had raviolis tonight… and I kinda forgot to eat last night, but there were extenuating circumstances.  It won’t happen again.”

“In almost 24 hours all you’ve eaten is raviolis?  Did you at least have a salad with your dinner?”

“Um, no, we were in a hurry.”  Sookie seems sheepish as she says this.

“Eric, you hire a cook or I’m going to come feed her everyday and I’m sure neither of you want me interrupting your time together.”  She says this with an almost evil smile… though it’s clear she means it.

I smile back, “I’ll have my Day-Person hire someone qualified tomorrow.  And I will see that she eats a big salad when we get home tonight.”

“Thank you Eric.”

“Hmp.  You can stop treating me like a child anytime now.”  Sookie looks so petulant as she says this that I burst out laughing.  She’s even got her hands on her hips.

“Nonsense Sookie,” Adele responds affectionately, “We are merely treating you as someone we care about that we don’t want to see neglected however unintended that neglect might be.”

“Fine. Can we go now?”  She’s obviously planning to rip me a new one as the Vermin say when we get into the SUV.

“Sure, Sookie, Adele, it was a pleasure seeing you again.”  Sookie kisses Adele and then I place my hand at Sookie’s back as we walk out the door.  I open her door for her and she glares at me but says thank you despite her ire.

I chuckle to myself as I walk around the front of the SUV and open my door.  I slide in and shut the door and start counting in my head… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… “You think you’re so smart, but I can hear you counting in my head.”

I think at her ‘I’m aware you can hear me that was kind of the point.’

“Hmp. Are you really going to hire a cook?  I really am capable of cooking for myself. Gran taught me how to cook and I have a bunch of recipes in those two binders we packed and they’re good for me food too, not junk.  Please don’t hire a cook.”

I consider her statement as I turn the car around and drive back down the driveway. “How about this, we’ll give it a week and if you are not living up to your end I will hire a cook, but I reserve the right to hire a cook anytime after the week is over. If you slack off two months from now I will hire you a cook, it will be an ongoing thing.”

“Fine, but I won’t slack off.”  She says still with a petulant air about her.

“Good then we won’t have a problem.”  I trail off thinking.

Should I include additional punishment if she does slacks off? Suddenly she turns to me and says, “You absolutely should NOT include further punishment!  A Cook is punishment enough!”

“I don’t know I think you’re less likely to slack off if there is an additional punishment involved and the whole point here is to see that you eat properly.  Yes I like this idea… 20 spanks with my bare hand on your bare ass if you slack off with your meals at any time.”

“Absolutely NOT!”

“Then I’m hiring a cook for you tomorrow, the choice is yours.”  I let her think on that for a while.

After a few minutes she says, “10 spanks.”

I smile, “20 spanks.”

“15 spanks, that’s as high as I’m going.”  She looks worried and she should be because I fully intend to carry out this punishment if she fails to properly care for herself.

“Agreed, 15 spanks with my bare hand on your bare ass if you fail to properly see to your meals.”


She sits quietly for a couple of minutes then she asks softly, “Are you really going to torture and kill Uncle Bartlett? And did my Grandmother basically order you to do it?”

“Yes to both questions.  It’s a Blood Offense what he did to Hadley, and while I don’t really care about a Blood Offense against your cousin, I do care about what he did to you and what your Grandmother wants.  She was a good friend to me many years ago.  She has asked this of me and I will do it for her.”

“When?”  she sounds so forlorn.

“After I’ve dealt with Compton and told the Queen that I have Marked you.  You don’t have to be present if you don’t want to be… if it will hurt you further to witness it I will spare you that pain, but it will happen.”  I say this as resolutely as I can so she understands that I’m serious.

“Can I think about it?”  She sounds like a little girl now, a scared little girl.

“Of course Sookie, you have until it happens to decide.  I promise to give you 12 hours notice so that you may make your decision before the event is upon us.”

“Thank you.” She says so softly I almost miss it.

“You don’t have to thank me Sookie. I don’t want to cause you undue pain or suffering, not this kind anyway.”  I wiggle my eyebrows at her.  Which reminds me, “We’re going to stop by Fangtasia, but we’re not going in… I’ll have Pam bring out what I had my Day-Man deliver today.”

“Ok.”  And we enjoy the silence for the rest of the ride.  When I pull into the back parking lot of Fangtasia I take out my phone and text Pam to bring out everything my Day-Man should have delivered to the club before it opened; a moment later Pam is at my Window carrying a bag. I roll down the window and go to speak when Sookie speaks first.

“You’re the woman who was at my House the other day… You’re Pam?”

“I am and you are my Master’s new Pet.”

‘I must say considering he’s never had one before I think he’s done a splendid job of choosing his first.’

I almost miss the fact that she didn’t say the last part out loud. But then I hear Sookie scream in my head, ‘ERIC! I heard her, oh GOD!’

“My you smell delicious… does she taste as good as she smells Master?”

I smirk as I reply, “Even better!”

“I’m jealous; here are the things that incompetent Human brought over for you.”

“Good, I want you to purchase two disposable phones with money from the cash box.  Deliver one to Mrs. Stackhouse in Bon Temps and deliver the other to my house.  Make a note of each number so that Sookie and her Grandmother can call each other. Call me if anything unexpected happens, otherwise I’m not to be disturbed until tomorrow night.”  I roll up the window as I hand the bag to Sookie so I can drive.

As soon as we pull away from the club she turns to me and whispers, “I heard her Eric.  What are we gonna do?”

“First of all Sookie, breathe. I heard her as well, so it may just be because of our Maker/Childe Bond.  So we’ll have to see if this ability includes Vampires I’m NOT connected to through a Bond. If it’s just Pam then there are no worries, since she has no secrets from me anyway.”

I smile to myself as I see her peering into the top of the bag.  “Eric, Vampires don’t get sore muscles, right?  Or Eat Mexican food? Or what is that at the bottom of the bag…? It smells like ginger.  What is all this stuff for?”  She’s looking at me curiously.

“Remember our shower last night?” I ask with a smirk.

“How can I forget? That was amazing.”  And there she goes turning that beautiful shade of crimson that I’m growing to love almost as much as I love the particular shade of scarlet that blood is.

“Remember how the soap felt on your sensitive parts after it was left on for a while?”

“Y-yess.” She stutters as her eyes widen, “You’re not gonna put that… oh Lord.  That… I can’t decide if I’m scared or impressed or jealous that I didn’t think of that myself.”

“We won’t use them all at once, but I’m told each one feels slightly different so I thought we can try them each out eventually.”  I smirk as I hear her moan and I can smell her arousal permeating the car air.  Excellent, that’s exactly the response I want.

The closer we get to my home… our home… the more she’s fidgeting and it’s hard to hide my smile as I watch her squirm in her seat.

As I pull up to the gate and enter the code to open it I say, “First thing you’re doing when we get inside is making yourself a large salad and then you’re going to eat ALL of it!  Then maybe we’ll play some.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Do I get to spank you so soon? I can have my Day-man find a cook before you wake up and they can make you breakfast when you rise.”

“NO! You don’t get to spank me!  I haven’t neglected my meals… I’m just not hungry right now… it’s only been a little while since I ate.”

“It has been more than five hours and I was under the impression that Humans eat every four to six hours so this is perfectly in the middle.  You will eat a salad or I will punish you.  And if I punish you I will be sure to play with you afterwards and I will pay particular attention to grinding my lower half into yours so that your sore ass constantly rubs against the sheet, or maybe I’ll play with you on the rug, I bet that would be uncomfortable.  I could always rub some IceyHot onto your ass after I’ve given you the 15 spanks, hey and THEN I could play with you on the floor.  What do you think? Sound like a good plan?”

“Fine I’ll eat a DAMN Salad!”  She practically screams at me.

I won’t let that particular behavior take root. “You scream at me again or curse at me and I will punish you whether you eat the salad or not. You will ALWAYS speak to me with the proper amount of respect or a sore ass will be the least of your worries. Do you understand me Sookie?”

“Yeah.” She whispers, that won’t do either.

“’Yes, Eric.’ is the proper response, so I ask again, do you understand me Sookie?”

“Yes Eric.”  She says it softly but the proper deference is obvious so I let it go.

“Good, now let’s go inside and you can make your salad.”

She’s silent as I open her car door for her and lead her into the house, which is probably for the best since I can feel her turmoil in the Bond.  She’s not sure how to feel about what just happened.  I have to remember that this is all new to her and be careful not to push too hard, but I will not allow such behavior to take root. It’s best to nip such bad behavior in the bud now while it’s new rather than have to teach her to unlearn a habit.

I turn to her, “After you make your salad I will unload your things from the car while you eat; after I am sure it is of a sufficient size.”

“Is it really necessary to wait to see if it’s a good size? I’m perfectly capable of choosing the proper size for myself.”  She huffs that last part.

“You tell me, since you were the one thinking that if I wasn’t in here when you made the salad then you could pretend it started out bigger and then not have to eat as much.  You’re lucky I’m not punishing you just for thinking such thoughts, but I have yet to decide whether I shall include your thoughts in my determinations as to whether you need to be punished, so for now I will let the thought slide. But if this becomes an issue I WILL take it into consideration.”

I hear her loud and clear though I’m fairly certain she wasn’t trying to let me hear her when she thinks, ‘He sure does talk about punishment a lot but so far he’s all bark and no bite.’

“I am merely making sure that you are aware of all the rules BEFORE I start punishing you.  I am trying to build a relationship with you built on trust and punishing you without first warning you that you are doing something wrong will not build trust, but rather dissent.  Of course if you’d rather I punish first and explain why afterwards I can do that instead.” I raise one eyebrow in question as I stare at her with her mouth in the form of an ‘O’.

I turn her towards the refrigerator and push lightly as I say, “Now be a good girl and make your salad.”  Hmmm. I felt arousal from her when I said the part about being a good girl.  It’s as if she was made for me.

I watch intently as she takes out the ingredients to make her salad. Once she finds a knife and cutting board she quickly washes and chops everything and then asks, “Is there a bowl I can put this in?”

I go into the pantry and retrieve a bowl for her.  She smiles slightly as I hand it to her.  Apparently she has decided not to continue to argue about her salad.  This is a good sign.

Once she’s sitting at the table with her bowl of salad I kick it into high gear and move all the boxes from the SUV to the room right outside the door to my chambers.  She’s still eating when I finish moving everything so I sit down and watch her eat.

Apparently that’s making her nervous because she quickly asks, “What?  Why are you staring at me?”

I chuckle and then reply, “I’m just amazed by how enticing it is watching you eat.  I noticed it earlier when you were eating your raviolis.  So I’m sitting here trying to will my dick not to get hard, well, harder anyway, I’m pretty much constantly hard anytime I’m around you. But it gets harder when I watch you eat.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her as she turns that delightful shade of crimson again.

She chews for a while and then asks tentatively, “can we talk about, umm, us, having sex, umm, making love, err…”

I chuckle and respond, “Of course Princess, I assume you want to set a date”

She nods, “Yeah, umm Yes.”

“I’m not sure if we should wait until after the Marks or not.  Just as the Blood Bond can be overwhelming so can the Marks.  I’m not sure we should be mixing the two especially if it does take a while for you to acclimate to the Marks.  I want you to be able to bask in the afterglow after I’ve made love to you.” I don’t usually use the words ‘making love’ but I find that I really do want to romance her and that although I definitely can’t wait until I can fuck her I don’t want to JUST fuck her…  I want it all… the whole spectrum. I’m not sure how I feel about that.  It’s been well over 1,000 years since I last had that kind of relationship.  I didn’t even have that with Pam when I first made her. I guess I sort of had that kind of relationship with Godric before he released me, but I wasn’t the one in charge in that relationship so I’m not exactly sure how to do this. And the whole idea of it makes me a little nervous.  I am definitely NOT in my comfort zone anymore. But I haven’t lived this long without learning to adapt to any given situation.

“When will the Marks be… done… in place, or whatever?”  She sounds a little impatient and that makes me smile because I’m impatient for IT too.

“Well we can do the first and maybe the second Mark tonight if you feel up to it after the first Mark. And then we can do one each night for the next three nights and that will have us completely Marked by Sunday morning and then a couple days for you to recuperate, so say Tuesday of next week.”

“I can’t wait that long!” she blurts out and then covers her mouth with her hand.

I laugh at that, “You’ve waited 25 years what’s a couple more days?”

“I didn’t know I could.  Now I know it’s not outside the realm of possibilities and I WANT it!  I always thought… now don’t get mad or punish me cuz I’m not saying I am but I always thought I was defective or ruined.  Now I know that I’m not completely defect…” I raise my eyebrow and shake my head slightly and she stops mid word before continuing,”err well I’m not as incapable as I thought.  The idea of waiting now that I know what you can make me feel is, well it’s torturous.”

I smile at that last part.  “Waiting will only make the actual event even better, Princess.  The anticipation is part of the fun.”

“But that’s not fair…”

“I will often not be fair when it comes to our sex life.  I can be a fair Dom when I want to be, but part of the whole point of being a Sadist is that I don’t want to be fair… I want to torture you.” Her eyes go wide and her lip trembles and I see in her head her recollection of my saying I was going to torture her uncle, “I don’t intend to do any lasting damage but during the act you will suffer to an extent and I think that will make it even more pleasurable for you since you are a Masochist.  I won’t ever torture you the way I would your Uncle, rest assured of that, but it will be a type of pleasurable torture.”

“So whatever you’re planning to do to Uncle Bartlett, you’re umm, saying you wouldn’t do those things to me, or those kinds of things, or, umm… I’m not sure what I’m trying to ask. Sorry.”  She looks a little scared and I can feel the barest whispers of it through the Bond.

I think this is a product of us only having known each other a day.  After a while she will grow to trust me, like I said it’s why I keep warning her about punishments.  Because she WILL NOT enjoy punishments even a little bit.  And because she likes pain they’ll have to be a little harsher than I would do on a non-Vampire who doesn’t like pain.  Plus as we explore our relationship she’ll learn what sorts of things I’m willing to do to her.  I’ll always leave her guessing a little but she’ll have a better understanding of what I consider acceptable treatment of her.  Now how to explain the difference between what I’m willing to do to her and what I am planning to do to that Asshole.

“Princess whatever I do to you will ultimately be for both of our enjoyment.  I might enjoy it a little more than you in the moment, but the idea of it before during and after should arouse you.  I’m not going to permanently damage you although I am considering piercing you in several places, cute little rings in your nipples for example or one on the hood of your clit, or if I’m feeling particularly sadistic maybe even one THROUGH your clit, but I won’t brand you or give you life threatening injuries.

Your Uncle on the other hand… His torture will be all about my enjoyment, not his, not even a little and I will ultimately give him wounds that won’t heal and he will in the end die.

I know I used the word torture to describe both, but what I need you to understand is that when it’s in reference to you it means one thing and when it’s in reference to someone else it may mean another thing all together.  It’s a matter of where on the spectrum of torture I’m willing to go with you.  On one side of the spectrum the torture is ultimately pleasurable and on the other end it ends in death. Once we reach the middle of that spectrum I won’t go past a certain point with you that I might go to with other individuals as the need arises.  Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?”  I monitor the Bond as I speak and I can feel her fear disappear but she has a certain amount of sadness when I mention how I will treat other people.”

I can hear in her thoughts that she knows she can’t change who I am to the point that I won’t hurt people at all. A part of her, a rather surprisingly large part of her doesn’t want to change me.  But We/she will definitely have to work through the differences between how people are treated in the Human World versus how people are treated in the Supernatural World. I’m fairly certain we’ll have several similar conversations in the future.  That’s expected though. It’s a big change going from interacting with people in the Human world to interacting in the Supe World, especially if the change is as sudden as it has been with Sookie.



I’m really not sure what I was trying to ask. But using the same word to mean two different things confuses me when it’s such a touchy subject.  I can feel my whole body flush when he mentions piercing me and my crotch feels like it’s alive when he mentions piercing THROUGH my clit. And it’s not a bad or unpleasant sensation.  I actually rather like it. As he continues talking it finally clicks into place… what he’s willing to do to me will make me feel like this and what he’s going to do to Uncle Bartlett will not cause any kind of pleasure.

I’m sad that he’ll hurt people when they don’t like it, but I know I can’t change that part of him.  I’m not even sure I’d want to.  I like him the way he is, even if parts of him are really scary sometimes.

“I guess I still have trouble understanding that it’s possible to enjoy torture.  I mean I know I like pain, but a certain part of my brain says that’s wrong and bad, ya know what I mean?”

He nods, “That’s from the American Puritanical way of brainwashing every one.  Mainstream Religious Groups all tell you that sex is bad and that sadism and masochism are bad. None of these things are true.  But they practically brainwash everyone these days to the point where even when you know it feels good to you part of you is still trying to tell you it’s somehow wrong.  That’s one of the things I hate about the Modern World… it wasn’t always this way.

But don’t worry you and I will work on un-brainwashing you, ok? Eventually your point of view will change and you won’t have such turmoil over this, but unfortunately that takes time.  I’m sure we’ll have more discussions like this in the future. I want you to feel free to bring this stuff up whenever you want.  I don’t want you suffering emotionally if you don’t have to.”

I nod as he pauses but when I don’t say anything he continues, “Honestly, at this point the only thing I might not be able to talk to you about is Vampire business. Though if that sort of situation comes up I will tell you that I can’t discuss it with you, but even then that will be limited since technically you’re not even a little Human and you’re my Mate.  Once we’re Marked you’ll know everything I know and other Supes will accept that. We’ll have no secrets, though it will take time for your brain to absorb everything in my brain considering how much older I am.”

I nod and answer quietly, “I’ll try to think differently about it.  To see it from other points of view as you said.”

He nods back, “That’s the first step. And unfortunately it’s not really an easy step because you’ll have to constantly remind yourself to think differently, but I’ll help with that on several fronts.”

I wonder at that, so, “What does that mean, ‘on several fronts’?”

I can hear him debating with himself if he should go into detail or gloss over it for now.

“Please don’t gloss over it.”  I don’t mean for my voice to waiver when I say that.

“It means you need to change your way of thinking in several areas.  And I intend to help you with that, but I’ll be honest I expect to be handing out punishments quite a bit at first. But as time goes by the infractions will decrease in number and therefore so will the number of punishments you receive on a regular basis.”

That makes me nervous and I know he can feel it. “Can you give me an example?”

He pauses then, “For instance I fully expect to have to spank you for calling yourself defective or something similar in spirit.  I expect to have to do that repeatedly.  Once we find a groove so to speak I’m not going to stop you from saying it.  I’m going to let you say it and then punish you.  Not to be mean, but because the punishments will ultimately curb the behavior.  I expect that changing your thoughts will be significantly harder and I haven’t decided yet how to approach that particular problem?”

My knee-jerk reaction to that is that it wouldn’t be fair to punish me for my thoughts, but part of me understands that that’s the only way they’ll change.  Do I tell him that, or… I want to be whole so… “I want you to punish me if I think negative things about myself.”  Shit did I really just say that?  Oh boy, that smile looks kind of evil.

“Instead of expecting me to do what you want ask me nicely Little One and I will do this for you.” He pauses, but I’m sure he can feel and hear my confusion so he continues, “request that I punish you for having negative thoughts about yourself.  And don’t forget to say please.”  That smile really IS evil.

Shit he’s waiting for me to actually ask him to do that. “Umm, will you please punish me for having negative thoughts about myself?”

He smiles wider, “Since you asked so nicely I will do this for you, though next time you ask for something don’t forget to say my name.  It’s a sign of respect.”

He looks like he’s waiting for something again.  What is he waiting for?  Oh! “Thank you Eric.”

“Good girl.” The way he’s smiling at me makes me feel proud when he says that.

I get up to wash my bowl and fork and have to go into the pantry to get the soap again as I walk towards it Eric asks me, “While you’re in there can you get five zip-loc bags?  There should be a new box.”

I nod and moments later I come back and hand him the bags then go back to the sink to wash my dishes.  Eric gets up and comes over to the counter where the bag Pam gave him is sitting.  He takes everything out of the bag and places it on the counter.  He takes four of the hands of Ginger root and places each one in a bag and seals the bags.  Then he takes them and puts them in a crisper in the fridge.  When he comes back he opens the drawer the knives are in and cuts one of the fingers and part of the palm off the hand.  He smiles an evil smirk at me as he begins peeling the finger.  Once the entire finger and the palm are peeled he goes back to one of the fingers still attached to the hand.  He peels the very tip and then cuts off a sliver.  Then he puts what’s left of the hand in the last bag and puts it in the fridge with the others.  He comes back again and picks up the little sliver and seems to be carving out part of it.

He places it on the counter and picks up the finger and carves a ring around the end near the part of the palm still attached to it.

He turns to me and asks, “Are you ready to retire to our chambers?”

I know my eyes are big.  He’s really gonna touch me there with the Ginger.  I slowly nod my head as he picks up the finger and sliver and leads me back and up the stairs.

He has me practice using the security features to open the door then leads me in.  “Sookie go up stairs and take off your clothes and lie down on your stomach.”

I hesitate, but he just stares me down so I walk to the stairs and go up.  I slowly take my clothes off and hang them back up in the closet for the time being. I stare at the bed for a minute as I exit the closet.  When I hear Eric clear his throat I realize he’s joined me, how long was I staring at the bed.  I hurry over to the bed and lay down on it.  Eric has some thin rope that almost looks like nylon rope my brother has.  He sits on the side of the bed and reaches for my hand and ties one of the pieces of rope around my wrist.  “Eric, I…”

“Shh Sookie, you’ll like this I guarantee it.  Remember how much you loved the soap last night, this will be even better.” He stretches my arm out and up and ties the end of the rope to the bed post.  Then he gets up and goes around to the other side and does the same thing.  I’m not so sure about this, I’ve never been tied up before, but I trust Eric, so I lay my head on the pillow and let him do his thing.  I hear him go into the bathroom and the water running, and then he comes back out and places a cup on the bed stand to my right.  The finger is sticking out of the cup.  I watch as Eric slowly strips, first sitting next to me and untying and removing his boots and socks. Then he stands and removes his shirt then his pants, no underwear, YUM!  He lies down beside me and his fingers trace the line of my spine down my back.

He grabs the finger and then separates my butt cheeks and I tense. Is he going to…? “Sookie you need to relax, although this isn’t very thick it will go in more easily if you try to relax.” And suddenly I feel it cold up against my asshole and then he’s pushing it in.  It feels weird having something going in not out, but it’s cold and it doesn’t really hurt.  I feel it warming and then after a minute or two it’s starting to tingle. I reflexively squeeze my butt cheeks together and the tingling increases. I feel Eric stroking my back then suddenly his hand comes crashing down on my ass and my eyes water, both from the sting of the slap and from the burning sensation that increased dramatically when I tensed up.



She looks so beautiful wiggling her ass as I stroke her back then without warning I strike her pretty hard on the ass and just as expected she tenses and then moans from the burning.  Her moans are continuing and growing in strength. I kiss her shoulder and then bring my hand down on her ass again and she lets out a yelp that I hate to admit is very cute.  I spread her legs and reach my hand under with the sliver of ginger in my hand and find her clit and place it right on top of it. The little hollow I made allowing it to nestle right up to her clit. I let go of the sliver, and Praise Freyja! It stays in place. Now she’s getting very vocal and her hips won’t stop moving.  I stroke my hand down her back again and this time I don’t smack her ass, just to change it up, but her ass rises as if to meet my hand. So I wait a moment and then smack her ass a little harder than before.

“Mmm, Eric” she cries out as I bring my hand down on her ass again.  I can smell the start of tears.  So I crack her ass with my hand three times in quick succession. And she cries out again.  I rub my hand over the redness forming on her buttocks and then raise and bring down my hand a little harder than before and ah… now there are tears running down her face.  I lean over and lick her tears from the cheek closest to me.  I continue to smack her ass every now and then for the next ten minutes.  I hit her one last time as I figure the burning is coming to its end.  I pull the finger from her ass and drop it in the trash barrel by the bed stand.  She’s still wiggling and moaning from the ginger on her clit. That’ll last for another couple of minutes, so I slide my hand between her legs again and I rub my fingers around her vulva.  I press two fingers in and stretch her. I add a third finger and then push and pull as I scissor my fingers, lightly brushing against her barrier.  Her moaning is a little louder now; I imagine the oils on my fingers from the ginger are burning her a bit, which is of course the point.  I reach behind me and grab the dagger off the bed stand and I watch pleased as her eyes get big.

“Do it, please! Do it! Please, please… ahhh.” I pull the blade across her back as she begs me for more.

“Please, Eric, more, please.” She’s panting now and I bring the blade down across her back again just under the first cut.  I cut her three more times before the smell of her blood gets to me and I begin to lick the blood from her back.  I keep dragging the knife across her back just slightly lower each time before I follow the cut with my tongue.  I go from the middle of her shoulder blades all the way down to the top of her ass.  Then just for fun I drag the dagger down vertically five times from shoulder to ass.  She’s moaning very prettily and I can tell she’s in sub-space.

If she weren’t a Virgin this is when I would fuck her and while a blade may very well be involved the night I take her virginity that night is NOT tonight.

I smooth back her hair from her face and play with it a little while I wait for her to come back to reality.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t wait and I’d have her at least give me a blow job, but I remember her saying HE made her do that, so I won’t do that without her express permission.  So I continue to play with her hair and I can slowly feel her coming back through the Bond.

Her eyes slowly clear and she smiles dreamily at me.  “Hi.”

“Hi.  Are you ok Princess?”

“Oh yeah, never better.”  And she giggles.  “hmm I love the burn from the cuts that comes afterwards.”

I smile at her, “I thought you might. I may make sure to leave some cuts on you after we do the marks so you can feel the burn as you go to sleep and then I’ll heal whatever’s left after we wake.”

Her smile widens, “Thank you Eric!”

“You’re welcome Princess.”

“Did you, umm, well, did um… did you… cum?” I can’t believe she’s blushing over that after what we just did, too funny.

I chuckle as I answer “No Princess I didn’t.”

“Well… if you untie me… maybe I can… ya know… take care of that for you.” Is it my imagination or did she just get even redder?

“Hmm, what do you have in mind?”

She looks a little worried so I ask, “Sookie, if I asked you to give me a blow job would that be outside your comfort zone?” I take the sliver off her clit and start circling her clit with my finger.

“hmmm. I… I don’t know.  I… I liked it when I kissed it last night, but I don’t know if I can actually put it in my mouth.  It’s kind of a scary thought.”

I pinch her clit and then twist hard and she’s coming all over my hand.  Her moans and whimpers as I continue to pinch, pull and twist are like music to my ears.  “Beautiful.  You are just beautiful like this.”

After her last whimper she lays quietly for a minute while I circle her clit over and over again. After a while she opens her eyes and says, “I wanna try.”

I smile encouragingly as I say, “Thank you Sookie.”  I kiss her for a minute and then untie her.  I rub her wrists and see that there are little red indentations on her wrists, but nothing that won’t go away in a few minutes.  She turns over and I pull her into my arms being sure to push against her back and kiss her softly, “Did you enjoy that?”

She turns that delightful shade of crimson again. “hmmm. Oh YES!  That was AWESOME!”

I laugh as I sit up all the way and swing my legs over the side of the bed after I pull her into my lap.

She moans and pants a little as the skin on her back is stretched from the unexpected movement.  I hold her in place for a couple of minutes being sure to press my fingers up against as many of the cuts as possible and I can smell her tears again.  I tip her face to look at me and lick the tears from both cheeks before kissing her.  She’s still panting a little so I plunge my tongue right into her mouth and start tracing patterns along her tongue.  We kiss for long minutes until she pulls away and slips off my lap into the V between my knees.  When she’s kneeling before me she looks me right in the eye and says, “Uh, I’m just gonna try, but if I don’t like it I can stop right?”

I smile at her, “Of course you can stop whenever you want.  DO what’s comfortable for you.”

She smiles back and reaches her hand up and grips my penis in her little hand.  Her hand doesn’t close all the way around it. “My you certainly have a “Gracious Plenty” don’t you?” Her hand begins stroking up and down and after a minute or two she leans forward and kisses the tip.  “Your, well, it looks different than his did… why is that?  Yours has a little flap…”

“He was probably circumcised.  The practice wasn’t done among my people when I was born… in fact it was a couple centuries before Christianity swept through our culture and even more before non-Jews practiced circumcision.  Does it bother you?”  I can’t believe that I’m actually nervous that she doesn’t like my dick.  I’ve never cared what anyone thought of it before.

“No, I think I like it better this way, it’s more natural and it’s different than how he was, so maybe it’ll be different enough, ya know?”  She’s still stroking me softly as we converse.

I wrap my hand over hers and make her squeeze a little harder, “Squeeze harder.” And she passes her palm over the tip on each up stroke like I showed her last night. She gets a very determined look on her face suddenly and she leans down and runs her tongue up the length of me and circles her tongue around the head that has a few pearls of cum on it which she proceeds to lick off.  She licks it one more time before rising up a little on her knees and pulling the tip into her mouth.  Our eyes lock and I try to smile encouragingly as she sucks me into her mouth because I know how difficult this is for her.  She’s overcoming some major fear here.

She sucks my penis a little further into her mouth and I can feel the back of her throat brush against my tip.  She wraps her hand around the part that doesn’t fit and starts bobbing up and down with her hand following her lips.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than this little girl with her little lips wrapped around my big dick.  I whisper hoarsely as I look into her eyes and softly stroke her cheek with the backs of my fingers, “use your teeth a little, don’t bite, but scrape them along… FUCK Yeah, just like that.  You’re so beautiful like this.  On your knees before me, with me stretching your little mouth, ugh… I’m getting there… do you want to swall…ow, Goddess, or… shit, I’m there…” and I come in long spurts into her mouth.  That went a little faster than I had planned, but the sight of her… Guh… she swallows all of my seed down and then places a tender kiss on the tip before sitting back on her knees.

She has a little drip of cum on her lip and I bend towards her and lick it off, which seems to surprise her.   “That was amazing Sookie. Was it ok for you?”

“It’s weird, it’s like other than that thing last night everything seems different with you.  You even taste different and you looked into my eyes and stroked my cheek gently… he… he always had his hands in my hair forcing me to go deeper or faster.  I felt like I was in control when I was doing it to you.  It was actually a pretty awesome feeling, knowing what I was doing to you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it almost as much as I did…” I chuckle with her at that as I pull her back up into my lap.  I kiss her softly for a minute, then pull back, “Are you up to doing the first Mark now or do you want to take a nap first?”

She smiles, “I want to do the Mark now… then I’ll take a nap, maybe… or we could play more…”  I chuckle at that. I’ve created a beautiful little monster.

“Ok, now the only difference between the Blood Exchanges for the Bond and Blood Exchanges for the Marks is the intent.  It’s the intention that causes the marks to form. So when you drink from me, do it with intent, ok?”  She nods and I reach behind me to where the dagger landed when we were done playing earlier.  I lay it down beside me so I’ll be able to find it when I need it.  “I’ll go first, then you, ok?  Ready?”

She nods so I kiss her lips softly then trail my kisses down across her chin and down her throat lingering for a moment at her pulse point.  Then I travel down to just above her heart and I bite hard.  I’m chanting ‘form the First Mark’ over and over in my head. Suddenly I feel like something inside of me just opened up and I instinctively know it’s time for her to drink. So I lick the wound to close it and raise the dagger to my chest and drag it deeply above my heart.

She licks up the length of the wound and then her little mouth wraps around the wound and she’s pulling on it just as hard as I did.  I can hear her repeating, ‘Please work, make us one, please work, please,’ over and over in HER head. And suddenly I feel something slip into that space that opened up inside me and I almost jerk back when I realize it’s her inside me.  The feeling is overwhelming and I only realize that tears are running down my face when a drop of my tears falls on her face and runs down her cheek.

I hear ‘And so it begins, Blessed Be.’ in my head and I know, just KNOW that the First Mark is in place.  I feel a tingling right above the spot that I cut and I look down and see the symbol for the Triple Goddess just above my heart.

01_First Mark_Eric copy_72dpi_sm

It feels warm and Sookie’s gently stroking it with her fingers. That’s when I notice the mark on her chest The Earth Mother Goddess silhouette with the symbol for the Triple Goddess in her hands above her head.

01_First Mark_Sookie copy_72dpi_sm

This blows my mind because the few individuals I know who have Marked people never said what happened, just that I would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was complete.  I’d say so.  I reach out and touch Sookie’s mark and my finger tip tingles a little. I pull Sookie’s body into mine and hold her tight.  I’m not sure why I’m so moved, but I AM! I notice that the cuts on her back are all healed up… That I KNEW would happen, but it saddens me a little, but then I smile thinking of putting some more there once we do the Second Mark.

“Ok you just got an Evil smile on your face, but I can’t tell what you were thinking to put it there, you’ve got that box in there again.” She pauses and then she whispers as she plays with the hairs on my chest, “I really HATE that box.”

“Hey, look at me.”  She doesn’t so, “Sookie, look at me.” I say the second as a command and she immediately looks at me.  I smile reassuringly; “I wasn’t doing it to keep something from you, though I will if I want to.  I’m still not sure how the box is there.  Now as for the smile I had, I was just thinking about what I’m going to do to you after we do the Second Mark, but I’ll let that be a surprise, so time for good little girls to take a nap so we can have some fun when you wake up.”

She pouts, “But I’m not even a little tired, Eric… I feel completely energized, like I just woke up from a good sleep, it’s actually kind of weird now that I think about it.  Is that normal?”

“I’m not sure; those who have Marked someone rarely if ever talk about the actual Marking itself. Mostly what I know my Maker told me and I believe his Maker told him.  I’m not sure either one of them ever Marked anyone.  Actually I know Godric has not Marked someone.  I would feel that. He probably felt what we did just now.”

“Your Maker’s name is Godric and he’s still alive, well undead, or whatever?”

“Yes to both.”

“Will I ever meet him?”  she sounds nervous.

“I’m sure at some point we will run into him.  I’m…” I stop suddenly not sure if I want to voice my concerns out loud. Then I decide denial only ever ends in grief.  “I’m actually considering inviting him here.  I can feel through my Bond with him that he is unhappy where he is, but every time I’ve offered in the past he’s turned me down, so I’m not sure this time will be any different.”

I kiss her forehead and swing my legs up onto the bed and pull her with me as I lay down so she’s nestled in my arms.

I brush my hand through her hair a couple of times and I feel her breathing even out and then surprisingly I feel death call me and I go to rest too.


A/N:  ok I’ve decided to stop there for now because I just reworked the timeline in my head… so I’ll start on chapter three tonight or tomorrow. (probably tonight)

Again a Big Shout out to my Beta Valady! Thanks so much for all your help.

BIG NEWS!!!!  To Repeat! I have started a wordpress blog for this story and It’s Elemental… I’m not going to be posting any more chapters of this story on ff.net… the subject matter is just not appropriate for ff.net after this chapter.  The link is in my profile and WordPress has an alert system similar to ff.net so you can get emails when I update.  If anyone has any problems switching over PM me on ff.net or WordPress and I will try to help you out. Oh and the version of this Chapter on WordPress will have pictures of the First Marks embedded in the story.

  1. Ashley says:

    Hello! I’ve just reread your story here hoping for a new chapter. I was curious to know if you’ve ever read the Kushiel series starting with Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It has absolutely beautiful voice and the best D/S story line I’ve ever read though the leading lady of this story has multiple partners.

  2. Shell says:

    I have followed you from AFF.net – I have only recently found and fallen in love with True Blood and after watching the HBO series from Season 1 through 3 in 3 straight days of non-stop viewing I had to keep the high going! You’ve done a great job of capturing a seductive side of Eric – I will be waiting with bated breath for your next installment!
    Ginger, huh? tempted to try, but I think I’m too chicken 😉

  3. Love this chapter and how Sookie can’t get enuff of Eric – even though she’s just met him – who could? LOL I’m also glad to see the pics as it enhances the story. Can’t wait to see what happens next…

  4. Loftin says:

    I’m loving this story. I too like Southerlady, think the pictures enhance the story. I’m very excited for more but I see there is only one more chapter. I guess I’ll be checking out your others in the meantime. I’m sure they’re awesome as well.

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