LHSP/IE Out-take #001 – Here Kitty, Kitty

A/N: 2011-08-10 … First of all many, many thanks to Thorsminion… who commented on my first version of this out take, Here Kitty, Kitty.  And I quote, “If SA gets bored of her pussy, she could always re-gift her to Quinn.” A truly brilliant idea.

However, when I told my trusty Beta, Sephrenia1, that I had an awesome idea for another out-take that was inspired by a comment on the Kitty story, she didn’t even let me tell her what it was before she said, and I quote, “oh hell no Kill Quinn” A little negotiating later and a compromise was reached… so here is the added on out-take.

this is a revised and added to version, but it’s still an out-take for both It’s Elemental and Love-Hate-Sex-Pain.  I’m sure some of you have noticed that the two stories are pretty much alternate realities… while I didn’t do that on purpose I find it suits my needs now.  This story is part of both realities… it will be dealt with differently in each story. 

I am considering doing a series of one-shots with these characters that will tie in with both of my major stories –or- making this into its own story.  If I do it as another stand-alone multi-chapter story I will be telling the story of Sookie and Hadley mostly and what happens when Eric doesn’t meet Sookie until the queen has already secured her.  Please let me know if y’all would be interested in either the series of one-shots or the stand-alone multi-chapter story.  I’ll count up the votes and that’ll be my decision.

Now for the warnings… While this isn’t bloody or vicious like my most recent chapter of IE it does cover a taboo topic… Warning… this one contains forced Bestiality, sort of… And let’s face it Sophie-Anne is crazy! So she takes it to the limit and beyond… now some of this probably wouldn’t work in real life, but it’d be pretty cool if it did. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Oh and many, many thanks to one of my Beta’s… Sephrenia1 was the only one to look at this and she really helped me flesh it out, so Thank you.

Oh one more thing… the idea of this story was inspired by a great book called “Degraded” by Argus… I took the idea a little further, but I definitely got my start on it from this book.  I highly recommend it. (also I used the picture from this book’s cover to illustrate what Sophie-Anne had done to her pet.)  Though you should wait to go to the page until after you’ve read my story so you don’t see the picture before the big reveal, the book can be found here.


Love-Hate-Sex-Pain/ It’s Elemental Out-take #001.2

Here Kitty, Kitty – Take Two


Five Weeks Before the Start of Love-Hate-Sex-Pain


Two and A Half Years Before It’s Elemental


“Your majesty, I think we’ve managed to get the formula right this time.”  The Doctor says cheerfully.

“You better have, I’m getting tired of all this false hope you keep giving me.”  He shrinks a little, which is the response I was looking for. He is far too prideful for my tastes.

“If you come over here I will show you what we have accomplished.” And he leads me over toward some cells with Were-Wolves in them. “As you can see they are all in their Wolf form. They have been encouraged, vehemently, to try to change back, but since we gave them the new formula they have been unable to shift back into their human forms.”

“Exactly how have you been vehemently encouraging them?” I ask curious for more torture ideas.

“We’ve applied electro shock to their genitals with the promise that the shocks will stop as soon as they shift back to their Human forms.”  Pooh, I’ve already used that method of torture. “Also they don’t change when they fall asleep which is standard… if a Were goes to sleep in animal form they wake in Human form, not so with this new formula”

He walks me toward the cell on the end of the row where I can clearly see a naked Human man. “We’ve discovered that if we give them a certain dose designed for their body weight as a wolf we can keep them in their wolf form for three days before we need to dose them again.  According to our research we should be able to force the Tiger to remain in his Tiger form indefinitely, if he receives the proper dose in three day increments, so three days after the first dose, then six days after the second dose followed by another dose nine days later and so on. The trick will of course be convincing him to turn into his Tiger form in the first place.  If you give him this formula while he is in his Human form he will be unable to change into his Tiger form for at least a week.”

Hmmm, that has some possibilities too, but I desperately want my own Tom-Cat.  I wanted to capture the mighty Quinn, but Nevada’s price is just way too high, though I do stand to make millions from this idea.  So I had to find another Were-Tiger. I found myself a Siberian Tiger named Aleksandr Konstantin. His parents emigrated from Russia to the US before he was born. Fortunately I’ve been assured by my Doctors that this Were-Tiger will breed nicely.  My Doctors assure me that if he breeds in his medically induced Tiger form any child produced from the coupling will be a cat and only turn into a Human on the Full Moon or at will if the child’s genes are strong enough.

“These Were-wolves have been in their Wolf form for about a month now.  It appears to be harder to change back into a Human the longer they’re in their Animal form too.  So eventually you won’t have to dose your Tiger, but my educated opinion is that you shouldn’t stop dosing him for at least three years just to be safe.”

Oh I’m so excited!

Now I just have to do two things… one, finish creating my Pussy and two, capture me a Tiger.


A Month Later


“My Queen, this could scare your new pet before she’s yours.” Andre the worry-wart says quietly to me.

“She’ll have no choice but to be mine, so what do I care if she’s scared.”  I lean down and inspect my Pet’s back… I don’t want all the marks to look uniform so I pick up my palette and brush and start varying the sizes of the marks.  I look at my reference photo of the feline I’ve chosen and then my pet’s back.

She shifts slightly messing up the mark I’m working on.  “Don’t move or you’ll mess up my painting.” I want to slap her ass, but the paint hasn’t dried yet, so I reach around her and pull hard on the suction cups squeezed onto her nipples and twist them until she cries out. “Move again and I’ll cut them off, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” though it sounds more like ‘esss Mssstsss’ but that’s what happens when I chain her tongue ring to the floor to keep her from talking while I paint.  I’ve been researching ways to permanently silence her, since she apparently has no clue when not to talk.  I like her tongue, or more specifically what she can do with it so I can’t cut it out, besides how else is she going to lap at her milk and eat. Since she won’t have opposable thumbs she’ll need to eat like a real cat and that requires a working tongue.

I read an article about a Master who had his pet’s vocal cords severed, but I want her to be able to purr and meow, so that won’t work.  I have doctors coming in tonight after I’m done painting.  One doctor has an implant that sits on the vocal cords and when she tries to use them it’ll make her purr or meow, but she won’t be able to say words.

I move to her leg and put marks all over it.  I wonder if I should paint below her knee.  When her lower legs are removed it won’t matter if they’re marked or not… let’s save time and just do to the knee.  The Doctor for that should be here now, as should the taxidermist so they can implant the four paws into the bones of her knees and wrists.  I can’t wait until my pet is complete.

I did her front first so she wouldn’t have to lie on her back while the paint on her back is drying.  So I’ve finished everything I can reach while she’s on her hands and knees. Now I have to wait for the paint to dry on her legs.

But now I have a dilemma… do I keep her awake for all these procedures so she feels what’s happening to her or do I drug her like Andre suggests so she can’t move and accidently mess anything up… I suppose it’s best to make sure my masterpiece isn’t ruined before it’s complete, so I’ll drug her. I wish she could be awake for it all but it’ll be fun to see her reaction when she wakes up.

Andre approaches with a bowl in his hand as he says, “My Queen, the Doctors are setting up in the other room. You should feed her the laced treats now so she’ll be ready when the Doctors are.” He whispers low enough that my pet can’t hear him.

I check the paint and find it is dry, so I unhook my pets tongue as I take the dish from Andre and start to feed her the little raspberry bites with the pieces of sleeping pill in them. I stroke her head and wonder if the taxidermist found the ears I wanted.  I unhook the restraints on my pet as she begins to sway and pick her up to carry into the room where the Doctors and the anesthesiologist are waiting.  ‘Oh, I’m so excited, I finally get my kitty!’

“Go to sleep my pet and when you wake you’ll be transformed.”  She looks confused, but that’s not uncommon for my pet.

Once she’s asleep the first Doctor turns to the anesthesiologist and instructs him to start… Then he turns to me and says, “This shouldn’t take long, especially with the use of vampire blood to heal the incisions.” And with that they get to work.


The Next Evening an Hour Before Sun Set

As soon as I wake I’m excited.  I get to see my masterpiece completed tonight.  I can’t wait until my pet sees the improvements I’ve made to her and when she is no longer able to breed I will turn her so she will be my pet for all of eternity!

I rush to ready myself, though I can’t leave my chambers for an hour, I want to be coifed and ready to go the moment the sun sets. I’m so excited!  I wonder if she looks like I have imagined her too.  I was very clear to everyone involved what I was looking for, so hopefully I won’t have to kill anyone for failing me on this because I really will be disappointed if she’s not perfect.

An hour later I leave my chambers and head towards the operating room.  The moment I walk in I smile.  She looks perfect, just like I had hoped!  She’s lying on her back still under the influence of the anesthesia, though I’ve been assured that she will wake shortly after the sun sets.  The tattoo artist is just finishing using an airbrush to spray her with Vampire blood, thus healing the tattoos and sealing the ink into her skin forever.

I walk to the table that she is currently strapped to and caress her arm. I can feel that Andre’s idea to use multiple laser treatments to remove all of her body hair before the tattoos were placed seems to have worked in our favor.  Her skin is very soft and smooth.

I giggle gleefully when I spot her paws; they came out perfect and I can see the platinum rings that were also imbedded into the bones of her wrists and knees.  Those and the platinum rings piercing her nipples, clit, belly button and nose will be useful in training my pet not to try to “stand” upright ever again. I turn to the tattoo artist who has been silently allowing me to evaluate his work, “Did you bring the platinum chains I commissioned?”

He nods as he answers, “Yes M’am. I have them right here.” And he hands me a tray with them laid out.  I had measurements taken to ensure that they would be the correct length to prevent her from rearing up on her hind paws or moving her arms in a violent manner, while still allowing her to curl up by my feet, like a good kitty.  I see the training collar laying on the table the tray came from so I pick it up and inspect it.  The inward facing barbs will hurt her when her chain is pulled on, but the barbs should not be able to pierce anything vital.  The little battery pack is already connected to the back of the collar and the remote, which can be clipped to my clothes, is lying beside it.

My pet purrs in her sleep and I clap excitedly when the cat ears that were implanted into the top of her head twitch.  I was doubtful when the doctor told me about experimental technology allowing amputee patients to move prosthetic limbs with just their minds.  He explained it in detail, but mostly I just wanted her ears and tail to be able to move.  The cat tail I chose was fused to her tail bone but it’s still flexible so she should, with practice, be able to move it like a real cat.

She purrs again and shifts a little on the table so I pick up the training collar, grab her hair to lift her head and slide the training collar over her head onto her neck where I tighten it so it’s snug, but not restrictive, yet.

I telepathically send for my Children to come into the room.  They seem as excited as I am. I smile when her tail which is partially hanging off the table swishes a little.  She’s perfect. I pick up the tray I set down to put her collar on and grab the first little chain and attach it to her nose ring and then pull it down to her belly button ring and attach it.  Next I separate her labia, which are adorned with five platinum rings on each lip, so I can reach her clit ring and I attach another chain.  I then attach two longer chains one to each of the rings embedded in her wrists. I don’t connect any of these chains yet as she needs to be on all fours for the chains to reach their destinations.  Picking up the last chain that is actually an inverted ‘Y’ I attach each of the two shorter lengths of the ‘Y’ to the rings now embedded in the bones just above her knees.  This one won’t get attached to her clit yet for the same reason as the other chains.

As per my day-time instructions the tattoo artist has already soldered each ring and healed the piercings around the rings so they can’t be removed from her flesh without first cutting the rings and then tearing them out of her flesh.

I urge my Children to remove the straps holding my new kitty to the table. I’m so excited for her to be finished that I have my Children flip her onto her stomach and then lift her middle so that she’s on her paws and I quickly attach all the remaining chains. She mewls a little as I pull on first her nipples and then her clit.  I purposefully had the chains made short enough that they will pull when she moves. Just as I’m finishing attaching the chains my pet purrs again and her eyes flutter as her tail swishes fully this time, so I move to stand in front of her so she can clearly see me.  Her eyes flutter again and I find that if I had to breathe I’d be waiting with baited breath.

Then finally her eyes snap open and she smiles softly at me. “Hello, my beautiful kitty.  I think I’m going to rename you Cleopatra and I’ll call you Cleo for short.”  She shakes her head a little, not as though she’s disagreeing, but rather as if she is trying to clear her mind of the cobwebs caused by the anesthesia.  So I say softly, “You are still groggy I’m sure so why don’t we move you to the floor and you can walk behind me to my throne room. The exercise will help clear your mind.”  I easily pick her up off the table and set her down on the ground as I say to her excitedly, “I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done.”

Once she’s steady on her new paws I attach the leash to her collar, grab the remote off the table and then instruct her to follow closely behind me. I don’t bother checking to see if she’s following as instructed, she knows that severe pain will be in her future if she disobeys me.  I hear her little meow so I turn to look at her and she’s holding up her new paw and looking at it as closely as the chain connecting her wrist to her knee will allow.  Her eyes are big and round at the moment and I clap again before saying, “Aren’t they wonderful…?  I had the chips inserted with the paw implants so you can feel them in addition to feeling and moving your ears and tail.  Wait till you see the whole package.  Andre make sure there is a floor length mirror present so my pet can see the new and improved Cleo.”

“It’s already been taken care of, My Queen. The mirror is resting on the floor length wise so she can see all of herself at once.  I thought you’d enjoy her seeing the whole package all at once.”

“Good idea my Child,” I look at Cleo and tell her, “Come along now, Cleo, your surprise is waiting.”

She meows again and her eyes only get wider as her paw lifts towards her throat.  “Oh, yes I almost forgot, I had an implant specially made and placed on your vocal cords that will only allow you to purr or meow so don’t bother trying to talk, you can’t anymore.”  I watch her open her mouth and try to speak but all that comes out is a strained meow, followed by tears streaming down her cheeks, so I continue, “As I can see from your tears you’ve discovered the pain that comes with trying to make anything other than cat noises. Isn’t it great?”

My Children all nod their heads deeply.  It’s no secret that my pet’s former inability to keep from rambling at the most inopportune times bothered them almost as much as it bothered me. But thankfully, that is no longer a problem!

I pull on the leash and press the button on the remote to manually activate the electricity as I start to walk towards the throne room again and she meows loudly in response, though clearly it’s strained. I LOVE THAT!  This was such a good idea. “Come Cleo.”

I walk into the room and see the Mirror propped up in front of the dais so I walk around the mirror as I hand the leash to Andre and step up to sit on my throne. I want a good view of Cleo’s big reveal.

Andre obediently walks her in front of the mirror and we all wait for her reaction.  I smile when her mouth drops open and she squeaks a little, though I’m not sure if that’s caused by pain from trying to talk or if that’s her new surprised noise.  She immediately tries to stand and the squeak is much louder this time as all the rings placed in her sensitive parts are pulled tightly by her attempt to stand on her hind paws.  She drops into a fetal position almost as fast as she tried to stand. “You are not to try to stand up ever again.” To reinforce this lesson I click the remote and hold the button down a long moment. She is shocked and in pain from the electricity shooting into her neck.  When I let go of the button she clearly sags a bit though still in the fetal position.

She can obviously see the Cheetah spots I chose for her.  She moves her arms a little, presumably so she can see her pale white privates outlined by more cheetah spots that increase in intensity as they move farther away from her chest and belly. She has tears running down her cheeks as she stares into the mirror. Her paw reaches up to her cheek to wipe at the tears and I can clearly see she’s rubbing at the ink as well as the tears, so I answer her unspoken question, “I had the spots tattooed onto your skin so they’ll never wash away and you were sprayed with a subordinate Vampire’s blood to heal them.”

“Uh, excuse me, Your Majesty that reminds me. While I’ve never heard of spraying someone with Vampire blood to heal fresh tattoos it does seem to have worked. However, usually Vampire blood too soon after the tattoo is made pushes the ink out of the skin so she shouldn’t ingest any Vampire blood for at least two weeks just to be sure we don’t have to redo the tattoo.” The artist is talking quickly, no doubt nervous about possibly displeasing me.

I nod and turn back to Cleo, “So, Cleo, what do you think? Do you like your new look?”

Her only response is to start sobbing though the sobs sound more like purrs than the usual Human sobbing.  This just causes me to smile wider.

I can’t wait until I have all my new pets here with me, though I have no idea what I’ll name the other Dam.

I must think of something suitable before she arrives, so time is limited as Compton has assured me that she will be here in a week or two’s time.  Yes I can’t wait till I have a pair of pretty kitties.  Tomorrow I’ll arrange for a time to catch my Tiger and then I can have litters and litters of kitties.

I call to Cleo, “Come here my kitty.”

She takes too long to respond so I hit the remote again for just a moment and as soon as I release it she’s scrambling trying to figure out how to get back on her paws without pulling on the chains.  I nod to Andre who picks her up and places her on her paws.  As she crawls towards me I lift my skirt and instruct, “Come see to me.”

As she reaches me I drape my skirt over her head and pull her face towards my center earning me another squeak as I cause her to pull painfully on the chains. Finally she gets down to work and I decide it’s definitely good to be me tonight.


Two Weeks Later


Sophie-Anne Leclerq gives me the willies.  She’s crazier than a loon. So why then did I agree to meet with her you might ask?  Well simple, she’s CRAZY!  You don’t piss crazy people off if you can help it, it’s just not smart.  And I pride myself on being smart.

So here I am meeting her in an abandoned warehouse so her would-be-future Husband doesn’t know about our meeting.  The hair on the back of my neck is standing up, but I can’t smell anything to suggest trouble. Then suddenly there are two Vampires standing in front of me; Sophie-Anne and Andre her prissy second-in-command, who happens to also be a class-A pompous prick.

I bow a little and say respectfully “Your Majesty, you are looking beautiful as always.  What can I do for you?”

“I have a little problem, regarding Mates.  My pet needs one and I’m having difficulty finding the perfect one.”  She says coyly.

What the hell does that have to do with me?  “I’m not a match maker, Your Majesty, what is it you think I can do for you?”

“Well, I need…” her sentence is cut off by howling wolves.  And since we’re downtown my guess is Were-Wolves.  A moment later my suspicions are confirmed when we find ourselves surrounded by at least ten Were-Wolves.

I can feel my beast clawing at my insides to get out and fight, but I don’t want to jump the gun, so to speak.  Then a good sized wolf enters the circle we’re in and attacks Andre who in turn tears him to shreds.  The scent of his blood is too much and I feel my hands and feet turn into paws and I relax into the shift so as not to cause myself undue pain.  When I’m done shifting I let out a roar to discourage the Wolves and then I feel two burning pains in my hind quarters. I turn towards Sophie-Anne and Andre and see them each standing there with a Syringe in their hand looking proud as peacocks.

Before I have a chance to do anything I start to feel groggy, crazy bitch shot me up with a sedative. I try to walk away but I can’t get very far before I find I need to lie down or risk falling down. And the blackness closes in.

When I start to come to I feel strange… I’m, I’m still in my Tiger form?  That’s not possible.  The moment a Were of any kind falls asleep they shift back to Human. But here I am definitely in my Tiger form, so I try to shift back and all that gets me is pain.  It’s never hurt like that before and I’m still in my animal form. I feel weak. Ah the silver shackles and collar would weaken me, but not enough to prevent the change, at least I don’t think so.

Well I am a Tiger for the moment so I decide to check out my surroundings and see what I’m up against.  I’m in a cell built into a wall.  It’s obviously been made to house something as strong as a Tiger. I walk to the edge of the cell I’m in and see a smaller cage across from me.  In it is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It looks like a Cheetah… or more specifically a partially shifted Made-Were. Though it doesn’t smell of Were or Shifter.  It smells human and… Lion? In place of her hands are paws.  As she shifts in her sleep I can see that her lower legs have been removed and her feet appear to be paws too.  She has Cheetah ears and a tail too, both of which seem to twitch every now and then.

Who the fuck would let that be done to them?  The answer is simple. No one would allow that to be done to them which means Sophie-Anne did it to her.  It can’t be a coincidence that she has a fake kitty down here AND a Tiger… so what does she plan to do with us?

Wait, she said something about her Pet needing a Mate, but… oh SHIT! To what end could she possibly want us to be Mates?  The only thing I can think of is breeding; she’s off her rocker if she thinks I’m gonna fuck that fake kitty of hers, especially since I seem unable to shift back to Human.

I hear a key in the door between our two cages and turn to see who’s coming in.  Speak of the Devil and she will appear.  Sophie-Anne smiles when she sees I’m awake, “Oh goodie I was hoping you’d be awake.  Do you like your new home?”

I growl menacingly at her to which she simply chuckles.  “Now, now there will be no growling at me.” She says sternly as she waves her finger at me.  She reaches up with her other hand and pulls off what looks like one of two remotes attached to her top. And Suddenly I feel pain shooting all through my body.  Now it’s my turn to curl up in a ball. My penis feel like it’s been poked with hot pokers. I can feel the electricity running from my neck through the rest of my body.  The pain stops just as suddenly as it started and she says, “For your sake I hope you’ve learned your lesson.  There will be no disrespect to or disobeying me.  Of course I won’t mind if I have to teach you this lesson over and over, since I rather enjoy inflicting pain.  Now have you figured out what’s going on?” She pauses, and then continues, “No? Well I had a compound created that has made it impossible for you to shift back into a Human. You will remain a Tiger for the rest of your natural life. If you’re a good kitty, maybe I’ll turn you and you can be a Tiger for all of eternity.  Wouldn’t that be great? I even got a permit to have you here in my house so the Human’s won’t pester me if anyone sees you on the grounds.”

The fake kitty meows and her eyes snap open, OH MY GOD she has cat eyes, how the hell did Sophie-Anne make a Human girl have cat eyes.  She meows when she sees Sophie-Anne and struggles to get to all four paws.  It takes her a minute and some mewling and a few tears before she’s on all fours.  Now that she’s ‘standing’ I can see that she has chains attached to her wrists and knees right above her paws.  No wonder she had trouble getting up, especially with all those other chains pulling on her sensitive parts. The poor girl, though she seems to be making cat noises so maybe it was a willing transformation.

Sophie-Anne turns back to me after smiling at the fake kitty.  “Aleksandr… you know I don’t like that name at all. What do you think of Vladimir?  I can call you Vlad for short. Yes, I think that’s what we’ll do. Vlad a fine Noble name and is a fitting name for the pet of a Vampire Queen.”   She pauses and then continues, “Vlad…” guess I’m Vlad now.  Fan-Fucking-Tastic.  “have you met Cleo yet? She’s my masterpiece…” and she proceeds to tell me all the horrible things she’s done to this girl… without her prior consent.

The further into her story she gets the more I realize just how much trouble I’m in.  I can’t change back to my Human form and if she could hire doctors to make implants Cleo can feel and move and turn human eyes into cat eyes then I’m sure she could find someone actually capable of preventing the Change like she says she did.  I am fucked eight ways to Sunday… and this collar around my neck will prevent me from trying to fight my way out of here.  I couldn’t stay on all fours when Sophie hit the remote earlier.  Who ever made the collar obviously knew they were making it for a 500 pound Tiger. And even if it didn’t knock me on my ass the silver cuffs around my paws and the silver of the collar make me too weak to fight.  She fucking made me docile! Bitch!

I tune back into what she’s saying in time to hear, “Now would you like to hear my plans for the two of you?” She pauses like she’s waiting for a response so I quietly roar at her to encourage her to get on with the fucking story, which causes Cleo to meow at me and Sophie-Anne smiles indulgently at both of us.

“She likes you!  Oh good I just know you will create whole litters of kitties for me.  I have requests from Vampires all over the World for kittens if my plans work out. You see the compound you were injected with will also make any offspring you create little Tigers that can only change into Humans under the light of the Full Moon.  It doesn’t even matter what species the mother is, though I’ve created Cleo to be the perfect kitty for both of us.  I’m even having her injected with Lioness hormones to help promote the creation of cubs, though the hormones are also responsible for the change in her eyes. I want huge litters of little Tigons so we are of course keeping an eye on her cycle… I’ve been secretly injecting her with the hormones for months now so they should be working at this point.”

Cleo meows loudly at this news and I roar back to her… she makes a couple of weird noises that are kind of a cross between meowing and roaring and then she outright roars at me.  The smile on her face is beautiful.  She’s so excited that she roared.  She’s kind of cute with her little roar.

Sophie-Anne is clapping excitedly and practically bouncing up and down watching Cleo learn how to roar. “Good kitty, that’s my Cleo learning how to be a proper cat.  Now would the two of you like to come out and play for a while?  We can work on your training.”  She unlocks Cleo’s little foldable cage that looks like the cages normal folks keep dogs in.  As soon as Cleo’s head pokes out of the cage Sophie has her leash clipped to her collar.  She walks Cleo over towards the door and when Sophie is standing by the wall she reaches up and slips the loop of the leash on a metal peg that’s sticking out of the foundation wall like half of a ‘V’.  The leash is just long enough so Cleo has very little slack to move with, which was probably the idea.

Next Sophie-Anne comes over to my cage with a leash for me and she opens the door and closes it behind her.  She holds the remote up so I can see it as she approaches and then clips the leash to my collar. “There’s a good kitty.” And she pulls on the leash which I can now tell has barbs on the inside of it.  I think they call it a training collar.  That’s just fucking great.

Once we are out of the cell she grabs Cleo’s leash from the wall and walks us both out the door.  We walk up a flight of stairs through winding hallways and then finally we reach two big doors that immediately open up to reveal a large throne room that is full of mingling Vampires.  Sophie walks to the foot of the dais and bends down to attach our leashes to a spike embedded into the floor just center of the dais and locks them into place with a pad lock.

Next she calls Cleo closer to her and tells her “I want you facing the doors so I can see the length of your body from my throne.” Cleo moves into position and Sophie says, “Good kitty.”

It turns out my leash is a little longer than Cleo’s so I walk around the base of the dais checking out the lay of the land so to speak.

Andre hands Sophie a chain and I notice he’s got more of them draped over his arm.  As she attaches the chain to Cleo’s clit ring and then to a ring in the floor she speaks, “Now Vlad,” She smiles at Andre who is patiently handing her chains as she moves up Cleo’s body.  The first chain is followed by chains being attached to some of the other rings on her body, belly button, nipples, nose and tongue each systematically attached to the floor. And then her leash is undone from the spike mine is still attached to and it’s looped over a hook hanging from a chain dangling from the ceiling.  The slack is reduced until Cleo has to pull hard on the chains attached to the floor to keep from choking.

Next Sophie walks up the steps to her throne and sits before pushing a button in the arm of the throne.  Two more spikes rise out of the floor on either side of Cleo. “Andre, be a dear and attach the labia rings to the poles closest to them.”

“Of course, My Queen.”  I can see that she has five rings in each lip of her labia and he is attaching little chains that are clearly too short to each ring and then to the corresponding pole beside her ass.

“Now Vlad be a good kitty and mount Cleo, I want to see you fuck her.”

I’m 500 pounds and just over seven and a half feet long not including my tail and she wants me to fuck a little girl who can’t possibly weigh more than one hundred pounds, and she wants me to mount her, thereby putting most of my weight on her. Is she nuts?  Simple answer… YES she is!

Apparently I took too long because next thing I know I feel the electricity ripping through my body.  It feels like she holds the button for more than a minute. I finally notice a tightness around my penis as it gets tighter essentially forcing it to remain erect. Finally the electricity stops and she says, “Do it now Vlad before I decide to leave the button pushed for a full five minutes.”

Shit I have no choice.  Hopefully I won’t hurt Cleo. I walk over to her and put first one paw on her back and then the other causing her to squeak a little. I slowly walk my front paws up her back as my hind legs inch closer to her ass.  When my front is touching her core I try to aim but I apparently miss as Sophie instructs some Vampire who’s watching, “Anderson, guide him to the correct hole.”

“Yes Your Majesty.” Anderson replies as I feel his cold hand lead my penis to her hot hole.  I push and she squeals a little.  This is going to be a very tight fit.  Tiger penises were not made to fit inside human vaginas. But I can see Sophie toying with the remote from the corner of my eye so I push slowly until I’m as far in as I can get.  I feel myself brush up against her cervix and she meows her complaint.

Sophie is apparently getting impatient as she says, “Get on with it or I’ll have you whipped every time you don’t thrust fast enough.”

Since I’d rather not get whipped I start to pull out and then slam back in causing Cleo to make a cross between a moan and a meow followed by a purr.  Shit is she liking this?  I think she is.  I wonder if Sophie conditioned her or if she just naturally likes a good hard fuck.  I lean down and lick the back of Cleo’s neck and then bite a little harder than I intended. I feel my dick get harder but the ring wrapped around it won’t let me come so I continue to rut into Cleo until finally I feel the ring give way and I’m coming with a loud, ferocious ROAR.

I realize too late that my claws are scratching deep gouges is Cleo’s back. I pull back and try to softly dismount her without hurting her anymore than I already have. As I crawl backwards I can see my seed spilling out of her hole.  I wish I could block out the sounds of her whimpers as Andre walks up to her with a dildo in one of his hands, that’s comparable in size to my dick, which he roughly shoves  up into her effectively blocking the rest of my seed from leaving her body.

Sophie-Anne tells everyone in the room, “Everyone is free to use my pet’s ass, so long as you use the lube provided.” And she motions towards Andre who is now holding a large open jar in his hands. The jar stinks of menthol and what I think is camphor.

The first volunteer walks up to him, unzips his zipper and then takes a handful of the lube and liberally coats his penis with it.  Once that’s done he gets on his knees behind Cleo and forcefully enters her asshole.

As soon as he starts slamming in and out of her she starts to whimper, mewl and cry.  I’ve used athletic rubs that contained menthol and camphor on sore muscles so I can just imagine what the heating sensation feels like from the inside out. I wish I could comfort Cleo, but since I can no longer use words I purr and rub my face against the length of her body causing her to purr a little in return.

Cleo’s face is wet from all her tears.  When all the Vampires that wanted a turn fucking Cleo appear to be done Andre walks up to her with another dildo, again comparable in size to my penis, and covers it with the lube and then roughly shoves it up her ass being sure to pull it out and push it back in a couple of times.

Now that the show is over Cleo is unhooked from all the chains connecting her to the floor and ceiling and we are led back to the room we started the night in.

I’m led to my cell and locked in, presumably until tomorrow. Cleo is backed into her cage and she wiggles a little before leaning to the side and pretty much falling to her side.  She whimpers again as I see tears stream down her face and she tries to shift her legs into a more pain-free position.

I lie down and close my eyes so I don’t have to watch her soulful eyes so full of pain.  I soon feel myself falling to sleep and find myself hoping Sophie-Anne is wrong and I will wake up tomorrow in my Human form.



I watch as Vlad’s eyes close and I wiggle a little.  I’ve had this lube used on me before, usually when I misbehave. The burn is worse when my legs are closed, so I have to find a way to rest without my legs being on top of each other.

I addition to the burn, my back and neck hurt from the scratches Vlad left when he was fucking me.  I’m not sure how to feel about that part of the evening.  I mean on the one hand my Mistress has turned me into a cat, as much as is possible anyway.  So it’s just two cats fucking, but we both have Human minds, so not two cats fucking.

Oh I’m so confused. I think I’ve been a cat for about two weeks now and I find myself sort of liking being a cat.  I mean I’m still sort of mad about my Mistress doing all this without asking me first, but being a cat is sort of freeing in a way I’d never have imagined.

I wonder what Gran and Sookie would say if they could see me now.  I know Jason would flip his lid, but Gran and Sookie might understand that I love my Mistress even when She does things that hurt me.

She was so proud of Herself when she unveiled what she had done to me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my new paws where my hands had been the night before.  I wanted to throw a temper tantrum. But I think my Mistress knew I would and took steps to prevent it, though I’m kind of happy that I can’t speak.  I know I always angered my Mistress by talking out of turn.  This way at least I don’t have to worry about it.  No one is going to be upset about a cat meowing or purring while the Vampires are conducting business.

I wonder if my Mistress’ plans will work.  I know better than to question Her, but she’s trying to breed a human/cat hybrid and a Tiger.  And those shots she’s been giving me weren’t antibiotics at all, they were Lion hormones.  I want it to work, in that I want my Mistress to be happy, but I don’t’ know that I can actually make little cats, so it seems to me that my Mistress is setting me up to fail Her which I don’t want to do.

I guess I just have to trust that She knows what She’s doing. I suppose She does.  She has really smart scientists and Doctors on her payroll.  I mean they figured out how to make it so I can not only move, but also feel my paws, ears and tail.  That’s amazing that they know how to do that.

GOD I’m hungry.  I wonder if the cat food She’s been feeding me is nutritional enough to sustain a Human.  She says She has it specially made just for me, and now for Vlad I guess.  Hopefully someone will be coming in with our food soon.  It’s usually delivered after my Mistress has Her fun and then again during the day.

I hear the key in the door so I open my eyes to see if it’s my food.  But it’s Andre.  He walks over to my cage and unlocks the door and pulls me out of my cage by my hair.  “My Queen isn’t done with you for the night.”

He doesn’t bother attaching my leash he just drags me from the room by my hair as I struggle to get my paws under me. Fortunately he’s only taking me across the hallway to the play room.  He drags me to the middle of the room where there is another cage strapped to the top of a stainless steel table.  He lifts me by my hair and deposits me on the table next to that table, behind the cage.  I’ve seen this contraption before, but it’s never been used on me… My Mistress said she needed special hardware just for me before she would be able to use it on me.

“Stand up.” Andre orders, so I do my best to stand on all fours and he unhooks the chains connecting my wrists with my knees.  He lifts the back wall of the cage and orders me to walk into it.  I walk in and stand there wondering what he’s gonna do next.  Next he inserts some bars under my arms, my abdomen and over my lower back.  They cause me to lift myself higher so I’m not leaning on them.  He screws little rings into the bars and then secures the bars to the cage with zip ties. Walking to the front of the cage he lifts that end too as he pulls a rolling table, like what they have in operating rooms, beside him.  He takes out clips that look like alligator clamps, but I’ve been with my Mistress long enough to know that they’re really piranha clamps.  When they get pulled on they tighten.  He grabs one of my nipples and starts pulling and twisting it to make it erect.  Once it is he snaps the little clamp onto my nipple and tugs on the attached chain making sure it’s nice and tight. I try to keep my whimpers to a minimum since I know they’ll have no positive effect on Andre, if anything he would pull harder just to amuse himself with my whimpers.  He starts pulling and twisting the other nipple and then secures the other clamp on it and pulls a little harder this time making me whimper loudly.

Next he secures chains to the end of the clamps and twists the chains so they’re wrapped around each other effectively making them one chain and he pulls hard until I’m forced to lean my body as far forward as I can. He clips that chain to the door of the cage which he has pulled down to close.  He pushes the table, with the cage on it, over in between two poles which I know attach to big dildos with a motorized attachment so it will move in and out of me on they’re own. He slips the dildo closest to my face through the wires of the cage and tells me to open my mouth.  I know better than to delay so I promptly open my mouth and he pushes the dildo into my mouth and as far into my throat as he can causing me to pull backwards on the chains attached to my nipples.  I whimper as the clips tighten even more but he just pushes the dildo in until it can go no farther and secures it to the pole.

Next he rolls the little ‘operating’ table to the back of the table I’m on and I hear him pick something up and then he’s attaching my labia rings to the sides of the cage.  He grabs my tail and I feel another clip bite into it and then it’s pulled towards the front of the cage where it’s attached to the cage by another chain. His fingers caress my vagina a little and then they wiggle up a bit and find my clit. He starts twisting and pulling it and I know what’s coming next. I scream into the dildo when the little jaws of the piranha clamp snap onto my clit and I try to wiggle away but that just tightens the clamp and then I feel my clit being pulled away from me so I try to follow it which causes me to pull hard on my nipples and when I’m leaning as far back as I can I feel the slack in the chain attached to my clit clamp disappear as he apparently attaches that chain to the back of the cage.

His hand caresses my ass for a moment before he slaps it with vampire strength and then he pulls the dildo in my ass out of me and I sigh in partial relief. Next he removes the dildo in my pussy and then walks over to the shelf in front of me where he picks up two very large dildos one of which has spikes on it with the largest spike on the tip of it.  I can hear him chuckling as he walks behind me and presumably attaches the two dildos to the pole behind me. I feel them brush up against me and he positions each one at the right hole and then they’re being pushed into me and I’m screaming as the spiked dildo tears at my vagina. Once they’re in he pushes them in farther until I feel the spike hit and push sharply against my cervix.  Even knowing it’s what he wants I lean as far forward as I can impaling my throat further with the dildo in my mouth causing me to gag and tightening the clamp attached to my clit. Once I can lean further no more I realize that I’m stuck between the three dildos all pushing as far into me as possible and I sigh because it can’t get any worse now.  Except it can because I forgot that the dildos are mechanized and they start moving slowly at first. The one in my mouth pulls away and I follow it because the two in my ass and vagina move forward pushing painfully against my insides. The movement effectively pulls on the clit clamp and tightens it more. Then the dildo in my mouth is coming towards me and the ones in my back entrances are pulling away so I follow them and pull painfully on my nipples.  The movement speeds up a little and I’m effectively rocking back and forth pulling on the clamps in turn and trying to avoid being impaled by the dildos.

I hear the door open and close and I wonder if he’s left me in here alone. I kind of hope he has until the spike in my pussy gets an electrical charge and I’m being zapped from the inside on every push towards the spiked dildo.  I know I’m making noise but I don’t realize how loud I am until I hear giggling.  “My pet, do you like your new toy? I bought it from someone who got it from the original designer, a Vampire older than most.  Though Godric is so mild mannered I can’t imagine him using this on anyone.  But as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. And now I do.  Isn’t it wonderful?  I think I’m going to let you play with it every night after you’ve serviced my court; a reward for good behavior if you will.  What do you think?”

Andre speaks up, “I think it’s an excellent idea, though I think this dial needs to be turned up higher to get the full effect,” and suddenly I feel like my insides are on fire. He apparently turned up the electrical charge. YAY!

I used to wonder what I had done to get these punishments or rewards but now I know it just pleases my Mistress to cause me pain.  I love Her so much that I want to give Her my pain, in fact it’s almost pleasurable in a weird way, but it still hurts like a bitch.

I wonder how long she’s going to keep me in here like this.  I don’t’ have to wait long to find out. “Well, enjoy your prize it’s almost time for us to die for the day. I know you like your new toy so much that I’ve decided to give you until a couple of hours after the sun sets to enjoy it, just in time for you and Vlad to have another go of it. Have fun!” She giggles as I hear the door open and close and suddenly I’m the only one making noise as I grunt and moan as I’m pulled and pushed. I wonder if I can last till after the sun sets.


Dont’ forget to leave a comment and let me know if you want me to continue this story and if you do  if you prefer several one-hot tie-ins to my other stories or a stand-alone multi-chapter story.  I’ll add up everyone’s votes and that’ll be my decision.


  1. Tracey says:

    Whoa, twisted. I liked it….I hope you add to LoveHateSexPain

    • lilgray26 says:

      I’m glad you like it… I was working on LHSP when this outtake came to me… and I’m about to go back and work some more on the next chapter, so with my Beta Sephrenia1 cracking the whip occasionally it should be done in no time (I hope)

  2. Lisa Kisner says:

    OMG that is one hell of a side story. That matches the vision of Hadley being shocked that Sookie had.

    • lilgray26 says:

      I didn’t think of the vision connection, but it could work, though Sookie makes no comment on Hadley’s appearance, and I’m pretty sure she’d mention that… but it might be worth having Sookie have more visions and not understand what she’s seeing, or who.

  3. thorsminion says:

    A real pet! That is so over the top and so Sophie Ann. It’s a very shocking story, and you do shocking so well. If SA gets bored of her pussy, she could always re-gift her to Quinn.
    Thanks for the wonderful outtake!

    • lilgray26 says:

      Thank you for the compliment. And double thank you for the awesome idea you just gave me… a twist on bestiality… you ROCK and I’m hoping I can find a place in LHSP for this new idea, otherwise I’m gonna have to write another out-take… I think I might do that anyway.

  4. DaenerysSedai says:

    Crazy. Demented. Great! I could see a sick, twisted vampire doing something like this now that you’ve written about it. The poor girl!

  5. BWTAWNY says:

    Very twisted. I think this would work better as outtakes. I have really been enjoying the LHSP/Elemental stories and I would like it better if your primary focus was on them. I can’t see QSA wanting to turn Sookie into a cat. That is just too weird to go along with when she is a telepath who could be worth so much more. However, QSA is definately nuts so I guess anything is possible. I just don’t see how Hadley could be anything but horrified at her current situation and wishing for any way out. I hope that you make sure that Sookie is protected by Eric from a fate like this.

  6. thorsminion says:

    I loved take 2! Glad I could fertilize your mind. Now, if you could just get Cleo fertilized……
    I do hope you continue this story (along with the others) and I will happily read whatever you choose to write. .. You have a very fruitful mind and I love how you mix the reality with the fantasy to reach a new level of freshness! Thanks to you I’ll be thinking of lions, tigers an Godric 🙂

  7. ncmiss12 says:

    OMG! Awesome side story! Sophie Ann is crazy out of her mind and Hadley is crazy out of her mind, for trusting Sophie ann enough to tell her any thing about Sookie! What in the world was Hadley thinking tell her about Sookie! Didn’t she know that Sophie ann would go after her? Not smart Hadley. But I guess she is paying now for her lack of judgement. I mean being turned in to a cat? I would have never thought or guess that in a million years. I love plot twists that I can never guess! It makes the story much more intersting! I can’t wait for more Elemental and Love hate pain! I like the side storys too, but I hope you put 40 percent to Elemental, 40 percent to Love hate pain and 20 percent to your side storys so we get all three! I can’t wait for what you come up with next!

  8. DaenerysSedai says:

    Hmm, I personally like it just being an outtake. I’d rather see you focus on LHSP and It’s Elemental.

  9. Pamela Thornton says:

    A facinating read but not really sure if I would want a whole story of this.

  10. OMG Sophie-Anne is insane! LOL And Godric designed that machine? o.O

    I think this should be a stand alone story apart from the rest where someone needs to put a stop to crazy Sophie-Anne (due to the reveal) and give her a dose of her own medicine. Imagine the PR nightmare if the news broke out of what she’s doing. No wonder she’s broke – spending money on useless things and thinking she’s Dr. Moreau. LOL Eric so needs to take the kingdom from her!

  11. ShellsFantaSEA says:

    great story – I would definitely read more – find it titillating up to the part of the spiked play toy – if SA is trying to get a litter of kitties don’t you think she’d be protecting that precious womb rather than mutilating it? A plain dildo would work just fine – of course I’m also trying to picture relaxing into the pain and enjoying that contraption thingy – so maybe I’m a little rocked myself!

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