Answering the Prayers of Vampires

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Synopsis:  Some 455,000 years ago, the first Human did a spell that created the first Vampires.  1,234 years ago a Witch placed a spell on them that turned them Human in the hopes of teaching them the meanings of love, loyalty, and honor.  This is the story of what they became and how they’ll learn the lessons they need to learn and become a true family.

Author’s notes:  First please know that this story is completely written so all I need to do is have my Beta look everything over and then I can post. It is about 20 chapters long and came in at just over 106,000 words.

The story begins during Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two ‘As I Lay Dying’, and it’s mostly AU after the first few paragraphs though I take things from Season Three and twist them to suit my purposes.  Some of the dialogue in the beginning (approximately the first 24 lines of dialogue) of the story is directly quoted from the show.  Also, I bend the Vampire mythos a bit in this story, though, the Originals are still the Originals.  Also, every creature, even the Originals (and Klaus), can be killed by ripping his or her heart out.

In my story, the 100 dead Witches are actually a few hundred (as in at least 316) dead Witches and they never abandoned Bonnie as Sheriff Forbes never accidentally shot and killed Jeremy (though she almost did, however, Damon prevented tragedy despite being so sick), so Bonnie didn’t need to bring him back from the dead.  Therefore, Jeremy also doesn’t see ghosts either.

Oh and Damon didn’t let/cause Emily to die at the location the few hundred dead Witches died.  She told him about their deaths and where it happened but he had nothing to do with her actual death and would have prevented it if he could have.

Furthermore, for those of you who are touchy about major character death, there is non-permanent major character death in the very beginning… all you Damon fans don’t be scared off by the first chapter… it totally doesn’t mean what you think it means since the whole story is told in his perspective.

I’m aware that certain characters are Out Of Character (OOC), and I’m okay with that, so I hope you are too.

I’ve only seen through half of the fourth season so not much from beyond Season Three is used in my story, and only a few things I read on the internet that I know were introduced later are used.

Fair warning, there are some Original Characters (OC) in this story… sort of, you’ll understand after the second chapter.

This story is more action adventure than romance but the end game relationships in the story are as follows:  Delena, Steroline, Beremy, Kalijah, Rebekah/Ric, Lexi/Matt, and Tyler, Kol, and Finn with OC’s because I ran out of female characters to pair them with.

There will be deep friendships between Damon and Bonnie; Damon and Elijah; Damon and Caroline; Damon and Tyler; Damon and Matt eventually; Elijah, Kol, Finn, and Rebekah with everyone; Bonnie with all the aforementioned characters; and all the canon friendships.

Disclaimer:  I do not own The Vampire Diaries or any of its characters or locations.  They belong to the CW, Kevin Williamson, and Julie Plec, et al.  I’m making no money from this story, which I wrote just for fun, and I intend no copyright infringement.


Chapter 001 – I’d Do It Again

Chapter 002 – Death Is Only The Beginning

 Chapter 003 – Make Your Own Conclusions

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