This is not going to be a pretty romance… it’s going to be a romance between people in a D/s relationship. Eric WILL Debase and Humiliate and HURT Sookie and they will BOTH get pleasure from it. Though I’m having trouble writing this as dark as I had intended, so it’s still hearts and flowers. It’s beginning to look like it’s going to be a combination of hearts and flowers and D/s with SM, so there will be love behind everything Eric does to Sookie, but some of the things they do together or he does to her might offend some people, so be warned.

 Also, Sophie-Anne is SUPER crazy and a severe Sadist… she will hurt people for fun regardless of the fact that they HATE it and derive absolutely NO pleasure from the pain she causes… so not a pretty flowery story in that respect…

 I’m fairly certain I will remember to warn people before the non-love induced torture scenes, but if you don’t like this sort of story or feel you can’t handle even references to it then please stop reading now! Thank you.

My other story It’s Elemental might be more to your liking if you want more hearts and flowers and such with very little or no degradation, humiliation or extreme pain.

Also, this story is apparently touching on some disturbing topics (not including the aforementioned D/s & S&M) I discuss Uncle Bartlett and what he did and there’s (at least one) sort of a flashback scene, you don’t actually see what he did, but you do see Eric deal with the actual flashback as well as the aftermath of the flashback. If things Uncle Bartlett might have done to Sookie are a trigger for you, this probably isn’t the story for you, since in my story molestation has long lasting effects (kinda like real life) and I think this is going to be a recurring issue between/with Eric and Sookie.

One more thing… If talk of cutting or self mutilation is a trigger for you, please don’t read this story. It ties in with the Bartlett storyline, but I’m gonna be mentioning scars and how they got there and I don’t want to inadvertently cause someone to hurt him or herself. I’m actually surprised I wrote about it, because it’s usually a trigger for me, but I did, so if this is a problem for you, you probably shouldn’t read this story.

I think that’s all the warnings. 😀  So if you still want to read… Enjoy…

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